(514-06-08) Visiting the Castle
Summary: Various Knights come by and meet with Earl Robert
Date: 514-06-08
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The tourney is over, things have settled down in late spring. Robert is in court, as he is most days, open to seeing knights and others that would come to visit him. Food is out for midday, meats, breads, some cheese. For the household knights and any visitors. Having long since gotten out of his chair to openly talk with others, he is availble with no current pressing business at this very moment. He walks with Seren, making sure she's eating it would seem, stemming back to when she said the food was good before she had taken a bite even. A running thing between them. He points at some meat item on the table, neither has tried it yet, "Yes, the duck was absolutely delicious, wasn't it?" In their talk, means he's going to try it, at some undisclosed time in the future.

Esyte had been taken a plate to her room, so the wife of Earl Robert was resting there, delicate during her blossoming pregnancy.

As Seren walks at Robert's side, she looks up at him and blushes at the teasing, the teasing she had quite earned from the first days she had begun working for the Earl. "Oh the duck was delicious, it was." A look to the amount of food being offered and it once more overwhelms her as always it does. Her things she would need are in her basket already, though her position is a little nearer the Earl, but not closer than his trusted seneschal or his advisors. Still, she needed to hear to be able to commit it to parchment.

It seems that the knight of Woodford counts himself among the visitors, as Acwel reaches out to snatch a small cluster of graples from a silver platter, eating them slowly, thoughtfully. The active disposition of the knight hasn't changed, not really, though he seems more somber than before, unreadable, while keeping himself pleasant and ever ready to address anyone who speaks to him. Thankfully, few ever do actually have business with him in the Earl's court, as Robert is the man of the hour and lord of the place. He is just, well, he works for Robert, like everyone else, so it is easy enough to mingle. When he comes across the Earl of Salisbury and his sister, he bows.

A grin from Robert as Seren agrees on the duck. "I've no idea where the huntsmen found it, but surely it is the best marsh in all of Salisbury." Or just on a river outside the castle walls. Sounds less curious that way, that exotic duck. As they move along, the come upon Acwel, or he to them at least. Half a moment then a nod of his head. "Sir Acwel," he recalls her brother, "Perhaps you'd care to join us?" In sampling foods and walking around the room, he's in no hurry to get back to that chair for the moment. He does reach for a sampling of duck himself though, he can not abet his hunger much longer either.

"Perhaps as far off as Carlion, where the marshes are even better." Seren teases him comfortably, laughter in her eyes as she looks up at him for a moment. It is when Acwel finds them that she separates from the Earl and gives her solemn looking brother a gentle and brief hug. "Acwel," she says softly. "Would you? Would you have the time to join us for a meal?" The sampling of the duck isn't missed and she looks at Robert impishly, "Is it as delicious as you imagined?"

Returning the hug and kissing Seren's cheek, as Acwel is wont to be affectionate to his only sister at any moment, and that solemn expression dissolves into familial joy at seeing her. To Robert, his liege lord, he nods affirmatively, "Of course, my lord, my sister. If you'd have me, I would be so honored." And so he moves to walk alongside Earl and Scribe, dressed in courtly garb, rather than the chainmail, shield and sword he usually wears. And as Robert reaches for the duck, so does he, with due deference for the higher born man's pick before he goes for a leg, eating a chunk as they go. "I trust your travels back from Carlion were uneventful, my Lord."

A chuckle from Robert and a nod to Lady Seren, "Indeed, you have the palette, you would know these things." Far more handy than a scribe certainly, his eyes agree with her humor before he takes a bite. It does taste better thinking its from Carlion. He listens as Acwel speeks and nods. "Of course Sir, you're nearly family." He jokes, a look to Seren. Maybe that doesn't help the situation, but he likes her smile, he cannot deny that of course. A nod back to Seren, "It is better, today's food has surpassed the day prior I admit." Impish grin returne. "My travels where well indeed, and uneventful." That and his train is big enough most bandits don't want to try for that target. "As was yours I hope?"

Maybe the implication amuses Acwel somewhat, but there's a look of his between Robert and his sister that is almost unreadable, the corner of his lips twitching, neither up or down, before it hangs on the former. "My sister does quite have the distinguished taste; I should say she took after our mother, who would know exactly what flavors matched with the side dishes before having them served at our dinners." He doesn't know much about his father's own culinary tastes, so that one is given a pass as he follows after them. "Thank you," he replies politely, also being a fan of Seren's smile and therefore in quiet assessment of everything. "Without any problems, my Lord. I only wish I had found a blackguard on the road to teach him the great Christian virtue of humilitas," as a knight seeking to prove himself, any trouble is welcome. Except for dragons. He's not ready for that yet. "It is fortunate I found you in this hour, and at the same time not so much, my lord, as I try to avoid speaking of serious matters while we ingest food. Nevertheless, I would like to say that I apologize for not telling you of my request to the King beforehand, and that I may have overstepped my bounds with such a request. On the other hand, I saw an opportunity to strengthen Salisbury's defenses as well, as the Wylye river is shallow, and allows for the passage of men across its borders."

The warmth in the return affections from her brother brings a smile lighting her features, the love for Acwel in every nuance of her expression. Her hero, it seems to say. "I am honored you would join, Acwel, truly I am." With food being chosen, she also takes some berries, holding them in her hand. Amused, she gives a look to the Earl, "Practically family, of course." Another few items are added onto a plate of sorts, for her eating, not wishing to turn her hands the color of the berries or stain her parchment. The compliment from her brother is met with a warm smile to him. She falls silent when the business is discussed, quietly listening, as always.

Moving around near the food that is set up for midday meal, Robert listens to Acwel de Woodford discuss his travel and his gift request. The grin is there about having hoped to meet some challenge on the roads for his return, agreeing in some kind it would seem. A nod of his head about the gift though. "It is a good location, we shall commit what we can as your progress continues. While Jargent stands to the east between us and Cornwell, it may find less focus then our keeps to the east. We have saxons again raiding at our border. News of a larger force potentially on its way here, amassing before the wedding." Simply to say he will support, but it may not come immediately, in the continued work the knight has planned. Though he turns to look at Seren again, another smile there, practically indeed. Friendly even, if one could imagine Robert having a friendly smile. "You are forgiven for the request of course. I am glad you presented this concern to me though, it is good to know you've thought about this. All shall be well for Salisbury as we move forward with this."

"Thank you, both for your forgiveness and your support. I also wondered if you had any requests or orders you would like me to carry out, for I should be remiss not to inquire of my liege lord has duties I must fulfill." Acwel replies, humbly, and demonstrating a loyalty for Robert that hasn't quite failed him yet, a sentiment clear in the Melee, perhaps, as the knight did not fall after that one time, though he wasn't remarkable about it. "I shall invest half of my yearly exceeding income into it, so that we can build it as fast as we can with the materials that were provided. Perhaps it shall make for slimmer meals, but this is the price for defense." The notice about raids does worry the Woodford, who grows thoughtful with the news, especially about Saxons. Tilshead is a recent memory for him, after all. "I will do my foremost to communicate to other knights so that the readiness of Salisbury is as high as it can be, my Lord. Perhaps a defense can be mounted before it comes to a siege." Anyone who has seen what the Germanic foreigners do to the manors and villages would feel an urgency.

"Perhaps it helps that I am no longer having meals at Woodford and instead eating them at the Castle." Seren continues on her unusual teasing, meant for both Robert and Acwel. "And I am also earning an income and storing it away, I have no need of anything other than clothing and I have mine and my mothers already, so no expenses." It gives her a certain independence that certainly gives her confidence if her bearing is any indication. "I would wish to remain here and working for the Earl until I could no longer write." The friendly smile from Robert is met with one of her own.

"We would certainly want to keep Lady Seren here as long as possible, certainly an advantage to her in this position over the Dame de Ebble, torn between her duties," returns Robert, glad to have her there. Glad to have her, glad it leaves room for Acwel de Woodford to help shoulder burden of the tower project that has been ventured from the gift of King Arthur. Between them both, "I am sure we shall make due and see the completion of this tower you have envisioned near the Wylye, it shall benefit all I am certain." In some time at least. Grinning about slimming on meals. Which can happen in years of heavy raiding for all. "If you can assure that you and yours are ready, we expect more activity this year from the Saxons for certain." Based on the Tilshead information and reports from the venturing party just before the wedding. "Perhaps Woodford would wish to lead an embassy to Marlsboro, to request support for this saxon uprising we are expecting?"

"I am aware of your wishes in that regard, my sister, which is why your dowry will involve another construction," but Acwel remains mum on that one, smiling instead to her in the way one might when they have a secret to keep, though a good one. "And yes, I am certain that you would complain had you not a bread bowl of stew to wolf down whenever you came home." He continues to watch the interplay of Earl and Scribe, but he says nothing of it, perhaps thinking the two as good friends or something of the sort. Or maybe he just won't bother thinking about it at all. "I would not keep from providing you with clothing, however, my sister. That is already in the expenses," he teases, returning to the topic at hand and looking seriously to Robert when he does give him an assignment, "They will be ready, my Lord, and yes, Woodford would gladly lead an embassy to Marlsboro in order to request support, as needed."

Pleased that Robert is happy with her services, another smile blossoms over Seren's features as she looks to the Earl. It is all she does though as the talk remains on the business at hand, and she collects the food she will be eating, making sure to get some of the duck as well. At the words of her brother, she tosses him a curious look, quite curious! "Aw, Acwel, when have you known me to complain about anything? Except marrying early?" Realizing he was teasing her though, she impulsively kisses his cheek.

There is a slight pause to Robert, he looks from Acwel to Seren, "Dowry?" Maybe he hadn't heard the news, or if he did, he ignored it, but here it was directly to him in this moment. Pefore that pause and curiousity become noticeable though, he turns back to Acwel. He finds a grin again at least. Leaving the interplay of Seren and her outfits to the siblings, he'll still have her on wage through the treasury as far as he knows. "That would be splendid, Sir Acwel. I would send a senior officer, but those I fear must be kept close, to raise knights as needed. I am hoping it will not be war itself, but we are simply uncertain of the scope of the full threat at this time with the saxons."

"A good father or brother always sets aside something for a long-term project in regards to dowries, Your Grace. In Seren's case, it will be something that makes it so she can, even in her married life, continue working for you under the capacity of Scribe," Acwel explains, apparently seeking to diffuse whatever misunderstanding arises from the fact, "and she has expressed her desire to not be married off so early, and I feel compelled to tend to my sister's wishes, always. She is the only sister I have, and the apple of my eye, as she might have been my father's had he seen her with his own eyes," there is a bit of a somber smile for that, but also a kind one, for Seren. On the topic of duty, as it mingles with familial love and other news, he nods respectfully to the Earl, only not bowing because it is not polite to bow with a duck leg in your hand. "I will assemble a team of able, but expedient knights, that we might bring the mission to completion and come back in order to fulfill our knightly duties. Hopefully, with an army behind our backs."

Seren offers a rather solemn nod to Robert, "At the gifting, Sir Cyndeyrn requested of you to be allowed to court me." There has been no such courting as of yet though, busy schedules and all. With an uncertain look given him, she offers, "I would always wish to have the position here." Her attention is given to Acwel and she smiles, albeit a little sadly, whether at the mention of their father or the mention of married life. "Perhaps Sir Cyndeyrn would not wish a wife that works away from his home, as the heir he would need a steward."

That's right, in court, in front of Arthur and all, like Robert could refuse right there of all places. A wedding for love not politics and him being asked politically like that. His slight lip tightening may show his thoughts on asking to wed someone in that manner. While he might support politics, going over him just a little may not always be the best. Like the tower, its a good thing in the end, and Acwel came himself to say his side. This asking to marry people business though … "You weill always have a position here, these gloomy halls wouldn't be quite the same gloomy with Lady Seren to grace them I admit." He can't speak more on that, but nods back to Acwel, "Perfect, I am sure you will assemble the right team for this. I am coming to trust the Woodfords, they do make good on their word." The name known more to him of late it would seem.

"Perhaps I can send a steward over to the Dintons if they are in that much short supply of those who can keep tabs. If His Grace has want of your presence here, then certainly the good Sir de Dinton would understand that good Scribes are not easy to come by." Which is to say, Acwel would fight Cyndeyrn on the matter, if necessary. Everything for his only sister's happiness. The mention of the courtship draws a slight frown from the Woodford, but it dissipates shortly thereafter, the matter already settled in the aftermath. "You may trust us, Your Grace, as we will not fail you. I will find those more eloquent with words than I, and those whose swords as are sharp as mine to accomplish this deed."

Hearing Robert, Seren offers a nod, but the curiosity of the tightening does draw her gaze. "Thank you, Your Grace." The relief in her voice is a palpable thing, a smile at the mention of her gracing the halls. The idea from Acwel is met with a favorable nod. "Whatever you think best, dear Acwel, I trust you."

"Yes, if it is agreeable, they are hard to find," seeing as reading and writing isn't big, but then finding someone who not only wants to write so much, but does good with organising and cataloguing information like that. Robert nods, leaving it a family matter, simply his thoughts on the matter offered as well as regards the gift of asking to court someone. As for the mission, he smiles again, full confidence in Sir Acwel, "Good, the self motivated quest to resolve the heir of that .. ghost .." A pause, he is not sure if it was a ghost or not, other than success on the missino, "Turned out well, I expect no less from this embassy."

"I shall do my very best and God willing, there will be an army behind me to help Salisbury," Acwel bows to Robert after finishing the duck leg and tossing the remaining bone to a servant's empty bowl after spending a few moments aiming. Seren earns his attention for a long spell, as he knows this means, also, that he must absent himself from her for a long time. "Sister, in the coming days, I want you to stay safe. It will be dangerous, and with His Grace's protection, you will be kept from harm." Always diligent, and known for this diligence of his, the Woodford nods respectfully to the Earl, reaching for a cup of wine to drink quickly before asking permission to leave, "By your permission, Your Grace, I will make preparations as required."

Agreement from Robert, "She will be safe while here, should she have need to come to you, we shall find her an escort." Or, more likely, she can ride out with a patrol from the castle to Woodford, two birds one stone. He lets the man take his win and gives a return nod to the man. "Granted, and God speed Sir Acwel." He lets the make take his leave, turning back to Seren and commenting on some other food neither one has tried. With his wife at rest, he may have more need of someone to joke about the court with while otherwise being more serious and stoic.

At midday in the great hall, it is open for knights of Sarum as it usually is, and those of the manor houses of course. Not a scheduled court, with news to pass and a regular feast, but food is present to feed the knights of the household and visitors alike. Robert is walking about in the company of Seren, they had visited near the food offerings to nibble for the moment and are perhaps done with that just now.

Robert continues a conversation with Seren for the moment it seems. "Yes, a visit to Carlion may be in order, simply to hunt game." More joking, he doesn't have time for that unless the king demands it of course, ah but if he could. Maybe some of his knights will do so in their off time, he could certainly hope. Turning away from food all together, he holds a cup of mead for the moment, relaxing and avoiding serious business for the moment. Some of the officers mill about, the few present as its not official court. They may have business to discuss in small counsel later of course, but for now, Robert is available to his knights as they may need him.

Amusement dances over her features, "For the duck alone, it would be a good and worthwhile visit, Your Grace." Seren responds to his jest, relaxed in his company. "I admit I am not a hunter, I prefer to do just what I am doing, to remain here as scribe and pen your missives." A berry is taken and eaten, but she has had several and so her lips are perhaps the color of the red fruit. A look to the table where the remainder of the duck remains brings a contemplative look, "Perhaps I could deliver the remainder to the church to be given for those without a means of finding food." Likely, the elderly and alone.

There are always busy comings and goings from the main hall, the center of life and certainly of business in Sarum, so Cyndeyrn's arrival is not likely much a special event to draw notice! Especially with the ample food on offer, which is no doubt to encourage many to take advantage of their lord's hospitality while it is on the offering! Still, as ever the Dinton knight is a hard man to miss walking through a room! With no great urgency he makes his way along, greeting any who are familiar, which is no doubt a few when so much of life is carried out in close quarters. Looking about, it doesn't take much to spot Robert, nor the woman with Robert, who may well be as much a reason for him to make the visit, although the Earl provides a most convenient excuse! "My Lord," he will greet him when he is near, bowing his head as well.

"We shall hope to keep you here then, you have been a boon to us Lady Seren," admits Robert, on the tails of things discussed with Acwel even. Not noticed immediately, but yes the girth of the Dinton knight makes it hard to miss the fellow. More so as he nears and approaches them for now. An incline of his head as the greeting is exchanged, "Sir Cyndeyrn, a pleasure." The man could not be forgotten with what has recently been done by the other, including the recollection of the gift giving even. "Please, join us, help yourself." Offered to the table, still allowing the other to talk as needed, but no protocol to wait to eat either. "Things are well for you I should hope?" Uncertain at least in his curiousity.

"I look forward to it, Your Grace." Seren offers to Earl Robert. It was in the circumstance of looking towards the food and making her suggestion that she missed the arrival of the Dinton. As Robert addresses him though, she turns her attention there and dips into a curtsy, "Sir Cyndeyrn," she greets with a smile. "How did you fare at the tournament? I regret to being in meetings a lot of the time and missing much of it."

"I am well my lord, back and rested after all the exercise of the great tourney and ready for my summer service. I hear that there are already some reports of further saxon raids, so I have little doubt it will prove a busy season this year." Offered to take advantage of some of the food on offer, Cyndeyrn does not decline. Big men come with big appetities, after all, at least for food! He will take drink as well, if only enough to have some to wash things down with. When Seren speaks up, of course he looks to her, although no more lacking in mild awkwardness than ever. "Ah, my lady, of course it is quite alright. To be busy in such service is a great honor and privilege. I was not able to win any of the grand prizes, but I believe I showed myself well, both in the melee, where I fought through all the length of it uncaptured and only briefly off my horse, and especially in triumphing at one point where the odds had turned against our team and we looked ready to collapse under greater numbers. I believe I had one of the best records of personal combat as well: some won few victories, but none with so few defeats as I suffered." By the end of this, he realizes he may be boasting more than is typical of him, no doubt only because of who asked him, and he does add, "I am sure your own favor did help me greatly in both things."

A nod to the lady, agreed in her service, Robert then focuses more on Cyndeyrn for the moment. As for summer serivce, there is a nod from the Earl. "We expect an increase in Saxon activity, perhaps a good many intent on coming this way. We will spread the word soon that should any spot saxons, they are invited to the city for protection. If the host is too large, we must bar ourselves it he walls of our cities." Sarum, Wilton, Tilshead, Warminster …. or the keeps. "I think we will be ready for them. Our knights have proven themselves in the melee, ready to overcome odds. This practice may be the test needed for what may come our way this summer. Already, there are reports of raiders in our borders. A few willing to raid Sussex in return. I can only advise at this moment to be ready and vigiliant. We may increase patrols soon to assure warning enough of such an army." If there is one, but seems to indicate the potential is tehre. He listens of the others exploits too, a brow raised, perhaps some boasting. He only turns that raised thought to Seren, whom it seems to be directed at.

"I will be sure that the residents of Dinton are prepared for such necessity, ready to move their kin and as much of their important goods and livestock as can be quickly done, should we need to make for Wilton," Cyndeyrn declares, given that the threat is considered to be so great that such a thing may be required. "I hope that we do not have too many off raiding the Saxons in return, if there is likely to be a serious attack, although good patrols will help with that I am sure, so we are well-warned if and when the worst arrives. Do you have any thoughts, my lord, on how many ought go, versus those held back in reserve, in such consideration?" There is a pause here, and he adds, "I did not have much time to speak with you of it with the wedding and tourney, but Tilshead's vassal at Imber was also overrun by Saxon raiders. We tracked them back to where they were building a small camp, and while the lot there was dispatched, some dozen men in all, they had done great damage to the people and the place already. And Sir Heward seemed close to overwhelmed in dealing with other problems, some local banditry and the like. Though at least the latter should subside a bit til next winter, I would hope."

Taking all that news, including the bandit issue around Tilshead, Robert digests a moment. "If that is the case, we may assume some will be busy to the north. My intention is to keep most of the officers and senior knights here in Salisbury. As for raids, those younger knights that go along with one of our established knights, I see no reason to stop this. But I agree." He looks more directly at Cyndeyrn as he says this, "Safer to have more here should worse come to us. The closer we are here, the more ready we shall be. Near the wedding, some had ranged to the southeast and reported saxons making their way towards us. I expect more to continue to come this way. We stay out this year as best we can, turn away the Saxons. I am sending word to Marlsboro, Sir Acwel de Woodford will lead an embassy there to seek potential aid should an amry be on its way here."

"Any aid from our neighbors will be most important if it does come to war," Cyndeyrn agrees, naturally enough. Robert is both the man in charge, and talking common good sense, so there is little reason for him to say otherwise at that juncture. Pausing to take a bite of something and then a drink to wash it down, he finally shakes his head. "I will make it my own plan to remain behind and not go on any raids into Saxon territory that would take me too far from Sarum to respond and aid in your coordinated defense. I am no less a young knight than the rest, no less in need of extra cattle for my herds, but some number must put long-term strategy ahead of the promise of plunder and glory. So know that if you have need of any aid in preparing local defenses, you need but summon me, my Lord."

Beside one of the grand feasting tables, Sir Cyndeyrn of Dinton is at conversation with Earl Robert, although there is nothing about their posture or placement to make it look incredibly official. Just a knight speaking with his lord while sharing a bit of his generous hospitality.

With a few minor errands to take care of before stepping into the manor, Deryn finally arrives, pausing within to get the general feel of things. Dressed this day in a split leather skirt for riding, it's paired with a tunic, all in her House colors. Hair is gathered, tightly braided to lie down her back out of the way. Spying Robert at the table, she approaches slowly, not wishing to interrupt, but certainly wishing to give report of the mission she'd been sent on from the tourney and feast of the Pendragon.

It is mid day even, and food aligns the tables. Not official court, but open to knights and vassals alike, Robert is available to them this day. There is food nearby, either welcome to it, Robert has simply had his fill for the moment it would seem. He listends to the knight of Dinton speak, and nods solemnly, acknowledging and agreeing. "This may be cause to quell border skirmishes with Dorset, the manors between ours and theirs having little cause to keep peace without a focus. Now we have a focus it would seem Sir Cyndeyrn." A look up, there is another approaching. "I will gladly count on your presence, and that of Dinton. It is appreciated that some of the younger knights would want to stay here to defend. I know each is itching to be out doing something. It is simply better to wait this moment. There will be time in the fall I imagine." Then a nod to the other, "Sir Deryn, a pleasure." As if to suggest she doesn't have to remain too far away, aside from the mission, he recalls the winter jousting and the injury she sustained even there.

When the matter of Dorset is brought up, Cyndeyrn does seem to give it some consideration. "It would seem the poorest timing to have to worry over fighting our own british neighbors when the saxons seek to make gains. I understand such feuds have their causes, and the histories supporting them, and will not readily melt away - even my own family faces its own small feuds with neighbors." He does not give name to them, but most could guess - it stars with B! "But at least in our case such things have mostly been kept to the tourney grounds. If there is ought that can be done to improve things with Dorset, then it should be done, and if not, then defenses shorn up there as well." Not meaning to monopolize his lord's focus, though, he will dip a head in greeting toward Deryn as she approaches, and step slightly off further on his side of the table as though to invite the other to take his place in dealing with any business.

Pausing then as the Earl talks with another, she remains quiet until such time as Robert speaks her name. Only then does Deryn bow her head formally to the Earl, "Your Grace." Lifting her head, she speaks clearly, "I only just returned from the mission you sent me on at Carlion. I am sad it took so long, but we did manage to discover the missing wagons of wine and the bandits that had stolen it. What was still good was brought on to Carlion, along with the few bandits that were still alive after the fight.. we sustained some injuries, and one death of a sergeant.." But from the looks of herself, no injuries to the knight. Those who wondered where the lady knight had gone when she didn't show up for the joust or melee, might now understand where she was - chasing bandits.

"Ah, that is a thought," returns Robert, "We will host a local tourney come the end of summer, we should invite Dorset to compete with our knights." Or the worst idea given the time. Then again, he's more focuses on Saxons at the moment too. A slight grin, maybe he knows of some of the familial fueds in his county, but no need to comment on it. His only concern is if a few knights start dropping off, such as Sir Hadyn and this Sir Sior in his county now. "I believe I needed to hear those words Sir Cyndeyrn," he continues on that thought just the same however. "I shall speak to our coordinators about this idea."

Giving a look and listen to Sir Deryn, Robert nods, "Ah, it was bandits, better that you found them. Some loss acceptable to the entire wagon completely missing. It seems Cambria is rife with bandits, perhaps the hill tribes of Powyrs." A note between the two nights gathered, "I am better to deal with the threat of Saxons, at least we can tell them apart." Was that a jab at the knights of Cambria, that they are not far removed from the tribes.

Whether a tourney is the best of ideas of the worst, Cyndeyrn really has no idea, his own dealings with those beyond the immediate vicinity of his manor of course more limited, compared to a noble of greater rank. "Whatever might be done, so long as we can keep things from worsening, is worth doing. In any case, I am glad if I have been able to aid you in your thinking," he will answer Robert's apparent thanks, dipping his head. "If it pleases, I will then take my leave. Perhaps I will see after whatever has called Lady Seren off, as her brother has now given men permission to court her, with expectations of a formal announcement in some few months." Which of course makes him smile in recounting it.

No comment is given to the prior conversation between Robert and Cyndeyrn, though some curiosity is certainly shown, especially when mention of a tournament is spoken of. Thoughtful is the lady knight, though she bows her head to the other knight when he makes his leave, "Let me offer my congratulations to you then, Sir Cyndeyrn." Nevermind the slight hint of pink that shows upon her cheeks when courting is spoken of.

Turning ot Robert, she nods once more, "Bandits, though the leader was better equipped and trained than the others. Perhaps a mercenary or the like, taking advantage of the situation. There was one who got away from us, but did not get a good look at him. Was busy at the moment.. and I did not wish our men to go after him, in case there wre others out in the woods in the area waiting for such a chance."

There is affirmation from Robert, a thanks for the discussion, he is lowering his head as Cyndeyrn takes his leave, "Thank you Sir Cyndeyrn, by all means." Leave gratned, even with a curious brow raise about the expectations of a formal announcement. He remains silent on that topic, certainly none of his business when it comes down to it even if some curiousity was touched on. Leaving his attention to Sir Deryn for the time.

"Ah, could well be a mercenary. I think you made a good decision. I am curious, could you identify this man should he be found again." A slight pause as he considers his own words, "Not that I expect this to bear fruit, but if we had cause again near Carlion, and one such was captured." Still highly unlikely, seemed more formal to ask that question.

Deryn nods to Cyndeyrn as he leaves, then turns back to Robert and his question. She's thoughtful, but then shakes her head slowly, "I am not certain, your grace? Perhaps one of the other sergeants that was with me, might have gotten a better look at the man?" She won't say yes when she's not totally certain she could recognize him.

The honesty far better than anything else, Earl Robert can appreaciate that. "Ah, I shall speak with them, just to be certain." At some time maybe, but he looks more to her, "Thank you for your service Sir Deryn. This was above and beyond the call to knighthood. We asked a lot that you break from the wedding and tourney, but I want you to know that it is appreciated that you have done this for me."

Deryn will name the men that she was with, the sergeants from Carlion and the knight taxcollector as well. "They fought well, and I'm certain that one might have seen him better than I." At least she can hope! When thanked for her service, she bows her head, her hand to her chest, "You are my leige, your grace… I was honored to take on the task for you." And while a part of her hated to miss the tourney, she was more than happy to serve the Earl.

The name taken of course, to be given to one of his own officers simply to have it noted some where. "We are honored to have you as one of our knights. Thank you." He says, leaving it open just in case she has other matters, but seeming close to leaving for other business.

There are no other matters to be discussed by Deryn, and with one last bow of her head, she steps back to leave Robert's table, "Thank you, your grace." Again, another step back, then she turns and heads off to find her cousin, or a certain Pitton who might be around.

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