(514-05-20) Isolde's Witch
Summary: Isolde competes in the performance round of the tourney, against a young lordling. Her nerves unravel her attempts and her drawing turns ugly… ! (Seth NPC'ed for)
Date: 514-05-20
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The tavern has been arranged for those who have come to compete in the tournament's grand performance. The chairs are faced forward in a semi-circle arrangement facing a dias for the performances to take place. The competition currently set is for the artists amongst the performances. Two great stretched canvas of animal hide have been placed on easels and a small selection of paints are on hand, as well as brushes to which the competitors can use. The one figure already making a showing is a sweet faced young man, who looks eager to demonstrate his prowess.

A young beautiful and shy redhead shows up a little bit late. The common girl nervously rubs her hands into her simple dark brown linen skirt. She chews on her bottom lip for a few seconds, while her eyes scan all the gathered gawkers and other performances. It takes a few deeper inhales for Isolde to dare to step toward one of the easels. She looks the audience one more time, lingering her gaze on some ladies and lords. Then she turns away. Her red hair sway in the air and her pale fingers run over equipments. She chooses the best ones and starts to do her work. The drawing usually takes time, so, likely more than one performance will happen before attention will go back to her.

You make a check for Young Performer at 13, you rolled 5.
Isolde checked its Craft of 15, it rolled 3.

The young man, whose name is Mikhael Melksham, not a knight but a lord all the same, he captivates the audience as he starts to ply his brush to the canvas. It's quick to see that he's attempting to capture the beautiful landscape around Camelot, the sky flashed with pinks and blues - a sunset set perhaps.

Isolde is but a common girl. She is used getting less attention than the nobility. Plus, the audiance has more females than men. So, naturally, their attention falls to the noble man. Plus, people likely expect more from him. The young woman peeks at the crowd again, but soon concentrates on her drawing. Some lines and some curves betray, that she is drawing some sort of a portrait of a female. The long hair are done and she even twines some flowers into the curls.

You make a check for Young Performer at 13, you rolled 7.
Isolde checked its Craft of 15, it rolled 2.

Young Mikhael continues to win the attention of the audience with a dashing smile that he flickers toward the women in the audience, his shoulder and back straight as he continues to paint what looks to be a landscape, leaving room in the artwork for what may be a figure to be painted upon it. Of course, working with the oils, the drying time on this piece is important. It's best not to do something so complicated that needs more than a few layers, as, the time afforded is not clearly as long as a painter does need to create something of great fame! It's just enough to do something simple enough to get them into the next round and to captivate those who lack the skill to paint. Really, Mikhael's piece is something simple compared to the famous painters, though it's the charisma of his paint brush and how swiftly he's doing it that causes most to watch him. He offers a quick check to the common girl's progress, which is considerably behind his own, offering a faint smile all the same.

Isolde, likely, chose the bad tactic. She feels that she is loosing. Her drawing does not have color. Just black and gray. She wanted to make just something as simple as a sketch and catch the audiance with the fact that… yes! Suddenly a woman gasps in an audiance. The lady understands, that Isolde is drawing her portrait. Of course, the artist adds some floral beauty to it, decorating her hair, but still… still not enough to win most of the attention. Her hand starts to tremble.

Isolde checked its Craft of 15, it rolled 18.
You make a check for Young Performer at 13, you rolled 6.

A grand unicorn is painted on the canvas by the young Mikhael! He stands up to indicate that he has finished his piece and turns it to show the audience. The applause comes down for him, even before Isolde fully reveals her own.

Her trembling hand, and the tension of the artists duel… Well… it takes ovee the young woman's talents and she makes a few totally unneeded lines, totally by accident. It ruins the face of a woman, and she looks like an old witch with a few scars. What a few lines may do! So, when she has to reveal her drawing, Iaolde quickly tries to withdraw from an easel and just disappear from the room.

There's applause too for Isolde, though the victor is clearly the young lord and as the judging occurs, that is the final decision. In fact, as the judges try to locate the local artist for the 'witch' she has gone already. There was likely some small gift to be tokened upon the woman for the pressure she endured while competing. Meanwhile, the highest bidder from the crowd will purchase the artwork! All in all, the artist competition was a success as the easels are cleared for the next contestants.

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