(514-05-18) Jousting For Idris, Perin, Aeryn
Summary: Joust, just as the title says.
Date: 05-18-514
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The tourney grounds are little more than an open field, the grass spotty and bare in spots, with stands erected for the comfort of viewers, and more elaborate seating for the king, and the various high lords of the land. A larger expanse of ground has been set aside for the mock battles of the melee, and the area surrounding the tourney grounds has been set aside for the tents and pavilions of the visiting knights.

It is a day of jousting, of tourneying. This is the day that every single young and aspiring knight looks forward to, for who knows what riches you can get right away from an upset win at the lists? On the challenger's side, the young knight of Bodenham is atop his horse, the reins in one hand as he is outfitted with his shield by his squire, who wraps the strap tightly around his arm. Idris then receives his lance and gets ready for his joust, drawing in air and concentrating on the task ahead. It's not going to be easy.

On the other, a grizzled knight with some scars and a dreadful crest for a coat-of-arms. He barks orders at his squire as the young man outfits the knight, the man confidently holding his lance.

On the sidelines, is the official, carrying the flags he needs to marshal the tournament.

The Bodenham knight does a bit of prayer before engaging in this contest.

Seriol makes a check for Notable Knight Lance at 16, he rolled 8.
Idris checked his lance of 15, he rolled 11.

On the sidelines, ready to watch the jousting event, a red head stands wearing a commoners dress. Her hair is left down around her face and tumbles over her shoulders, the very light breeze ruffling it. As the riders, one after another, take the list and joust one another, she quietly watches. When the Bodenham knight is noticed, a smile curves her lips and she awaits his tilt.

Idris rolls 6d6 and gets (6 5 1 4 4 4) for a total of: (24)
Critical Fail!
Seriol makes a check for Notable Knight Horsemanship at 16, he rolled 20.

The charge is made; the Bodenham knight charges, he lets out an angry shout as the horse gallops ever closer to his target. Idris' blue eyes find the other man's midriff, as though trying to predict the man's motions while trying to make sure his own strikes true. Opting to twist his torso at the first advantage he has, his shield bashes against the lance of the opponent before he thrusts his own forward, at the man's midsection.

The opponent, the grizzled knight, tries to strike at the Bodenham's shoulder, in a clear attempt to throw him off the horse and not have to deal with the shield on the other side. Unfortunately for him, his opponent is just a little faster, applies his blow just a little harder, and his balance is struck — the man ends up falling to the side from the horse, dragged a few meters before the black mare he was riding could be stopped: this joust has a clear winner, and that is not him.

Of note, also, is that the Bodenham has a length of thin rope wrapped around his wrist, even over the chainmail armor he wears, very proudly.

Still on the sidelines, Tria watches and as soon as the victor is obvious, she bounces once on her feet, applauding. She doesn't call out, not wanting to draw attention to herself or the noble, but she does cheer him on as exuberantly as she can.

Doing the cursory lap around the list in the aftermath of his victory, the rather surprised Idris spots the redhead applauding on the sidelines. Quietly, he removes his helmet, meets her gaze and flashes her a grin, his finger tapping on the piece of thin rope as he rides away to let the new round of jousters fight their own matches.

As many others, Perin is amongst the tilt lists, anxsious and awaiting his call. Any exchange between himself and Aeryn has been done, she's following protocol to be at her appointed tilt just the same. He has her with him in his own way. He gets to his horse, watching those who are before him as he waits quietly, the token taken from the location it is tucked at his belt, a kiss given to it.

Upon her charger already, Aeryn watches the Bodenham knight so successfully unhorse the fellow knight. "That will require a ransom." A look is given to her squire and she selects her lance before taking her place at the end of the list. Leaning forward, she lifts her free hand to her chest, just below her neck where her favor rests, too precious to let show outside her armor. Once she has touched it she takes the reins and salutes with her lance before waiting for the return salute. When it comes, she leans forward and spurs her horse forward, intent on at least putting on a good show.

Aeryn checked her lance of 15, she rolled 11.
Idris makes a check for Old Knight Lance at 18, he rolled 5.

Tria catches that gesture and she offers a wink to the Bodenham knight before he rides away to allow the next round of knights to make their passes.

Aeryn rolls 6d6 and gets (6 3 5 6 2 4) for a total of: (26)

The old knight is evidently past his prime. His shield's coat of arms is slightly tattered, having seen its fair share of days. The armor is pristine, but it may have been made just for the occasion. After some remark from his squire, he lets out a jolly laugh before he is told to charge forward, the flag raised and then fallen. And charge forward he does, ready to tilt at Aeryn.

Cerys de Tisbury, the ginger beauty of Salisbury, thrusts through the crowd just to be in the front line and see everything, what is happening on the tournament ground. A huge smile and amusement in thes egreen eyes decorates her freckled features, and she does not forget to clap for what she likes and quietly 'boooo' to what she doesn't like. She choses her fvaorites, and pouts each time someone else wins. The lady's of Tisbury emotions basically blends in with the whole audience.

Idris makes a check for Old Knight Horsemanship at 18, he rolled 12.

A pass is made on the list, Aeryn makes contact, but the knight doesn't fall. She takes a deep breath, looking towards the end where the older knight is, and she salutes once more before tucking the lance against herself, spurring her horse into action and riding hard, aiming towards the shoulder to try and unhorse him.

Aeryn checked her lance of 15, she rolled 1.
Idris makes a check for Old Knight Lance at 18, he rolled 13.
Idris rolls 6d6 and gets (5 5 5 3 4 1) for a total of: (23)
Aeryn checked her horsemanship of 15, she rolled 10.

The old knight's balance was certainly struck when Aeryn hit him. He wobbles, but the old geezer is a hard cookie to break. Stubborn as a mule, he does the lap in the pass and grabs another lance from his squire, saluting the younger knight as the horse gallops towards her. This time, however, he deflects the attack with his shield, turning his torso just so in order to strike her at the midriff.

Perin checked his recognize of 3, he rolled 2.

On his horse, Perin still awaits the knights before him. He hears a few ohs and ahs from another of the tilts and turns to look. Noticing the shield, he knows who it is. Seeing her hit, he watches a moment longer, a silent prayer offered for her safety.

Struck and pretty hard at that, Aeryn somehow manages to remain in her saddle. Turning at the end, she studies the old knight a moment before tucking her lance against herself once more, nice and tight, and leaning forward to give as small a target as possible. Spurring on her horse, she aims once more for the same place as before.

Critical Fail!
Aeryn checked her lance of 15, she rolled 20.
Idris makes a check for Old Knight Lance at 18, he rolled 10.
Idris rolls 6d6 and gets (2 1 5 1 6 4) for a total of: (19)
Aeryn checked her horsemanship of 15, she rolled 9.

But the old knight is not the type that gives up easily, either. The bearded man grits his teeth, apparently taking advantage of the fact that Aeryn's lance not only has struck his shield but also shattered in the impact with a resounding noise to lunge his own weapon at her shoulder in the pass, the horse's power to increase the force of the blow before he rides away.

Riding hard, Aeryn places the lance just… where.. she wants it. When it splinters, shattering, the crowd cheers and she looks surprised. At the end of the list she shrugs her shoulders, hit from the older mans lance, she's sore. Still, she looks to her squire, offering the spent lance, or the remains of it, and receives another in return. Beth stares at her knight in awe, but Aeryn is already turning and lining up for the next pass, new lance tucked against her, riding hard for the older knight.

Aeryn checked her lance of 15, she rolled 2.
Idris makes a check for Old Knight Lance at 18, he rolled 14.
Idris rolls 6d6 and gets (5 5 2 5 3 6) for a total of: (26)
Aeryn checked her horsemanship of 15, she rolled 16.

This knight may be old, but he is a veteran. Many suns and moons has he seen, many jousts, as well, perhaps. He recognizes the opponent on the other side of the lists as worthy of respect, so he touches his helmet in a salute to her before charging. Then, when the time comes, the lance darts forward and slams at Aeryn in a strike, just as hers is parried by his shield. Enough to unhorse the knight, but what a good show it was.

With the older knight waiting for her, more experienced and certainly stronger, Aeryn rides, fearlessly, Her lance strikes, but it's a glancing blow as the older knight, finally, on the fourth pass, makes firm contact with his lance, pushing her up and backwards off her saddle where she lands on her back with a soft thud. "Oomph," she sounds as she lands. For a moment, she remains there as her squire hurriedly gathers her horse and lance, but soon she sits up, waves towards the judges area to let them know she was fine then gingerly makes her way to her feet so she can clear the list to make way for the next rider. Perin. Aeryn adds to the knight that bested her, a respectful nod and a salute.

Perin stays focused through Aeryn's joust, and he sees when she is finally hit and unhorsed by her competitor. A cringe himself even, and he watches. Only to see that she gets up, any other place he might go to her side. But this is the lists, there is protocol to follow. She has her squire on hand, who is duty bound to be the one there to help with her. Even before he can dwell on it, things are in order, some squires deal with the dirt to smooth the earh some and he's up to tilt. Then he moves to his and, saluting the other and waiting. Once his competitor is ready, he spurs his horse and charges with lance.

Perin checked his lance of 15, he rolled 3.
Idris makes a check for Old Knight Lance at 18, he rolled 5.

The opponent on the other side of the lists for Perin is also an old man, but unlike the previous one, the victor of the fight against Aeryn, this one doesn't seem to be quite as good a sport. He scowls when he sees his opponent, spurring his horse into motion and charging right back at the younger knight.

Idris rolls 6d6 and gets (1 1 4 3 1 2) for a total of: (12)
Perin checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 16.

There is a slight pause form Perin, did that man just scowl. That moment of hesitation costs him as he tries to lean back into the tilt itself. But he is too slow, he gets his lance squared away but not fully set for a good center of impact, just as he feels the lance push against him. Over the horse he goes. Bren comes out to help him up, and see to him. But Perin shakes it off, lifting a hand, he's okay. A nod and salute to the old grumpy knight, whether he does the same or not, then Perin moves off field to make way for the next bout.

Armed and armored with her squire, lances, and charger all present and ready Rhaine waits for it to be her turn. The matches are watched with interest and in Perin's case a bit of sympathy. The tiny blonde knight is doing her best to remain patient but she looks extremely determined. When its her turn she puts on her helmet and mounts her dappled grey and white horse. Her squire Ana offers up a lance and off she trots to meet her own challenge.

The grumpy old knight does salute, but it's a bit of a stilted motion as he rides out, raising the broken lance in the air. He barks some orders to his squire who appears to veritable tremble in his boots, as he rides out of the lists.

Having been done with the joust, Idris seizes an apple from a nearby vendor, tossing the man a copper as he joins the people in the sidelines. The knight stands beside Tria as he watches the next round of competitors. He espies Rhaine and his lips curve into a grin as he salutes her.

Once the opponents have cleared the list John de Bodenham rides up as called, adjusting in the stirrups before he raises his lance in salute to Rhaine. Once ready he will be baring down on her, lance lowered an aimed.

Bran eventually makes his way to the tourney grounds and manages to find one of his brothers standing in attendance to watch the competition. "Do you have as much confidence in John as I do?" he asks as he comes to stand beside Idris, glancing to one side at his younger sibling. "Have I missed anything exciting? I didn't hear any overly enthusiastic cheers while making my way here so I assume not." the eldest Bodenham lifts his shoulders in a shrug and turns his attention toward the joust about to begin.

John checked his Lance of 15, he rolled 9.

Somewhere in the crowd is the tiny form of Dywana, she has been here to watch the jousts off and on… when not hiding out in open air.. really all the people! The priestess is dressed in a day gown of soft blues, which is sleeveless but covered by the taletale blue cloak of which the St. James female twin is know.

Tria looks up to Idris, "You did good, noble, it looks as if you're going to get a ransom from the other knight." There's a playful smile she wears and as she looks towards Rhaine, then back to Idris, she winks. "See, that's more like it, someone worthy your pursuit."

Rhaine catches the look from Idris and inclines her head in his direction as she rides past. There may even be a tiny smile offered to the man but its hard to catch. She rides into position and then the little knight waits for whoever is facing to ride up and be ready. She waits her dappled mare pawing at the ground as ready to charge as her rider. Rhaine watches through the visor of her helmet her blue eyes narrowed in pure determination. Once her opponent is on the field she will offer a salute and ready herself for the charge.

Rhaine checked her lance of 15, she rolled 7.

John rolls 5d6 and gets (3 4 2 2 1) for a total of: (12)

Rhaine checked her Horsemanship of 10, she rolled 1.

"I defeated a veteran knight," Idris replies to his brother, Bran, smirking as the man mentions the lack of overly enthusiastic cheers. "It is just the first round of the joust. The second and final rounds will certainly prove to attract the crowd's attention, as they define who the winners are in any given matching," he explains to the Bodenham vassal knight. Tria's compliment and smile is mirrored in his own, her remarks prompting him to laugh before he murmurs something to her.

Once his armor is off and his squire takes it back to their tent, Perin will seek out Aeryn. He fell himself, but his worry for her of course. There will proably be some unchaste hugging, and hand touches even, on his part at least. "I'd say stay and watch the competition, but I think we have time to focus on other things now. I'm sorry you were unhorsed." He will lead them away from the activities though. If she is willing.

John slams his lance home upon the pass, using his shield to kock away his opponents attempt. As he wheels around he sees the diminutive knight still on. A chuckle nay heard in the helm is given as he moves to reset. "Again?" calls the griffin knoght to Rhaine as he gets into place, before spurring into the charge.

Tria smiles at Idris. "Time for me to go do my archery. Good luck in the remainder of the tournament." Placing a hand on his arm she winks before slowly lets it slide off and she heads off for the archery competition.

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