(514-05-21) Abigail's Archery
Summary: Abigail finds herself up against a Notable opponent… but she doesn't do terribly (NPC rolls and poses by Drustan).
Date: May 21, 514
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There was some pressure to sign up for the archery competition. It didn't so much come from her own family, but the family she serves. The Countess' Lady-in-Waiting had insisted Abigail sign up and that seemed to settle it. When your boss tells you to do something by way of a 'not-suggestion', you do it. But would she face someone young? Nope. The person had to be Notable. Given her position within the house, it fell to her to take a much more difficult challenge. But there's something about the girl recently that seems to enjoy that. A little bit of fire lit underneath the heart.

Dressed in a bliant that properly represents her station, Lady Abigail de Laverstock walks onto the field with her bow and quiver. She carries them casually but doesn't bother to look at any spectators. The woman walks with a purpose and moves straight for the firing line and looks out towards the target. Her eyes thin and she adopts an experienced stance. Someone spent a lot of time learning and practicing. But will it be enough?

Most opponents are chosen by lots, but it would not be unheard of for a Countess to manipulate things slightly. The more difficult opponent serves her handmaid two-fold. It gives her something to aspire to and makes the entire household look good should she win. And if she fail? Well, better to lose to someone who has made a name in the lists than one who is just as green.

The archery fields are not as heavily populated as the jousting, but there are still fans aplenty. Notably women who had no one to provide a favor or their Knight is not scheduled for the day's events. There's a weighty mist rolling across the morning fields, but the air is still. A good day for archery, indeed.

The woman that steps up alongside Abigail in the firing lane looks to be in her mid-twenties. She's short, but stocky. Her attire is of well-maintained leathers and a tunic that bears the color of one of the houses upon the northern edges of Salisbury. She has the look of a hunter; someone who would, indeed, be well-versed with a bow.

Once the women are deemed ready, they're given the go-ahead.

Abigail checked her bow of 15, she rolled 11.
You make a check for Abigail's Notable Opponent at 17, you rolled 4.

Abigail watches the mist a moment, using it to guage the drift of the air and any wind. Its quiet in her own world and that's the way she likes it. Her eyes drift up to watch a crow drift high overhead. When the competitor moves up to the line, though, Abigail looks over at her directly. Seems the Lady isn't afraid to face her competition. But once the command is given to draw? She does so without hesitation. Her eyes move back to the target and she leans back just a bit to save herself some pain. The arrrow is knocked smoothly and she draws it all the way back. When the command to fire comes, her frame is very still. The string twangs, whipping heavily in the air. Her arrow fires downrange and comes fairly close to center. Not as close as she'd like, but close enough. The arrow has barely stopped quivering before she's reaching for another to make a follow-up shot.

These fields are, indeed, quiet. There is not the steady roar of the crowds as one may find on the jousting or grand melee. When Abigail looks to her, the other woman tilts her head in a respectful sort of nod. She is, at least, not the (outwardly) boastful sort. Though there's little wind, the mist is heavy and can play tricks at distances. The Huntress lines up her shot and waits; shoulder braced, bowstring taut. She exhales slowly before releasing. There is the satisfying thud of arrow meeting target. However, it's just barely within the outer rings. A hit, but not a high-scoring one.

Abigail checked her Bow of 15, she rolled 14.
Critical Success!
You make a check for Abigail's Notable Opponent at 17, you rolled 17.

Abigail's next shot sails downrange with the same speed. It rocks heavily into the target just barely outside the center ring. Does she look at the other target? No. Not yet. She's focused on winning. The determined look on her face and in her eyes seems far older than her young years. She leans a little more forward and tilts her head that direction as she smoothly knocks the next one and fires.

The hunter frowns at her first shot. She studies it for a moment or two before pulling out her next arrow. She's taking her time, measuring her breathing, and adjusting for not just the lack of wind… but the heaviness to the air. A long moment passes before she releases the line. This arrow flies true; hitting solidly upon the center of the target. Bowing her head, the woman waits a time. Perhaps she's praying? It's only after a moment of reflection that she prepares for her third shot.

Abigail checked her Bow of 15, she rolled 11.
You make a check for Abigail's Notable Opponent at 17, you rolled 12.

Abigail makes her last shot and it falls close to her initial. She straightens and when he twang finally fades she allows the bow to finally drop below her line of sight. She counts it quickly and then looks over towards the other one. Motherf.. There's a long sigh and a shrug. She gave it her best. She goes to get her arrows before moving off the field. Time to get back to the Fam and tell of her loss. They will not be pleased - at least outwardly.

The third shot from the Huntress is not as good as her second, but not as bad as her first. It's close, but the judges ultimately seem her the winner. In the overall scorings, however, Abigail has certainly not fared the worst. For the opponent chosen, the judges score her well. When retrieving arrows, there's a nod for the Laverstock girl from her competition. "You did well." It's spoken simple and polite before she retrieves her arrows and disappears towards the crowds, for the next pairing to step up to the lines.

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