(514-05-20) Cousins?
Summary: Catryn and Neroven have a challenge!
Date: 05-20-514
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Neroven jerks awake, apparently having dozed off in the stands. "What the?" He frowns as he stands up and cracks his back. "That's going to hurt in the morning." He reorients himself with his current environment.

Catryn walks over and hovers over Neroven with a half smile. "You have taken to sleeping in the stands now? How about you find your feet and we make a spar more official like. First to three?"

Neroven grumbles at being called out for sleeping in the stands. "Sure, sure, first to three touch, right?" He unsheathes his rebated blade and heads down to the actual grounds. Once there, he gets into a ready stance. "Whenever you'd like to start, I'm ready." He grins in anticipation.

"Yes, first to three contact. I am ready, come take the field with me." Catryn doesn't wait, but his legs were longer, he could catch up with her easily. Once on the field, her squire meets her with the shield and sword and helm. She takes the first and third and dons them. Her sword is next. "At your ready."

Neroven chuckles, "Very well, let's go." He launches himself forward, closing the distance quickly, and makes a downward diagonal slash, aimed at her right shoulder…

Neroven checked his sword of 15, he rolled 17.
Bartimaeus rolls 5d6 and gets (1 6 6 5 3) for a total of: (21)
Critical Success!
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 15.
Catryn rolls 8d6 and gets (4 5 6 4 5 1 2 5) for a total of: (32)
Neroven checked his dex of 9, he rolled 16.

Well, there's a first time for everything, but as it happens, whenever Morag's around, Catryn does really well against her opponents. Now, truth be told, this likely has everything to do with Catryn Burcombe's knightly skills and nothing to do with Morag's presence, or maybe the former finds a little bit of rally and inspiration from the presence of the latter, but regardless, it's likely fortunate for Cat since she's started her fight that her younger half-sister has arrived. Not wanting to be stand-offish, Morag does spare a moment to see if any other spectators are gathered so she can join them.

Catryn would argue the point and say Morag is indeed her good luck charm. When Neroven comes at her, she swings with precision, striking her opponent strong and on target, successfully scoring the first point. If he falls, she allows him to get to his feet, stepping back. "At your ready again, Sir."

Neroven grins and chuckles. "That's one point to you. Let's see if I can even the score." He stands up and makes a downward vertical slash with the rebated blade…

Neroven checked his sword of 15, he rolled 17.
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 8.
Catryn rolls 4d6 and gets (2 1 5 1) for a total of: (9)

Yes, Morag is her good luck charm and Catryn will never think any differently. When Neroven swings, she deftly avoids the blade and makes contact, effectively scoring the second point. Her opponent was big, but she was quicker and she prepares for another strike, to defens.

Neroven grumbles half-heartedly. "Today is not my day." He twirls the blade. "Oh well, no sense in giving up without a fight." He makes a quick horizontal slash with the rebated blade…

Neroven checked his sword of 15, he rolled 11.
You check your sword at 15, you rolled 8.
Neroven rolls 6d6 and gets (6 2 4 1 3 6) for a total of: (22)

Aftering grabbing a meal and a little bit of rest for his sore body, Elrick dons his armor and kit once more, then ventures back to the Tourney Grounds. Upon arriving, he sees the familiar sight of knights dueling on the open areas, some knights he recognizes, some he doesn't. He does move to join the others in watching, shield already strapped to his left arm showing that he is open for challenge if someone wishes. For now though, the Laverstock's gaze shifts from one duel to the other, and back.

"Well fought indeed," Ewin replies, offering his hand to Bartimaeus in friendship. "I am sure you will do well in the Tourney. You have done your House and your Lord honor today." And once again, Ewin heads off to the side to recover rom he challenge.

Oomph, Catryn takes the hit, the larger man making it quite a hit and at the horizontal and it knocks her back to the ground. Taking her feet again, she rubs a spot on her stomach. "Nice hit." But the look of concentration returns to her features and she hangs back and watches his shoulders, waiting for the movement that would either allow her to block and score, or take another hard hit.. she tries to make it the former.

Cynrain watches his betrothed fight his cousin. He keeps his arms crossed as his head watches the exchange. He turns towards Elrick and approaches. He places a fist against his chest and then raises it in salute, "Good day, Sir Knight. I wish to challenge you if it is an option." he offers a friendly smile.

Neroven nods, "Thank you." He thrusts his rebated blade, aimed right at center of mass…

Neroven checked his sword of 15, he rolled 3.

You check your sword at 15, you rolled 7.
Catryn rolls 4d6 and gets (4 1 6 1) for a total of: (12)

This time Catryn is too quick for him and her shield is in place and takes the bulk of the hit when it comes. Her own though manages to strike her soon to be cousin and she takes a step back, bowing her head. "Well fought."

When one of the knights nearby that was also spectating challenges him to a duel, Elrick turns to face the other man. Inclining his head respectfully, the Laverstock accepts the challenge issued by Cynrain, "Good day, it is indeed an option and I accept. Let us find a clear spot so we do not impede the others and they us." As he heads towards one of the more open areas, Elrick also introduces himself, "I am Sir Elrick de Laverstock, brother to Sir Lainn and Sir Arian."

"Well fought." Morag offers to Bartimaeus and Ewin politely. And then there's Cynrain, and she lifts her hand in cheerful greeting. "You're just in time!" she calls out, eyes shining. "I think Cat's going to win - " Did Cat just win? You take your eyes off for a second, and well. There you go. She claps and calls out happily, "Burcombe!" before grinning back to Cynrain. "I saw your favor on Cat's arm."
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Neroven grins, not too upset with the defeat. "Well fought, Catryn." He flexes his shoulders. "I'm doing horribly in battle today," He said cheerfully, only a slight twitch of his eyebrows giving away his self-directed irritation. "Then again, I'm having fun, so it's not all too bad." He shrugs. He sheathes the rebated blade.

At some point during her younger brother's fight Nerys slipped out of the stands and went to find her armor, and has once more returned to the fields. The tall woman doesn't appear to be looking around for anyone in particular, or even anyone in general. Simply once more settling in to watch the fights that are taking place, waiting for her own time perhaps.

Cynrain looks to Morag and offers a warm smile. Catryn's favor still remains on his left bicep. A ribbon tied securely. He nods to Morag, "I hope the day finds you well, mi'Lady.." turning to his squire, he takes his sword and shield in hand. Facing Elrick, Cynrain steps towards him and away from the squire and Morag. He keeps his blade lowered as he speaks, "My name is Sir Cynrain de Durnford, Second son of Sir Owain de Durnford, Head of House Durnford. Carrying the favor of Sir Catryn de Burcombe, it will be my honor to face you on this day." he claps his sword to his wooden shield, a loud thump pulsates from the shield. He nods to Elrick, "I stand ready."

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