(514-05-21) Idris goes Cerfin
Summary: A famous knight meets a Bodenham. Someone's getting unhorsed.
Date: May 21, 514
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Next on the lists is another knight of Bodenham. Idris is dressed in all black, this time; the chainmail and the tabard over it. He wears not the personal crest of Bodenham but something else entirely, the argent swords figuring prominently in the coat of arms. He puts on his helmet and takes up his jousting lance, his horse unsettled in anticipation for the fight.

Across from him is a famous knight as well, one Sir Cerfin de Great Cheverell, belonging to a manor due northwest from Salisbury. The two wait for the marshal's order to proceed before they gallop to face each other.

Idris checked his lance of 15, he rolled 4.
Critical Fail!
You make a check for Famous Knight's Lance at 18, you rolled 20.
Idris rolls 6d6 and gets (4 2 4 3 5 4) for a total of: (22)
Critical Fail!
You make a check for Famous Knight's Horsemanship at 18, you rolled 20.

The first encounter between the now newfangled black knight and his rather more colorful opponent - as Sir Cerfin wears a dark purple tabard with argent outlines and a swan figuring prominently as his coat-of-arms - is nothing short of a comedy of errors on account of the prominent knight. His lance breaks as it smashes against the railing dividing the two riders from the other, leaving him wide open for an accurate attack from the younger Bodenham to the other man's chest.

The impact, apparently, is enough to render the man off-balance, and his foot catches in the reins of the horse before he is propelled out of his mount, rolling on the floor, in pain. Squires rush to tend to the knight but it appears that the victor of this bout is Idris de Bodenham. Lifting an arm to the sky, a length of light blue rope is visible, wrapped around the man's wrist. Likely a favor.

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