(514-05-30) A Passing Traveler Warned
Summary: While Elrick broods at the local tavern in Sarum, a passing traveler arrives.
Date: May 30, 514
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With the murder that had transpired in Sarum, the mood is certainly darker than usual, and this isn't different for the Laverstock Knight that is currently occupying a table by himself with a tankard of ale in front of him. He appears to be brooding or worrying over something, in silence at least for the time being. On his hip though is his sheathed blade, revealing the station of a knight.

Just arriving from Wilton, Cailin knows nothing of such murders as of yet. Her bow though is left with a friend so she doesn't have to carry it in with her when she goes to the local tavern for the latest gossip. Since she was traveling, she wears a light leather armor, but even that is worn, used and nothing amazing to look out. She exhales a breath as she steps inside and takes a look through the establishment.

When the door to the tavern opens, Elrick's grip on the cup tightens for a moment as his gaze quickly lifts to see who has entered. When it appears to be just another traveler arriving in town instead of armed men, the Laverstock's relaxes again. Bringing the tankard to his lips, he takes a long drink, releasing a sigh as he tries to clear his mind, knowing it is extremely unlikely those blackguards would return to Sarum.

The whole general mood of the tavern is the same, almost everyone stiffens and looks towards her. Cailin stops and looks behind her.. nope no one there. Turning back around, she gives a smile as she shrugs, "Sorry to disappoint," she says to no one in particular when they all go back to their tables. Walking to the bar, she's got a natural sway to her hips and she hops up on the barstool. "What's going on?" She asks, looking towards.. Elrick of all people. He looked the most approachable."

With Elrick the one being closest to the bar and barkeep, and the new arrival's question directed his way, he has no choice but to answer or be rude. "Black murder occurred, blackguards came and mistakenly took Sir Hadyn de Tisbury as someone else. That is why everyone is on edge, even the city guards." Any other detail could just be passed off as rumors and the Laverstock isn't one to spread them.

The news is taken in silence for a moment, silence in which Cailin takes the time for it to sink in. Her brow furrows, the concern lifts into her expression. "I didn't know." The words are murmured quietly. "So the person who did it, they are still free?"

"Yes, they took to horse before the city guards could arrive to stop them. I heard my brother, Sir Lainn, and a Dinton, Sir Kamron, tried to stop them in the name of Earl Robert, but they were unarmed and unarmored." Elrick says as his expression hardens for a moment, knowing how great of a risk they took, "Now, by the will of His Grace, Sir Sior and Sir Iorveth, the two blackguards, have branded them unwelcomed criminals. I believe he is awaiting information, and I am sure a group will be gathered to bring them to justice."

Sitting up straighter, Cailin doesn't say anything else about it. With another frown, she looks towards the barkeep but thinks better of ordering. "I should get back to Wilton in case they head that way." It's disturbing news and she pushes to her feet again, "Thank you for the information, Sir." At least recognizing him as a knight.

"If you are returning to the roads, then take care, no one knows where those murders have gone." Elrick says with a nod as if thanks was not necessary, "If they are able to commit such dark crimes in the middle of town, who knows what they are capable of." It is then he realizes that he has not properly introduced himself, "Pardon my manners, I am Sir Elrick de Laverstock. My mind… is elsewhere, apologies."

"I hope to maybe track them and see where they have gone and report back." Cailin gives him a devil-may-care smile. "I realize, I just hope to remain far enough away with my bow so that they couldn't track me in return." The introduction catches her by surprise and her smile gentles, she dips into a proper curtsy. "Well met, Sir Elric de Laverstock. I'm Cailin, from Wilton."

At the mention of tracking the blackguards, Elrick can only nod his head again, "I have heard that a couple of others are trying to do the same, though as others have warned them to take care, the same should go for you." When Cailin's name is offered in return, the Laverstock Knight inclines his head respectfully, "Well met, Mistress Cailin. May your trip back to Wilton be expedient and safe."

"I will just go back to Wilton and see what Lord Knight Earc would want me to do." Cailin straightens and gives him another warm smile. "Good day to you, Sir Elric, and well met. I hope our paths cross again soon."

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