(514-05-21) A Favorable Discussion
Summary: The Dintons and a Broughton cousin discuss the tourney and who favors who
Date: 514-05-21
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Castle Gardens Carlion
May of the year 514. — Mon Jan 18 14:36:16 2016

The courtyard of the castle is well kept, the keep situated to the north, and the gate leading out to the south. A large part of the courtyard has been dedicated to keeping a lovely garden, a variety of native flowers arrayed, with stone paths winding amongst them, and a little pond in the center. Benches can be found along the paths, some tucked away and secluded, others quite visible and public.

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Having called upon a few of her family to join her in celebrating the the tournament festivities, Lysanor has arranged a meeting at the castle proper, or at the very least within the lush and beautiful gardens where the atmosphere would be serene and quiet enough for conversation. The group is situated at a few of the closely positioned benches with the auburn-haired Dinton's basket of fruits and pastries settled within her lap, these she has offered to the others as a conversational treat. Wearing a pristine white dress with a hunter-green overtunic draped over it and tightly laced at the sides, Lysanor wears her mass of red-hair in a lose braid that hangs over her shoulder. Though she may have seemed a bit wistful, as well as a little over-excited, during the wedding event itself, her spirits seem to have been completely lifted now as she speaks with her family. "Cyndeyrn, has been doing so wonderfully in the personal challenges thus far and he has beaten a knight of the terrible House Burcombe in his first round of jousting." This she speaks proudly, "And though I worry for him with each contest he enters, I cannot help but be excited, knowing that he will do our family proud!"

Amalthea, as usual, is late. This time, she hobbles to join her family, looking apologetic and abashed, but full of good cheer none the less. One shoulder stoops a little lower and the taller cousin favours it gingerly as she stops before the gathering. "I apologize. I have been helping a friend and I lost track of the time. Were we talking about Cyndeyrn and his brilliant trouncing of all challengers?" Thea adjusts her plain brown tunic as she settles, gazing about. "Beautiful spot, Lysanor! You've such a keen eye."

Cyndeyrn has arrived just in time to look notably awkward around his sister's singing of high praises. Of course, he offers mild protest to the whole thing, declaiming his odds of future victory. "I… there are still yet many more senior and experienced knights in the tourney. Though I have done well, there is little chance of besting such a collection of men, many of whom are veterans of King Nanteleod's wars and many other contests. I am simply happy to have done well in representing my family thus far." As ever, he is something of a mirror to his sister's overabundant pride. The selection of snacks that she has set out are a convenient distraction from speaking more on the subject, since the large knight is ever possessed of a strong appetite.

Even amongst family in a garden, Torlan sits in such a posture that would lend one to think she was much more important than she was. Perfectly straight with hands folded upon her lap, the Broughton's eldest daughter smiles to her cousin at her excitement and proudness of her brother. When she speaks her voice is soft and almost rhythmic, "You have every reason to be proud dear cousin. Every time he mounts his horse or swings his arm he bathes the masses with the glory of the Dinton name. It will not be long before the children will be imitating him in the streets." She casts Cyndeyrn a soft smile and reaches to take a piece of small fruit, popping it in her mouth and chewing it fully before speaking again, "I only wish my own brother had decided to participate." Such words seem an afterthought and are then dismissed. A smile is then given to Amalthea, as she then continues, "It is all a matter of time Cyndeyrn…soon they will be chanting your name." A small wink is given and she looks to the the two women and murmurs softly, "What? He can use all the confidence he can get."

When Amalthea finally decides to join them, Lysanor raises from her seat, letting the basket hang off of her wrist, before ushering the other Dinton lady to come and sit down. Obviously, having healed many an injured in her time, it is not difficult for the red-head to catch sight of her cousin's odd gait and posture. "Is something the matter, Amalthea?" She asks gently, allowing her cousin to explain herself, rather than forcing anything out of the girl. Even still, she will wait for Amalthea to take a seat beside them before she settles down herself.

With Cyndeyrn's arrival, the basket is offered to him so that he may take what he wishes from it, before she then brings it to Torlan, who in turn takes a piece of fruit. "Torlan is right, brother. Of course, we know that there are other fiercer competitors out there, but that does not mean that we should not be allowed to sing praises when you have done so well thus far." To Torlan now, however, she can only offer a sympathetic smile, "I wish that your brother could be here too. His gentle laughter will be missed, though I'm certain that he has other business back at Broughton or even Sarum, perhaps?"

Thea winces as she takes a seat, grimace-smiling around at the others before her tarnished-gold eyes settle at last on Lysanor. "I offered to help care for Sir Martyn's mounts while we are here. As it happens, they do not like me over much." It's an embarrassment for the stable master, but she delivers it with chagrined cheer. "I took a couple of nips to the hand and a hoof to the shoulder. Pretty bruising, naught more." She lifts her hand to wave it away and winces again. "I heard you trounced Sir Martyn quite handily, Cyndeyrn!"

Cyndeyrn hardly looks any more enthused by Torlan's overlarge praise, though he will dip his head in a small acknowledgment of it, hardly one to argue strenuously against a lady's praise, either. And so that he does not have to answer immediately on the subject, he reaches to take something from his sister's offered basket and stuffs it in his mouth. Can't talk! Chewing! It works as a delaying tactic, at least. Sadly he gets through it quickly and does have to answer Amalthea, who reminds him of a bout he is probably less proud of. "I beat him, but I struck overly hard for what was only meant to be a friendly match. I was not happy to see him injured, although fortunately my sister was able to tend to him and it did not seem too grave a wound in the end."

Another piece of fruit is taken, and Torlan tries her best to maintain that aura of perfection that she really does not need to hold. People have learned to not even question it anymore, but it certainly has made people that do not know her think she is aloof and dismissive, "These things will happen again Cyndeyrn. Such things occur in combat, even if the combat is mock in nature. I am glad to hear that Sir Martyn was not badly injured. Yet, your remorse for his injury is quite knightly in itself. I only hope it does not cause you to compete with less aggression the next time you do so…or it might be you on the ground with your sister tending to. Everyone who enters the tourney knows the risks, you should release your guilt, if you have not done so already." She shrugs lightly and smiles to Amalthea and Lysanor as her hands go back to her lap, "So are you saying I should attend this events more frequently?

"You should have told me sooner, Amalthea." Lysanor speaks the matter-of-fact tone which she sometimes uses when scolding family for hiding or downplaying their injuries. "I wouldn't want this bruising to turn out to be something worse." This she ends with a firm, "I will see to it some time tonight." She will take no protests to this! However, when both Amalthea and Cyndeyrn bring the man up, she does ask, "How is Sir Martyn? I was able to apply a salve to his injury and keep him from bleeding, but I'm always afraid that our brave knights are just too brave. Not that I will try to stop him from entering into further contests, for this /is/ their time to shine and especially before King Arthur and…" Here she pauses before uttering the queen's name. It is a good thing that she is once more distracted again by conversation. "I believe that you should and," There is a playful tone which she now uses, a hint of laughter in her tone, "There are many a good knight seeking out the lucky favor from a maiden so fair."

"Sir Martyn does not hold you accountable, cousin," Amalthea relates to Cyndeyrn, smiling her encouragement. "He is only grateful to Lysanor that he may still compete in the tournament. He is a good man." High praise, from the stable master, with a pinch of rosy colour on her cheeks as she offers it. "Not like that Sir Seth. He is infuriating with his unfortunate beauty. Really, Lys, I have had worse. Tis naught but a bruise." But already in her voice, she is resigned to her cousin's determination with goodwill. "And I am not here to impress the valorous knights," she teases the other two women lightly.

"I do not suspect there is any animosity over the whole thing, but nonetheless, it was not a showing on my part that I would brag of," Cyndeyrn will add somewhat simply, and by his tone, he seems to hope conclusively, on the matter. "A consequence of such combat, perhaps, but not a proud one." He will use the occasion of Amalthea bringing up another knight to thus divert the topic away from his own exploits. "How is this Sir Seth… infuriating? Has he been troubling you, cousin?"

Lysanor passes the basket towards Amalthea now, so that she may pick out a fresh fruit or sweet tart and pastry from within. She has her own fruit tart to nibble on between conversations. "All of you have been through this many times before, accidental strikes, not knowing your own strength." And here Lysanor's eyes look to her own brother for a moment; they are not filled with any sort of blame, but she knows that this is something her brother may fear most. "I do understand your concerns, especially with those closest to you, ones we call friends." When Seth is now mentioned, she arches a brow with a sense of curiosity, though she does have to cover a hand over her mouth to contain her laughter a touch, "His unfortunate beauty? Though, I cannot say that I have not heard similar words spoken of Sir Seth for as long as I've known him. And.." Her eyes peer overly playfully at her cousin, "I, myself, am not so certain that you do not wish to impress at least one valorous knight."

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"Oh, he troubles me, all right," Amalthea mutters ruefully to Cyndeyrn. "That one is full of trouble, with his shiny blonde hair and his striking features. A distraction, is what he is," the lady grumbles. "all false charm and pretty smiles." Her eyes swing Lysanor's way and Thea fortunately remembers that she /is/ a lady, despite her job. "If I wished to impress any, I think it would be Sir Martyn. But, I don't. I wish to take care of the horses, race in the races, and then go home to enjoy the lack of shining hair and valorous knights," there's a pause, and she hastily adds, "whom I am not related to." There's a guilty glance Cyndeyrn's way.

Cyndeyrn looks suitably baffled by Amalthea's prolonged protest on the subject of handsome knights. Naturally, in his protective way, he took 'trouble' in the worst possible meaning, but as the woman goes on and on, even he cannot be blind to the fact that she is not really describing a more serious sort of 'trouble', at least not of the kind that would be worthy of his intervention. Rather, it leaves him looking back and forth a little awkwardly, finally settling with Lysanor. "Ah, I, well… certainly Sir Martyn is a good man. And if Sir Seth is being -false-," that is the single word he will seize on in all Amalthea's complaints, ignoring his… distracting appearance, "with you, that is of some concern. But my sister is right, that there is no harm, ah, in finding favor among the competitors. We do not wish you to spend the whole of your life with horses alone." Yes, this is all terribly awkward, making him talk about matchmaking and the like!

Hearing Amalthea's words, Lysanor takes on a more serious look and with a shake of her head, she says with a frown, "That is disappointing news. I cannot say that I know the man personally, but I've never seen him as unkind. However, if he is playing with women's hearts." She looks to Cyndeyrn now in all of her seriousness as if her big brought could possibly do something about this! "This is good to know, still. I will not speak ill about the man, less one does step up in all truthfulness and lets it be known how he had played with their heart in an unkind fashion." Taking a small nibble from her pastry, she, instead, focuses her attention on another gem which Amalthea spills, "Sir Martyn…?" Here, she once more looks to her brother, curious as to what he would think of such a match and yet her own mind seems a little distracted by this news. "Has he asked you for a favor y—" And here, her lips would part when she exclaims, "Cyndeyrn, do not say things like that!"

Amalthea shakes her dark head, the cable of her braid swishing like a snake with the motion. "Oh, no, I do not mean to say he plays me false, simply that his attention is distracting." Thea shrugs it away, selecting another fruit from Lysanor's basket. "And no, Sir Martyn has not, nor will he. I am not like you, Lys, pretty with that sort of way you have about you to inspire men to such dashing things," she teases the other woman. "In fact, have you given out your favor yet?"

Blinking once or twice, Cyndeyrn will look a trifle baffled and of course worried over what, exactly, he has said that was so scandalous or upsetting. His obliviousness and lack of experience in such matters can be something of an obstacle in trying to hold a conversation of this sort. "Of what- I do not? I merely mean, she speaks of her duties but it would be selfish of us to expect that she spend her whole life tending animals and not consider, well, a family of her own, at whatever point it would be, erm, sensible?" He looks only more and more awkward as the whole thing continues, and soon is backing away even, albeit with another pastry in hand. "If, and when only, such a suitable, ah, opportunity would present itself? At any rate, this all seems like women's talk, perhaps I ought leave you to it!" Indeed, he is already backing away, the valorous knight in full retreat in the face of such opposition.

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"And no, we will not leave our dear cousin to such a fate." Lysanor says in response to her brother's words even as Amalthea is right here to hear them as well. "She will find a handsome, dashing knight. One who is good with horses too." Already, she is prepared to play matchmaker for her cousin. It is, however, Amalthea's words that hit her hard and she scoots in closer to her cousin to place a comforting hand upon the other's. "Do not speak such nonsense. You are a lovely lady in your own right, if only you would present yourself as a lady rather than a stable master. Though to be honest," And here she looks thoughtful, "Many a knight would be grateful to marry a woman who also had the skills to look after their mounts, for they have many of them." With a shake of her head, she continues, "Alas, I am no good at such a task, myself." Now, however, when the tables are turn on her, her posture stiffens all the more even if her cheeks do not flush with color just yet… She is relieved that her brother has taken his own retreat and says no more until she is certain that he is out of ear shot, her fingertips, all the while, touching at a space upon her delicate collarbone, "I have, yes. I believe I may have mentioned it at the joust."

At Cyndeyrn's retreat, Amalthea almost laughs, but the woman manages to tamp down her amusement. "Probably best! Good day, Cyndeyrn! Happy flight." Because she knows a stud bolting when she sees it. Then it's back to Lysanor, and a low chuckle. "Many men may simple /hire/ a stable master, if such is there wish. A wife? They do not desire a stable master for a wife, and come now, cousin. I've told you who I hold slight tendre for. Will you leave me the only one in such a precarious position, Lysanor? Who is this man, who fortune so favours?"

"Perhaps, if we were in the house of some baronet then that would be the case." Lysanor says with a shrug regarding the hiring of a stable master, "Thus, having a skilled family to lend a hand in the running of the manor and the chores and such is always a boon and I'm sure that any husband would be pleased to have someone as skilled as you. Why, family knights themselves are provided for by the Earl, but only for their themselves and their gear and /we/ are glad to have both you and your father to handle the task with our horses." The young woman had a steward's mind and deals with the family bookkeeping after all. "Which is why, if you did marry out, you would be difficult to replace." There is a gentle smile on her lips, as she desperately tries to ward her own embarrassment away when Amalthea presses on regarding her favor. "Sir Bryce de Baverstock." Lysanor is rather relieved that her cousin was unable to figure this out. She would be terribly embarrassed if she were so easy to read! "He has been a friend of our family for so long, I felt honored that he would ask me for a favor this year."

"Paugh," Amalthea replies dismissively. "I am happy to be with my family. I should not wish for you to ever have to replace me. I think I would be quite happy to grow old with the horses," she teases lightly, and then turns to more sober matters. "Sir Bryce, hm? I cannot say I fault you for your choice of connection." Not so much more sober matters then, as the young lady teases a bit more. "Honored, and maybe a bit more?"

Lysanor just laughs softly to her cousin's words and despite it all, she cannot help but be more pleased that Amalthea truly does with to remain within their family. The topic of Bryce is an odd one, but it's not as if she has never spoken of the man before, nor that her family doesn't already know him well enough, for he basically grew up at Dinton, squiring for Lysanor's father. "He was the first to ask." She simply states now, her shoulders lifting into a gentle shrug, "I am actually quite flattered to tell the truth, he has never asked for my favor before. So this has come as some surprise." There is a thoughtful pause now, having just realized something, "Perhaps, he is merely returning the favor, I mean, before he and the others set out to Tilshead, I did give him a token for good luck, knowing that the journey would prove a difficult one. And on their return, we learned just how difficult."

"Oh, Lys, look at you," Amalthea grins brightly, waving a hand to her cousin. "Of course it's not just to return a favor. No man could possibly be so dense," there's an emphatic shake of the brunette's head to emphasize her point. "No, clearly he has designs upon you romantically. Would you like me to find out for sure, though? I could talk to his stable hands!"

"Like I had said, he had never asked me for one before." Lysanor repeats herself, looking a little nervous and somewhat defensive for whatever reason now. She then shakes her head, "Goodness, no. Don't you dare ask anyone about anything of the sort. And besides," There is a minute pause here now, though what she states next comes out in a matter-of-fact tone, withholding any hint of emotion from her voice, "Sir Acwel had already asked permission to court me. Well, he asked me before going to my father and I told him." There is a pause here, before changing what she was about to say, "I asked him to give me more time to think on it. It's been two months since his request and it is only proper that I give him an answer. I don't know why I waited so long, as if I were waiting for something to happen then." Looking even more thoughtful, she then states, "However, did he not ask for our dear cousin, Heulwen's favor that one night? Perhaps, he has changed his mind and even so, I ought to approach him still."

"Perhaps he does it in an attempt to rouse your jealousy," Amalthea suggests, some quiet thought to her words. "That would be a handy tactic, had you any true feeling for the man. But," she adds after a beat of heavy silence, "I think from what you say that you do not hold him in such esteem. I have not met the man, only seen him in passing, so I could not say what choice is prudent. You sound, though, as if you already know the course you should like to follow." She reaches for a pastry, her appetite ever-healthy. "Any road, have you spoken to Heulwen, perhaps to caution her against such a thing?"

"I… Sir Seth is performing tonight well competing. Shall we go to see him. I had totally forgotten." Lysanor starts, strangely changing the subject so soon. "I told him that we would be there." Or atleast she would!

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