(514-05-21) Archery Round 2
Summary: Time for the archery competition!
Date: 05-21-514
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It's another day of the competitions and Tria is present and accounted for with her bow in hand, her quiver within reach but over her shoulder so she can reach for the arrows. All she would need was three, and the three are there, like prized possessions. It was time for her round two and she was prepared to put all of her talent, or skill, into it, The commoner waits for her name to be said and when it is, she walks out to stand facing her target, getting an arrow and putting it in place..

At the archery field, fewer targets in place to day, fewer matches after eliminations of the openning of the archery competition. When she comes to her new competitor, she finds a young girl this time, perhaps not older than the boy. A commoner by the way she is dressed. The girl was waiting for Tria. She looks up at her arrival, "Good luck," mean well to her. As if two commoners representing was a good thing of course. Half the fields left probably have some lord or lady or knight or something remaining. She just in the upper range of her teen years by the looks of her. Once Tria starts to ready and face the target, the girl follows suit, ready for her first volley.

Critical Success!
You check your bow at 15, you rolled 15.

Tria is in it to win it. Likely no good prize, but she was here, she was participating and she was very happy to be! Aiming towards the target, she focuses on the very center of the target, "Good luck," she murmurs in response, but then lets everything else fade into non-existence. Even her breath is held until the arrow is loosed and it flies towards the target with precision, striking and sticking into the very center. There's a very undignified jump and a whoop of delight as she has a celebration.. she's never claimed to be dignified! Her next arrow is nocked..

Perin makes a check for Young Opponent Archery at 13, he rolled 10.

The girl makes a good showing with her skill, hitting her target, scoring well even. Its the amazing skill of Tria for that round that wins it over for her. Bullseye and all. The girl chuckles lightly at the whoop of course. She's young, slightly nervous, surprised she's even in the next round of the competition. "That was amazing … you're good." She grins, but makes for her next arrow, trying to make a good show of it.

You check your bow at 15, you rolled 2.
Perin makes a check for Young Opponent Archery at 13, he rolled 15.

Tria composes herself enough to make another shot. It's not perfect, it's not even really good, but she does hit the target at least. Only as she's reaching for the third arrow does she look over to the young commoner. "Thank you, I've been practicing awhile, I love the bow." Her own isn't in good shape, a hand me down of a hand me down of a hand me down. It works though, serviceable, and so she uses it as long as she can. Lining up the third shot, she looses the arrow.

You check your bow at 15, you rolled 14.

The girl nods at Tria, looking at her bow. Seeing the love for the item and that it is well used indeed. "Maybe I'll be as good as you some day." The girl is hopefully, something to look forward too even. She takes in a breath, and reaches for another arrow, trying to make a show of it at least. Hopefully to give her some competition and not just a clean sweep of her. The girl closes her eyes, muttering a personal mantra of some sort. Then opens her eyes and lets loose the arrow.

Perin makes a check for Young Opponent Archery at 13, he rolled 5.

Just next to the arrow Tria placed first, the arrow sinks into the target, scoring her the better hit and the win. The win. She made it another round! Another whoop, she bounces over and hugs her opponent, "Thank you! You did well!" But Tria had won! She lets her go and jogs down to collect her arrows, the match over, she was moving on to the next!

The girl strikes her target again at least, but not as cleanly as Tria. With a sigh, she pulls herself up right, and turns to offer the other her hand at least. "Well done, I hope you go on to win the tournemant. I'll have to practice more this summer, try to do better the next time I can make it to one of these." Not just the regal tournament, but anyone that she can at least.

Tria tempers herself and instead of the hug, she shakes the hand before collecting the arrows.. Awkward.

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