(514-05-21) The Mystery of the Lavender Lady
Summary: Erion meets a mysterious young lady. Have your insulin handy.
Date: 21 May 514
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Morag is making her way through the tent village, heading in the direction of her house's pavillion. She's got a basket in the crook of one arm, filled to the brim with dried herbs and gently clinking glass; someone's been to the apothecary. She's humming to herself in an absent sort of way, not particularly melodic but certainly cheerful. It's easy to be distracted, of course. All the pennants of the various houses, knights preparing for tourney, the ladies in their beautiful dresses.

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The sweet sound of music drifts down from the outside of the Woodford pavillion. Sitting on a stool outside is the handsome golden haired figure of Erion. With a wooden harp in his lap his fingers expertly play the strings a whimsical and upbeat song filling the air near him. The tune is truly lovely as is the knight who plays it. He glances up catching sight of Morag as she passes and offers a dazzling and very charming smile as he winds the song down to a slow close.

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She hears the music first, before turning to look around for where it's coming from. It's absolutely beautiful, and Morag's feet are carrying her in the direction of the source before she realizes what she's doing. And once she doe, well. She stares. In fact, as he finishes the song and smiles at her, she smiles right back at him…and just stands there. Smiling. Smiling and staring.

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As the final note of the melody tapers off into the air between them Erion rises slowly but with practiced grace. He bows to Morag in the courtly fashion and after carefully setting the harp aside approches her with a gentle smile. "I would ask if I was disturbing you but I doubt that was the case since you are smiling so beautifully. Sir Erion de Woodford at your service. Might I ask the name of the one who offers me such a lovely smile?" His tone is soft, cultured and smooth and he is definately flirting with her. Those blue eyes sparkle with delight as he looks her over, there may be the tiniest hint of amusement there in that gaze as well.

It is a full three seconds before she can actually form a reply. He got from point A to point B without her even realizing it and now he's in actual conversational proximity. "I don't know that I want to tell you." she blurts out, with a sudden nervous laugh. "I feel like if I do, it might spoil our conversation before it even starts." She's spent this whole time seeing faces fall or sneer or otherwise react negatively the moment the name Burcombe emerges from her mouth. And though she's not ashamed, in the moment she can't imagine seeing reticence on the young knight's face.

Biting her lip thughtfully, "You could call me…" she looks around and down, to her basket. "Lavender. You could call me Lavender, if you like." She doesn't accord herself the title of lady, but her clothes do suggest she's of higher rank than a commoner - not as fancy as most of the ladies here, but the quality of the textiles is of such caliber.

Those bright blue eyes shine as they look down at her, the delighted and amused look turns into something curious with a hint of determination. Erion titls his head to the side regarding the woman with a gentle expression. "Lavender…I assume you have a reason for not revealing your true name? I will not press you for it if you are unwilling to share it. I can only hope that I can eventually gain the right to be trusted with your true name." He replies in that same smooth tone offering a warm but knowing smile. "Until then it is a pleasure to meet you Lavender." He eyes the basket she carries and considers a moment before offering. "Would you care for an escort to wherever you are going?"

Morag peers at him sidelong. "Clever boy. If you escort me to my destination, you'll find out who I am." She just realizes how cheeky she's being, and her cheeks and the tip of her nose briefly flush scarlet. Why is this excessively handsome Christian knight even talking to her? Oh, right. Because she's being about as coy as she can manage without tripping over her own skirts. "You could walk me for a bit, if you'd care to, Sir Knight. I mean, I'd care to. If you'd care to. What I mean is, if you don't mind." Stop talking, Morag.

Erion chuckles softly. "Ah it seems my plan has been seen through! I shall have to get more creative then." He grins charmingly at her and offers a playful wink. The stuttering has him looking at her fondly as though he finds it both amusing and endearing. "I believe I would enjoy that a great deal, thank you." He offers her his arm to escort her properly along with another dazzling smile.

Morag accepts the arm, resting her own hand gently on it. Not really the hand of a noble lady who's never worked, but not the roughened, calloused hands of most peasants, either. Still, perhaps, a mystery. "Sir Erion. Are you related to Lady Seren?" she observes as they walk along, "Did I see you in the lists earlier, and winning a joust against another knight? You tilted beautifully."

Letting the lady guide him to wherever she is going Erion keeps step beside her with ease. The question draws a soft and faintly amused smile from him and he nods. "Lady Seren is my twin sister so yes, we are most definately related." The compliment paid is returned with a bright, cheerful smile that is almost as bright as the sun. "Thank you Lady Lavender. It warms my heart that you enjoyed watching me tilt. I will be moving on to the third round in jousting now yes. Alas I did not win the frist round of the performance contests." He looks a little saddened by that but is a breif fleeting thing, there are more important things to focus on now, like her. He studies her curiously. "What of you my lady? I see that you carry herbs in your basket and your garb is that of a noble born lady…but beyond my own guesses and assumptions I know little of you. Not even your true name. I would like to change that." He fixes her with his best attempt at a charming and beseeching look.

"Well I find that hard to believe." she replies of his mention of not winning the performance contest. "Not when you played so beautifully just now." With a little laugh, she ducks her head and focuses a moment on not tripping on her own feet. "I can assure you I am the daughter of a loyal and true knight of Earl Robert." She's starting to enjoy this air of mystery. Hopefully it won't backfire. "And that I have siblings competing here at tourney as well." She offers him a more direct smile. "I did not get to be formally introduced to her, but Lady Seren was quite kind to me when I went before the king and queen."

Erion chuckles softly clearly pleased. "So I have a fan of my music in you then? I must admit that lessens the sting of loosing considerablly." He walks along with ease trying to subtly guide her where she won't be in danger of tripping. His gaze though remains locked on her and he smiles at the vague reply. "Of that I have no doubt my Lady. I can only wonder who your family might be that you wish to keep the name from me. It only makes me all the more curious and determined to know you." He smiles sweetly. "My sister is a very charming and kind woman…though I suppose I am more than a little biased there." He laughs softly, the cheerful and slightly musical sound coming easily to his lips.

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"On the contrary, I'm very proud of my family." Morag replies with confidence. "But we are a family often misunderstood, and I should like you to form your own opinion of me. Besides," A smile blossoms, and it's like the sun came out. "Is it more intriguing for us both for me to be a mystery? It's like a secret we can share. Don't you think?" A secret, but also a gift they can share.

"I am glad. Family is important and I am glad you are proud of yours." Erion considers her next words thoughtfully then smiles warmly once again. "My lady I assure you your family name will not affect my desire to get to know you and form my own opinion. Do you think me so cruel as to judge someone so beautiful and who has been such sweet company based on whatever rumors surround them and thier family and not make up my own mind on the matter?" But he does seem to understand her point as well. "I must admit though I do enjoy the mystery and I look forward to earning th right to unravel it. It will be a pleasant challenge for me." He offers her another gentle smile as they walk.

Morag can't help it, she dimples a little at his words. "I look forward to you trying, Sir Erion." On a sudden whim, she pauses in their walk, removing her hand from his arm. But it's only to pluck a sprig of lavender from her basket and offer to him, smile still radiant.

Erion accepts the offered sprig of Lavender with a warm smile. He lifts it and takes a slow sniff of the flower smiling fondly at its scent. "Thank you. I've always found the smell of lavender to be quite soothing." He tucks the sprig carefully behind his ear with a grin and offers his arm once more.

The gesture is quite jolly and it results in a titter from her. She rests her hand once more on his arm. "What do you do when you're not unseating other knights and playing the harp so wonderfully?" And because he's been so kind, she offers another tidbit about herself. "Part of how I serve my house is as a churgeon. The apothecary here in Carlion is quite respectable, so I took a little time to collect some things it would be nice to have on the road back, or might be a bit more difficult to get back in Sarum."

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