(514-05-22) Faux Hunting
Summary: John faces a famous knight, Sir William de Faux..
Date: May 21, 514
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As the dawn breaks and men and women file to the fields, round two of the jousting is just about to be underway. On one end of the field is Sir John de Bodenham, dressed in his personal livery of black with White Griffin blazing. A play on his family's own heraldry. Upon hos charger he sits with helm fixed and lance raised. As his name is called he moves his horse to the lane

Opposite of him is a knight most famous in Cambria, one Sir William de Faux. The bright red fox seen on his shield. Both men are heralded and both offer one another a courtly enough salute, before they would send their horses shuddering down into the glorious charge.

John checked his Lance of 15, he rolled 17.
Idris makes a check for Famous Knight's lance at 18, he rolled 7.
Idris rolls 6d6 and gets (6 6 4 5 2 2) for a total of: (25)
John checked his Horsemanship of 10, he rolled 5.

Both men ride into one another, John's lance just misses the mark, the famous knight turning the younger's lance aside off a pauldron. John is not so lucky, he takes a solid blow, which has him teetering, but the wily Bodenham remains ahorse which earns some cheers from the assembled.

Sir William grimaces beneath his helm as he trots on back down to his end of the lane. Resetting he watches the young upstart as John wheels himself back into place.

Grunting, John settles back in his stirrups as he looks down the chute, before spurring his horse back into action. And again two men launch at one another.

John checked his Lance of 15, he rolled 3.
Critical Fail!
Idris makes a check for Famous Knight's Lance at 18, he rolled 20.
John rolls 6d6 and gets (2 6 5 3 3 1) for a total of: (20)
Critical Fail!
Idris makes a check for Famous Knight's Horsemanship at 18, he rolled 20.

The two armored titans come in and come in hard. There is a resounding crack as Sir William's lance is broken on the Griffin Knight's shield, sending splinters and wood about. And then the point of John's lance catches William in the chest unhorsing the famous knight as if he were a child being flung off the back of a pony during his first training at the tilt. Sir William lands on his back and is motionless, while John wheels around. and dips his lance in salute of the crowd. Cheers abound as Sir William is drug off by his squires and new names for the tilt are announced.

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