(514-05-21) Wilton gets Owned
Summary: Nerys owns Lord Knight Earc de Wilton
Date: May 21, 514
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At one end of the lists, a famed knight, Lord Knight Sir Earc de Wilton is sitting straight and tall on his large black charger. His helm rests on the saddle in front of him and he looks down at his squire, a muscular boy pushing knighthood, just around the corner. The two share a camaraderie if their teasing back and forth is anything to judge. The knight nod to something said. "We'll have a meal once this is over." Sliding the helmet on over his close shorn curled black hair, dark brown eyes staring out through the slits, he reaches out a large hand for the lance.

Dywana is sitting in the stands again, really this is the most calm of all that is happening within the festival. The lady is alone for the moment, sitting in blue as the next names are called. When it's a famous Knight's name, this causes her to peek a little closer, and then look at the younger opponent with curiosity.

Coming up against the famed knight was a surprise, perhaps a frightening one deep down, but also an honor at the same time. Nerys doesn't speak much with the young squire that is attending her as she gets herself into position at her end of the lists. Instead she seems to be very quiet and focused on what is in front of her, and who. She settles her helmet on her head before she reaches out for her own lance, a deep, slow breath taken as she tries to steady herself.

You make a check for Earc lance against Nerys at 18, you rolled 19.
Nerys checked her lance of 15, she rolled 12.
Nerys rolls 6d6 and gets (3 6 2 6 6 3) for a total of: (26)
You make a check for Earc horsemanship at 18, you rolled 1.

Earc watches his opponent as she places the helmet over her head and gives a half grin behind his helmet. The bachelor knight is focused, he positions his lance before riding towards the other end of the list, not managing to make contact. He's hit though, almost unhorsed, but he holds on and rights himself. Before riding again, he repositions his lance. "Well done!" he calls to the other end.

You make a check for Earc lance against Nerys at 18, you rolled 4.

If her expression could be seen there would be a very obvious flicker of surprise when she lands a hit, and he doesn't. But by the time she's reached the end of the lists she's got that surprise under control, a nod given to him at his call. She gets herself back into position, and shifts her lance before she takes another breath, trying to focus on the here and now instead of what is potentially coming, or what has gone before.

Nerys checked her lance of 15, she rolled 16.
Merlin rolls 6d6 and gets (4 1 5 5 2 2) for a total of: (19)
Nerys checked her horsemanship of 15, she rolled 6.

In the crowd there are alot of murmurs, and some even cry out as the passes more from one to the other. Dywana watches with wide eyes, still trying to study who this Nerys is.

Earc is surprised as well, but has no intention of making that mistake again. When he rides, he aims, even reposition the lance mid-list just before they meet. Hitting his opponent on the second pass, he hurries and circles at the end, disappointed to see her still on her horse. Grinding his teeth together, he leans forward slight and pushes his heels against his horse, forcing the charger to ride hard, lance out.

Now that is what she expected from the first pass through, even though it doesn't change the fact it both hurt and causes her to slide a little in her saddle. Nerys pulls her horse around quickly as well, rolling her shoulder as she does so, then she's kicking her heels into the sides of her horse to send it back down the list again.

You make a check for Earc lance against Nerys at 18, you rolled 3.
Nerys checked her lance of 15, she rolled 19.
Merlin rolls 6d6 and gets (2 3 5 5 6 3) for a total of: (24)
Nerys checked her horsemanship of 15, she rolled 6.

It was a good match. Anything that reached three passes and still had no victor was a good match. The famous Lord Knight of Wilton is getting frustrated though, as the third had proven futile. At the other end, he calls his squire over, switches out lances, taking aim once more and spurring his horse on. Hooves hit the ground sending little tufts of dirt airborne.

Nerys's hit solidly once more, but she manages to keep herself on the horse again. Unlike him she doesn't seem frustrated so much as amazed that she's still on the horse and not flat on her back on the ground. She turns her horse once more, gives herself a quick mental shake before she kicks her horse again, shifting her weight forward this time.

You make a check for Earc lance against Nerys at 18, you rolled 14.
Critical Success!
Nerys checked her lance of 15, she rolled 15.
Nerys rolls 12d6 and gets (3 4 1 2 1 6 1 3 6 1 3 4) for a total of: (35)

Dywana will always be able to say she was there when Sir Nerys made a name for herself by defeating the Famous Lord Knight of Wilton. This of course now bring Dy's attention to the young Knight and those eyes of blue look over her quickly to find house and asks the person next to her, what name was given.

The hit was good, Earc knows it was good as soon as his lance connects with the other knight. He was midcelebration when the others lance hits him and pushes him up and off, backwards. Surprised, he sits up and looks towards the knight, shaking his head. Taking his feet, he gives a respectful bow. "Good luck in the remainder of the joust, Good Sir."

If he is surprised, Nerys is positively dumb-founded for a moment as she circles back around, handing the lance off to a squire that runs up to retrieve it. She then reaches up to tug her helmet off before giving Earc a return bow from her horse, her helmet tucked against her side, "Thank you, it was an honor to face you in the joust."

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