(514-05-19) Furry Falconry
Summary: Sir Catryn continues to climb the falconry rungs, until her match is met
Date: 514-05-19
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Catryn checked her falconry of 10, she rolled 7.

A knight of Cameliard is out in the groups at the fields today. With Catryn, he seems pushing towards middle age, with a massive mustache nearly covering his lips, hanging over the sids of them for certain. "Well, this should be good, I am certainly lucky with the company." He admits, as the hounds are sent to the thick foilage to find them some game. "I am sure you get this alot, but I am lucky to have been assigned to you this trip. Such a lovely face, how could one complain." He could just be old and nice, but he has his bird ready to go. His dogs chase game and he releases his falcon.

You make a check for Falconry for the mustached Knight at 15, you rolled 11.

Catryn checked her falconry of 10, she rolled 12.

Riding her more sedate horse, Catryn has her Merlin already on hand, she's glancing over at the knight with a speculative expression. "I think it just might be refreshing to realize someone doesn't know my name or reputation." There's a look towards the dogs, her own group with the hunter, and she releases her Merlin, watching it fly off. "Are you going to let me win?"

Catryn checked her flirting of 3, she rolled 15.

The birds are aloft. The man turns to her, "Truly, it cannot be this bad. I would like to think anyone should do their best to win a smile from you, good woman." A grin even, he twists his mustache. "I would, but my bird is aloft. Besides, there is a purse to win somewhere in all this." Half a grin more, "I might find it better to take the purse and split the winnings with you should you let me win?" The attempt to get him to throw the game didn't help, in fact he's turned it back on her it would seem.

You make a check for Flirting by the more mature knight at 8, you rolled 9.

Catryn checked her awareness of 10, she rolled 3.

It's something to think about anyway, Catryn glances towards where the birds had disappeared. Was that hers coming back with a small prey? "Yes!" She smiles dazzingly to her opponent to get his attention. "I accept, sir, half your purse should you go on to win the competition. And should I win, I will share half with you."

The bird's remain in persuit of the prey, giving a few minutes to talk of course. The older fellow grins at that smile, assuming the flirting worked of course, nothing to do with a want for half the prize. "Ah, and we have this accord. I suppose I should ponder what it takes to enjoy a drink with you after we split our prize? If I win, I would gladly pay for the first round." He leans over just a little, "And those fellows back home, or ignorant, to not realize how valuable that smile is."

When he leans in, Catryn gives him an arched brow look, but the remnants of her smile are still there. "Half the purse and a drink? Only if you win, and it's a deal, I would be honored to be bought a drink by the winner." Her own bird is slowly returning and it's a rather impressive kill. Triumph flashes in her eyes, thinking she has it in the bag.

"And me to have the prettiest girl from …" he has no idea, "Definitely something to compete for." Her bird is coming with its catch, but then his emerges with a larger, more difficult bird even. Showing his skill in falconry. He eyes it, as she might hers, "Ah, a good catch, one step closer to that company I think."

There's a wistful look given to him over his catch as her own brings the results of her challenge. Catryn had lost. She hangs her head briefly. "Well done, and I am from Salisbury, House Burcombe." Lifting her head she nods, "Sir Catryn. And you are the victor today."

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