(514-05-21) Hadyn's Joust
Summary: Hadyn faces a famous knight for the joust.
Date: May 21, 514
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The day presses on and as the sun basks the gathering, Hadyn is mounted on his warhorse. He is dressed in the colors of his House. He keeps his head lowered as the name of his opponent is announced; a famous knight. He was never great at the Lance, and now he would compete against someone who will likely destroy him. Lifting his head towards the other Knight, he raises his lance in salute and waits for the flag to raise, indicating the Joust's start. He reaches up to touch the favor on his neck.

Seated on a large black charger at the other end of the list is one of the more famous knights who has earned the name Reckless Abandon. His cheek is full of some sort of tobacco as he looks to his opponent at the other end. He chews and spits, the brownish yellow liquid landing with a quiet thud beside the horse. He lifts his gloved hand and swipes the bit that dribbles down his chin and gives a cocky smile. "Looks like I got me a youngin'," he taunts. He's taking his time, his squire holding an array of lances and a helm. The helm is passed upwards and the knight collects it, sliding it on over his unruly hair. The visor is opened and he gives another look to the knight. "My lance," he tells the younger boy, not looking away.
A lance is handed over and the knight tosses it on the ground without even looking at it. "The other one." Another one is handed over and the squire hurries to grab the one on the ground and backs up. Lifting a hand, the knight waves to his fans and there's a sound of appreciation. He's favored to win. Either he would be winning wagers for people or he would be losing them tons of coin if he lost. The hand moves to close the visor and he takes the lance, placing it against him just so. Spurring his horse hard, he speeds down the list, lance out, preparing to unhorse his opponent on one single round.

You make a check for Reckless Abandon Famous Knight lance at 18, you rolled 19.
Hadyn checked his lance of 10, he rolled 11.

You make a check for Reckless Abandon Famous Knight lance at 18, you rolled 1.
Critical Success!
Hadyn checked his lance of 10, he rolled 10.
Hadyn rolls 12d6 and gets (6 6 2 1 2 2 5 4 1 5 4 6) for a total of: (44)

Hadyn nods once to the other Knight before spurring his warhorse. The steed presses forward as he slowly lowers his lance, trying to aim for the Knight. They pass one another, both twisting their bodies to avoid the blow. As they slowly turn around to face one another again, Hadyn stares down the lists towards the other Knight. He grips the lance tightly and breathes deep. He spots Dywana watching and his resolve strengthens as he stares at the other knight. His eyes narrow as his deep voice growls, "Goddess protect me…" he spurs the horse again, feeling the steed as though it were part of him. He levels his lance towards Reckless Abandon and actually leans towards the opponent, a dangerous maneuver if he is struck first. His eyes widen, a wild look flashes within them as though this Knight were prey and he a predator. The lance connects to the head of the other knight with a thunderous clap, sending him from his steed. The crowd, likely having expected to see Hadyn be the one unhorsed, is silent for a few breaths before a roaring applause erupts.

Hooves pound the earth, dust flying at the contact and Reckless Abandon finds his lance glancing off of air and he makes absolutely no contact at all. He draws up the reins of his charger and turns at the end, a growl emitting from his hood. Neither had hit. Poor showing on his part, and he was all about the show, he had fans with expectations. Readying his lance once more, he ducks his head down just slightly, eyes narrowed as he looks through the slot in the helm. As his younger opponent rides, the more famous of the two does the same and in the middle where they meet, the more famous knight meets the ground and humility, all up close and personal. A curse erupts as the helm is flung off and he throws it towards an empty place on the lists. The anger is palpable in his expression, but he is a knight and he has honor. Schooling his features, he bows stiffly to Hadyn after standing and limps off towards his tent. Probably having swallowed a large amount of tobacco juice.

In the crowd there set a vision in blue, a vision that had eyes only for one Knight and that be Hadyn, when he comes to the lists, she can't help but be drawn to stand and lean very close to the railing of the stands. With her balance on her hands alone Dy let's out a little gasp when the first past finds nothing but air and is up on her tiptoes by the last. It is as if she hears Hadyn's words to the goddess for she touches the small bracelet on her wrist and makes her own prayer. "Great Mother, protect him as he shows such honor in your name.."
Then the Famous Reckless Abandon goes flying and she cries out as Hadyn is still in the saddle! Those eyes are a stark ice blue this day and seem to warm as they fly over Hadyn watching him ever moment as the crowd goes wild…

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