(514-06-15) Final Thoughts
Summary: Aeryn and Perin meet at the Chapel in Steeple Langford.
Date: 06/15/514
Related: Any involving the courtship and pending marriage of Aeryn and Perin.
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Langford Chapel

A quiet chapel of Steeple Langford, there are several rows of pews that makes it comfortable to seat a good twenty individuals with standing room for more. The stone is starting to look old, with hints of green on the smooth ones near windows and doors as humidity comes in and gives a live to the otherwise placid material. The beams that support the roof and steeple are a rich brown in color, dried against other elements while cared for just the same. A few knots in the wood show signs of a bulge, but otherwise they have maintained the shape they were cut to. Small altar at the front is all there is for services performed here, a humble chapel. There is a poor box near the front as well.

It was literally days before the festivities. The last few days is left preparing and being ready and by now they both know what they both must do come that fateful day. After speaking with the priest residing over their ceremony, they find themselves in the Steeple Langford Chapel with time to reflect a moment. Silence hangs in the air at first, Perin having set to his knees for his reflection, but then he is up to walk about, lingering near a window towards the side and back, less out of the area of focus at least. He walks quietly looking at Aeryn, as if trying to get her attention. Finding a window to prop against a little, and picking at some of the lichen/moss that grows on the stone itself. Its not a lot of the green stuff, just enough to get some attention from him as he tries to get her attention. An invite to the window perhaps.

Even if Aeryn is supposed to know what to expect, what her role is, in the wedding itself, she can't remember all of it. Not even close. Butterflies have taken flight in her stomach and she looks slightly ill at ease, uncertain. Until she turns to allow her gaze to follow Perin. The look changes, warms, becomes more certain. While he picks at the moss, she studies him then allows her gaze to drift towards the window and beyond it. Soon, she would be worshiping in this church, her religion his. His religion hers. A new home with strangers. The thought brings a hitch to her breath as she imagines it, everything she had ever known, gone, replaced by unfamiliar faces, unfamiliar places. Not allowing those thoughts to take root further, lest she run out in a panic, she approaches him and gently lifts her hand to touch beside his, upon the small moss. "What are you thinking?"

A little bit of moss comes off, the brown bottom showing a little as it chips to his unrelenting pressure. Even then, the gray it shows underneath seems out of place and he pushes the moss divot back in place just a little as if to set that all right there. Her hand come to help, brushing his, feeling the velvety moss that grows there. When she brushes at his hand his hand turns to meet, enough to grasp lightly with forefinger and thumb, not to stop her hand, but to feel her warmth just the same. "I am thinking, soon this will be ours. It is starting from our tree, but it is a seed. Like an oak, it is small, but someday, it will be tall and strong." He leans up just a little as he looks from the window, following her arm, in search of her eyes. "It took root when we agreed for each other on this matter, we made it our wedding, our life to come."

Despite the pressing and pending marriage, Aeryn finds amusement in the motion of him pushing the divot back into place so it's with a smile on her features when he brushes her fingers with his. "Ours," she says softly, looking out the window once more, the outlaying areas. When he leans up, she turns her attention to him, watching the progression as he follows her arm. "Are you even a little afraid? Worried of the future?"

His eyes of course give pause, at her neck then her lips, but they find a steady place to gaze in her eyes. Perin nods to her, "A little, sometimes. I worry that I will not be all you would wish for in a husband. I want to do right by you, Aeryn. Be here for you, help make this our home. I hope you will find happiness here. Its when I see you smile at me sometimes." She brushes his hand with her fingers, he lifts another hand to her check, a soft touch only. "That's when I think maybe it will all be good, I hope for that, just sometimes." He is open with her, and looks to the cheek he touched, another touch follows, "Are you worried at all?"

When his eyes find hers, Aeryn searches his, curious to what she would find, but the thoughts stray as soon as his hand finds her cheek. The warmth there beings a quiet smile as she listens to his own reasonings for his thoughts. "It's the same for me, Perin. I want to be a good wife, I'm not the Lady most men desire, I'm a knight, a fighter, but soon I will be home while you go off to battles. Can I face that? Letting you go knowing you may not come back when I am not by your side, fighting there beside you like we promised one another."

The smile on her causes Perin's hand to stay, to brush gently there as he listens to what she says in response. "And you, will always be a knight, I shall worry the same when it is your duty." The brush turns to palm firmly there, touching, securely to hold her there, catching that worry of losing the other, or realizing what she would feel for him as she admitted it. Spurned as she called him Perin today, not Sir Perin, but just his name. Touched by that gesture of her, his name on her lips. "We have our gifts from the King, but my gift to you wholly, is my heart. You will always be with me, I will keep you safe there. When I fight and you are not at my side, I will fight to return home to your side." That firm hand pulls her closer, his lips move, but to kiss her forehead while they stand in the chapel. "For my want to be with you, Aeryn, you and you alone."

Aeryn voices no objections to the hand, even when it lingers against her cheek. They were in a church, there was protocol and neither would breach it. "Some days I will be home with your son or daughter growing inside." It doesn't create the alarm it used to. Their child. It warms her instead. Or was it him professing to fight to return to her side? Either, they were both heartwarming and she leans into him slightly as his lips find her forehead. "Would you like to show me your ancestors in the outer yards of the chapel?" The stones.

It was a serenity in the chapel, no need to worry of protocol, it was simply love not clouded by lust perhaps. The touches welcome, the kiss to her forehead. It lingers with an mmmm, at the thought of her with his child. With her hand to his, the one near the moss moves near her belly even, as if a want to share in bringing life into this world even. "Then I will be more vigilant to return, as my heart belongs to you and another then." His family. And she gets his interest, he turns to walk with her. One hand turning to lace fingers with her. "Yes, if you like, I can show you who is here. There is little to tell, other than without them I would not be here. I am simply glad to share that with you."

Aeryn looks down when his hand finds her stomach, or near it, so intimately. Her offer of the walk was well timed and she takes his arm, sort of putting a separation there from the intimacy it was shaping to be. Still, she walks beside him, not wanting so much distance. When he takes her hand instead, lacing their fingers, she gives him a shy smile, but she doesn't pull away. "Thank you, I would love to meet your family before we are wed."

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