(514-05-21) Straight Outta Compton
Summary: Durnford meets Compton and gets a cap busted.. or something.
Date: May 21, 514
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Cynrain readies his steed, making adjustments as he looks to his squire and gestures to what he is doing. He turns his eyes towards the stands, searching for Catryn, he needed to see her. Unable to do so, he lifts his hand to the ribbon tied to his arm, caressing it with his fingertips before lowering his head as his squire dons his helmet. He nods once before mounting his steed and staring down the list to his opponent.

It's early on in the second round of the joust and the knight facing Cynrain, a Sir Cyffin de Compton, is astride his large charger. He's an average knight in talent and looks and notoriety. That's a given, but he had still made it to the second round of the joust, so he had done something right. Something very right. He slaps his helmet down over his curls and stares back down at his opponent, waiting for the go.

On the sidelines is Catryn. No chance would she miss the opportunity this time, of watching him perform his tilt on the list. In clothing, not armor, she watches the two square off, and wrapped around her hand is a sash of gold. A smile curves her lips as she watches him touch her own favor. "Good luck," she whispers softly on the wind.

You make a check for Average Knight's Lance vs Cynrain at 15, you rolled 13.
Cynrain checked his lance of 15, he rolled 11.
Merlin rolls 6d6 and gets (2 2 6 6 1 3) for a total of: (20)
Cynrain checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 18.

As the charge ensues, Cynrain lifts his lance to strike his foe. Even though he succeeds in the strike, his opponent strikes him perfectly. He is sent from his horse and rolls as he lands on the ground. Slowly getting to his feet, he bows slightly to his opponent, "Best of luck to you, Sir." he reaches up to clutch the ribbon around his bicep, he clutches it as though he were in pain, but perhaps it is the pain of failing while possessing her favor. "I am sorry, Catryn.." he says quietly, to himself..

The average knight rides hard for the other end of the list. catching his opponent just right and sending him off the horse. Turning at the end, he looks back and offers a nod in return. "Well done, Sir de Durnford." He rides off towards his tent among the cheers of the crowd.

On the sidelines, Catryn watches, wincing when he falls off. There's no way she can hear him, but she sees the motion he makes with his hand to the ribbon. Walking over, intending to head him off before he can leave, she approaches. "Valiant effort." Uncertain of her reception.

Cynrain checked his proud of 13, he rolled 4.

As he gets to Catryn, he offers a small smile to her and says, "Valiant it may be.. but a failure all the same." He looks irritated as he glances away from her, "I shamed your favor this day." he looks back to her then and says, "Maybe next time." his lips curve into a small smile, "You look lovely by the way."

"Shamed my favor?" Catryn does this as she does everything else, considers, weighing the words, gauging their meaning before she offers a hesitant shake of her head. "I disagree, perhaps it was the favor that was lacking and not your skills." Seeing the small smile she studies his expression. "Thank you. I am ready for this tournament to be over and life go back to normal."

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