(514-05-22) Cousin Against Cousin
Summary: Martyn and Landon face off in a Challenge, one remains standing
Date: May 22 514
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Carlion Countryside
Rolling hills, and wooded thickets make up much the countryside of Carlion, with the river Usk cutting a green path from the north, past the city, and emptying into the ocean to the south. Two notable things are visible from the countryside immediately surrounding Carlion, the first is the stone castle that sits atop a hill at Carlion, the second the ships docked near the mouth of the Usk river, part of the kingdoms navy.

For such a thing as the tournament challenges, facing one's family is good too, right? How else would they both know what they'd need to improve? And so Martyn as made his way out to this challenge, preparing to face his cousin Landon. Waiting for the man to arrive, he looks around, expression thoughtful.

Landon wanders toward the appointed spot to meet his cousin for a personal duel. Frankly, he doesn't look at all excited about the prospect, his feet dragging and his shoulders rolled forward in apathy of it. However, one must never turn down a challenge, even if it means getting more dirt in one's mouth. "Cousin-" he bellows out as he approaches, "I will do my best not to be a disappointment, though I have little heart left for such matches."

Offering a brief chuckle as he hears Landon's words, Martyn offers him a grin. "Hasn't been going too well for you either, hmmm?" A brief pause as he studies his cousin, offering him another grin. "Well, with the beating I've taken so far in this tournament, I'll try not to be the disappointment as well."

Landon shakes his head, "Nawh. These things are Bryce's forte, I just sort of hope to swing my sword and clobber someone hard enough that they go down. So far, it hasn't worked." He tries to be rueful about it as he unsheaths the tourney blade, "Come on then. Let's figure this out between us, eh?"

"Might be an idea to reconsider that strategy, then?" Martyn offers a bit lightly, before he adds, "Ready whenever you are, Landon." Offering a brief grin, he starts moving, taking a few moments before he moves forward with an attempt to hit his cousin with the sword, to the side.

Landon checked his Sword of 15, he rolled 17.
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 14.
Martyn rolls 4d6 and gets (3 2 2 5) for a total of: (12)

"I'll even give you the first shot-" Landon says with a hint of jest in his tone, as he steps forward to meet Martyn's blade but really without the heart behind it. Oh he's trying, but sort of what a lazy squire might do in a sparring lesson. The swings were wide, the defense was open, and sure to his word, the first clank of sword goes to Martyn. It doesn't stop Landon however, it may have even been a tactic to get his cousin to come into his stride a bit more, as he counters with a hefty swing of his own blade, enough to rock Martyn off balance at the very least. He'll wait until Martyn has recovered before he nods again, "Tied up then, aren't we?"

You check your Sword at 15, you rolled 9.
Landon checked his Sword of 15, he rolled 13.
Landon rolls 5d6 and gets (3 6 4 4 2) for a total of: (19)
You check your Dex at 12, you rolled 18.

"Well struck there," Martyn offers, grimacing momentarily, before he grins. Starting to move around a bit again, he draws back slightly, then moves in for a quick slash.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 12.
Landon checked his Sword of 15, he rolled 4.
Martyn rolls 4d6 and gets (6 6 6 5) for a total of: (23)
Landon checked his DEX of 9, he rolled 8.

The quick slash takes it's snap through Landon's defenses, the shield not raised in time to deflect it. It wasn't off putting, as Landon barely moves an inch after the slash, but he's quick to retaliate and slam his sword down against Martyn's wrist, likely causing the man to have difficulties hanging onto his blade after the jarring thud of the blunted blade.

Critical Fail!
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 20.
Landon checked his Sword of 15, he rolled 10.
Landon rolls 5d6 and gets (4 5 4 1 4) for a total of: (18)
You check your dex at 12, you rolled 5.

It seems one can find challenges all over the place near the city. And so two small figures come up on the dueling men and pause just out of the way. Dywana is dressed in flowing blue and the huntswoman Erylys is dressed…..

Erylys is dressed in leather pants and a tunic of her house colors. The young huntswoman smiles at her cousin, soon to turn her attention to the men that are dueling with a curious air. At her horse's hooves is one dog trotting along with the two ladies, occasionally sniffing at the grass.

Crying out a bit as he doesn't manage to block that hit to his wrist, dropping the blade as he winces. "Well done…" he mutters, through clenched teeth, moving his wrist a bit more to make sure it's not broken. "Seems your tactic is working, cousin…" A few moments longer, and he retrieves his blade, moving in for another attack… and then he finds himself where he's found himself a few times too many during this entire tournament. On the ground blinking a bit. "That hurt…" he mutters, shaking his head as if to clear it. "Ouch!"

Landon checked his Sword of 15, he rolled 7.
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 6.
Landon rolls 5d6 and gets (6 2 2 2 3) for a total of: (15)
Critical Fail!
You check your dex at 12, you rolled 20.
Martyn rolls 1d3 and gets (2) for a total of: (2)

Landon will wait until his good cousin has reclaimed his sword and prepared for another attack before Landon himself will move to counter it. The blades flash, the sound of metal rings upon the air, parries are made, sweeps, thrusts, and slashes. In the end though, with a (not so surprising) force behind a shield bash that takse Martyn in the chest, it's followed up by a snapping down to the leg - the very same tactic that was used against him not too long ago. Putting Martyn into the dirt was not intentional, clearly, as the Baverstock immediately curses, "Shit Cuz…" he moves over to offer him a hand, "I didn't mean to take you down so hard. You alright?"

"Not… Not your fault," Martyn replies to Landon, taking the offered hand so he can get up to his feet. Limping slightly as he tries putting weight on the leg, he winces a bit. "I'm fine…" he offers, with a brief grin. Clearly not the case, but he wouldn't want his cousin to feel bad about things, right?

Though Landon cannot stay for long even if he wants to. Carl comes running, Bryce's squire. "Sir Landonnnn!" the kid hollars, "Your joust! You\re up in the lists!" Landon curses, "Already?" Carl nods, "The last match was scratched…. They are looking for you!" Landon nods and smacks Martyn on the back, "Walk it off." Is the only advice he leaves Martyn with as he jogs off, spotting at the last second the riders, but really having no time to give them more than a fleeting look.

Erylys doesn't get off her horse, instead, seems caught up in watching the end of the challenge between cousins. The flash of the swords, the ring of them in the air, and the sound of one backside hitting the dirt. A wince follows upon her face, a glance given to Dy when Martyn seems injured. A nudge of her own cousin is given then even as Landon is called off, leaving them along with the other. "Hello.." She calls out with a nod of her head, "Good fighting.. "

Dywana was watching and her eyes move as Martyn falls on his ass, there is a tiny wince and she nudges her horse closer as she allows Erylys to do the talking, for now. The tiny woman slides off her house with a tiny bounce as she finds the ground, and then a pack is slide off the back of the horse as she moves with graceful movements towards the Knight.

"Go, get the joust done as well as you won this little duel," Martyn offers to Landon, before he is unable to hold back a chuckle. "Walk it off, hmmm?" Shaking his head a little, while looking a bit amused at where Landon headed off. Then he looks to the two women, offering them both a quiet nod and a, slightly pained, smile. "Hello… And thank you. Although my cousin was a bit better."

Erylys watches as Dy slides from her horse, and then quickly does the same. The dog snuffs at her feet, trotting over closer, though staying near her as she walks forwards. Offering to help, she glances to Martyn, chuckling, "Well, gotta learn somehow, hmm? " She wonders, soon to offer, "Erylys and Dywana de Berwick St. James.." A quick gesture to her cousin, "Healer, if you have need of one? "

Dywana can't help a little chuckle as Erylys makes the introduction, but she doesn't seem to care how she is introduced as she motions towards the sitting stones in this part of the valley, "Please Sir Martyn, let us make sure you did not break anything, yes?" First her voice is husky and beautiful, an unusual mix of lyrical tones and the warmth and coolness of the wind over the river. Second she seems to know his name.

If there's something strange about Dywana knowing his name, Martyn doesn't comment on that. After all, he's been taking part in the tournament, which means his name is likely something people might know. Nodding a bit to both the ladies, he offers them both a brief smile again. "A pleasure to meet you, my ladies." A brief glance over in the direction of where Landon went off to, to make sure the man isn't returning, he starts moving towards the indicated stones now, moving a bit slow. "I'd be grateful for your assistance, my lady."

Erylys is certain to keep track of the horses, letting Dy take care of the healing. Staying back, she watches quietly for the moment, though smiles to Martyn, "A pleasure to meet you as well." Amusement shows in her gaze, though she refrains from saying more, letting her cousin get to work once he's taken a seat.

The leg does seem to make this a little harder as she Healer looks at Martyn for a long moment, "You will either need to remove the fabric or roll it up. I've noticed that pants worn with armor do not enjoy the last.." The small lady admits as she bites her lower lip and then Dy takes another step up to Martyn as she waits to see what he's going to do.

"Remove the fabric?" A brief pause as Martyn considers that. "Probably a better chance of not needing the clothing repaired if I do that, isn't it?" Considering a few moments as he looks between the ladies, then he starts to do as instructed, removing the pants, at least down to the wound.

Dywana checked her firstaid of 12, she rolled 10.
Dywana rolls 1d3 and gets (1) for a total of: (1)

Okay, that was not what Erylys expected her cousin to say to the man, and when he starts to push his pants downwards? Cue the blush and turn of her head to the side. Oh, look, horse. She'll keep an eye on them.. and the road from the town. Just in case. "Ahem." Clearing her throat, she darts a look to the two of them, then back to the road again.

Dywana doesn't even blush, nor seem surprised, she is a Priestess of the Earth Mother, I mean really? So the lovely lady just smiles as she moves to look over the wound, ignoring other parts as it were. Gentle and warm fingers move around the large bruise, nudging it to see how the leg moves. Finally she nods and settles her bad down next to the Knight and pulls out a small pouch of paste, calling to her cousin, "Erylys. Can you please come here and hold this wrap while I put the cream on?" Oh poooooor Erylys.

At the moment, Martyn's focus is on the pain from the wound now, not the ladies present while what should be covered by the trousers are exposed. Keeping quiet as his wound is examined, waiting for the verdict about how bad it is.

Erylys starts when called, only to sigh and step forwards, "Yes, cousin?" She says, then moves to kneel, to do what is asked of her. She looks down, then up at Martyn, only to blink and then look down once again. Still, for all her blushing in that moment, she doesn't turn her nose up at lending a hand.

The injury is tended carefully by Dywana, the pagan healer wrapping bandages about his leg once the paste is spread upon his skin. Only then does she give him permission to pull his pants back up. With a brief look towards the town, the short woman murmurs something, and then makes her excuses, quick to mount her horse and head back towards Carlion, leaving Erylys with the Knight.
Stepping back once her help is no longer needed, Erylys pats the horse, then holds it when her cousin seeks to head back into town, "I'll see you later, Dywana. I'll be fine." Watching her cousin leave, she finally turns back to Martyn, "If I know her.. she would tell you to leave the bandage on for a day, then you should be good to remove it and leave it off.." A gesture is given to the injured leg, "Might want to rest it between your bouts if you can.." She's rambling now.

Finally able to pull his pants back up, Martyn looks a bit relieved that's done. Nodding as Dywana heads off, he nods again at Erylys' instructions. "One day, then remove… Got it." A pause, and a smile. "Thank you, and your cousin, for passing by when I needed the treatment." At the mention of the bouts, he offers another smile. "Done with most of that now. Only doing some of the challenges, like the one with my cousin that you saw, but aside from that, I'm done."

Intrigued is Erylys then at his words, "Even the melee?" A quirk of a brow is lifted over eyes of blue as she smiles, "I admit, I haven't watched much of it. So much going on on the field it's hard to figure out who's down and out.." She chuckles, only to glance down when nudged by the dog that'd been following her.

"I did not participate in the melee, Lady Erylys," Martyn replies. "I mostly do the challenges and joust, not to seek glory, but to see what areas I need to better myself in." A brief pause, and a chuckle as he adds, "Not getting hit that bad, for example." Looking to the dog as well, he smiles, "A fine dog you have there."

"Ah.. I'm surprised. I thought everyone was in the melee." Erylys says, though his reasons for doing what he does, earns a slow nod of her head, "Learning a bit about what you need to practice then?" She asks, chuckling then before looking down to the dog. "This is Alun. " A quiet command frees the dog from her side to check him out. "Brought him out with me to see if he might pick up the trail of anything to hunt." Something small to bring back for the family's meal.

Martyn smiles, nodding as he hears that. "That is my reasoning, yes. Not sure how much more I will be doing of anything, for the rest of the tournament, though. Might need to recover from bruises and such." A pause, before he looks to the dog as well, holding out a hand for the animal to sniff. "Hello, Alun." Looking back to Erylys, he smiles. "Did you find anything?"

"There are those that would continue till they can't get out of bed. Seems at least you have a good head on your shoulders to not push too far." Erylys offers lightly, a hint of amusement to show in her voice. Watching as Alun sniffs at the offered hand before giving it a lick, she shakes her head, "No, not yet. Hadn't gotten too far from the town before coming across you and your cousin." And she doesn't seem too much in a hurry either to get back on the hunt.

As the dog gives his hand a lick, Martyn moves to pet the animal, as he nods at the words. "You're the way out to the hunt now, then?" A brief pause, and he adds, "I'm not sure if I have that much better a head on my shoulders. Maybe, but it's mostly because I hate being so wounded that I have to stay in bed. Besides, there will probably be more important tasks than tournaments at some point."

"I was, yes." Erylys answers, a gesture back towards her horse where bow waits for her on the saddle. Laughing softly, she hmms, "Well, at least you have the smarts to not want to get stuck in bed? You think ahead. So many don't seem to. Or all they think of is the next fight, the next joust. " Alun remains, happy for the petting offered to her.

Petting Alun a little more, while nodding at Erylys, Martyn smiles. "First and foremost, the reason for us knights is to be able to protect our homes, family and other loved ones. Can't do that very well when wounded too badly in a tournament." A brief pause, before he sighs. "I should get going, there are a few people I will need to speak with." A smile. "It was a pleasure to meet you, and your cousin as well. I hope we will meet again. And good luck with the hunting."

"There is that." Erylys agrees quietly before another command is given the dog that sends him trotting back towards her. "Be careful, and remember to rest that leg a little." She smiles, then turns back to her own horse, to mount up and head off, "Thanks!"

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