(514-05-29) A Brother's Love
Summary: Cyndeyrn de Dinton finally speaks to Acwel de Woodford regarding Seren's hand.
Date: 29 May 514
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It's a quiet late afternoon at the Manor House of the Woodfords. It seems they were warned in advance they have guests, because the fireplace is stoked with fire, and there are furs blankets and those more proper to sleep everywhere in the Great Hall. Well, of higher quality than the ones that the servants use. Acwel is sitting at a chair propped up by the center of the room, likely where he takes petitions and redresses from his common folk. His servants roam to and fro the manor, placing foods and drinks upon said tables. So for now, he waits.

Things have been oddly quiet, at least by measure of comparison, since the end of the wedding tournament and the return of most of the Salisbury knights to their homeland and manors. A few days, perhaps, spent catching up on business and the like, making sure no cows have run off, and of course that no saxons have made advances in the absence of so many knights. But, all told, the situation seems normal enough, and so it is shortly after the return that Sir Cyndeyrn takes an opportunity to ride north to Woodford, not a long trip by comparison with their recent travels, but more distant than his neighboring manors. The spring is still cool, so he wears a cloak over the usual double tunics. Word will come when he's ridden into town, though, with how small all these little villages are, it may arrive only moments before he does, the manor doors opening and the man striding inside. As Acwel is seated formally, he gives him a matching bow. "Sir Acwel, I hope the trip back was pleasant and you have found your manor in good repair."

"Sir Cyndeyrn," Acwel stands up when the Dinton heir arrives, offering him a nod of his head; as equals, and knights. He looks to his servant, who dutifully sets aside two chairs, across from eachother, for the two leaders or future leaders of their manor to sit down upon. Right now, the Woodford is as the Woodford was when they first met, mostly quiet, a bit more calculating in behavior. "I hope, likewise, that your trip was uneventful and Dinton was as glorious as I hear it usually is," he offers the man a smile, before walking over to his seat and settling down, the goblets already being poured with wine, to which he thanks the servant with a simple nod.

"I would not speak to any glories, but nothing seemed amiss," Cyndeyrn will answer in his usual fashion, lacking any boast or sense of grandeur. He does pause to loosen his cloak once inside, the hall warm enough with the fires going and the weather itself on the warmer turn now. Offered a seat, and then a goblet of drink in turn, the Dinton accepts both, former then latter, and lifts the cup in amiable fashion before having a drink. "So…" And while he is usually not hesitant about getting to business, the likely topic is one that he is far less eloquent on, and it shows in even trying to breach it. "With the tourney over, and the time for normal life to proceed on its course, I thought, and expect you have asked to meet, that we might discuss things… regarding your sister. Your sister and I."

"I want to know your intentions regarding her. She is the only sister I have, and I do not want anything untoward to befall her because I made a poor choice. I do, however, notice you two seem fairly fond of each other," what older brother wouldn't, is the question, but Acwel brings the goblet up in return to the Dinton's before it is to be brought to his lips and takes a drink from the wine, setting it back down for that dramatic pause he needs. "So I want to know you are set on marriage with her, or whether this is a mere flight of fancy someone like that Burcombe would do, instead of a serious commitment. We are rather few, us Woodfords, and I need to know this."

Although at first there is a little stiffening in Cyndeyrn's posture, perhaps at least some part of him offended at the notion that his intentions would be anything but the most noble and pure, he does realize the situation, and must reflect of course that he would be every bit as discerning, and indeed, wary, were the positions of the two men reversed. "My intentions are honorable, sir. I do think, yes, that we… are fond, although in truth her fondness for me may even be something of a surprise to realize. We had not, I think… prior to the day you allowed us both off to walk a bit, ever really spent much time in one another's direct company, although of course we did cross paths frequently. But as I did speak before the High King, my intention is… only what it must be, holy and legal marriage, for I would not… imagine any other sort of relation as proper." Certainly not!

"Then I will allow you your courtship of her. I will revisit the matter in two months' time to officialize a betrothal, which should be sufficient to write a marriage contract between our Houses, that your father might be most agreeable to," Acwel replies, finishing his goblet as he sets it back on the table, silent as he regards the fireplace, then back to the towering Dinton knight. "I will let her know when I next visit her in Sarum." That's when the servants arrive with platters of food, and so the knight reaches for his bread bowl and some slices of meat, which he unceremoniously and perhaps impolitely, places inside said morsel. "Time and deed will make your request for her hand better than words ever will."

There is a pause after the matter is raised, as Cyndeyrn waits to hear whatever reply, and… he may even look slightly surprised at the actual answer he is given. But that lasts only briefly, as he will not belabor the point of the whole thing, and instead dips his head. "I am most pleased and grateful you think me suitable. Your sister is a most kindly and wonderful woman, and in honorable service to the Earl as well. No man could ask for better, in a woman to stand with him." With food brought, and the other man taking some, he does not hesitate to do similarly, although for once not with the FULL of his large-sized hunger on display. "I will do anything that is necessary," he will say of the last.

"My sister is the most precious thing in my life, and I would be cross if she was mistreated or dishonored in any way, so I am glad you understand the sentiment, Sir," Acwel replies, already digging into the stew with his spoon, gorging on the food, it seems. Almost as though he didn't have much time to savor the morsels at court at all, though that might not be the truth; the cooking from home, however, is one thing a knight years for the most, after the trip. Or, at least, that is the Woodford take on it. "Then there is nothing else to discuss, Sir Cyndeyrn, and I believe my sister chose well in giving her favor to you. You are welcome to the hospitality of Woodford for your stay, as I understand your manor is across Sarum, into the other river."

"I do understand your feeling, Sir," Cyndeyrn will echo the other man. "But I will not give you cause for anger nor sadness in regard to her, that I do swear, and you will see the truth of my words in due time, even as you are in the right not to simply take them as they are." Having said this, he gives another nod, and then with the topic of staying longer or journeying on brought up, he will note instead, "I think it a little early to spend the whole of my day and eve here, but also late to make fully back for Dinton. Instead, I might enjoy seeing a bit of your manor grounds - I am a man of the outdoors at heart - before riding to Sarum and staying there. If would welcome your company of course, or will leave you to further day's business if you yet have it."

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