(514-05-22) Performance Finale
Summary: Dywana competes with an average young lady.
Date: May 22, 514
Related: Wedding tournament, performance finale

NPC played by:


You make a check for Lady Hafren de Winterslow Performance(Orate) at 15, you rolled 14.

Hafren de Winterslow is a lovely young woman with hair of gold and the voice of an angel. In her fondest dreams. She takes the front and offers a curtsy to everyone as well as a demure dip of her head. Lifting it, she smiles brilliantly and begins reciting a poem, self written, filled with heartbreak, triumphs, adventure, a touch of misadventure and a lot of nonsense. It endears the crowd to her and they alternately laugh, cry, giggle and applaud once she has finished.

Dywana checked her orate of 15, she rolled 6.

Lady Dywana makes her way to the stage next, sometimes going after a great performance is just a bad idea. It doesn't matter how good once's voice happens to be, if those are on another, it does not go over as well.
But the lady speaks softly, warmly, passionately and does draw the eye of the crowd, but the cheering is just slightly less than Hafren de Winterslow this day.

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