(514-05-22) Cyndeyrn Falconry Round 2
Summary: Cyndeyrn rolls and Perin poses the match
Date: May 22, 514
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Roll by:


Pose by:


Cyndeyrn checked his falconry of 10, he rolled 4.
Critical Success!
Perin makes a check for Average falconry for Cynderyn at 15, he rolled 15.

This round of the falconry finds Sir Cyndeyrn matched with a knight of Lonazep. The other Knight has a few options of birds for hawking and makes a fine choice, wishes the other luck and releases. As the birds go to their respective flushes, he makes no dicussion with the Salisbury Knigth, who returns nothing the same. Cyndeyrn's bird returns with a smaller bird of pray in its talons, while the knight of Lonazep finds a large game bird in return.

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