(514-05-20) Cynrain's Joust
Summary: One Hit Wonder
Date: 05-20-514
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and special thanks to Galahad

Having heard Cynrain mention a joust, Catryn follows after he had gone so she can stand on the sides and watch as he rides. Curious, she remains there, watching the horses whenever they do come to the list, ready to cheer him on.

Cynrain makes some final adjustments to his armor as he settles into the saddle. He touches the ribbon on his left bicep and looks around to see if Sir Catryn was able to make it. He turns his head down the line to see his opponent, another young knight like himself. Finally, he spots Catryn and smiles from behind his helmet. Turning his attention back to the opponent, he lifts his lance in salute and awaits the signal to advance.

The opponent is a fresh-faced knight, perhaps barely out of squirehood. His armor is clean and new, and he seems a bit fearful, perhaps hesitant, as his horse trots out into the lists. Offering a salute across the field to Cynrain, he waits for the marshal to signal the start of the tourney before galloping towards the other man.

Cynrain checked his lance of 15, he rolled 5.
Galahad makes a check for Young Knight lance at 13, it rolled 1.
Cynrain rolls 6d6 and gets (3 5 6 4 6 6) for a total of: (30)

Once the signal is given, Cynrain charges forward. He sees the nervousness in the other rider and smirks. The black knight was a true challenge and he managed to stay on his horse a few times before the black knight finally succeeded. As they charge towards one another, he remembers how he felt when Catryn was disgusted with him. His eyes narrow.. not today. His lance connects against the youthful knight and he sends him from his horse.

Indeed, the young knight is thrown off his mount in such an expedient way the marshal lifts the flag, signalling the end of the match. Cynrain is awarded the win, and a squire helps the younger knight out of the arena.

Cynrain finally dismounts and walks towards Catryn as he removes his helmet. He smiles slightly at her and says, "Well that went better than last time."

"Those are the best kinds." Catryn agrees easily, casting an almost sympathetic look towards the bested knight. "I need to go see to my squire now, had to watch your match.

Cynrain nods to her, "Of course.." he dips his head, "Thank you for witnessing."

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