(514-05-17) Song and Food
Summary: Leodwen de Falt encounters Iolo the bard, and the both of them indulge in a bit of conversation and song.
Date: May 17th, 514
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Tavern - Carlion

The scent of roasted meat, and a thin haze of smoke linger within this tavern. The common room has several large communal tables sitting around a central fire pit. A raised section sits along one side, with a small banister and a couple of stairs leading up to it, with seating for wealthier cliental. Waitress flit to and fro, delivering food and ale to the guests and patrons.

It is not quite late evening yet, the tavern already reasonably filled at this hour which is no surprise really, given the current festivities that are being held in Carlion, and so many knights and ladies that have come from far away to pay their respects. One among the latter category is Lady Leodwen de Falt, a young blonde woman of slender built who has arrived in the capital together with her brother, the Lord Knight of Falt, Sir Custennin. She is alone now as she enters the tavern - that is, apart from a knight following in her wake as if to make sure nothing happens to Leodwen. Judging from her rather enthusiastic expression, this lady seems to be less worried, but rather intrigued about the number of people currently in the common room, and soon has found herself a seat by a vacant table in the corner. The trusted guard sits down beside her, casting a wary glance about the place.

Arriving in the Tavern as well is Iolo, a lute carried in hand, and his gaze wandering around at the crowds. He has no knights tagging along behind him, or anything of that sort as he too starts searching about for a spot to sit in the crowded room!

Iolo is a man of average height and build, with dark hair, blue eyes, and a face that some would consider quite handsome. The carefree way that he smiles, and carries himself gives the main a bit of a roguish air to him.

He wears atop his head a bit of a shapeless cap, slouching off to one side, and a black tunic is worn, belted about the waist with a pouch, a short dagger, and a few trinkets and baubles attached. His legs are covered, and a pair of leather shoes are on his feet.

Leodwen's hazel eyes are scanning the tavern as well, likely for a barmaid to order something to drink and eat. Her gaze finds the lad with the lute and she raises a brow in curiosity. If he should look her way she will incline her head in a friendly greeting, but nothing more. A passing serving girl finally seems to have spotted the lady and moves over, taking her order of ale and a bowl of hot stew. The guard at Leodwen's side continues to have an eye on the people in the room.

Iolo catches the look from the noblewoman, bowing his head lightly her way and flashing a bright smile. He waits a few moments for the transaction with the wench to be concluded before starting his way over, "M'lady, how are you enjoying the wedding festival, so far??" he asks, "It's quite the spectacle, I say!"

Leodwen was busy with ordering and so she looks a little startled when she sees the young man suddenly standing before her. It is only a brief impression that soon fades, when her cheerful demeanour breaks through again. "It is a rather impressive spectacle, so far," she admits with a smile, agreeing with him there. "You are a minstrel?", she adds with a glance towards the instrument in his hand. A hand comes up, gesturing towards a vacant seat at her table, "Maybe you'd like to join me, good man? What do they call you?"

"My name is Iolo, and it would be a distinct pleasure to keep you company." Iolo replies, moving to sit at the offered seat, "And I've been accused of such things, before.. being a minstrel that is." He adds, setting the instrument down atop the table for the moment.

"Master Iolo," the blonde lady greets with an amiable smile, "I am glad to make your acquaintance. I am the sister of Sir Custennin de Falt, Leodwen." Her hands fold before her on the table, as she regards Iolo with obvious curiosity. "Accused?", she echoes with a soft chuckle, raising a brow, "Why do you say that?" Her gaze flits to the lute on the table before it returns to the minstrel. "Since when is it a crime to pursue the musical arts?"

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"Sir Custennin?" Iolo says with a hmmn, "I'm sure I'd know him if I saw him. With such an escort, I had imagined you were a count's daughter, or something!" He adds with a big smile coming to his lips. "And some don't appreciate the pursuits of the bard! But, for me? I rather enjoy it. Would you like me to play something for you, perhaps?"

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"You would," Leodwen counters to Iolo's remark about knowing Custennin if he'd see him. "My brother is hard not to notice, big and strong," this said with a bit of fond amusement lacing her voice. "A good Lord of Falt he is, kind and just." The flattery about what Iolo may have thought of her descendance is received with a rather modest lowering of a gaze and even the faint hint of a blush creeping onto her cheeks. "A lord's sister, and nothing more." Her lips are pressed together before she raises her eyes to regard the bard, her awkwardness fading when he offers to play. "Oh. Please do, Master Iolo. I would like that." she says warmly. "I adore music, in fact…" She may have liked to say more but her words trail off.

"Well, m'lady, I suspect that is a rather special thing to be, regardless." Iolo says, reaching to settle his lute into his lap, "There are many who would gladly be just a lord's sister!" He hmmns softly, "If you'd like to sing, perhaps, I wouldn't feel insulted." He says, starting to strum at the lute lightly, "Though if you prefer not to in such a public venue, that I could understand as well.."

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Such an offer is impossible for Leodwen de Falt to turn down! Only a nod is given in response to his first remark, when Iolo's question whether she'd like to sing is too tempting. "Actually. Yes. I would like that," the blonde lady confesses with a wide grin, but remains seated where she is. "Do you know the song of the silver swan, perchance?"

"Well, some women prefer to sing in private, it's always best to ask what they prefer, I think." Iolo says, "And the song of the silver swan? Hmmn." He takes a couple moments, then nods his head, "I think I know the one you mean, let me see if I can remember how it goes.." He says, starting to strum at the lute, hopefully producing the notes the woman was expecting!

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"Some prefer not to speak up in public as well, let alone, step forth and congratulate a High King and his queen," Leodwen counters with a hint of amusement in her tone. "Very well then…" And she moves to stand now anyway, as such helps to steady the singing voice, which Leodwen seems to be well aware of. Fingers brush over the fabric of her skirts, the dress she wears is modest and of dark blue color. A smile curls her lips when Iolo begins to play, and when she raises her voice it is a pleasant mezzo-soprano that is easy on the ears, showing off a clarity and confidence.

The silver Swan, who, living, had no Note,
when Death approached, unlocked her silent throat.
Leaning her breast upon the reedy shore,
thus sang her first and last, and sang no more:
"Farewell, all joys! O Death, come close mine eyes!
More Geese than Swans now live, more Fools than Wise."

Iolo continues to pluck his lute along, adapting nicely as the woman starts singing and the tune comes back to him. He does a rather good job playing the song request for the noblewoman, smiling a bit as she serenades the tavern room, and his foot taps ever so slightly along.

It seems the current murmur in the tavern room seems to subside when the musical performance ensues, and when they are done, there is even a bit of applause coming from some of the patrons. Leodwen inclines her head and reclaims her seat. "Thank you!", this she says to Iolo with a beaming smile. "You play the lute quite well, but then again, that is to be expected, I suppose."

Iolo rests the lute down in his lap as he wraps up the song, "Indeed, and you were rather good as well, no wonder you don't mind singing for others!" He exclaims. "You should do it more often, I imagine you'd make quite the name for yourself at court, with a voice like that!"

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"Oh… it is little more than something I like to do to amuse myself, Master Iolo.", Leodwen says with a dismissive gesture of her hand. "Not so much to impress others, really. And I believe there are others that qualify for making such a name for themselves. I don't object to entertain others with my voice, but… I fear I lack the ambition, in that area.", she admits with a smile. "Whereas… you perhaps have that voice…?" A polite way of asking him to sing for her, perhaps?

"Well, then I would love to hear you amuse yourself more often, Lady Leodwen." Iolo says with a nod of his head to the woman, "And if yo'd like to hear me sing? I can perhaps try and humor you.." He hmns softly, "Let me see.. what would be a good song to sing for you.."

A melodious chuckle comes in response to the bard's charming words, and Leodwen shakes her head. "This is usually only granted to people of my family and closer acquaintance," she clarifies. "I don't know what got me to get up and perform - in a tavern!" Her head she tilts to the side just so, long blonde tresses falling over her shoulder as she regards Iolo with an encouraging glint in her dark eyes. "I'd very much like to hear you sing, Iolo. What about some heroic song? Or a ballad?"

"See, you prefer performing in private, like I suspected." Iolo offers a little wink, "But, a heroic ballad.. I think I have a good one, it's about the knights of our grandfather's day, taking war to the villain Gorlois.." He says, strumming a couple notes before he begins to sing the song!

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A coincidence, that the barmaid returns just in this very moment to bring Leodwen her ale and the stew she asked for. The blonde lady inclines her head and takes the mug, her hand stopping half-way as Iolo the bard begins his performance. Her hazel eyes go wide, and for a moment she is captured by the tale, and especially the skilled delivery of it. In fact, not a single sip of ale is had until he is finished, as it will be only then Leodwen de Falt raises her mug in a toast. "Thank you so much. That was a marevlous performance.", the praise genuine, judging from the glint of her eyes.

As Iolo's song comes to an end, a truly inspiring performance, he moves to set his lute down on the table once again, and he smiles, "Ah, it must have been your company that inspired me to the song. "So.." He says with a hmmn, leaning back into his seat a bit.

"You are exaggerating, Master Iolo.", Leodwen says with a chuckle. "But thank you nonetheless. As long as I can offer such inspiration and be able to observe what comes from it, I should be glad.", a light remark made before she takes a sip from her ale. "Are you hungry and thirsty as well? It seems only fair that I reward you for your art with a meal, doesn't it?"

"That would be rather generous of you, M'lady, I could hardly turn down the offer." Iolo says, giving a slight nod across towards her, "Perhaps at some point I'll visit Falt as I'm traveling Salisbury, you strike me as quite the hospitable people." he turns a bit to more properly sit at the table. "So, is your brother entering any of the events at the tournament?"

A wave is given to the barmaid and the required additional order is issued with a smile, before Leodwen's attention shifts to the bard again. "Oh, we would be pleased if you could come to Falt. It's nice there." And it is home. Her smile deepens, dimpling slightly when Iolo asks about Custennin entering any of the contests. "Of course, he is! I am convinced he will do nicely!" Being the big brute of a knight he is. "He signed up for the joust, the duels… and as I heard he managed to secure a spot in Count Ioain's team, for the Grand Melee."

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