(514-05-19) Challenges and Swords
Summary: Several more personal challenges… Kamron's axe breaks… again.
Date: May 19, 514
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With the melee still several days in the future, Kamron de Dinton is out on the Tournament grounds with his tall, gangly squire Jonnin "Newt" de Newton. Without any immediate competition, he is walking his squire through his paces, facing off with shield and wooden axe against Newt's rebated sword, moving at a slow pace that does not threaten to harm either one of them.

Making his way into the tourney grounds is a young man that is easy to spot, mostly as few knights stand at six feet in height. Bradwyn makes his way over to the area for challenges, perhaps deciding to play spectator for now. He is wearing his full armor and does have his shield, perhaps debating if he should take part or not.

Kamron takes a slowed sword-blow to his shield, tilting it up to push the swing over his head as he ducks and sidesteps to his left. His axe darts out to tag his squire lightly in the stomach, "You see what I did there, Newt? You have to keep your swings under control." Poor Newt 'oofs' softly at the light impact, backing up and nodding, "Yessir. Makes sense." The squire glances over to the newcomer, clearing his throat and nodding toward the taller knight. Kamron backs up, turning to look to the newcomer as well, "Well met, sir. Are you looking for some exercise?"

Bradwyn looks to the pair and smiles softly saying, "I'm concerned the Squire might have trouble against me. Though if he wishes to challenge someone taller…" trailing off as he turns to face them. His tone isn't condescending nor a challenge or insult. Seems to be more a case of good-natured jest towards the squire, no harm meant to either party as he makes no attempt to reach for his shield, nor one of the ablated weapons.

Kamron chuckles at the comment, shaking his head in amusement. Apparently, he doesn't take himself too seriously. "Oh, I wasn't thinking with Newt, sir knight. I was thinking with myself." And his grin crooks up at one corner, "So long as you don't mind facing an axe, rather than a sword, that is. Some knights don't much like practicing against a weapon favored by the Saxons, although I should think that they would want the training."

Bradwyn nods and says, "Like their shields too much I'd imagine. Sir Bradwyn de Idmiston." offer his arm.

Kamron hefts the wooden-bladed axe, chuckling as he does, "Oh, I don't think this is much of a threat to a shield. The real thing, sure, but not so much this. I think your paint job is safe." Shifting the axe to his left hand with the straps of his shield, he advances to clasp forearms with the other knight, "Sir Kamron de Dinton. A pleasure to meet you, Sir Bradwyn." Gesturing behind him, he adds, "My squire, Jonnin de Newton. Newt." The last is a direction, and he ducks his head so that Newt can put the heavy bucket helm over Kamron's head.

Bradwyn nods to Kam and says, "Ah House Dinton. Your family gave me shelter on a stormy day on my way by to my family's home from the lands of House Tisbury. I met Lady Amaletha, Lady Lysanor, and Lady Huelwen. They extended the hospitality of true nobility. Your House has my thanks." Looking to the squire, he offers a nod and says, "Form is a bit lacking, but I'm sure he'll improve with time."

Kamron lifts his brows at the first note, but then his features are covered by the helmet, and he nods slowly, "Well, you know our words… Family and Faith. We are proud of our family, and happy to provide hospitality among it." The commentary on Newt draws a little shrug from the knight, "He's new to squiring. I certainly have my work cut out for me." And for the sake of his poor squire, he adds, "Although he has a good foundation to work with." Taking his practice axe back into his right hand, he adds, "When you are ready, Sir Bradwyn."

Bradwyn nods and pulls his shield off, which actually has no paint on it at all, though he does have his family's colors. Getting an ablated sword from the nearby racks, after all with so many knights it helps to have spares. Bradwyn then moves into the challenge area and looks to the squire, "Watch and study." His tone seems more general advice than a declaration of who is better, in fact he doesn't seem imply either of them will win, more like a general declaration to learn.

Kamron checked his axe at 15, he rolled 14.
Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 14.

Kamron advances once Bradwyn gives his ready, Jonnin watching intently. Kamron feints a step to his right, and then slides to his left, his shield kept close against his left side and his axe swinging up and over, aiming to crack down atop Bradwyn's right shoulder. Unfortunately, his axe has been repaired at least once too many times, and when it strikes either sword or shield, the head comes off with a crack, tumbling past Bradwyn to thump into the trampled grass on the other side. Inside his helmet, Kamron bites back a curse, half-turning his head back to his squire to call, "Newt! Sword." The young man jumps, nearly dropping the rebated weapon he was holding, and then starts forward, holding out the hilt first.

Bradwyn swings well and cracks the haft of the training ax. As the ax head goes flying he nods respectfully and as Kamron waits for a new weapon Bradwyn steps over to kick the ax head out of the ring, then returns and nods he is ready to wait for the next engagement.

Kamron checked his sword at 10, he rolled 5.
Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 19.
Kamron rolls 4d6 and gets (5 2 6 6) for a total of: (19)
Bradwyn checked his dex of 10, he rolled 3.

Kamron nods his head as Bradwyn holds back, "Neatly done, sir. And honorably." He grasps the rebated sword, swinging it about for a moment to get the feel of it, and then he nods once more, advancing on his foe. This time, he slams his shield forward first, aiming to knock Bradwyn's shield off-line so that he can dart a quick thrust in toward the other knight's stomach with the rounded tip of the practice blade.

Engaged at the tourney grounds, the giant of a man Bradwyn faces off against the much smaller Sir Kamron. Drawing close once more, Kamron's shield bash nullified Bradwyn's shield and throw shim off granting Kamron his first strike against his taller opponent, one to zero strikes in the shorter knight's favor.

Kamron checked his sword at 10, he rolled 1.
Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 14.
Bradwyn rolls 5d6 and gets (1 1 2 1 2) for a total of: (7)

Kamron sidesteps to his left as he makes his strike, drawing back and shaking out his right hand with the unfamiliar weapon as he continues circling. Once more, he makes the first offensive step, slashing out with his sword in an attempt to loop it around the other man's shield, not quite stepping far enough back to his right to get all the way around Bradwyn's defenses. He rocks back under the other man's strike, soaking up most of the strike but still taking a hit to his mail. "One all."

Bradwyn watches Kamron move in and moves quickly. His shield swinging out to knock the oncoming blade away and swings his own sword down, not the hardest hit but a hit nevertheless, leaving the two tied at one strike each.

Kamron checked his sword at 10, he rolled 5.
Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 19.
Kamron rolls 4d6 and gets (1 3 5 5) for a total of: (14)

Gwynaelle happens by the challenge going on, and recognizing her cousin, pauses to watch. Lysette, her handmaiden, seems to way to urge her to continue on to the family's tents, but she shakes her head, instead, watching.

Standing on the field is a tiny figure in light steel chainmail. Sir Rhaine cannot seem to get anyone to pay her any mind never mind challenge her. The little blonde lady and knight glowers in frustration a she scans the area looking for someone willing to face her. Beside her a red haired lanky lass holds her knights helmet and tries not to look too amused.

Kamron continues his movement to his right, taking a page from his axe handbook (that he couldn't read anyhow if it was an actual thing), curling his shield off to his right to hook the edge past the edge of Bradwyn's own shield to pull it out of the way so that he can loop his sword around to slash at the left side of Bradwyn's ribcage.

Bradwyn's focus is on the match, taken by surprised given the atyical tactic with the shield, he takes a good blow to his side though he doesn't even stumble as he seeks to even things out once more as Kamron gains the lead of two to one.

Kamron checked his sword at 10, he rolled 18.
Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 14.
Bradwyn rolls 5d6 and gets (5 6 2 3 3) for a total of: (19)
Kamron checked his dex at 13, he rolled 9.

Kamron draws back a moment as he gets around to Bradwyn's left, giving himself time to recover from overextending himself in that direction. Once more, he strikes overhead when he advances, but the sword is not an axe, and it cannot curl past the top of the taller knight's shield, instead merely striking solidly. He takes a meaty blow in return, letting out a huff of air but keeping his feet, "Two apiece. Nicely landed, Sir Bradwyn."

Having spent the past few moments alternately watching Kamron's duel and directing thoughtful looks toward the lone little knight standing so grumpily in a field, Bartimaeus lifts his rounded helm from beneath his arm and lowers it onto his head. Shield on back, the priest makes his way out of the milling crowd of knights and steps onto the green across from Rhaine. He isn't' a large man, though his slate-grey armor gives his lean frame some bulk.
"Sir knight." He states, placid baritone muffled a bit by his heavy metal helm. "If you would do me the honor of accepting my challenge? I am Bartimaeus de Bishopstone." There is no hint of teasing or humor in the quiet voice. NOR a note of pity for the lack of attention she had been getting. There is, however, a note of idle respect.

Blue eyes widen a little as Rhaine is addressed by Bartimaeus. She studies the man a moment and then bows her head in a gesture of respect. "I accept your challenge Sir Bartimaeus. I am Sir Rhaine de Wylye and it will be a pleasure to face you." She takes her helmet from a surprised looking red haired squire and once its on she draws her blade stepping with grace up to face the larger man. She watches him carefully bright blue eyes alert from behind her helmet. She is taking this challenge seriously but calmly. Her blade is held at the ready and she nods to the Bishopstone knight, a sign that she is ready to begin.

Blue eyes turn from one knight to another as weapons flash, hitting upon shields back and forth. Gwynaelle worries her bottom lip a little as her cousin trades blows with the other knight. Hearing words offered to a knight nearby, the lady of Idmiston turns to see Bart offer challenge to Rhaine, shifting so she might watch the two of them as well, her gaze going from one pair of knights to the other in turn. Lysette sighs, stepping back a little once it becomes clear she won't talk hre lady out of watching the challenges.

Bartimaeus returns Rhaine's nod, shrugging his shield down from his back and looping it neatly onto his arm. Presenting the painted face (that of an indigo crook and scythe crossed under a white sun on a field of sky blue), the priest draws his blade with a ringing 'SHHHRING!' The scratched blade appears deadly sharp as he lifts it overhead in salute, the sun glinting from the silvery metal.
"Very well Sir Rhaine." Bartimaeus states calmly. "I have not a rebated blade, but I assure you it is not my intention to wet this field with the blood of allies. If you trust the steadiness of my hand, advance."

Bradwyn nods in response to Kamron, remainign silent. As the much shorter knight moves in once more Bradwyn just brigns his sword down as though Kamron was a child, but to the shorter knight's credit he takes the blow like a champ and is given a respectful nod as they engage to see who will land the final blow.

Kamron checked his sword at 10, he rolled 7.
Bradwyn checked his sword of 15, he rolled 19.
Kamron rolls 4d6 and gets (1 5 2 4) for a total of: (12)

Rhaine eyes Bartimaeus and his blade breifly. "I don't tend to trust men to play fair, but I trust fully in my ability to endure and get back up." She remarks calmly before advancing on him. She circles feinting to the right before twisting and trying to aim a strike under his shield. Her own shield bares the crest of Wylye on it and is held ready to defend.

Rhaine checked her sword of 15, she rolled 14.
Bartimaeus checked his sword of 15, he rolled 5.
Rhaine rolls 4d6 and gets (3 1 1 5) for a total of: (10)

Kamron works his twice-hit left shoulder, grimacing inside his helmet. Turning his left side almost entirely toward the Idmiston, he tucks his sword in behind his shield, doing his best to hide it from the other man at the cost of a little less flexibility. Shifting this way and that, he looks for his opening… and when it comes the sword flickers out from behind the suddenly-lowered shield, aiming a stop-thrust at Bradwyn's right arm as it comes in for his own strike.

Bradwyn watches Kamron, so close to a win, perhaps over-confidence, perhaps luck, perhaps an unfamiliar tactic but whatever the case the taller knight takes a blow to the arm, and nods as though it were nothing. With a salute of his sword he says, "Well struck Sir Kamron." and proceeds to leave the challenge field, then spots Gwyn and says, "Don't start." with a playful wink to his cousin as though expecting some joke as he walks over and extends an arm to greet her with a hug if she will permit.

"Do not trust my word as a man, Sir Rhaine." Bartimaeus says, muffled voice perfectly placid though his face is thrown into shadow by the bars of his helm, "But please do trust me as a knight, and priest of God." There is no time for further words, as the tiny knight has closed the distance between them and begun her faint.
AS Sir Rhaine's sword goes wide, Bartimaeus lifts and angles his shield, bracing for impact. This exposes his calf, planted forward for stability, and leaves him open for the first touch. His gleaming blade darts out to try and catch hers at the last moment, but he is not nearly so quick as she and her blade thumps him firmly on the greave.
The Bishopstone does not speak further, choosing instead to press forward a step and swing his silvery blade up and over his opponent's head in a hard descending blow aimed for her left shoulder. There is real force behind the strike, though she may be able to tell that he is holding back to keep from splitting her mail.

Gwynaelle winces slightly when that hit comes to her cousin, a slight shake of her head given to some idle thought. She offers Bradwyn a smile, an innocent look to cross her face then he tells her to hush, eyes widening just a little, "I was not going to say a thing.." She answers, only to laugh softly, accepting the hug when it comes her direction, "Well fought, what I saw.." She does say after drawing away, a brief wince coming to her face when her foot is placed upon a rock, causing her to stumble a little in place.

Kamron returns the salute, "Well-fought, Sir Bradwyn. It's an honor." As the other man leaves the field, Kamron looks to his squire, and the tall, gangly youth scurries forward to snag the fallen haft and head of the wooden practice axe, already starting to fit them back together. For his own part, Kamron grounds his sword, leans on his shield, and pulls off his helmet to watch the match between Bartimaeus and the little Lady Knight.

Reaching over to offer a steadying hand to his cousin as she stumbles in place then his striking blue eyes comes to Lysette, "And who is this?" offering a charming smile and nodding to the handmaiden.

"Thank you.." Gwynaelle murmurs to Bradwyn when he helps steady her, allowing her to plce her foot down again in a better position. No rock this time beneath her thin slipper. Ignoring the comment from Lysettte about going to get off her foot, she turns back to her cousin, only to spypy the way he looks at her handmaiden. She snorts softly, but then proceeds to make the introductions, "Bradwyn, this is another cousin, Lsyette, who serves as my handmaiden… and near sister."

Bartimaeus checked his sword of 15, he rolled 16.
Rhaine checked her sword of 15, she rolled 8.
Rhaine rolls 4d6 and gets (3 6 2 3) for a total of: (14)
Bartimaeus checked his dex of 12, he rolled 6.

Rhaine is focused on the fight now as well. She is careful trying her best not to get hit, moving swiftly she waits for him to strike dodgeing away and aiming a strike at his sword arm as she moves aside. From behind her helmet those blue eyes study him thoughtfully as if she isn't sure what to make of him or his words. She lands another hit backing up a bit and circling around to look for another opening.

Newt returns to Kamron's side with both parts of the axe, working the head back over the haft with a great deal of grunting and grumbled complaints. Kamron keeps his attention on the spar, but he does note from inside the big bucket helm, "Yes, at some point, we'll have to go back to a smith to get it really fixed, but just do your best, Newt."
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The quick counter from Rhaine slams into Bartimaeus's metal bracer, forcing him to withdraw his hand and retreat momentarily behind the wide face of his shield. While she circles he turns calmly in place, feet thumping out a steady, repeating pattern that keeps his shield between them and stance firm.
Though the priest is silent, there is no tension or building frustration to be read in his movements. Perhaps he hides it well. It would be easier to tell if there were more than shadows in his helm.
Swinging around with a quick step, the lean knight brings his long blade whistling through the air in a heavy horizontal strike aimed for Sir Rhaine's left hip. At the last moment he slows his strike, insuring that if it lands he is very unlikely to injure his opponent.

Critical Fail!
Bartimaeus checked his sword of 15, he rolled 20.
Rhaine checked her sword of 15, she rolled 7.
Rhaine rolls 4d6 and gets (2 5 3 6) for a total of: (16)
Critical Success!
Bartimaeus checked his dex of 12, he rolled 12.

Bradwyn nods respectfully to Lysette and says, "Well met." any charm replaced by seriousness as he remains close to his cousin so she has a prop as long as she needs it. "So what brings you to the tourney grounds cousin?" in a curious tone to Gwyn.

Gwynaelle chuckles softly, her gaze sliding to where Bart and Rhaine continue their challenge with one another. "Impressive.." She half murmurs to herself before she turns back to her cousin, "Needed to walk a little. I finished my archery round earlier. Lost to Lady Astold, a local winner. The end for me in competitions.. " Which islikely a good thing, with her injured foot.

As Bartimaeus swings his blade towards his hip Rhaine pivots out of the way. In the same smooth motion she wacks him on the hand with the flat her blade with a flourish of her wrist using the sword as an extention of her hand. The taller knight is effectively disarmed and Rhaine sheaths her blade for the moment and removes her helmet. She smiles at him her expression warm. "That was an excellent challenge. I thank you Sir Bartimaeus for being a skilled and gracious opponent." She glances around breifly before moving out of the way in case someone else wants a challenge.

Bradwyn nods to Gwyn and says, "Fared better then I did in the joust at least. Hopefully I'll make a better showing in the upcoming melee." as he watches the match between the male and female knight come to a close and calls, "Well struck!" no doubt o the blow that finished the match.

Bartimaeus' sword hits the grass and bounces once, gleaming steel vibrating with a musical hum. Lifting his metal-backed gauntlet to eye height he casually flexes his fingers, insuring that none of them happen to be broken.
"That was skillfully done, Sir Rhaine." The Bishopstone replies placidly, "I thank you for the challenge, and wish you luck in your next." That being said, he shoulders his shield and steps forward to retrieve his sword. Blade is returned to scabbard with a soft metallic scrape before he reaches up to tug off his helm. Only the slightest darkening of his hair and beard show where he had been sweating, though he doesn't appear even mildly out of breath. Before exiting the field he casts a solemn-eyed glance after Rhaine's retreating form. A benign little grin tugs at his scarred lips, the priest seeming somehow satisfied as he tucks his helm beneath his arm and strolls off into the crowd.

Kamron clatters the hilt of his rebated sword against the side of his shield as Bartimaeus and Rhaine finish their match, "Well-fought, Sirs. Well-fought." He glances to Newt, who has gotten the wedges in alongside the axe-head, and is beaming brightly up at his knight. Looking up again, he inquires of one of the few knights smaller than he is, "I have already enjoyed a match with Sir Bartimaeus, Sir, would you be interested in testing yourself against an axe?" As he speaks, he holds out the rebated sword to his squire, who swaps it for the now-repaired wooden practice axe.

Gwynaelle snorts, "That was me in the falconry… Nox was going in for the kill, only to have the bird stolen from her by one of the others.." A sigh passes her lips then, "But such is the way of luck, yes?" She asks of her cousin before turning back to him once the chalenge between Bart and Rhaine is over with. Shifting her position has her wobbling a little, and when Lysette fusses, she glares at her maid, "I am fine.. I'll go back to the tents soon. I promise, Lysette."

Bradwyn nods and says, "Come along then cousin, we can speak more as we walk. Besides what sturdier wall is thre to lean on then me?" chuckling softly as he moves to try and lead the way, keeping pace with Gwyn.

With the offer, Gwynaelle slips her arm through Bradwyn's, and leans against him as they walk off. "Thank you.." Lysette seems relieved that her lady is finally listening to someone other than her. "Tell me.. how have you been doing in the challenges otherwise?" One might hear her question the larger knight, walking with a slight limp.

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