(514-05-19) Wylye versus Baverstock
Summary: Two young knights who also happen to be the Lord Knights of their manors meet each other in a tourney challenge.
Date: May 19th, 514
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Carlion Countryside - Carlion

Rolling hills, and wooded thickets make up much the countryside of Carlion, with the river Usk cutting a green path from the north, past the city, and emptying into the ocean to the south. Two notable things are visible from the countryside immediately surrounding Carlion, the first is the stone castle that sits atop a hill at Carlion, the second the ships docked near the mouth of the Usk river, part of the kingdoms navy.

The area outside of Carlion seems the place to be on this morning, where a number of knights and other onlookers have gathered to witness - and some even perform - the challenges that accompany the other, more organized contests of a tournament. Bryce de Baverstock is among those standing and watching, at least he has been, so far. But his martial attire of maille and blunted sword and tourney shield mark him to be more than a mere observer - as does the favor of a pendant twined with red and blue ribbon wound about his right arm - even if he has observed a few pairings from afar already. He seems to have recovered from his defeat in the first round of the jousts, being eliminated from that contest already. So, the duels might be the next thing to try. The Baverstock is of rather short built compared to some huge specimen of knights, moving with a swiftness that comes with a lanky physique.

One challenge has just concluded, and Bryce applauds the winner with moderate enthusiasm, as he assesses both the winner and the loser of the match. This is when his dark gaze sweeps over those gathered and spots a familiar face - at which his expression deepens into are more pronounced smile. Were it not for the slightly competitive glint in his eyes.

"Sir Rowan de Wylye," Bryce greets as he approaches the man, a brief glance to Carl signalling for the squire to follow along. "I am glad to see you… and I wonder if you would care to settle our recent agreement by doing me the honor of accepting my challenge." A rather courteous version of a challenge, that; and it comes with a good-natured chuckle.

The Baverstock was short, but the Wylye was even shorter! As such, he was not terribly difficult to find amongst the crowd. His rest from his last match with his Dinton friend - which was quite the close bout - is interrupted by another friendly presence, but not one he greets with dismay or hostility. His brown eyes lift from his fixation on his boots and regard Bryce curiously, recognition filling his gaze. “Ah, Sir Bryce. I thought I might find you here, eventually.” He dusts straightens and dusts himself off. “You find me instead.” The Wylye knight nods and retrieves the blunted blade he discarded from his earlier match. “I accept your challenge. First to three hits?”

Dark eyes linger on the Wylye in a friendly assessing manner, meeting the gaze of the other knight even as Bryce inclines his head to Rowan’s remark. “Does that mean, you were looking for me?”, he inquires, before his gaze flits temporarily to where he leans on the pommel of the tourney sword, “but in fact, it is what everyone has come here for… to test our prowess, is it not?” A nod comes in response to the question, “Aye, first to three hits.” With that confirmed, Bryce de Baverstock straightens, extending his left arm for Carl to help him don the shield. And once that has been seen to, he moves into the space that has been cleared for the challenges, waiting there for Rowan to join him. The sword is raised in salute, before Sir Bryce launches his first attack, swinging his sword in a determined strike that aims for Sir Rowan’s ribcage.

Critical Fail!
Rowan checked his sword of 15, he rolled 20.
Bryce checked his Sword at 13, he rolled 12.
Bryce rolls 4d6 and gets (6 2 1 2) for a total of: (11)

Rowan makes a thoughtful noise as he contemplates his answer. “I may have been hoping to see you among those on the field, as well as one other who has yet to make an appearance…” He admits ruefully. “But you are correct. It is the nature of the contest.” He gives the sword in his hand an idle test swing. His shield was then fitted back onto his arm with little difficulty. If Rowan has a squire himself, he has yet to be seen by anyone participating in the tournament. When everything was ready, he nods his consent to begin the duel, opting for a defensive posture to start with. This, however, does not bode well for him: the force behind Bryce’s initial blow startles him and his blade is unexpectedly wrenched from his hand. He scrambles to retrieve it, also having lost his balance in the confusion. “I-impressive…” he mutters. He gets to his feet and lunges forward at Bryce, eager to gain control of the duel and to keep him from getting too confident!

Rowan checked his sword of 15, he rolled 3.
Bryce checked his Sword at 13, he rolled 11.
Bryce rolls 4d6 and gets (6 5 2 3) for a total of: (16)
Rowan checked his dex of 14, he rolled 5.

Bryce has been a knight for almost a year now, so he is already among those fortunate knights that have a squire. Carl is soon done with his help in regards to the shield and moves to the side, watching with wide-eyed awe as Bryce engages in the first round of blows that are to be exchanged between him and Sir Rowan. The Baverstock seems to be quite determined to at least be the first to have his sword strike home, it shows in the momentum, and the rather daring angle, the impact of his blade crashing against the Wylye’s sword enough to disarm Sir Rowan, and even make him stumble and fall. Even so, surprise flashes in the Baverstock’s mien, and he lowers his sword at once, stepping forward to give Rowan a hand and help him back up. The mutter is met with a downwards tip of his head. Bryce will wait until his opponent stands and has reclaimed his sword from the ground, even allowing him to attack. And attack Rowan does, Bryce lifting his shield to deflect the blow and let the blade glance off, as he brings his own sword down against the other knight’s left leg - and scores his second hit.

By contrast, Rowan was knighted only this past winter! Not that it affected his confidence any. He allows the Baverstock to assist him in getting back to his feet, but his next lunge and the following slash do not meet their intended mark, instead being blocked by his opponent’s deft shield. His brows furrow in mild consternation after receiving the blow to his leg, but he remains standing. Backing up, he takes a moment to regain his bearings. “I think I may have underestimated you…” He admits, his brown eyes still assessing the man before him. “But the better shall win.” He circles Bryce once, then lashes out with his blunted blade, at Bryce’s right side. He doesn’t need strength or force, he thinks, only to catch him off guard…

Rowan checked his sword of 15, he rolled 4.
Bryce checked his Sword at 13, he rolled 10.
Bryce rolls 4d6 and gets (2 1 6 6) for a total of: (15)
Rowan checked his dex of 14, he rolled 2.

A hint of a smile tugs at the lips of Bryce de Baverstock when he manages to block Rowan’s tourney blade and his own weapon connects with the maille covering the other’s leg instead. “Some do,” is the brief reply to Rowan’s admission of having underestimated him, offered in a tone that is laced with amusement and confidence. Bryce takes a sideward step, attention remaining on his opponent while allowing him a moment to consider his tactics. He remains where he is, turning to keep Rowan in his view as he starts to circle him, once again leaving the initiative to the Wylye to come at him. Which he does, eventually, and it will be then that Bryce own blade gets through a gap in Rowan’s defense in the moment he lunges forward. The Baverstock’s tourney sword hits home, finding its aim of Rowan’s left shoulder, while the red and black tourney shield saves Bryce once again from Rowan’s blade.

Foiled by the shield yet again! It appears the Wylye’s missteps before may have lost him the chance to make a comeback, but Rowan withdraws and lowers his blade in an obvious yielding gesture. He has felt worse pain, but it is evident by the small frown he wears that he was less than pleased with his performance in their duel. “That’s three. You win, Sir Bryce. A victory well-earned.” He raises his hand to gently rub the assaulted shoulder. “I dare say you may be a contender for the rest of the contest, too. Have you faced any others yet?” Rowan asks with a hint of curiosity lacing his tone. “I haven’t been having much luck myself…”

Critical Success!
Bryce checked his Modest at 13, he rolled 13.

The yielding is acknowledged with a curt nod, Bryce lowering his blade as well. “Three lucky hits, Sir Rowan. You were a competent opponent,” he says with a faint smile curling his lips. “In fact, I had hesitated to enter the challenges after all. I am… not the paragon of the strong towering knight, and I…” Bryce gaze flits to his right arm where he wears the favor, “know someone who would indeed fret if she knew.” A bit of fond amusement there, in the dark gaze of the Baverstock as he lifts his eyes to meet Rowan de Wylye’s look. “You have been the first I faced in a challenge today. Maybe I’ll challenge my own brother later, or face some challenges in turn. But even so…” Noting the dimmed enthusiasm which is the natural consequence of defeat, Bryce assures: “I am sure you’ll have other challenges, and other contests to shine. I have been chosen to fight for Earl Robert in the Grand Melee. It will be much different from the organized and orderly course of a duel, I am sure.”

His gaze drifts to the favor worn upon Bryce’s arm and he tilts his head thoughtfully. “Ahh. You have someone special wishing you well, I see. All the more reason to get out there and use the luck such a gift bestows, I’d say.” If such superstition was to be believed! Rowan retreats from the duel clearing, leisurely, but still keeping his attention on the conversation. “Size is merely one component, Sir Bryce. I wouldn’t let that dissuade you; thinking quickly is just as vital, and it seems you do that very well.” There is a faint trace of a smile on his lips. “I will continue to compete, but I think I’ll rest first. I wish you luck, as well. I think you’ll continue to surprise yourself.”

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