(514-06-13) Meeting of Two Hunts
Summary: Two hunters meet in the woods, then go their own ways, back to following the prey of their choice.
Date: June 13, 514
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Corraidhin checked his Hunting of 10, he rolled 11.
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Crashing through the brush in the wood North of Winterbourne Gunnet, One large figure armed with boar spear and accompanied by other party members makes his way along the trail they thought they were following the rather large black bastard as they lost scent with the hounds. A grimace of said party leader, and he pauses, listening for the sounds of rooting pig, but alas, hears nothing. Setting his spear against a nearby tree, Corraidhin de Winterbourne Gunnet is quick to set himself down and wipe the morning's sweat from his brow. "I do believe that fuck, lead us quite round merrily." he says to his squire, a member of the small hunting party who passes him a wineskin. Uncorking with his teeth, the knight pauses to drink down cool water, and catch his bearings and that of their prey if he can.

It is from another direction that the sound of two baying dogs might be heard - ones not from Corr's pack. Just as he's starting to drink his water, in a shivering of bushes comes a rabbit, getting it for all it's worth, the dogs soon flashing before their party hot in pursuit. Not too far behind comes the long figure of Erylys, the young lady almost skittering to a stop, so surprised is she at finding them there! "Oh!"

As Wild cony bursts forth and then the pair of dogs comes skittering through following has the quartet of men who have indeed stopped pausing long enough to watch and watch the good chase earnestly. "Hah!" Corraidhin barks out, as he sits up a bit straighter. He may have lost his dogs and boar for now, but there is a bit of start and turn when soon another has joined the party in the wee clearing. A lady was not expected to be in tow of them hunting hounds as one can expect. And as such the young vassal knight is tilting his head almost curiously at her sudden appearance.

"Aye." that's a good word back. "Afternoon."

The dogs continue on, as does the scared and running coney that soon disappears into the brush again, leaving Erylys standing there with bow in hand, arrow notched. "Afternoon." She pants out, face flushed from the run to keep up with the dogs, to find a suitable place to bid her time till the coney came back round again her direction. Dipping her head, she smiles then to the man who seems 'in charge'. "Fine day for hunting, aye? Hoping to gain some extra meat for the Earl's table."

"We're after a bloody boar that's been routing through our farmland." Corraidhin explains his own presence, but he's not going further as to describe how he sees the day. Instead he is staring queerly enough at poor Erylys. A mix of appreciative, and likely bemused given her state and that she comes armed. "I think it might take more than a coney though-t' fill his Grace's table." he jests back before offering the wineskin out in her direction. "Don' think I've met any female huntsmen a'fore. Where you call yerself?"

"I saw tracks of it earlier.. down by the stream.." The young woman turns, pointing off to the east, "Yon that direction.. looked like he'd been wallowing in the mud there." Not a bit of game she would go after by herself, obviously, whihc is why she took note of it, but didn't follow it. When offered the skin, she steps forwards once the arrow is slide back in the quiver upon her back, nd the bow slung over her shoulder, "Mighty thanks, good sir." When asked, she pauses in lifting the skin to her lips, "Lady Erylys de Berwick St. James, recent addition to the Earl's huntsmen in Sarum." She does grin, "And I was hoping to come across a deer while here.. but won't say no to the coney."

"Are you now?" Corraidhin asks before he is whooping softly. "Well Don't that beat all. I've never thought I would come cross one as such. And a Berwick too." though that seems to be said more in amusement than in any sort of anger or disapproval. Instead the young knight nods as to her thanks, before he is regarding the location of his black bloody boar. "Well You've found a stag here." meaning his own livery. "Corraidhin de Winterbourne Gunnet." he gives as means of introduction. "An our stag we've seen since, usually move as it gets warmer. You'll need t' head to the Chute."

"That I am." And proud of that accomplishment is she! Erylys then takes a good swig of the water, thankful for the wetness that slides down her throat. Only a swallow before it's being handed back to the larger knight. Looking to his livery, she grins, then dips her head, "A pleasure to meet you, sir." Polite, well mannered is she, "The habits of the animals here… well, I'm still picking up on them. I haven't been here long, but enough to pick up a few things." Still, it is something she makes note of.

A laugh is given to the pride which can be tasted in the words, and he looks back for a moment, his big, thick hand taking up the wineskin back and he is drinking deep. "Aye, it is a pleasure." he adds back to the lass with a grin. "Well if you've ever question bout my neck of the woods, you are ever welcome to come by th' manor and I can take you on a proper hunt." and there he thumbs to the sound of baying hounds. "Instead of conies."

Eyrlys laughs huskily then, her gaze to linger upon the man as he takes the drink of water from the skin in his hand, "I'll be certain to take you up on that.. of course, if ever around Berwick St. James.. my father is Huntsman there, and would likely not mind taking another." As for the baying of her hounds, she turns to listen, "They're turning him. Should be coming back near here.." Coneys.. always tend to run in circles.

"That's what makes the chase fine." Corraidhin states before he is looking back towards where he hears the hounds, and he is moving to step up and pluck up his boar spear. As soon as he is set that Coney comes running through with the hounds at it's heels. There's a look back over to the rabbit as he breaks and weaves, going here and there and the knight leans on his spear a bit. "I always root for the rabbit in these things, even if it means I am without." he confides before he is looking at her. "Are you relation to Sir Aeron, by chance?"

When the coney returns, the dogs still hot upon it's heels, Erylys decides to give a short call to them, drawing them off the poor small beast after he speaks of rooting for the rabbit. Turning to him, she smiles softly, "I do as well, unless I need the kill for the table." Need more than just want. When questioned, there comes a dip of her dark head, "Aye, a cousin, yes. " Again, there is that flash of a smile at mention of Aeron's name.

The fact he hounds are called off and she gets them back is a feat of a fine enough huntsman for Corraidhin as far as he is concerned. A grin is given, before he is shifting his weight and there is a dip of his head. "Aye. They do well roasted or stewed." he will admit his love of meat any day. "Ah. I've met with him once. He an I butted heads, but I am sure it is more t' do with the situation than else." he states. "Well then, Erylys de Berwick, I will have to find you out. Not only for game it seems."

You check your flirting at 3, you rolled 9.

There is something to be said to well trained dogs, especially those you hand raised yourself. When the two return, panting and with tails wagging, they're given a treat of cutlets from a oiled pouch upon her belt, the bits of meat flipped to each as she turns back to Corr, "I'd like that, Sir Corraidhin de Winterbourne Gunnet." There's a look in her eyes, and yet whatever she might have tried to say, seems soon cut off by the dog nudging at her leg.

"Well then I will hold you to it." Corraidhin states with a faint grin, before he is moving to gather up his party with a whistle. She would get a nod from him, before he is disappearing off into the brush, as loudly as he appeared. Mainly, as there is boar to hunt, and she pointed him to it.

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