(514-06-05) Laverstock Layover
Summary: Kamron stops by Laverstock on his way to visit family at Falt. Lainn, Elrick, and Trystan take the opportunity to tease Arian.
Date: June 5, 514
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It is midday, and Arian de Laverstock is rushing around the outside of the manor house in a flurry of skirts and boots as if she is being chased. Her hair is loose, flowing freely at her shoulders as she dashes along the southern wall, dodging chickens and a random sheep to reach the front of the family structure. The moment she turns that last corner, she draws herself to a stop and starts tugging her skirts and trying to tuck away her hair. Her cheeks are flushed, and she is out of breath, but she is trying to look casual as she steps into view to watch the announced rider come into sight.

She had heard that Sir Kamron de Dinton was arriving… for a visit… on his way to Falt… of course…

In the weeks since the fire, Lain has healed decently. By decently the burns on his arm and leg have healed properly. Mostly the same for this face as well, save for the spot on his right cheek that's now scarred over and probably isn't going away at anytime soon. He, unlike his sister, is not running around in a dress. He's drilling the manor militia. Because that's his job, that's what he does when he's not off at war. Or drinking. Or whoring. So…more like it's his third job when he's not off to war. And now that winter's offically over, he's been doing a lot more drilling.

While his little sister is scurrying about being a busy bee at the manor, Elrick is the exact opposite as he enjoys the sun, laying on the soft grass in front of their. His eyes was directed up at the clear blue sky, not a passing cloud, so he is certainly not cloud watching. Facial experssion would switch from thoughtful to an idle smile, then back to thoughtful again, that is until he hears his sister. With his thoughts interrupted, he glances over to Arian and arches a brow, more bothered than confused, "Ari, what the blazes are you doing? Who are you…" There is a pause as he looks down the road, a rider, "Oh." With a reluctant sigh, he slowly climbs to his feet, brushing himself off.

Kamron de Dinton is just going to visit his mother's family in Falt. It just happens that their manor lies past the Laverstock manor. Just happens to be the case. The Dinton is accompanied only by his squire, and young Newt is watching his knight with amusement. Evidently, he's been watching a good bit closer than Kamron suspected, because when Kamron runs a hand back over his hair in an unconscious nervous gesture and Newt coughs into his hand, Kam looks over to the squire, "What?" Newt quickly looks (not very) innocent, and Kamron shakes his head, "Hush you." And then he's sitting up in his saddle, raising a hand in greeting, showing that he's not wearing armor or carrying a weapon in-hand.

The Laverstock woman had not expected her brothers to be hanging around quite so closely, and she halts abruptly like a deer before predators. Arian slowly turns her gaze toward Elrick, and her smile blossoms into its full dimpled glory. "Elrick! Didn't see you…" She also smiles toward Lainn and the militiamen, trying to look quite casual. "Lainn, good to see you out and about." There is a certain casualness to her words, which perhaps only draw more suspicion from her brothers. Then she turns toward Kamron as he approaches, and she lifts her hand in greeting to the Knight and his squire. "Sir Kamron! How unexpected…" Her cheeks pink a bit at the obvious fib, but she just smiles through it.

"You're a horrible liar." Lainn deadpans note even having to look at Arian, he can hear that she sounds /too/ nice, before berrating a soldier for his loose posture, smacking the back of his knees with his wooden training sword. Of course some of the soliders take note of Kamron, leading the man to do as well. "Ah, and there's why. Too late, Air. I've already pumped his sister for dirt on you. How often you came by. How nice you were being, that kind of thing. My horror what I had discovered made my skin crawl at how nice lady Heuwlen spoke about you. Depressing, really. I was hoping for something better than that." Focusing on his men, he taps the swords idly against his shoulder. "I think more running is in order if some of you can't be assed enough to stand up straight. Five laps around the woods! Dillon! Count them off!" Oh, there want to be groans of protest, but the unit leader gets them going before Lainn has them pushing England.

Elrick definitely gives his little sister a dubious look when she comments about not seeing him, usually she would have eyes like a hawk and would have taken advantage of his lack of attention by doing something… sisterly. When Arian states that she didn't see him, he is sure that something is up. So when Kamron comes into view, Elrick's expression turns into an amused smirk. He incredibly tempted to tease her but he isn't as ruthless as Lainn, allowing her some face when the visitor is here. When his older brother unloads with the verbal jabs though though, Elrick can't help but laugh, "They're Christians, they tend to be nice. Unless they have a stick up thei…" That is where Elrick trails off and looks towards the Dinton Knight who has neared close enough to hear their chatter. He inclines his head respectfully, "Sir Kamron, well met and welcome to our home." He does give Arian a side glance with a quiet snort, unable to help himself, "Unexpected… hah," Just loud enough for her to hear.

Kamron slows his horse as he comes into the village proper, watching the militia straighten up and then grumble off for a run. Chuckling to himself, he nods to one brother and then the other, "Sir Lainn, Sir Elrick," and then the sister gets a nod as well, "Sir Arian." Looking back to the first worthy, he adds, "How are you healing up, Sir Lainn?" And then he turns his attention to the second man, "A stick up our what's, Sir Elrick?" Either he has good ears, he can read lips, or he knows what pagans say about Christians… and what British Christians say about Roman Christians. Finally, he comes back to Arian as Newt pulls up just behind him, "Thank you all for your greetings. I'm on my way to visit my mother's family in Falt, and I thought perhaps I might visit the brave knights of House Laverstock on my way." There are no actual lies there, just a shift in importance, "I certainly don't want to trouble any of you, of course."

Arian scoffs at Lainn, and she crosses her arms defiantly in the face her brother's teasing. "Well, I'm glad to hear that Lady Heulwen is speaking so kindly of me, and I'm sorry that I have disappointed you by growing out of my bad habits—" Mostly. She still gets her dresses muddy and still ends up taking time from manor chores to beat up the squires. She then drops her arms, stuffing her hands into the hidden pockets of her sensible gown. Her cheeks pinken further at Elrick's snarked comment, and she refuses to look at him as she smiles at Kamron. "Sir Kamron… you remember my brother, Sir Lainn… and this is my other brother, Sir Elrick." But Kamron is already speaking friendly to the two, and she just shakes her head. "But you've already met them." Then she shakes her head before her brothers can dare contradict. "You are welcome, Sir Kamron… you did say you would like to see our home… and I promised you a meal and lodging when you did."

"Eh, it was just nice on the surface. I'm sure she knows something, just didn't want to divulge it." Lainn admits, rolling up the sleeves on shis shirt, idly swinging the practice sword, watching the troops march off. "Remember? We both were bashed in the face with shields a bit ago. Good fun that was, what with staring death in the face without a sword." Turning about, he nears the rest of them, standing next to his younger brother. "Remember this moment, dear Elrick." he starts, faux-dramaticism laced in his voice. "As the day our darling sister finally convinced a man to come home with her. One that she didn't have to tie down when they tried to escape." A shuddering sigh. "They grow up so fast."

"Oh nothing, Sir Kamron, nothing at all." Elrick says with as innocent a look as he could summon, certainly not going to repeat what he said, he has some manners. Especially for one of Arian's important guests. At the mention of the dark murder in Sarum though, the younger brother's expression drops a little, remembering the concern he had when he heard Lainn in the middle of that affair. But that is only for a brief moment as when his older brother begins to make fun, the amused grin appears and Elrick can't help but join in, "Brother, I don't think he realizes what he is stepping into, so he hasn't made his escape attempt." A pause, then one more word, "Yet."

Kamron inclines his head to Arian, "Why so you did. And thank you all for the kind welcome." Kicking his foot free of the stirrup, he dismounts, Newt doing so behind him. "I have indeed met both of your brothers, in Carlion, I do believe. Sir Elrick and I spent a good deal of time trying to turn one another black and blue, in fact. And indeed, more recently I stood alongside Sir Lainn during that unfortunate incident with the blackguards in the Eagle Market." But that's not all that Lainn said, and Kamron clears his throat, the edges of his ears turning a little pink, "I assure you both, I have no problems spending time in Sir Arian's company, any more than I am the company of any other of our brave knights or kind ladies in Salisbury." Evade! Evade! He turns away a moment to hand the lead of his horse off to his squire, then adds, "This is Jonnin de Newton, by the way, my squire." Because that buys him time to control his blushing, "It is a lovely manor you have."

Arian is under attack from her brothers, and she cannot seem to stop the growing pink that flushes across her cheeks and now to her ears. She casts a dark scowl at Lainn, promising a terrible revenge later. Elrick is at least spared — somewhat. She balls up her hands in her pockets, breathing deeply through her nose and out her mouth in what could be calming. "Sir Kamron, please do not heed them… they are terrible, both… and have been in all my memory. If they are lucky, their deaths tonight will be quick and painless." She casts them both warning looks with those pale, glass-colored eyes.

"Elrick," Lainn loosely puts an arm about his brother's shoulders in that classic 'brah' type move. "This is the face of a man who would do well in politics." he states waggling his finger at Kamron. "I'm sure, Sir Kamron, yes yes. And we are more than happy to offer our home. However, with our sister about, I cannot garuntee you saftety. As you can see, she's the violent type. I mean, usually we have to tie her to the tree out back when she needs a bath. Like a cat, /haaaaaaaates/ it. But don't worry, she's been doing very well at eating with untensils the past few months, I think she's almost ready to go out in public. She'll be downright impressive." It's amazing he's able to keep a straight face, it's like he's had practice at this before. This is exactly what you get when you have an older sibling. He gets a look on his face, as if he had forgotten something up until now. "Elrick.." he says lower, and in obvious feigned secrecy. "You did have last one she brought home buried, right? Have all the stains been scrubbed off the walls?"

Elrick checked his merciful of 10, he rolled 7.

At the moment, Elrick, Arian, Lainn, and Kamron are by the entrance to the manor, the Dinton having just rode into their village with a squire in tow. He is, of course, claiming to make an unscheduled visit while on his way to visit his mother's family in Falt. Of course. Arian's brothers are taking full advantage of course.
"The way I recall it, Sir Kamron, we spent more time trying to break each other's shields than trying to find a way around the defenses." They did indeed spend an extra-ordinary amount of time in their melee duel, with the stout defenses and swift movements shown by both teh Dinton and Laverstock. When Kamron deflects the verbal barbs, that were made in jest, rather effectively, Elrick looks towards his brother and grins, "He's pretty good. He might last longer than the others." As Lainn continues though, especially about tying Arian up against a tree, the younger brother puts a hand over his mouth but still bursts out laughing, "Oh gods, I'm sorry Lainn, I can't… this is too much." Now, he's doubled over, still laughing, a hand clasped to his knee. "Oh man… we're so dead." Inbetween deep gulps of air.

Kamron checked his lustful at 7, he rolled 19.
Kamron checked his chaste at 13, he rolled 18.

From the entrance of the manor comes Tryatan, moving through the doors at a slow pace. His footsteps are quiet as well, though he doesn't appear to be hiding his movements so much as he wants to listen in to the others before they realize he is here. As he approaches, Trystan eyes Arian, then Kamron before his other two cousins. Just perfect.

"So dead indeed." He offers quietly, slowing a few feet away from the others as his gaze falls on Kamron, head tilted to the right, "Good day, Sir Kamron. What brings you to Laverstock today then?" As if he had to ask, even if asking is polite.

Kamron knows how this teasing thing goes, and so he manage a laugh that is not even forced. "I think that I can recognize sibling teasing, Sir Arian. I am, after all, a big brother and a cousin myself." Lainn's commentary draws another laugh, "Really, Sir Lainn? I have always found Sir Arian to be perfectly well-behaved, well-mannered, well-dressed, well-spoken, and… oh well, only one of those is a lie." A wink is offered to the lady in question, and then he adds to Elrick's laughing words, "I think you will find that we Dintons are second to none when it comes to dedication and manners, even when sorely pressed." That might have a double meaning, if he didn't have a smile on his lips like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. And then there is the cousin, and Kamron half-turns toward him, lifting a hand in greeting, "Sir Trystan. I'm terribly sorry to drop in on your lovely manor like this. My squire and I are on our way to visit my mother's family in Falt."

"Lainn," Arian gasps, and she actually looks a touch distressed now. "Please… stop." Her expression has gone reproachful, and she seems abruptly small and young surrounded by her taller brothers. She looks at Kamron, her blush now out of true and hearted embarrassment. She looks sheepishly at Elrick as he laughs, and she just drops into silence as she waits for her brothers to get their fill. She lifts her gaze to Kamron, offering a small and tentative smile. Then Trystan appears, and she is sends a prayer to the Goddess to split open the earth and swallow her whole. "I promised Sir Kamron a meal and lodging if he ever came through this way," Arian explains to Trystan, trying to ignore her brothers now.

Let never be known that Lainn isn't without some semblence of mercy. And as much as he prods and harasses his sister, it's likely one of the few ways to show that he cares. And yeah, sure, there are times when the sibling ribbing goes a bit too far. And by the look on his face, Lainn's putting two and two together. So his joviality sort of deflates. "Well, she did ask, and Sir Kamron is a standup sort of fellow. A man after my own heart, especially that we're both suicidal enough to stand infront of some criminals without a weapon. So, Ari has good taste at any rate." There's a small face he makes, wapping Elrick in the back of the leg with his practice sword, not to hurt, just to get the point across. "We had our fun, brother." he utters lower. Trystan can distract everyone, looks like, he'll quietly back away and move off from the group.

Oh no, that is the voice of their cousin, the head of the Laverstock household. When Trystan's voice is heard from the direction of the manor, Elrick quickly straightens up, stifling the laughter in quick order. His mouth opens as if to say something, then closes again and upon feeling the tap on his leg from his older brother, begins to step back as well. A potential quiet retreat is being made.

Apparently Trystan forgot to wash. Or he rolled around in the hog dens. This is based solely on the fact that two of his three cousins are escaping post haste at his arrival. Trystan eyes them as they start to move away, brow quirked, "Interesting…" he comments idly and then looks over to Kamron, hmmming quietly.

"Visiting your mother? And joining us for a meal wouldn't impede your journey in anyway?" Of course, there is the fact that Arian offered up his table without asking, but he doesn't seem to be focusing on that right now.

Kamron offers an easy smile to Arian as she turns bright red, shaking his head and chuckling softly. Now the familial-teasing shoe is on the other foot. Lainn's words, on the other hand, draw his head over sharply, and Kamron has to clear his throat, "Yes, Sir Arian has made a good choice of a friend in me." Because they're just friends. That's the official line, and he's sticking to it. The retreat by the two brothers causes a laugh from the Dinton, and he shakes his head, offering out his right hand to The Laverstock as he comes closer, "No, it's actually quite a convenient place to stop on the trip to Falt, which made Sir Arian's offer to kind, and a worthy response to her and Sir Lainn coming to visit us in Dinton to see the wills and the vineyard" (such as it is).

"Where do you think you two are going," Arian says hotly as her brothers try to retreat. She crosses her arms once more, narrowing her eyes at the two. "You are both staying right here, and show Sir Kamron that you know how not make me want to beat you both over the head with a shovel." Then she turns her attention to Trystan, and she colors slightly as she realizes belatedly that she hadn't even told Trystan she had made such an offer. "I thought I had told you that we might have the Dintons visiting…" She offers her elder cousin a hopeful smile, and then she regards Kamron. "Yes… Sir Kamron and I are very good friends… and I hoped that if the Dintons see that not all Pagan houses are as…" She fights for a polite word. "Controversial as Burcombe."

"I said she could, cousin!" Lainns calls over his shoulder back at Trystan. "Figure you'd appreciate the chance to make some….alliances." Yeah, that's it. Then he's shoving Elrick. "Move!" he says in a harsh whisper. Fly, you fool! Aaaaaand Arian says something. Damnit. "Nowhere. Just….hey, one of the dogs got loose in the woods. Why I think it is! Elrick, help me track him down." And then he's shoving Elrick again. "Would you get going!?"

Elrick checked his cowardly of 5, he rolled 10.
Elrick checked his valorous of 15, he rolled 6.

The retreat was almost about to begin, even without Lainn's urging, but when Elrick hears his sister's rather serious tone, he knows that it wouldn't be right to just ditch now. Maybe when he was much younger, he would have fled, running even faster than his older brother but growing up with a knighthood has changed him. A little. With a shake of his head, the younger of the two brothers turns back towards the group, "The dogs are fine, Lainn, and we should offer Sir Kamron the proper welcome." With that said, Elrick inclines his head respectfully to Kamron, then to Trystan, "Apologies, Sir Kamron… seeing our sister this happy has made us forget ourselves. Thank you for allowing us our little… antics and I hope that no offense was taken."

Trystan eyes Lainn, and then Elrick. The retreat wuld have worked but Arian saw to that. Trystan just views that as successful delegation really. The heir to Laverstock watches as Lainn and Elrick apologize and make good on their manners, then looks to Arian, "Satisfied?" Apparently with their behavior.

Then he nods to Kamron, "Of course, Sir Kamron, you are welcome at my table." He does not say anytime though. This isn't an open ended invitation yet.

"They are showing that discretion is the better part of valor, Sir Arian." Kamron nods to the Lady Knight, "Although they might be proving a little too discrete in this case." That is added with a grin to the Laverstock boys, although he gestures to Arian, "That may not be a high hedge to clear, Sir Arian, but I assure you, that not even the strictest Roman would expect the Burcombes to be emissaries of all the Pagans in Salisbury." Lainn's words flash his eyes open, a panicked look darting from him to Arian, and he clears his throat again, "Yes. Alliances. Friendship between knights is a good basis for trade deals and friendship between houses." Okay, someone is a little skittish about alliances. Still, he laughs a little tightly at Lainn's words, "I should think that Sir Arian would be able to find happiness quite easily. She seems very good at getting what she wants, although perhaps it takes some time and effort." Trystan's explicit invitation causes Kamron to bow his head, "Thank you, Sir Trystan. I will do my best to make the burden light and easy."

"Traitor." Lainn mutters under his breath when Elrick gets a wild streak of concience. Well, he can't leave now. And he didn't apologize for crap. Just because Arian was able to make him feel guilty does in no way mean he'd actually apoligize for it vocally. Oh no, not him. And he doesn't exactly follow either, rather he leans up against a nearby tree. For some reason, probably Trystan's appearence, is requiring him to stand on obligation and stick around. Manners, he says. Oh my, does he even know this family?

Arian detects all of Kamron's panic — perhaps because she is having her own moments of panic. She casts a glance at Elrick and then at Lainn, and finally settles on Trystan with a slight arch of her brows. She then breathes out a slow exhale as Trystan accepts her unauthorized invitation, and Kamron is offered guestright. She tucks her hands back into her pockets once more, and she looks a touch more relaxed. She smiles softly toward Kamron at his words of compliment, and she shifts slightly from foot to foot. "Right now my happiness is focused on whether or not the summer storms come soon… it has been quite dry these last few days." Was that Arian's attempt to use the weather as a topic-changer? Slick…

Elrick does show some manners, when he chooses to, which would vary greatly on his mood and the situation. In this case, he did feel rather bad for his younger sister. He also knows that he will get his in the near future from his older brother but that is to be expected, part of the challenge of having unique Laverstock siblings. "Friendship, especially now, when there is a band of blackguards potentially roaming about in the countryside after having fled Sarum," More of an update for Trystan on what has occured as of late as well as a convincing statement to allow Karmon to stay here in the Laverstock Manor, "It would be for the best if Sir Kamron and his squire can rest up before continuing on. In fact, I should probably see to my things and prepare to ride to Sarum, to see if there have been any additional decrees from His Grace, or additional news on the murderer."

A frown is offered by Trystan at Elrick's words and his gaze shifts from him to Kamron and then back again, "Duly noted, Cos." He then motions towards the entrance to the manor, "Sir Kamron, please. After you. And if the country roads are a concern, I will have someone accompany you to your mothers to ensure safe passage." It's the least he can do for his Cousins 'Friend'.

To Elrick, Trystan nods to him again, "Of course, Cos. I will not keep you from your duties. Report back with any news of note though."

Kamron chuckles and shakes his head slightly at The Laverstock's offer, "Not to worry, Sir Trystan. I'm poor-enough looking to not be worth the trouble, but between Newt," his squire, Jonnin de Newton, "and I, we look like enough trouble to not be worth the poorness." And then he has the time to look back to the others, "I know that there have been several patrols sent out, Sir Elrick. By their actions, I do not think that the villains are a threat to random passers-by. They seemed quite directed and intent upon their prey." Is a murderer a better change of topic than the weather? Starting in toward the manor at Trystan's bidding, he nods slowly, "I rather hope the storms hold off for a while. I've been considering talking to His Grace about a raiding party to the hill tribes to the northwest, or perhaps down to Sussex," and the Saxons found down there. "They both seem to have gotten restive, and it wouldn't do to let them think they can move with impunity."

Oh boy, Lainn is not going to stand around and discuss, /the weather/ of all things. The man has other things he can be doing. Like going back to training the soldiers. Which should eventually be coming back from their run. Because when things become polite and serious is about the point where his eyes glaze over and brain cells start dying. Lazily laying the wooden sword on his shoulder, he goes in search of them if they're back from their march.

Arian relaxes with each passing moment between her cousin, brothers, and the Knight she has some affection for. Though then Elrick and Lainn make far better exits — ones that don't incite her wrath, and she offers small smiles to the two. The petite Lady Knight steps up, preparing to lead them into the manor house with a small smile. The one-story manor house is quite aged, but well-cared for. The ceilings are a bit lofty, with high supportive rafters. The windows are all open to let in the summer air. "Trystan… I suspect by now you've heard that Josette is quite interested in Sir Coelwulf?" She tilts her head as she gauges her cousin's reaction to this. "They were quite loving during the Imbolc rites, and I know he has visited her, and her visited him…" She casts a glance toward Kamron briefly. "You might want to consider the match."

When the raiding party is mentioned, especially if there is potential that it is against Saxons, Elrick's interest perks up as he delays his retreat to tend to his kit and charger, "If His Grace is keen to your idea, Sir Kamron, and you are looking for knights to accompany you on such an endeavor, feel free to count my sword as yours if needed." With that said, he bows his head respectfully to the group, "Until the next time we meet, Sir Kamron. Good day to you, Couz, Sister." With that, Elrick is off on a different path.

To this, Trystan rolls his eyes and smirks, "I am aware." A pause, "Have you not seen the new boar hound pup in the yards? A gift, from Sir Coelwulf." And then he slows and arches a brow, "I knew about him visiting here. I did not know about her visiting." His voice turned a bit colder there and he sighs, "I shouldn't be overly surprised I suppose."

Trystan glances to Kamron and shrugs once to the man, "Suit yourself, Sir Kamron. I have enough men to escort you should you require it." Because now that he has guestright, he needs to keep him safe. Technically only until he departs, but Trystan takes these things seriously. "And I'll consider the match." He offers back to Arian. A beat pause and he adds on, "I will join your party as well, if you'll have me. I can't have hooligans and thugs roaming my countryside."

Kamron raises his eyebrows at Arian's news, although first, he nods to Elrick, "I will let you know, Sir Elrick. Your sword would be most welcome." Nodding to Trystan, he adds, "Well, we'll be roaming a little further afield than Salisbury, but you would be more than welcome as well, "Sir Trystan." He flashes a crooked smile, "And if you will excuse me for saying so, Coe is good a good knight," and then he takes a bit of a risk, adding, "For a dirty Pagan." The Christian knight holds his breath to see how the joke is taken, "He is brave, and skilled with arms, passionate about the causes which strike him. Not… the most courtly of men, but solid, serious, and skilled."

"Now, now… you should have known your sister would be eager to marry," Arian teases her cousin gently, offering him a dimpled smile. "This is what you signed up for, after all… seeing all the Ladies in your household rightfully wed." She wrinkles her nose. "But you can save my banns for last…" She casts a sly glance to Kamron before she dimples back at Trystan. Then she nods in agreement about the hooligans and thugs… "I would like to come along as well… until the Saxons come storming down the lands, and we are tasked after them." She then looks to Kamron as he endorses Coe, but she doesn't add-on. "I should perhaps see to myself… I've been in the training yard all morning, and I should clean up before supper."

"So were he a clean Pagan…" Trystan begins, eyeing Kamron. He keeps his gaze level, trying to keep him questioning the joke for a few moments. Afterall, he has a reputation to uphold. Then again, Laverstock isn't the most Pagan of Pagan manors. A nod is then given, and a smile is cracked, "Good. Wherever the hunt is, I want in. I need to keep myself practiced."

And then he looks to Arian, sniffing at her, "I thought I smelled a dirty Pagan…" Baaaazinga.

The sly glance from Arian is met with the tiniest little smile at one corner of Kamron's lips, and he relaxes slightly after Trystan lets him off the tenterhooks left by his joke, chuckling softly and nodding. The continued teasing byplay between the family members spreads his smile wider, although he scoffs at Trystan's words, "I would have thought you had just come from dressing, Sir Arian, you look quite composed and fresh." Besides the loose hair and the flush, of course. Or maybe he just assumes those are the default for the Lady Knight.

Arian scowls as her cousin finally gets in a good jab after the repeated pokes and prods from Elrick and Lainn. "Perhaps I do want to be married out of this house… can't go a day without being teased by one of you." She then offers her cousin's arm a gentle squeeze, showing she is humored and not actually upset. She then steps up to Kamron, and offers his forearm a gentle squeeze. "Ha, you are too kind, Sir Kamron, but no…" She dimples lightly. "Don't let Trystan bully you too much… he is a good knight…" She casts Trystan a look before she starts to step away to wash and tidy herself.

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