(514-05-20) Falconry at its Best
Summary: Landon and Catryn face off with their respective opponents.
Date: 05-20-514
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Seraphina makes a check for Landon's Average Knight at 15, she rolled 4.
Landon checked his Falconry of 6, he rolled 14.
Seraphina makes a check for Catryn's Young Knight at 13, she rolled 17.
You check your falconry at 10, you rolled 1.

Thanks to Seraphina for running the opponents

Falconry was another competition and Catryn left the field where the matches were held and had gone to collect her horse and her Merlin. On horse back, she rides out where the others are gathered for the hunt. The dogs and hunter are on hand to lead them to the prey. The group waits though, for all of the competitors to be present to begin. Taking a look at her squire, who is also on horseback, she ensures her Merlin was fine and protected. He was.

The ride was enough to get Landon's mind off of other matters. He used one of the rouncies for the hunt, the gait not as smooth but the animal was still larger to support his size. It was thus far nameless, as many of the work horses were. Save for his charger and that animal was being saved for the joust. The Baverstock rides with his own hawk already tied to his forearm, the hood keeping the animal at least for now. He check the field of competitors, each with a bird prepared to be sent aloft to come back with a kill.
As the competition starts, he is called forward and asked to free his hawk. The animal is only unhooded after he grouses at it, "Come back this time…" So much for sweet talking it like Nalia had suggested. No sweet talking for it now. Just a harsh uplift of his forearm to send it to flight and a whistle to give it the signal to hunt. Maybe it was the wrong whistle. The bird will fly off, circle for a while, then come back to land without even attempting to hunt. At least it came back! Though the Baverstock sighs and just reties the talons and puts the hood back on, muttering to himself.

When her own name is called, Catryn takes her Merlin, unhooding him with a smirk as the bird tries to dance around on her protected hand to get a better vantage point. Curious bird she had. When she lifts her hand, she murmurs something softly and it takes flight, flapping off in the distance before disappearing. While she waits, she keeps her eyes on where it disappeared and her bird doesn't disappoint. It doesn't bring back something too large for it to carry, but there's something there in its claws big enough for her to take the win against her young competitor. A victory, she praises her bird, murmuring something else to it before putting it away.

Landon's competitor, someone far more skilled in the art of falconry, sends their bird on and unlike the Baverstock's bird, it comes back with another bird, probably a pheasant from the colourful feathers clutched in its talons. Landon watches with a darkening face as the victory is given over to his opponent and he's left sitting there with a useless bird on his arm. "Or maybe I'm useless-" he confides in the animal, turning to watch the Burcombe's own success with a cringe.

With her own opponent also scoring, but the game smaller, Catryn is declared the winner of the match and moves ahead in the challenge to the next, at some point, where the matches would be announced. Seeing the Baverstock, she doesn't realize he hadn't won, but for the moment she offers nothing other than a nod of recognition or acknowledgement. Her match done, she looks towards her squire. "Time to go for now, a rest before more matches later."

The Baverstock hisses his breath against his teeth, as he snaps the reins of his rouncy and takes off at a lope - his hawk flapping wings as it screeches in protest against the swift movmeent.

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