(514-05-18) Touch Me Not
Summary: Morag and Aeron have a discussion about personal space.
Date: 18 May 514
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It's evening time, and Aeron has stepped away from some of the feasting and such going on, wandering slowly along the paths of the gardens as he looks about at the vegetation, and such, as best he can in the dim light!

It's hot and stuffy in the banquet hall, and Morag at least could hardly blame him for it. She herself is out and about, having taken up a spot at the pond near the center of the garden. She has rather unabashedly taken off her shoes and stuck her bare feet in the water so that she can enjoy the briskness of it now that the weather is turning warmer. Leaning back on the heels of her palms, she wiggles her toes and seems to be caught in some reverie.

"Morag, ready to take a swim?" Aeron asks, laughing softly as he comes to stand behind the woman, letting a hand rest on her shoulder, "It might be a bit chilly still though for that. You'll have to come by during the summer, Berwick that is. Dy and I can show you are favorite swimming spot."

"I promise you, Sir Aeron," Morag tilts her head to regard the hand on her shoulder. "If I go in, you're going with me. I have three older brothers and an older sister who thought it important I not let them take advantage of me." There's a grin up at him, and she assures, "It's just my feet, to cool off the rest of me. It's quite stuffy in the banquet hall. You should try it."

She considers the hand on her shoulder, and then regards him curiously. "I want to ask you a question, but I don't want you to mistake it for being angry. I'm not. But I'm curious about something.'

"I wouldn't push you in, don't worry, it would be awful rude to soak your dress, I think." He says with a slight shrug, "Perhaps some less kind knights might though. And of course, ask away."

"I'm not worried about that." Morag says unhesitatingly. She pats the grassy slope next to her. "You put your hands on me so casually, and I wish to know why." The unspoken question is perhaps, if he's presuming because he thinks he can, because there is no title in front of her name.

"Does it bother you that I do?" Aeron asks as he moves to sit down at the patted spot, "Well, you were insistant that you weren't a noblewoman, for starters, and my sister's friend, so that makes you my friend." He says after a few moments thought.

"I'm not a noble." She agrees, "But I'm still Sir Roaman's daughter, and he acknowledges me. I'm still a priestess of the gods you worship. If you are my friends, would you not respect my person as you would want others to respect your sister's?"

"Then, I shan't touch you again, if that is your wish, Morag." Aeron says with a light shrug of his shoulder. "And I trust that if someone is not respectful of my sister, she can handle it, or will let me know if she cannot."

She looks faintly amused. "So the only ways in which you can concievably treat a woman are either as a tavern wench or as the virgin mother that the Christians worship. And that doesn't change the fact that you would want others to behave in a respectful manner toward her. So I would ask that you treat me with the same manner of respect you would wish to see others accord her. I don't think that's unreasonable."

"It's not like I have been grabbing your ass as you walk by, or anything else." Aeron says at that, "I don't think saying you've been treated as a tavern wench is quite fair at all though. But, let's continue along this line of discussion, what should I do then, if someone treats my sister disrespectfully, hmn?"

Morag blinks as he puts things so…crudely. "I am not a knight dedicated to virtues of valor and honor, Sir Aeron. You are. I don't think you're so removed from court to not know that casual handling of women one respects without her consent is not considered respectful. Regardless of where you place your hands."

Aeron checked his forgiving of 10, he rolled 5.

Aeron moves to stand up from where he had been sitting, smoothing his tunic down right now, "I'll assume you weren't insinuiting that I wasn't honorable, or courageous, Morag." He says, "Others may not be as forgiving of such suggestions though."

"On the contrary," Morag says forthrightly, "I'm insinuiating that I fully expect you to be familiar with the decorum expected of a knight. Others may not be as forgiving, but since I said no such thing, that is not something I have the misfortune of worrying about." A tilt of her head. "Going back inside?"

Aeron shakes his head faintly in response to the woman's question regarding going back inside, "No, I've lost my mood for revelry, I think." He says, "I think I'm going to return to my tent and consider an early night's rest, so that I might see to final preperations for the tourney." the rest remains unaddressed.

Morag is clearly disappointed, but she doesn't press him. "Well. It is always less of a revel when you are not present, Sir Aeron." She's sincere, at least. "And I do wish you the best of luck and Danu's blessing in the tourney."

"There are plenty of people about, Morag, I can imagine I'm rather fun to be around, though I think you'll find plenty of other Knights to keep you entertained with revelry this eve." Aeron says as he bows his head lightly to the woman, "Do understand, I've no quarrel with you about our discussion at all."

You check your forgiving at 10, you rolled 1.

"Nor do I have one with you." she replies amiably. "But nonetheless, your presence is appreciated, and I am sincere in my hope that the gods grant you success in the tourney. Good evening, Sir Aeron."

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