(514-05-31) The Loss of Family
Summary: Bradwyn rushes to Tisbury after hearing the news about Hadyn's murder.
Date: 514-05-31
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Tisbury Salisbury
May of the year 514. — Mon Jan 25 14:13:35 2016

The feeling of nature greets the senses of those entering these parts. The scent of timber and pine is prevalent in the air. A soft layer of mist seems to trail along certain parts of the ground, occasionally caressing the feet of the would be traveler or steed. There's always a cool crispy sensation when one wanders here. The trees and grass hold luscious greens and gentle browns that compliment the powerful sensation of otherworldly connections. Flickering lights may occasionally appear in peripheral sight like pixies who watch and hide. The songs of wolves howling come from variable directions, always out of sight but always the feeling of proximity.

The Manor is simplistic in its architectural design. The building itself seems constructed from timber and the triangular shaped roof appears made from mixtures of various hay, grass, and other materials. There is a simple agricultural setup on the west side of the building while the east side appears to have a small pond, large enough for five or six people to slip into. The pond itself is occasionally illuminated by the sun's rays, almost as if it were intended to be there. At night, the moon's light casts a pale glow upon the waters, making the surface sparkle with the reflection of the glittering orbs in the sky. Behind the manor, one will find a ceremonial area, complete with stone altar for various sacrifices to Pagan Gods as well as other more comfortable patches of grass and earth where some could sit and watch the sky or woodlands.

It is the middle of the day and Cerys may be found near the entrance to the Blakemoor wood, where Naddar River murmurs. It looks like the redhead needed some time alone. There is a horse tied to the branch of a tree. It just calmly eats some fresh grass of a spring, while Cerys de Tisbury tosses all stones and broken branches into the River, "TELL ME THEIR NAMES! TELL ME HIS NAME! TELL ME HER NAME! TELL ME THE NAME OF THAT CREATURE WHO DID IT!!!" She orders and she kicks stuff into the fresh water of a river, and she keeps tossing stones there. Cerys de Tisbury is likely talking to the Gods.
She is wearing the most simble black linen dress she could find in her wordrobe.

Bradwyn had just arrived after a long, hard ride as he made his way to Tisbury to check in with the lieges of those lands. Having only word of one member of the family, and one of the two he is closest to. Turning his horse over to the stables to rest and making his way to the edge of the wood, Bradwyn had spent more time in Tisbury lands than his own family's. It isn't long before he hears the cries and finds the woman who is like an extra sister.
Saying nothing, after all what can be said? Alone together and with her rage Bradwyn moves to her side and attempts to pull her to him. Even if she fights him he doesn't care, this was a moment for family and perhaps not by blood, they are family of a sort, and he likely needed the contact himself, whether she did or not.

Bradwyn must have courage! Because when Cerys hears someone approaching her, she tosses some stones to his direction, "Get away, if you do not have the head of the murderer! Get away! Get away!" She does struggled, but she is just a tiny bird comparing to the size of Bradwyn. So, she ends up in his embrace, just bumping into the man's chest with her fist, "Why are you here. Bradwyn, we grew up together. We are brothers. Why don't you grab Uwain and do not go find the murderers? Bring me their heads! Nobody can hurt a Tisbury. Nobody! Bring me their heads…"

Bradwyn doesn't even bother trying to fight off the blows, taking the tiny Lady into his arms he takes her blows and lets her vent. After a few moments more he says, "If it is in my power my sword will remove their heads." softly, somberly. There is no trace of mirth, no jovial mood, no flirtation or good-natured jests. A complete polar opposite of any side of Bradwyn Cerys has ever seen before. He simply holds her in his arms, taking her blows without a care.
Dressed in simple attire, no armor. He finally says, "I give you my vow Cerys, if it is within my power I will avenge Hadyn and rip the life from those who took him from us." All formality is gone rom his voice, he is serious, and there is anger in his tone when he makes his vow to kill Hadyn's murderers.

"I trust you, Bradwyn, I trust. But if you will die yourself avenging Hadyn… Well, I will make you rise form the dead and I will murder you again, and again. I want to see their heads, but I do not want to lose anyone dear again! Do you understand?" Tears are rippling across her cheeks and she clenches the fabric of Bradwyn's cloth on a chest, "Make sure they suffer. Don't give them an easy death."

Along the edge of the Blakemoor Wood by the Naddar River, Lady Cerys de Tisbury clings to the tunic of Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston as tears stream down her face. The abnormally tall knight continues to hold the tiny woman in a supportive hug as he leans over to try and kiss the top of her head in a brotherly fashion and says, "You know me Cerys. I am not easy to kill and I fully intend to kill the murderers if I can find them. I also assure you even if they get lucky and lay me low I'm going to make sure they suffer the most grievous wounds possible before I go down and I have no intention of going down." His tone is hard, determined, and with building anger. His grip tightening around the smaller woman, though not enough to hurt her fortunately.

Waves of chestnut brown hair are carefully tamed by several strands of hair being pulled away from her face, and carefully twisted into an elaborate four braid pattern at the crown of her head, bound into place with leather strips dyed a deep green. The rest of her hair hangs down to a modest length just beyond her shoulders, the scattered paler caramel streaks the only true testament to how frequently she might be outdoors. Strong, arched brows are a half-shade darker than her hair, and together with a pair of high cheekbones frame inquisitive hazel eyes. A full mouth lends itself more easily to smiling, but she can often be found with an overly serious expression if caught when she doesn't think anyone else is looking.
The undertunic she wears is of a soft, unbleached cotton, the sleeves fitting tightly down to her wrists. Over that is worn a deep green bliant that has carefully applied embroidered leaves to the neckline, the sleeves loose and the skirt full. Around her waist is a belt that has a dagger tucked into it, and a pair of soft leather boots are worn on her feet.

Cerys nods slowly and rubs her eye with one of her fists to clean off tears. Though, that is useless and even more tears flow from the orner of her eye, "Thank you. I know I can trust you, but please, just coordinate things with Uwain. If you both will be together, then… then you will keep each otehr safe, you know!" She withdraws from Bradwyn then and looks back at the river, "Why Gods decided to take him away?.."

Perhaps it is that Creirwy hasn't heard the news yet, or she's just managed to keep herself composed over the loss of a cousin. Either way the taller of the Tisbury makes her way along the river, heading in the direction of the woods. She's horseless, guardless, seemingly alone out here without more than a dagger at her waist.

The six foot knight loosens his grip to allow Cerys to turn around, though he seems reluctant to fully let her go. As she faces the river, unless she stops him he attempts to wrap his arms around her waist. Simply holding her close if permitted. He might not be a Tisbury but the family had always treated him like family and he does consider them to be his second family as a result, which is why Hadyn's death affects him so much, also perhaps why he wants to stay close to Cerys for now as they always seemed the closest of the various Tisburys, which is saying a lot.

Cerys will take a step forward to avoid Bradwyn's hug from behind. Not because she doesn't want that, but she just notices Creirwy walking along the river. She takes that step forward to start running toward her family member, "Creirwy! Creirwy!" And if she won't move aside, Cerys will fall to hug her cousin, "Have you heard it?!"

Her name being shouted from down the river causes her to come to a surprised stop, then Creirwy reaches out to catch Cerys when she falls towards her. She gives her a hug, a frown developing before she replies very quietly, "I did hear…I was coming out here to think in quiet. What are you doing here?"

Bradwyn looks to what grabs Cerys' attention and then moves to follow. He doesn't run or fall however. As the cousins exchange words the tall knight says, "I believe something similar." as though answering the question, but it is obviously just a guess, as he's not fully sure. He then adds, "Hello again Creirwy." As he reaches the air, and if allowed, he attempts to wrap both of them in his arms, offering his sympathies with deed over word, and likely needing a bit of comfort himself.

Cerys nuzzles her face into the shoulder of her cousin. So, she cleans her wet cheeks and eyes into the cloth, "I cam here to shout out my anger and ask Gods of the names, who murdered my brother. Of course, they can't tell that, but Bradwyn here," she withdraws from Creirwy and points toward the man, "He promised to do everything in his power to bring heads of the murderers. How they even deared to touch him?!" She clasps her hands on her abdomen and frowns. Tears still glint on her cheeks, "We must prepare for funeral. His body should be braught to us. We need to meet Uwain too and father. Just to see what will happen next…"

Creirwy accepts hugs from both, but seems to primarly give Cerys the hug in return before she releases her cousin. She's quiet for a little while, considering the tumble of words carefully before she glances up towards Bradwyn, then back to Cerys, "Perhaps the answer to your pleas is standing before you. When are you going to meet them, I'll come with you if you wish."

As the group hug is broken Bradwyn releases his grip, though as long as he is allowed he will rest a hand on the far shoulder of each lady, as though to show he is still here for them and they are not alone in their grief.

Cerys nods, "Of course we all will meet during the funeral, but I am sure that fatehr will welcome you into the family's meeting. You are our family, after all. How have you been, by the way?" She then turns to Bradwyn, "How was the tourney to you? We just need something to clear our minds. We can't lose our mind, because then we may fail our revange."

Creirwy looks a little less sure of that than Cerys does, but she doesn't argue with her cousin for the moment, "I've been well. Spending time in the woods every day, and keeping myself quite busy."

Bradwyn nods to Cerys and says, "I'm not sure how long I can remain, as I don't want the trail to get too cold, but I felt I had to come and see those of you I could before I went searching. The tourney was fair. The joust and challenges proved a waste but I did well during the grand melee." He then looks to Creirwy and says, "It is good to keep yourself busy, but don't forget you still need the support of your family. You are all together in this, and I am here as much as I can be." in a reassuring voice, if his hand is still on Creirwy's shoulder she feels a gently squeeze of comfort from his hand.

"Together. Always and forever," Cerys repeats the motto of Tisbury family, "We will get through this, but just together. Come now," She gestures toward her horse. The young ginger moves to untie him, "You two must be starwing and we shall get in touch with other members of our family in such hour. Whole manor is grieving. Everyone liked Hadyn. He was such a wonderful person…"

"I know." Creirwy replies quietly to Bradwyn, then she moves to follow after Cerys, "I will catch up…there is something that I need to take care of while I am out here."

Bradwyn nods and looks to Creirwy and asks, "Are you sure you are okay alone Creirwy?" in a bit of a concerned tone, clearly worried about her, but he doesn't press the issue and leaves her to her own choices. he then moves to follow Cerys instead, even taking the reigns of her horse if she will allow it, whether she is mounted or not.

"See you soon, Creirwy," Cerys just waves, trusting that her cousin will be alright. Then she quietly walks toward the manor with Bradwyn on one side and her horse on the other. She will stay quiet till they will reach the destination. Then, of course, a lot of tears and hugs waits.

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