(514-05-19) Fly Like A Bird
Summary: A group go off to compete in the Falconry event at the Tourney
Date: 514-05-19
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Cyndeyrn makes a check for Brynmor's Average Knight at 15, he rolled 2.
Brynmor checked his falconry at 10, he rolled 15.
Cyndeyrn makes a check for Fayne's Notable Knight at 17, he rolled 9.
Fayne checked his Falconry of 9, he rolled 5.
Critical Fail!
Cyndeyrn makes a check for Syndra's Average Knight at 15, he rolled 20.
Syndra checked her Falconry of 10, she rolled 8.
Critical Fail!
Bronwen checked her falconry of 10, she rolled 20.
Cyndeyrn checked his falconry of 10, he rolled 4.

There is to be some official falconry for the tourney today, held in the hills outside the city where the birds will not accidentally pluck out any royal eyeballs. While the sport is usually a largely social affair, with more riding around and talking than actual hawking, the competition limits that somewhat. Several of the knights accompanying this group are from other neighboring counties, and may know one another for some light conversation, but others are more aloof, or ignore Brynmor and Cyndeyrn in favor of speaking with the two ladies along to compete, obviously thinking of them as potential prizes themselves, not as rival competitors!

Reaching some hilly area, the huntsmen leading the expedition set out, moving into the bushes and grass to see what they can stir up for the waiting hawkers, who must then each send out their birds (and generally not at the same time, which might cause danger of damage to the valuable animals). The various knights mostly do reasonably well, bringing back average game, save for one whose bird goes flitting off and must chase it down with a lure.

Brynmor was never meant to be the greatest of falconers to step foot in Carlion or beyond. Today goes to illustrate this very well. Having just finished one bad joust, Brynmor was hoping that this was the more relaxing of the tournament events. And in a way, it was. Boredly, his blue eyes follow the path of his average in every way opponent, whose own bird was pretty darn average and who did a rather average job, to boot, in hunting down some little rodent or other that it could get its greedy, but average claws on. Brynmor's bird, however, is just as handsome as the Steeple Langford is, so majestic and divine. So when his arm is outstretched, the glorious falcon soars high into the air. And far. Very far…. It's quite the prideful thing, really and so away it goes. And all that Brynmor can do is watch with those same dull eyes. "Maybe I should have gotten an average bird."

Oh, what delightful fun! Bronwen is greatly enthused by the whole idea of the outing and seems blissfully ignorant of any competitive aspect. Yes, even if the others seem so focused on winning that they let the proper social etiquette fail, she does no such thing, engaging in polite (and nearly incessant) chatter as they ride! Of course, it seems some of these various knights are intent on paying -her- a little special attention anyway, which she is likewise wholly unbothered by, allowing the men to flirt and show off as they may, and occasionally giggling in response. But when it comes to her turn she releases her bird and it just… keeps going, for a while. "Oh, oh… oh dear!"

Cyndeyrn's turn follows directly after Bronwen's, who he is set to compete against. And seeing the young lady in her state of distress, naturally it becomes his knightly duty to assist! "Let us pause a moment, I would not send my bird out until we are sure the Lady's is returned safely." And thus he turns toward Bronwen. "Do not fret, my lady. The bird will return to you, especially if you put out some lure for it, though you may need to take some effort in doing so. Shall we ride after it? I will assist in covering some extra ground, and make sure you do not run into any trouble riding in the brush." Of course, this may inspire some angry glances from the other knights who seem to have been angling for the petite woman's favor as well!

And so with some time, the young woman's bird will be reclaimed, and only after this long interruption are things picked up again. Cyndeyrn's bird is finally flown, and returns with a kill of some kind, enough to win, though he dips his head to the woman soon after. "I am sorry our competition could not have been more pleasant for you."

"Well, now that was fun." Brynmor says dryly, his angry eyes still on that stupid bird. And in the end, this is how Brynmor lost his bird since Cyndeyrn was too much of a jerk to not assist!

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