(514-05-21) Picking on the Ladies
Summary: Nalia and Gwynaelle ride out to take part in the falconry contest against far better knights. (NPCs by Glaw)
Date: March 21, 514
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The group of four horsed contestant are directed out into the Corlion's country side, while one or two referees are riding along with them. The wooded brushes and woodland are soon to be scoured by the helpers to stir up anything that the four horsemen of the huntacalypse might release their birds on!

Nalia checked her falconry of 15, she rolled 1.
Gwynaelle check your falconry at 10, you rolled 17.
Glaw makes a check for Gwyn's old knight's falconry at 18, he rolled 5.
Glaw makes a check for Nalia's Famous Knight's Falconry at 19, he rolled 18.

Gwynaelle's been taking it easy for several days now, mostly within her tents. But as the day dawns in which her falconry contest comes, she begs Nalia to allow her to take part in it. "I only have to ride!" No walking, or at least not much walking, involved! So, she dresses herself in her Idmiston colors, mounts her mare, and heads off into the countryside with Nalia and the knights thatwere drawn against them. Relaxed is the lady, laughing softly at times, thankful to be out in the fresh air today!
As the hawkers manage to scare up some game for them, Gwynaelle sends her owl up to circle, the beautiful bird circling several times before seeking to make a capture, diving downwards as a small rabbit scampers out of the brush.
Of course, the old knight sends his bird up as well, and the damn thing dives for the same prey, quicker than the owl, managing to steal it right from under the larger bird's talons! That.. was not nice! Gwynaelle even looks to the judges for confirmation on whether or not it's allowed, but sighs when it seems to be. Well.

Somewhere and somehow Gwyn has begged Nalia to let her ride out and compete atleast while on horse. So the healer makes her way to the field used for the hunt and gently speaks to her Merlin. A soft almost dove white, the hawk is a little different from most but seems oddly happy to be sitting on the small lady's hand. That bruise is still lingering on her, slightly swollen but hopefully not enough to get in the way of sight.
When it is her time up and she sees one of the most famous of Falconry trainers from the Kings court she simply blinks, once, twice and then sighs as she speaks to the bird once more. Up she launches Sig and he darts after one of the birds that the dogs had found. And it takes a litlte longer than it should before he returns to drop a bird almost his size at her feet. This causes Nalia a big grin before she exchanges the kill for a treat.
Her thrill is very short lived though, for Mr. McFamous's bird returns with something almost twice the side of his own bird. How his falcon could carry that? Well he /does/ have a larger Falcon, really unfair what ladies arn't allowed to sport the big-boys.

Gwynaelle turns to watch Nalia's attempt once it seems her own has failed. Giving her a small cheer when her merlin manages to return with a nice bit of game, though frowns when it's out-matched by that which the knight brings back, "Well, you did well.." At least Nalia's bird got the chance to bring something back! With competition over, she will be herded back to her tent soon enough with the promise of resting her foto so she might take part in the archery contest later!

There is the tiniest of wrinkles that appear along Nalia's brow and she seems about to want to say something but then sighs softly and rehoods her bird after speaking so praises to it. The bird preens, which causes Nalia to laugh and then is visage she offers over to Gwyn with a little grin. "Well, atleast we will add to the feast. But.. did you see who they put us up against?" They are just picking on the ladies right? This conversation is had as they ride back to the tents.

Gwynaelle chuckles, "Yes, I noticed.. the most experienced and famous ones out here. Makes you wonder if they had worries about us winning.." She can tease the knights just a little, right? With her own owl on her hand, she heads back to the tent city to rest and prepare for her archery later.

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