(514-05-20) Laverstocks All Around
Summary: More Personal Challenges, most of them involving Laverstocks.
Date: May 20, 514
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Arian takes note of the Woodford lord, and she finds herself grinning despite it all. She adjusts her helmet under her arm and heads toward the familiar knight. Her practice blade is at her hip, shield at her back, and her armor has been polished today. She pauses just beside the knight. "Looking for a challenge, Sir Acwel?" Her voice simmers with impish amusement. She glances at the field once and then back to the knight and his squire.

"I might be," Acwel replies to Arian, glancing over to the field after she does, before sending the squire away once his job is done, "why, are you going to challenge me?" His lips curve into a brief grin at the Laverstock lady knight. Drawing his sword, he heads over to the practice field. "Come on, then."

Arian rolls on her helmet, keeping the visor up temporarily to smile broadly after the knight. "Well, if you insist, Sir Acwel… I didn't want to twist your arm or anything." She then collapses the helmet into place, and pulls forth her shield and sword. She bounces the sword in her hand a couple times, finding that natural and comfortable grip. "To three hits, sir?" That is the custom, but might as well verify.

"First to three, yes," Acwel nods at that, swinging his sword idly as a warmup while stepping back from Arian. Once he thinks he is ready, his shield arm is kept close to protect his body while he lifts his sword, nodding affirmatively to the Laverstock knight to signal his readiness.

Acwel checked his sword of 15, he rolled 13.
Arian checked her sword of 15, she rolled 12.
Acwel rolls 5d6 and gets (1 6 2 5 5) for a total of: (19)
Arian checked her dex of 15, she rolled 5.

Kamron makes his slow, trailing way into the practice yards, hefting an all-wood axe, a practice weapon that is new-made (and probably far more expensive than Kamron wanted to pay or really could). He is wearing his mail and surcoat, his shield slung over his shoulder, but he is without his helm, his tall, gangly squire following behind with the bucket helm. "I'm not sure about the balance on this one, Newt. You're sure he's the best in Carlion?" The squire nods repeatedly, "Y- Yessir."

The Laverstock knight inclines her head, and then she broadens her stance — finding her footing in the soft grass and dirt. Arian holds her shield close to her side and chest. When she advances forward, she does so with quickness and confidence — a kind of rare agility maintained in the reinforced chain. She curves her strike, attempting to slam the weapon into Acwel's side, but this opens her up for a strike to her own side, which her shield cannot protect.

Cynrain watches the personal challenges with his squire standing nearby. Occasionally, he'll look over and speak a few words to young squire, likely instructional. He turns his attention back to the clash.

As his counterattack is one of the finer points of his combat strategy, Acwel cannot help but notice the vulnerability that Arian opens up on that side of her strike. His shield is risen to deflect her attack while he swings his sword in a quick, decisive strike to the exposed area, pulling the attack back once the hit connects and readying himself for an offensive of his own. He might be a little slower than Arian, but he is arguably also a little stronger.

Arian checked her sword of 15, she rolled 9.
Acwel checked his sword of 15, he rolled 6.
Arian rolls 4d6 and gets (3 5 1 3) for a total of: (12)

Wearing his full suit of slate grey chain, a silvery patch of repaired links visible across the left shoulder, Bartimaeus sits at the foot of the stands with his shield propped beside him. The priestly knight's rounded helm currently rests on the wooden planks beside him. With quiet admiration he watches the duel between sirs Arian and Acwel.

Neroven enters the arena area, grinning as he looks over the gathered knights. He looks very excited. He notices Cynrain, and moves up to his cousin. Neroven's squire follows dutifully.

Striding into the practice yard with brisk confident steps is the handsome figure of Sir Erion de Woodford. The golden haired male makes his way towards where he spots to people fighting. When he sees his brother is one of those competeing he grins and takes a position in the crowd to watch. Clad in his maile minus his helmet and carrying a blunted sword he is obviously here for the challenges. Erion is followed by a short blonde boy who serves as his squire who is carrying his helmet.

The strike to her side sends a shockwave through her, but Arian manages to keep her footing. She twists her grip on the sword. "Well struck, Sir Acwel." A smile is heard in her words, and she is moving broadly around him now, recovering from the strike and finding her footing once more. She then lunges forward, feinting to get his shield out of the way so that she can instead slam the flat of her sword at his sword arm.

Arian's attack works, and the flat of her sword slams against the Woodford knight's arm, causing him to also miss his mark on hitting her — but it would've been a moot point for that, at any rate. "Good one, Sir Arian," Acwel states, taking a couple of steps back and keeping his shield in front of him, the point of the sword lowered.

Acwel checked his sword of 15, he rolled 9.
Arian checked her sword of 15, she rolled 13.
Arian rolls 4d6 and gets (5 5 5 3) for a total of: (18)
Acwel checked his dex of 10, he rolled 15.

Kamron watches the fencing and striking between the Woodford and the Laverstock, nodding slowly, and then half-turning to the collection of mailed and armed knights, raising his voice to address the group, "Sirs! Is there one among you who might enjoy a little practice in defending the realm against a Saxon weapon in knightly hands?" And he holds up the wooden practice axe to demonstrate.

Cynrain nods to Neroven before gesturing to Kamron, "Go test your mettle, cousin." he grins slightly, "If not there's another one over there who looks like he could use a challenge." he gestures to the Woodford Knight.

Erion watches the fight curiously but when Kamron speaks he looks to the man and his axe thoughtfully. He galnces around breifly, to see if anyone will accept the mans challenge. But if no one is quick to respond he lifts his voice. "That sounds like a fine challenge. I accept." He strides over to Kamron and offers a warm smile inclining his head. "I am Sir Erion de Woodford, who do I have the pleasure of facing?"

"Thank you, Sir Acwel!" Arian does not seem to relent despite the compliment, advancing another series of steps. She is quick and sharp, scuffing up the grass beneath her feet. She clatters her shield into his, pushing into him as she also brings her sword down toward his right side once more. While it is not her intention to throw the fellow knight's balance off, she keeps her own center of gravity low enough to maintain her footing while also knocking him low enough to possibly send him further backwards.

Kamron checked his recognize at 5, he rolled 19.

And Acwel does fall after that particular combination of blows. The Woodford whistles low after that, chuckles, even, but he is on his feet shortly after, picking up his sword and taking a few steps back to assess the situation, such as it is. "Great attack," he compliments. Having decided that staying on the defensive is a bad idea in this case, he rushes forward, held high for an overhead strike at the Laverstock knight.

Neroven grins, striding over to the pair of Kamron and Erion, and leaving his squire behind to observe. "I'd take your challenge, but I have clearly been beaten to the punch." He chuckles, "Perhaps I could trade blows with the winner of this spar?"

Acwel checked his sword of 15, he rolled 11.
Arian checked her sword of 15, she rolled 2.
Acwel rolls 5d6 and gets (5 2 6 6 1) for a total of: (20)
Critical Fail!
Arian checked her dex of 15, she rolled 20.

Kamron's bold challenge draws Bartimaeus' attention away from the duel, deep blue eyes calmly considering the man and his upheld axe. But it seems he is a fraction late in catching the axeman's attention.
"If you wish it." The Bishopstone states, voice a placid baritone as he stands from the bench, "perhaps we could have two bouts, and let winner face winner." And with those words offered the dirty-blonde man reaches down to retrieve his shield and helmet, moving to join the group of three.

Kamron nods at the quick response to his challenge, unslinging his shield and gathering it up, "As you will, Sir Erion. I am Sir Kamron de Dinton." He nods to Neroven as well, "I don't have any complaint with that, of course." Stepping back toward the tourney fields, he glances back to Erion, "If I may, what relation do you have to Sir Acwel and Lady Seren?" Even as he finishes the question, his squire reaches up to settle the bucket helm over Kam's face, cutting off the last word a little and causing Kam to half-turn back to Newt, "Really?"

Arian is perhaps more than a little overzealous and confident as she lands her second hit. She does hold back long enough for Acwel to get back to his feet, but is then back on the offensive. She does not think all the way through it, however. While her strike toward Acwel is strong and sure, she leaves herself open as her shield drops a bit. His own strike sends her reeling, and she is about ready to hit the dirt in what is bound to be a terrible, if not painful collapse.

Cynrain approaches Neroven as well. He looks to Bartimaeus and says, "Winner against Winner… perhaps the defeated can face one another as well, so that at least one of the defeated may walk out of here with a victory." he smiles slightly before looking to Nervoen, "Good luck cousin." He moves back to watch the others compete.

Neroven nods, and turns to Bartimaeus. "I am Sir Neroven de Durnford," He bows his head slightly in respect, "And who do I have the pleasure of trading blows with this fine day?"

Erion nods to the suggestion Bartimaeus makes. "A fine idea. I have no issue with that." He looks back to Kamron and blinks his blue eyes showing great amusement and he chuckles lightly as he takes his helmet from his squire. "Sir Acwel is my older brother, and the Lady Seren is my twin sister." He cannot conceal his amused smile as he says this and then he slides the helmet over his face securing it properly and taking up his blade and moving to get ready. "Whenever you are ready then Sir Kamron."

Thankfully, Acwel is rather helpful when it comes to people he likes, or doesn't dislike, keeping his shield against Arian to both steady her and keep her from going face-first into the dirt, while the sword hand holds at her shoulder to keep her steady or at least to cushion some of the impact against the shield. Once she is upright, and ready to fight again, he takes several steps back and waits.

Critical Fail!
Arian checked her sword of 15, she rolled 20.
Acwel checked his sword of 15, he rolled 3.
Acwel rolls 5d6 and gets (6 1 4 6 3) for a total of: (20)
Arian checked her dex of 15, she rolled 3.

Bartimaeus settles his heavy round helm down over his head, the metal face guard completely hiding the peaceful features beneath. His quiet baritone muffled yet further by the armor, he responds politely, "Sir Bartimaeus de Bishopstone. Is first to three touches agreeable?"
Stepping back from the larger man, Bartimaeus slides his shield onto his arm and hefts it to readiness, the crossed crook and scythe under a white son proudly declaiming his manner and personage. His long sword makes a distinctive ringing 'Shhhrink' as he draws it from its scabbard, holding the silvery blade high in salute.

That fall must have shaken Arian's confidence.

"Thank you, Sir Acwel," the Laverstock manages as she rights herself. She turns around several times, adjusting her armor and sword as she recovers from thes trike. "That's two to you." That fall must have shaken Arian's confidence. She seems a bit more cautious, trying to gauge her opponent before dedicating herself to a strike. This overthinking might be what causes her to fumble when the pair exchange blows, and her sword ends up on the ground just as Acwel lands his strike. She immediately ducks behind her shield at that third strike, protecting herself while also gasping out a sharp, "I yield."

A double-take is hard to read in a helmet, but Kamron definitely starts a little at Erion's words, "Of course, Sir Erion. My apologies, I should have seen the resemblance." Once he's settled into the cleared area, he gives his helmet a little pat from the top with his axe-filled hand, and then settles in behind his shield. He glances aside as Arian loses her sword, his lips tightening inside his helmet, and then he focuses on the man across from him, "To three touches, I assume. I'm at the ready when you are, sir."

Neroven grins, unsheathing his own rebated longsword and tapping it idly against his shield. "First to three touches works just fine for me." He looks to his squire, whistles a bit, and the squire runs over. The squire places a small helm on Neroven's head, just large enough to protect most of his head, though leaving his grinning visage visible. "If you'd like, you can take the first shot," Neroven says, getting into a ready position even as his squire retreats to a safer distance.

Seriol makes his way in, the large knight looking at ease. He seems to be going without armor at the moment however, clearly having come to observe more than to participate at just this moment. Along with him walks Nerys, two knights of Bishopstone moving their way towards the stands where they might settle in. A speculative look over the field and he says, "We get to watch our brother in action I believe. I'm excited to see how he does, it's been too long since I've had opportunity to watch his swordplay."

Inclining his helmed head, Bartimaeus gives Neroven a moment to set himself, then he attacks. Advancing at a measured pace, he swings his sword around in two quick horizontal slashes, testing the big man's speed and gauging his reach. The smaller knight does seem fairly quick himself, and sure of himself to boot.

Bartimaeus checked his sword of 15, he rolled 1.
Neroven checked his sword of 15, he rolled 13.
Neroven rolls 6d6 and gets (6 4 5 5 3 1) for a total of: (24)
Bartimaeus checked his dex of 12, he rolled 11.

"I accept," Acwel nods respectfully to Arian, noting to the Laverstock lady, "You fight well as always, Sir Arian," he compliments, with a faint grin at her. "Put me on the spot right quick. I can only imagine the damage you will do to the Saxons when it is time for war. Thank you," he salutes her and sheathes his sword.

"No harm done Sir Kamron, we do not always notice everything right away." Comes Erion's polite reply. Once Kamron states the rules of engagment he nods and circles to the left, his blunted sword held at the ready. Looking for an opening the younger Woodford tries to stay light on his feet his blue eyes sparkling from behind his hemlet as he looks for an opening to exploit. As soon as he spies one he will sprng forward into action.

"Not to be utterly biased…but I am going to say that he'll do well." Nerys replies as she settles herself in the stands next to Seriol, a hand brushing her braided hair back over her shoulder before she leans forward to get a good look at the fighters.

Kamron checked his axe at 15, he rolled 17.
Critical Fail!
Erion checked his Sword of 15, he rolled 20.

After finishing the Joust and watching the one afterwards, Elrick took the time to put away his kit and stable his charger. Only then did he make his way to the tournament grounds where the personal challenges are no doubt happening. Arriving at on the challenge fields, the older Laverstock Knight sees that multiple bouts are indeed underway, just in time to see his sister yield against her opponent. "Sister! You all right?" He asks as he approaches, giving Acwel a momentary glance.

Arian laughs, reaching out to exchange grips with the Woodford. She then shakes her head. "I may have fought well, but I got a bit overconfident. You fought consistently well." Then she grins wryly, pulling off her helmet and observing the field briefly. "This is quite a different field than the battlefield, isn't it?" She offers a small, wry smile toward the Woodford.

Neroven grins as he prepares himself for the charging knight. He steps back, just in time to avoid the first slash and blocks the second with his shield, using the opportunity to slam the rebated blade into Bartimaeus. "That's one!" Neroven exclaims cheerfully. Neroven makes a follow-up slash, hoping to exploit the momentary success to succeed once again, the blade descending in a diagonal slash towards Bartimaeus's left shoulder…

Neroven checked his sword of 15, he rolled 1.
Critical Success!
Bartimaeus checked his sword of 15, he rolled 15.
Bartimaeus rolls 10d6 and gets (4 2 2 2 6 3 3 4 1 2) for a total of: (29)
Neroven checked his dex of 9, he rolled 18.

Kamron stands firm before the assault from the Woodford, raising his shield to catch the sword-blow on it. The sweep of his own axe comes looping in low, attempting to slip under the other man's shield, but it's more of a testing assault than anything hard and fast.

The grips exchanged, and the Woodford's grin shows through again when Arian laughs. Acwel nods to the compliment on his fighting, "Thank you," he murmurs, as he observes the field with the Laverstock knight. "It is," he agrees, in good humor, to Arian, "but this is a fine training to the Grand Melee, which in turn is more like a mock battle, yet not quite alike the battlefield. Nevertheless, this is a good time to learn new techniques."

Erion's blow misses and he jumps back to avoid a hit from Kamron in return. Adjusting the grip on his sword he lifts his shield slightly and darts in against pressing the attack while trying to keep up a decent defense as well.

a hollow thud sounds as Bartimaeus' gleaming blade strikes Neroven's shield, followed by a second as the big man swings his blunted blade around in a quick counterstroke. But though the Bishopstone manages to deflect the heavy knight's strike away from his center mass, the blade clips his right hip and forces him to side step for balance.
"One." The smaller knight agrees even as his sword leaves a silver afterimage in the air, sparks flying as he parries his larger opponent's blade aside and twists to put his entire body behind a heavy shield bash aimed upward into Neroven's exposed gut. The blow lands with a hard 'THUMPH' and the bigger man is thrown backward, Bartimaeus retreating a step to give him room to stand.

Erion checked his Sword of 15, he rolled 4.
Kamron checked his axe at 15, he rolled 12.
Kamron rolls 4d6 and gets (3 1 2 1) for a total of: (7)

Neroven chuckles, as he stands back up. He is uninjured by the powerful strike, to be sure, but that was a good hit nonetheless. He twirls the sword as he stands back up and regains his bearings. "One to one. Let's see if I can change that." He leaps foward, making a downward vertical slash, aimed at Bartimaeus's sword arm.

Seriol nods over to Nerys, a bit distracted now as he watches the clash of swords. Leaning forward then he glances over to say, "That was nicely done. Did you see the timing there? That was quite exceptionally done. It's always a challenge to see those perfect moments when you are actually living them."

Neroven checked his sword of 15, he rolled 16.
Bartimaeus checked his sword of 15, he rolled 8.
Bartimaeus rolls 5d6 and gets (4 4 2 1 2) for a total of: (13)

Despite trying to avoid Kamron's strikes Erion gets in a bit too close this time. Kamron's axe strikes a glancing blow against his shoulder and he takes a step back circling once more. "One strike for you then Sir Kamron." He offers cheerfully clearly undetered by his lack of success so far. He just takes it in stride and prepares to try again.

Kamron holds back a moment as Erion recovers from his missed attack, and then steps aside from the man's continued attack, shifting around to his right to take the man's assault on his shield once more. This time, however, he reverses to his left even as the blow thuds into his shield. His wooden axe chops over the top, but the reversal of the attack has robbed some of the power from the blow. Okay, a great deal of it. He nods at Erion's words, accepting it but not commenting further.

The Laverstock wrinkles her nose, glancing Acwel's way. "Yes… the Grand Melee." She puffs out her cheeks a bit. "More than a little nervous about that, but…" And her eyes fall on Kamron. Before she can stop herself, she is smiling more or less to herself. "I have a fine partner." Then she glances over to Acwel. "I should see to my armor. No squire yet, though I hear my father may have found me one. Which will be a wonderful relief…" Then she offers Acwel's shoulder a clasp before she starts to step away.

"It's that lack of seeing perfection that often drives you towards perfection." Nerys comments thoughtfully, her blue eyes focused on her brother and his fight. "If we saw nothing but perfection we'd just become prideful and cocky. That is just asking for failure, don't you think? Humility and hard work is better."

Kamron checked his axe at 15, he rolled 3.
Erion checked his Sword of 15, he rolled 17.
Kamron rolls 4d6 and gets (5 5 6 5) for a total of: (21)
Erion checked his dex of 10, he rolled 3.

Bartimaeus waits quietly for Neroven to stand, holding his position and allowing the man to take the offensive. And, typical of most huge knights, he approaches with an attempt to hammer the smaller warrior into the ground like a nail into wood.
The Bishopstone's shield sweeps up and around, catching the blade and angling it out wide. Opening created, Bartimaeus swings his blade in a short, hard chop beneath the other man's out flung arm that strikes him a firm blow to the ribs. Keeping his shield raised in expectation of a counter, he whips his sword around and down toward the big knight's left thigh, attempting to press the advantage.

Bartimaeus checked his sword of 15, he rolled 16.
Neroven checked his sword of 15, he rolled 19.

Neroven clumsily parries the blow aimed at his left thigh and makes his counterattack, a horizontal slash aimed at Bartimaeus's torso…

Neroven checked his sword of 15, he rolled 4.
Bartimaeus checked his sword of 15, he rolled 11.
Bartimaeus rolls 5d6 and gets (1 3 1 4 6) for a total of: (15)

Erion is hit again now, the blow pushing the Woodford knight back a bit his own swing missing once more. However despite being shoved backwards he keeps his balance staying on his feet. Behind his helmet his eyes narrow a bit in focus. He eyes Kamron carefully watching his stance and then moving in to try another attack, this one a bit more thought out.

Kamron catches Erion's sword with the haft of his axe this time, guiding it away from his body, and then sweeps his shield in, aiming to clip Erion on the outside of his right thigh with the edge of the shield. Apparently, he likes using his shield as an offensive weapon more than most knights. He's not going to offer any platitudes while he's fighting and winning, and so he stays silent for now.

Erion checked his sword of 15, he rolled 12.
Kamron checked his axe at 15, he rolled 7.
Erion rolls 4d6 and gets (2 2 4 6) for a total of: (14)
Kamron checked his dex at 13, he rolled 18.

yet more sparks jump from the impact of the knight's blades, Bartimaeus' counter caught just short of a touch and responded to with a quick cut toward his middle. But the Bishopstone's shield work is impeccable. Bringing the painted face around he hammers the stroke out wide once more and darts a quick thrust past the protective cover. The tip of his gleaming blade deflects off of the edge of Neroven's own shield and catches him on the right side of the abdomen, hitting with enough impact to bruise but not to part the links, despite its sharpness.
"Well fought, Sir Neroven." Bartimaeus states softly through his helm, stepping back and whipping his scratched blade up in a respectful salute. "I am afraid luck was with me this day."

Acwel watches as his brother fights Kamron, his sword sheathed while the two fight it out. The older Woodford crosses his arms, analyzing his brother's skill at arms in silence. When he persists despite being hit, the lord of Woodford nods, approvingly.

Neroven grins, as he takes a few steps back and sheathes the rebated blade. "It was hardly all luck, Sir Bartimaeus, you are a skilled fighter in your own right. It has been a pleasure sparring with you, even if it ended in my loss." He grins wider, "One day I'd like to have a little rematch, but for now, I must sit out for a moment to catch my breath." He nods at the group. "If you'll excuse me, I shall not be long."

Remaining silent and focused Erion darts in feinting a return strike at Kamron's thigh. However when the man goes to block the Woodford twists the sword away and bashes forward towards Kamron's chest with his shield instead. Apparently Erion has learned something here about shield use. Its not a terribly hard hit but it does strike the man and Erion watches as the man falls. He steps back waiting patiently for Kamron to rise and be ready once more.

Seriol chuckles in response to Nerys' words and he gives a nod to her, "Well then how very gratifying that we are most distinctly imperfect. May it forever keep us striving." He continues to watch the play of swords and shields and says, "He makes good use of the shield as well. Do you think you'll be taking any challenges yourself or are you focusing your efforts elsewhere?"

Kamron drops his shield toward the first feint, and has to jerk it back upwards to counter the real threat. He only gets the shield part-way up, however, taking the other man's slamming force on his shoulder and his shield and stumbling back. He falls onto his ass, and is immediately scrambling to get up, bringing his shield up first. When Erion holds back, he nods, taking the moment to heft his axe and prepare for another pass, "Neatly done, Sir Erion. Very neatly."

Erion checked his sword of 15, he rolled 18.
Kamron checked his axe at 15, he rolled 7.
Kamron rolls 4d6 and gets (2 1 2 3) for a total of: (8)

Bartimaeus checked his awareness of 10, he rolled 5.

there is the distinctive 'Sssshlink' of a sword being sheathed as Bartimaeus returns his weapon to its scabbard. Not bothering to remove his helm, nor return his shield to his back, the Bishopstone knight lingers on his empty patch of grass and casts a brief look toward the stands. Seeming to pick out his Siblings where they sit, he gives a nod of his helmeted head and lifts his right hand in greeting, but he does not join them just yet.

Nerys glances over at Seriol, laughing at his response before she glances back to the fight, "I had planned to, but we'll see how things shape up in the end." She replies mildly, sitting back up a little, her hands carefully folding on her lap. "He's doing very well."

Once Erion is set again as well, Kamron pushes the attack. There is nothing fancy about this one, however, a straight-line assault, leading with his shield to catch up the Woodford's shield in a press of oak, his axe pulled in close behind the broad defense. He waits just a moment to get return pressure, and then steps out to his right, swinging his axe from behind his shield in a horizontal slash aimed under Erion's ribs on the man's left side.

Erion smiles faintly from behind his helmet at the praise. "Thank you." He replies politely going in for another strike but Kamron's shield stops him. he lifts his own shield to block pressing his weight against it just in time to feel the strike against his side. He steps back lowering his shield and blades. His head lowers in a show of respect. "Well done Sir Kamron. That was an enjoyable bout for me. I wish you luck in your next challenge." Then he moves away going off to the sidelines to observe for a bit now and rest.

"Brother, I would like to speak with you soon," Acwel calls out to Erion, before his attention turns to the fights going on. He certainly seems distracted as they unfold.

Kamron lowers his axe as Erion lowers his sword, nodding his helmet. Tucking his practice weapon into his left hand, Kamron steps forward to offer out his arm, "Well-fought, Sir Erion. A pleasure to meet you and to take your measure." The Dinton is stepping back and looking to the other pair who started a match as he did when his squire scurries up after consultation with a page who came running for him. "Sir Kam… your Lady Sister requested a moment of your time…" Kamron ducks his head for Newt to take his helmet off, and then he looks over to Bartimaeus and Neroven, "I'm sorry, sirs, but I must need depart. I'll be back when I'm able, and I'll hold you to that match." He waits for responses, and then he's off to deal with whatever needs done.

Erion glances to Acwel and offers a nod as he removes his helmet. "Of course brother." He replies easily flashing a bright smile and heading off to go clean himself up.

Seriol returns the motion from Bartimaeus, greeting his brother quickly in the distance before he says to Nerys, "He truly does seem to be doing well. I'm glad to see it. I hope that we can all find some success during the tournament. It's a time for new beginnings, and however much we might learn from our failures it is nice to have some successes as well."

"In the right places." Nerys agrees, smiling faintly before she glances over towards Seriol, "I do think that without some success that we will eventually stop trying. And he seems to be finding success."

"Very well Sir Kamron. I look forward to our eventual meeting." Bartimaeus replies, removing his arm from his shield and slinging it onto his back. That being done he makes his way off of the green and approaches his fellow Bishopstone's in the stands, reaching up to remove the heavy round helmet from his head. The priestly knight's bearded face is smiling benignly as it comes into view, scarred lips tilted up just slightly at the corners.
"Brother. Sister. I had hoped to find you later this day. It has been too long since we last spoke." Bartimaeus' placid baritone perfectly matches his expression. Full of peace and quiet confidence.

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