(514-05-22) Diplomatic Falconry
Summary: Leave it to Syndra to turn a falconry competition into a chance to make useful contacts.
Date: 514-05-22
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With an NPC ran by…



The falconry feild wasn't as full as some of the knightly events, but there was a good turn out the same. After the first round of huntsman taking groups out to compete, the second day finds new fields and new pairings. This time Syndra is paired with Countess Anwyen de Lonazep. Known for her love of birds and her rookery in particular. She is paired with Lady Syndra as the wait on their horses while men and hounds flush the field after the game each has chosen for this current round. She turns to her new found partner and competitor. "I wish you the best of luck, good Lady." She is graceful, her bird quiet, but its head moving, ready to spot prey when the hood is released.

Dressed in a practical yet still elegantly cut gown of deep black fabric Syndra stands ready to compete. When she is paired there is a look of recognition in her eyes as she studies her partner. A polite smile is offered to the Countess and any worries or fears she might feel about facing such a superior opponent are kept carefully concealed behind a perfect mask of composure. "Thank you Countess, I wish you the best of luck as well. Win or lose I hope we both learn something this day." Her tone is polite and respectful as she turns to her own bird, a mostly black falcon, the bird seems fairly calm its bearing as regal as the lady that commands it even with the hood covering its eyes. Syndra waits patiently for the prey to be released, the Baverstock lady remaining quite calm herself and determined to learn something from this experience.

SirKay makes a check for Countess Anwyen's Falconry at 19, he rolled 14.
You check your Falconry at 10, you rolled 19.

"Ah, you are well spoken," she grins, enjoying the idea of them both turning out learning something over just a simple competition. She raises her hood eventually too, setting her bird to another field where he query was flushed. "I continually learn the realms are full of courtesy and valor. You speak highly of your enjoyment to be hear, may I inquire where you may be from?" A pause, an offer, "I am from Lonazep." Though its probably arleady known. Her bird seems to find a big one to pull down and is pretty adept at getting it from the looks of it.

Syndra bows her head slightly in a rather modest gesture. "I try to be Countess." She replies with a soft smile. Releasing the hood on her own bird it takes some encouragement to get the black falcon to take off after the prey. The bird seems more interested in remaining with his mistress. The Countess's mention of her enjoying being here has Syndra nodding in agreement. ""I come from Salisbury ,and yesI am quite delighted to be here. I am very fond of birds and to compete in such a fashion is something I find most enjoyable." She watches her bird as it circles lazily ignoring the prey altogether and returning to her empty handed. Despite the bird disinterest it still seems fairly well trained, just with a mind of its own. Syndra looks to the countess with that same calm composure. She offers a gentle smile. "It seems you are the rightful winner of this contest Countess, it was a pleasure to face you and I wish you the best of luck in future competitions." The Baverstock lady takes the loss with grace and calm watching the Countess and her bird with admiration.

The bird returns to the countess, and she exchanges the catch for the meat she keeps to reward the bird as its trained. An assistant comes to take the bird of course. She looks at Syndra, "Ah, of Salisbury, I have long meant to visit the lands so far south." Carlion is far south to her it would seem. "You are interested in birds? Perhaps we may make an exchange if you wish good Lady. You and yours could visit the Count and I for a stay, and should we have chance to visit Salsibury, we may visit you as well?"

Syndra nods to the Countess and offers a small smile at the offer made. "I think that would be a fine exchange to make Countess. I will see about making arrangements to visit you sometime soon. I must ask the Lord of my Manor to approve of the visit first though…but I am certain he will not mind." She hands her own bird off to an assistant and curtseys with polite grace to the woman. "Thank you again for such a fine competition. I look forward to the chance to visit your lands and for you to visit mine."

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