(514-05-20) Nerys' Joust
Summary: Nerys takes on another Knight in a joust.
Date: May of the year 514.
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Once the time for her joust comes up Nerys mounts her horse and gets herself into position, taking a moment to make sure that she's as comfortable as possible before she reaches out for her lance. After having it handed to her she adjusts her grip on it, bringing it up to the proper position and taking that final, slow breath before things get moving.

Critical Success!
You check your lance at 15, you rolled 15.
Seriol makes a check for Average Knight Lance at 15, he rolled 3.
Nerys rolls 12d6 and gets (4 4 6 4 4 1 2 5 2 3 4 1) for a total of: (40)

When it's time to go she slams the heels of her boots into the side of her horse, leaning forward to put her weight behind the lance. It's a very quick run before the tip of her lance slams into the chest of her opponent.

The opposing knight tightens control of his lance as they reach near the impact point even as his shield shifts to help protect him from Nerys' blow. It is a clean hit however, blow not shifting at all to the side and instead carrying him from the saddle to crash into the dust of the field below with a resounding oomph. Still, this is the knightly trade. After a few moments he makes his way unsteadily to his feet, chivalrously giving his opponent a salute before limping off the field with an aid of a squire only a little worse for wear.

Nerys returns the salute before she turns around and heads back off the field as well, passing her lance off to someone else as she rides out of the way of anyone that is coming after her in the line-up.

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