(514-05-21) Wagers on Duels
Summary: Aeryn and Perin make a wager on a challenge. (MUSHY RP!)
Date: 05-21-514
Related: tournament challenges (wedding)
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The Falconry didn't go well for Perin, but she was there, his reason now. And all was well. There was a brightness to the future, a time for them to be one. It comes that they find themselves near the challenge fields. Perhaps in armor already. Near her, he admits, "I've not taken much challenges. I have spent time watching the contests with bird and arrow." A confession to her of course, though she probably already knew as much. "Would you do me the honor, initiate me into this tourney, by offering me a spar?" There is a grin at his lips though, the one only she gets. No one gets that grin really. "We should make a wager of course …"
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"A spar?" Aeryn looks ahead towards the practice field, "And a wager?" A smile is given and she nods, lifting a hand to tuck hair behind her ear. "How could I deny such a challenge on such a day?" Any day for that matter. "I do accept, and even as from our first spar, there has always been a wager, the next time I shall collect on it my due!" she laughs.

A grin from Perin at that thought, he recalls. "I know your name, but you remain an intrigue to me Aeryn." He says, the sir slipping away in the moment. He looks for squires and a pit/circle for them to claim and spar. "Promise we shall always be just that. I will do my best to keep you on your toes." He moves for an indicated circle, a hand offered to let her go first of course. "For my wager, I would like a kiss." A simple request, one already fulfilled even, perhaps he means here, on the field once she is bested, if she is bested even. He nods for shield to be strapped on, Bren taking googly eyes of Beth for the moment. "Okay, in a minute," he says quietly to her, whatever they were discussing, sighing that he has a chore to do for now.

The blossoming romance between squires and knights alike is noticed by Aeryn if not commented on at least. "I hope to always have something new for you to discover. When this tournament is over, we will announce our betrothal formally and we will announce the date. Then it is only a matter of time." A blush rises in her cheeks as she realizes she sounds almost eager to be his wife. There is a look to him, a tender look. "A kiss.." she echoes softly. "And I would ask of you a son, upon our marriage, that looks just like you." A smile given, she lifts her sword. "First to three."

Even with armor on, there is no mistake that before gloves are on too, Perin moves a hand to brush over the surface of her skin. The blush noticed, he is more than happy to accept her as his wife, to have her close to him. To get to know her, certaily the biggest intrigue of all. To know her in the morning, or in the middle of the night when a storm rages overhead. What she enjoys about a fall day, or what bird she may fancy if any at all actually. "Only a matter of time. You know I am worried, a son you may spoil, and a daughter I will do the same. How will our children be. I shall grant you this then, to the best of my ability a son that may look like me." And his eyes look down, warmth in his grin, as if imagining her with a round belly, carrying his child. "First to three." He might like to lose simply to let her gain that wager, but he will not hold back in a spar with her.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 10.
Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 8.
Aeryn rolls 4d6 and gets (6 6 2 4) for a total of: (18)
Perin checked his dex of 13, he rolled 18.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 10.
Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 1.
Aeryn rolls 4d6 and gets (2 5 1 2) for a total of: (10)

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 2.
Perin checked his sword of 12, he rolled 19.
Aeryn rolls 4d6 and gets (5 3 4 6) for a total of: (18)
Perin checked his dex of 13, he rolled 12.

Aeryn tilts her head to the touch of his hand, the smile unmistakable. When had she fallen so deeply in love with her betrothed? It had happened from the winter until the spring, and in the summer they would be wed. So much to discover about him. Meeting his eyes, she smiles, "We may spoil them but they will never be lacking in love. Our lives will never be lacking. How will they be? They will be a part of you, how could they not be perfect?" She draws back only to prepare for the duel, the challenge. "We will have many children, enough to leave a lasting legacy." Lifting her sword, once her shield is on, she battles him, the clanging and clashing of the metal echoing, joining the others on the field. When he falls, she awaits him to get to his feet and when they are done, the score is three for Aeryn. She steps back and smiles. "I get a son."

That leaves a smile on his face, never lacking love. She'll notice a longing moment in his eyes few will ever get from him, family, he had no father for the most part. Sure, an uncle, but no fther. "And they will be part of you as well, you are right, they will be perfect." He agrees, the lifts sword and engages in the challenge. She knocks him down off the get go but, he's back up and he tries his best again. He needs more practice with a sword. When she has three, and steps back, he doesn't let that go. Reaching for the belt of her weapon, he pulls her back to him. "And I get the most beautiful wife on the Isle." Britian itself, if not all the isles. "I could never lose with you." He looks at her lips, and takes one anyway, she may have to get him back for that.

Either way, Aeryn is the winner. Even if she has to pay the price of the loss, it was worth it, so worth it. The kiss is met, right there on the field, and the longing she had seen in his eyes is reflected in the kiss. When they do separate, she doesn't step back from him simply places a gloved hand against his chest. "I am so fortunate to have you. Our families knew better what they were doing than even we did."

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