(514-05-20) Jousting for Jest
Summary: It's a comedy of errors when Sir Arian and Sir Modes (NPC) meet in the lists.
Date: May 20, 514
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It is midday on the tournament grounds, and Arian de Laverstock is preparing for her joust. She has been loaned a squire — a family member in fact, one of her younger cousins. He is helping her adjust her armor and lance, and checks over the fittings of her charger. The mulberry gelding shuffles from foot to foot, but remains otherwise calm. Heavily scarred, the horse is used to all forms of combat — though there is no doubt he seems uncertain to why he is being dressed for battle on such a peaceful day. Arian pulls on her helmet, adjusting it a bit under her chin, and then she sighs. "Wish me luck, Ged," she says to her cousin, and the teenage boy just grins at her, offering her shoulder a familial punch.

Sir Modes de Banock Twisp is a young, fiery knight of Logres, looking to make a name for himself. His charger is a spirited stallion that keeps dancing and prancing under his bright red caparison. The knight raises his lance in salute as he reaches one end of the lists and his name is called out by the herald, a twist of red and yellow ribbons just below the blunted head. After saluting the stands, he salutes his opponent too, making some off-hand comment to the squire hovering alongside his horse that is lost in the relatively polite applause and the weight of his helm.

Arian looks at the knight and his spirited stallion, and she pats the throat of her old gelding. "Don't let him worry you, Blaze… that dancing stallion has no idea what awaits him." She presses a kiss to the horse's forehead before she pulls her visor down. Her cousin assists in heaving her up into her saddle, and she adjusts several moments to find a comfortable seat. She lifts her own hand to the crowd, and then returns the salute to the Banock Twisp. She holds her hand out to accept her lance, always a bit surprised by its weight.

Critical Fail!
You make a check for NPC Young Knight's Lance at 13, you rolled 20.
Critical Fail!
Arian checked her lance of 10, she rolled 20.

Sir Modes waits for the flag, and then spurs his horse forward, the stallion rearing up before he charges. Not only does the rearing horse throw off Sir Modes' point control, but it apparently causes his saddle girth to loosen. Several hard-pounding strides later, he starts to slip to one side. Flailing a little for balance, his lance-point strikes the ground, his lance shatters, and he (and his saddle) flies straight off the charger's back, dropping him into the dirt.

Blaze, despite his age and experience on the field, does not seem to be able to adjust to this sudden change in tactics. He shakes his head roughly, rearing up in response to the stallion. Arian tries to hold onto her reins, but Blaze charges forward along the lists only to veer off suddenly and sending his rider also off the mulberry grey back. She lands heavily in the dirt, and she winces loudly at the impact. The murmurs and soft boos that come up from the crowd causes her gut to wrench, though she tries to maintain her honor and grace. She gestures offhandedly a bit, and her loaned squire scampers forward to try to get a hold of Blaze's reins as the mulberry trots around nervously.

You make a check for NPC Young Knight's Lance at 13, you rolled 10.
Arian checked her lance of 10, she rolled 18.
Kamron rolls 6d6 and gets (1 4 2 2 3 1) for a total of: (13)
Arian checked her horsemanship of 10, she rolled 16.

Sir Modes does not bear up so well under the displeasure of the crowd, coming around to give his squire a cuff and scream at him from within his helmet, pointing at the saddle and the saddle girth. The poor young man goes running after the horse, chasing him down and bringing him back while a pair of pages bring the saddle back. The three together get the charger saddled again while Sir Modes rants and raves at them, and then the knight mounts up again, getting another lance from the poor squire. He is being booed even more readily by some, and laughed at by others, by the time he's back ready to charge. Apparently, since they both fell after no strike, there will be another pass. He barely waits for the signal, and then he's charging again. This time his aim is better, striking Sir Arian's shield dead on and riding out her own blow in return.

All it takes is that one pass, and Arian knows she is done. Blaze is not a horse meant for this kind of showmanship, and she can feel him quiver nervously under her. Though she can steady her lance, the weight is uncomfortable compared to her sword. The abrupt strike to her shield causes her to jolt in her saddle once more, and this time she falls several paces along the list to land in the dirt once more. Pain flares up within her, and she feels her body ache. She can hear the crowd — a mix of cheers and boos, and she just rests for a few moments as the noise rolls over her. She suddenly starts to agree with her father — tournaments are silly things. She is not left in the dirt long, as her cousin is quick to her side and is helping her onto her feet.

Sir Modes turns round as he reaches the end of the lists, the prancing horse twisting and turning him before he provides a salute to his fallen foe. Well, he's likely to get a goodly number of boos at his next match as well.

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