(514-05-22) A Lady's Favor - Sort of
Summary: A Chance Meeting in the Castle Gardens
Date: 514-5-22
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Braelynn is seated on a bench near the pond. She has her legs tucked underneath her and she is studiously gazing at a piece of parchment. She has a flower in her free hand, and from it dangles the root, having been plucked neatly from the soil. Her foot taps and as she stares she hums a tune so quietly it's barely audible. Her red curls spill from a bun atop her head and as she reaches up to brush one from her eyes it is obvious that a few of her fingers are stained with ink.

Selivant meanders through the garden at a leisurely pace, as he enjoys the spring beauty on display. As he approaches the bench Braelynn sits at, he smiles and gives her a nod in greeting, noting her finer dress than a commoner would wear. "Good day, My Lady," he ventures, before asking, "I am surprised to find someone else here in the garden, away from the tournament field."

Braelynn lets out a small squeak of alarm as she hears the knight's voice, and she quickly lowers her legs and smooths her skirts. She straightens her back and with a nervous smile she says "As am I. I'm not so very fond of large crowds." She nods her head in greeting as she says this. She notices a small smudge of dirt on her hand, and she brushes this off, looking slightly embarassed.

Selivant grins a bit more a he realizes that he has startled and caught her in a moment of candor. He watches her prim herself a bit, and almost chuckles as her embarrassment at the dirt shows, before nodding in understanding. "I do not like how constraining cities are, so I understand completely. I'm used to the wide open space around the manor." Offering her a small bow in greeting, he introduces himself, "Sir Selivant de Durnford. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Braelynn's smile widens and she lets out a breath with a small chuckle of consternation at herself. "Lady Braelynn de Chalderton, and I don't know why it surprised me to find someone else in the garden. It's not here for my personal use, after all." With this she gives a sheepish grin and tucks the flower beneath one corner of her skirt. The flower is obviously one of the species found in this very garden. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir Selivant de Durnford."

"Ahhhh, a fellow noble from Salisbury," Selivant states in response. "Earl Robert should be pleased with the how many of his subjects came to celebrate the Pendragon's wedding." He watches her tuck the flower away from view and notes, "I have a sister and a cousin who are both quite interested in plants. I will have to introduce you to them when we return to Salisbury." Looking about the garden he breathes deep, "I reminds me a bit of home, and I have a challenging opponent in my next joust, so I sought a place for quiet contemplation beforehand."

Braelynn smiles and with a quiet voice, but one filled with excitement "73 of them have 5 petals, Only 5 have 6, and 3 have 4. I wonder which is the superior flower? Do you think the one with 4 petals because less are needed, or the one with 6 because surely if 5 is good 6 would be even better!" Her voice trails toward the end of this and she blushes. "I'm sorry… nobody care about these things but me. You said you wanted quiet contemplation and I start rambling." She makes a point of closing her mouth firmly, but a smile tugs at the corners of her lips as she does.

Selivant looks at her for a moment with slightly wide eyes as she suddenly delves into the intricacies of flower taxonomy. Once she stops, his grin returns and he states, "Who says any of them are superior? All make the world a more beautiful place and variety is always welcome. How boring would it be for endless rows of roses?" He pauses in thought then adds, "Though, I think the six petal ones look better myself." He takes a seat next to her on the bench, "And a little conversation wouldn't hurt. Quiet contemplation doesn't have to be lonely contemplation."

Braelynn ponders his words for a moment, and gives a slight nod. She murmurs, "But still, I wish there was a way to find these things out. Why are they different?" She says this more to herself than to him and then she shakes her head and puts those thoughts aside for another time. She turns clear green eyes to him and questions, "How do knights do it? Knowing they could be injured or killed.. for no real purpose but entertainment? I don't understand it."

Selivant shrugs at the question of difference. That is a question for sages and he is most certainly not one. He looks back with his brown eyes and states simply, "For glory and honor." He looks back to where he came from and gestures in the direction of the tournament field. "It is how we prove ourselves to the world, to our lords, to our family, and to ourselves. It is also good training for the real thing. Best to get some practice here, where the risk of permanent injury is low, than in the midst of a great battle."

Braelynn's eyes dawn some sort of understanding, and she nods, stating painly. "I never thought of it that way. Still, I hope you aren't injured. I'd say I hope you come out victorious, but without knowing who your challenging opponent is I can't really say that." She blushes and looks back at the water, biting her lower lip and cutting her words off awkwardly. It's obvious that she doesn't really know what else to say about that.

Selivant nods, "My family is a long chain of warriors. I do not think any other manor has had fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers in as many battles. Some manors certainly have members who were in more glorious battles, but the Durnford manor has seen the most. We are pragmatists and believe in actions speaking louder than words." He nods once more at the tournament field, "This is how we speak to the world with our actions." He looks back at her and siles as his seriousness fades. "An extraordinary knight of great skill. I am almost certain to be defeated in my joust, unless the gods favor me greatly in some manner." He gives her a wink then, "Or some lady favors me instead. That might coax me to perform at my best."
Selivant checked his flirting of 7, he rolled 12.

Braelynn chuckles and teases, "And what if your opponent is another knight that is known to me? Is it fair to favor you over them?" She says this, but she does reach under the corner where the flower is hidden and extends it toward him, "4 petals. They are the rarest in the garden. Only 2 others remain."

Selivant grins, "Well, then I would suggest you giving your favor to the other knight, if you prefer going for the sure thing." He chuckles a bit, before accepting the flower and nodding, "That is quite the favor then. I'll have to have me squire tie it around my gauntlet as best as he can." He looks back at Braelynn and gives her a nod of appreciation, "Thank you, Lady Braelynn de Cholderton. you do me great honor by giving me your favor. Hopefully I don't disappoint too much." He looks back at the flower, then tucks it behind an ear for now.

Braelynn smiles, and says in a laughing tone, "I suppose it's unreasonable to think I'll still be able to sketch it after the match?" She turns her head and smiles playfully before addinng, "If you gain honor and glory for your family by jousting an opponent that you are sure to lose to, then you've won already." Her smile widens cheefully as she says, "Congratulations!"

Selivant nods with a quirk of his lips at the question, "Yes, it will likely not come out of the joust in pristine condition, especially if I get unhorsed." He considers her words for a moment, before nodding, "Well, that is true. A victory it is already." He laughs a bit, before standing from the bench. He turns and offers his hand to take hers so he can give it a kiss. "Again, it was a pleasure meeting you, Lady Braelynn, and thank you once more for your favor. I hope to honor it well."

Braelynn offers her hand, smiling sheepishly at the ink stains upon her fingers. "Good luck, Sir Selivant. I wish you health and glory." Her smile spreads to one of warmth that spreads to the green eyes that gaze on the knight. "I'm honored to have made such a friend tonight and I await news of your victory."

Selivant places a kiss on her ink-stained hand, which he seems to pay no mind. Letting go, he smiles even more, "Thank you for your confidence. It shall spur me to victory, I am certain." He turns then and heads for the garden exit to prepare for his match.

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