(514-05-22) Gwynaelle's Second Round Archery
Summary: Gwynaelle goes against Lady Astold (Notable NPC by Glaw) in her second round of archery contest and looses to the lady.
Date: March 22, 514
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Well, it seems the Heir of Idmiston will have to stress her injured foot again as her last opponent had such bad luck as a broken string. Of course the competition becomes more fierce now as the chaff is seperated from the wheat so to speak. "Lady Gwynaelle de Idmiston at the blue flag!", the herald announces, waiting of her, somewhat impatiently, to hobble to it. "At the red flag, Lady Astold, the second place at last years Archery contest here at Carlion.", the herald informs the crowd. Oh, not a no-body Gwynaelle is going up against this time! Of course, it was not a proper tourney, but a local celebrity nonetheless!

Hobbling to her mark, Gwynaelle makes her way somewhat slowly to finally stand at the flag. When her opponent is announced, she turns to study the Lady that makes her way to the red flag, dipping her head politely to the local celebrity. A blush soon spreads across her cheeks before she turns to face the target, to mentally prepare herself for the contest ahead. Steady aiming. Release. Eye on the target.

Gwynaelle check your bow at 10, you rolled 2.
Glaw makes a check for Lady Astold's Bow Skill at 17, he rolled 5.

Lady Astold returns the nod of the head politely, before she goes ahead to string her bow. While she might be acting civil, when Gwyn shoots off her quarrel she gives that contraption of hers a none-too-friendly look. Crossbow! Pft! Her own bow is soon strung, then an arrow nocked and after a moment of aiming, breathing, she lets go. Both quarrel and arrow soon strike their targets, and an official goes to inspect it since both are on their respective second from most-outer rings, but finally he lifts the red flag. "Lady Astold in the lead, 1 to 0.", the herald announces, waiting for the next round of firing.

Gwynaelle check your bow at 10, you rolled 11.
Glaw makes a check for Lady Astold's Bow Skill at 17, he rolled 1.

Gwynaelle knows well that people do look at her oddly with her crossbow, but it's what she knows how to shoot! And so, the first round begins, with Lady Astold and her own both hitting the targets. With the announcement given, Gwyn is certain to nod to the other lady before stringing her next bolt. This time, one might have to laugh, for the blue barely makes it to the target, falling just shy of it when a gust of wind pushes it back towards the two competitors. At the same time, Lady Astold's arrow just catches the target, on the outermost ring. The herald is quick to announce, "Lady Astold, 2 to 0.

Gwynaelle check your bow at 10, you rolled 3.
Glaw makes a check for Lady Astold's Bow Skill at 17, he rolled 15.

Well, there is no shame being beaten by such a notable Lady, is there? "Three - Zero for Lady Astold, who is the winner.". There is, of course polite applause even for the vanquished, and while she might have given that weapon a snobbish look, the Lady does walk over to give the Lady Idmiston a hint or two about anticipating wind-changes, pleasantly enough, before she moves off to have others take the field.

Certainly cannot be too upset with being beaten by one so notable, and Gwynaelle merely smiles, laughs even as she shifts her foot, wincing just a little as she steps towards Lady Astold to shake her hand, "Thank you, milady. It was a pleasure going against you." Handing her crossbow to waiting servant, she soon makes her way off the field, leaving it for another round between some of the others left to go.

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