(514-05-21) The Lady Takes the Round
Summary: Gwynaelle faces a knight on the archery field, her first round. (Nalia running NPCs, Glaw rolling)
Date: March 21, 514
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The archery field is set up still, and when Gwynaeelle's name is finally called after her healer has given her — after much deliberation and struggle and pleading, no doubt — her leave to rejoin. One Sir Bleoret has been picked as her opponent, the man surely just a poor bachelor knight, and thus not able to partake in the more knightly events this day. Two targets are put down the range, clearly marked with a red and a blue flag that flutters in the wind above it to both show the two contestant which target is theirs and give them an inkling on how the wind blows. Next to the red flag Sir Bleoret is placed, while the blue one is given to the Idmiston heir. "Lady Gwynaelle de Idmiston competes against Sir Bleoret. You may fire, when ready.".

Gwynaelle check your bow at 10, you rolled 5.
Glaw makes a check for Sir Bleoret's Bow at 15, he rolled 3.

The reason that Sir Bleoret might not be out with the larger Knights, is because he is only 5'1 tall and more of the feminine side of things. So as he is called the man makes his prancing way up to the line and takes aim at the closest target! Aim….Fire! And it hits the outer ring.

Gwynaelle does plead, quite well, to be allowed to do the archery. She won't be on her foot for long, and she promises to stay off of it before and afterwards! Pleeeaaasse! When agreed, she happily awaits the time for her round, and when called, is there and ready with her crossbow. A nod to the judges is given before she takes to her mark, aims, and lets loose with the bolt. TWANG. It flies true, hitting it's mark on the edge of the bullseye, closer than the knight's.

Gwynaelle check your bow at 10, you rolled 17.
Glaw makes a check for Sir Bleoret's Bow at 15, he rolled 14.

Sir Bleoret did not like his first shoot and he shows why he is a Knight by straightening his shoulder, narrowing his eyes and without even glancing to the Lady he's competing with, he let's this arrow loose and it flies and hits hard almost to true center. So very close to the perfect shot, he can't help but pump his hand up. Looking a little less manly once more.

Gwynaelle doesn't crow with victory just yet after the first show. There's more to come. But she was pleased with it! The second bolt is armed and once the knight has shot a near perfect arrow at the target, she lifts her own, only to accidentally hit the trigger before she was ready. The shot goes wild, going short and digging itself into the dirt in front of the target. A blink, and she shakes her head at herself. Well, that didn't go the way she wanted it to!

With two arrows (or bolts) in the target each, the herald once more lifts his voice. "One point, each. The contestant may proceed.".

Gwynaelle check your bow at 10, you rolled 5.
Critical Fail!
Glaw makes a check for Sir Bleoret's Bow at 15, he rolled 20.

When Gwyn's arrow doesn't even make the target this seems to brighten Sir Bleoret and he's back to now prancing just a little. The bow is raised, the arrow placed and then the string is pulled back to his cheek. Only to snap and slice against his cheek! A riveret of blood starts to flow and that arrow wobbles and flies through the air only to land at the feet of those watching. The Knight curses very loudly before getting himself under control.

Gwynaelle nods to the herald, turning to take aim. Careful is she this time to keep finger from the trigger so there's no early release. Even as the knight is taking aim near her, she releases her bolt, and once more, it flies true at the target, hitting the outer edge of the bullseye mark upon the target. Another good shot from her! But hearing that off-chordant twang from next to her makes her wince, for even before she turns to look to the knight, she knows what happen - broken string.

"Two to One, but Sir Bleoret has been disqualified due to a broken string.", the herald announces loudly so even those in the crowd who only paid half-attention can know what is going on. "Lady Gwyanelle de Idmiston is the winner. Congratulations. Please clear the field.". Afterall, there are other contestants already waiting.

Gwynaelle does offer the knight a bow of her head and smile, "A good round it was, Sir Bleoret." Proud she might be, she however, shows good sportmanship! With the calling for the field to be clear, she turns and heads off, back to her tent, no doubt, to wait the next round.

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