(514-05-21) Aeron's Joust
Summary: A quick match between Aeron and a young knight in which Aeron wins.
Date: May 15, 514
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One of the last jousts to be conducted is Aeron's, his opponent another fledgling knight. Aeron sits atop his charger, his squire nearby with a rack of lances, handing one up to Aeron once the knight is prepared and on the list, ready to face his opponent in an honorable joust!

One of the young knights is down at the other end of the list. He's seated on his horse and his lance is held against him tight and secure, the blunted end pointing at the other ends. He watches his opponent and when it's time to start, he spurs his horse hard to get it to ride hard for the other end, aiming that lance of his towards the shoulder of his opponent, aiming to unhorse and win.

You make a check for Young Knight's Lance at 14, you rolled 1.
Aeron checked his lance of 10, he rolled 9.
Aeron rolls 6d6 and gets (2 2 1 2 2 5) for a total of: (14)
You make a check for Young Knight's Horsemanship at 10, you rolled 15.

It is a quick affair, one pass, both lances hitting though Aeron is able to deflect the blow from the young knight with his shield. His own lance only hits marginally, strong enough to unbalance the opposing knight as it would happen as the two blow past one another at full speed atop their chargers!

His intentions are all for naught.. when he meets his opponent mid-list, the others lance strikes true and strong and the young knights hopes of victory are ruthlessly dashed as he's thrown off his horse and he falls into a crumpled heap on the ground. His squire rushes out to help and he takes to his feet, indicating he was fine, offering a bow to Aeron before hobbling off to the sides to recoup.

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