(514-05-17) Foreign Games
Summary: Foreign Games are played by knights and ladies in the tavern, without knowing the full rules or the possible consequences.
Date: 5014-05-17
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A great day in Carlion, wedding activity continues in the Great Hall, others have moved celebrations outwards. The tavern is full of course, most drinking and enjoying themselves. Perin has curiously brought a talf board and pieces himself, wanting to drink and game it would seem. Not that he's good at the game, but something to pass some time. Sure more walks could be had, the sights could be seen and all. Just, today feels like a gaming sort of a day. It is set up with red at the center, white on the edges, ready to play by the rules common in Logres of course. All set up and amidst some game. As with a fair number of games outside the manor, there is a system for betting and doubling when one thinks they have the advantage and such and by the looks, some stakes are down and the game is in progress.
Perin glances over to Aeryn as the game plays on, "I'd imagine that's a bold move, but that's the thing I say right before I lose …" A grin on his face and he makes a move with his pieces.

Perin checked his gaming of 3, he rolled 13.

You bet Aeryn has a mead or an ale before her on the table, but it's mostly untouched and she watches a few of the other tables before looking back to the game. "Are you a wagering man then?" Tilting her head and looking down at the table as he makes his move. Trying to take advantage of it, she waggles her brows and.. assuming it's a good move, counters it with her own.

Aeryn checked her gaming of 3, she rolled 8.

After the last few days in town, Glaw, too is drawn back into the tavern. All that politicking and gossiping sometimes requires a sharp counterpoint. Like mingling with the baser class people and just getting a few ales into one's stomach. He even ditched his squire today, just him and his sword. That should deter any trouble, right? Right.
Once inside, he chuckles, soon to try to push closer to the bar, but surely there are currents and eddies in a packed tavern as this, and one of them soon will bring him closer to a certain table. He might even bump against it, though hopefully not badly enough to upset the gaming pieces too much. "Oh, excuse me.", he offers, half-distracted at the pair, before he blinks, only then realizes that he knows those two. "Oh…".

As far as they both know, the moves are good. Just an expert could clearly point out what is wrong with his or how she could of made good on his strategic mistake. He watches then reaches for one of the white ones of course. "I do not mind wagering, but prudently. Offering that witch I am most certain I can lose, maybe just a little more to make it exciting." Admitted to Aeryn, he considers his options then moves the white piece somewhere that seems good to him. Most likely another glaring mistake to an expert. "We should wager? Something curious, a challenge. Who shall name our firstborn?" Is assumed, no questions on it being a possibility. But he looks up raising a brow. Just as the board is bumped. A couple pieces topple but can be easily amended and uprighted. "Excused sir …" Then more a look up and recalling from the winter tourney, and the spear even, Perin grins a hint more, "Sir Glaw …." Making sure the name was right at least. Facing the other directly helps just a little.

Ohho! Aeryn watches Perin move the white one. Never move the white one! Her own skewed sense of the rules anyway. So with a self satisfied smirk on her face, she agrees. "The winner names the first born as long as it isn't a silly name." Stipulations. Women never ask too much! Lifting her hand she absently tucks hair behind her ear as she studies the board. Just then a few pieces fall over and she looks up, curious. A familiar face, a smile given, "Good day to you, Sir Glaw. Perin is trying to win though I think he is failing." Or she is. Semantics. "Have an ale, join us? You're more than welcome to."

Aeryn checked her gaming of 3, she rolled 12.

Perin checked his gaming of 3, he rolled 7.

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Glaw has the advantage there, having the couple in tandem once more, and them being — among others surely — the reason why he got picked for Earl Robert's team. As he is recognized however, he offers a smile and nods. "Sir Aeryn. Sir Perin. What a surprise.", he offers, laughing, then looks at the toppled pieces, but wisely does not try to fix his mistake. "I hope I did not mess up your game?", he wonders. Did he overhear the wager, an eyebrow lifted at that. "Oh. Good move…". Which one? Perin's? Aeryn's? He does not specify! Perhaps better, for surely some commoner from across the way just started laughing, before he turned away quickly to get more ale. Yep. Away from the crazy knights. "I would enjoy that, if you would have me.". He tries to flag down a bar wench then, to get that ale, before he takes a seat, then gets an impish glint in those green eyes. "What are the possible names?". Ut-oh. Yep. He is gonna stoke that fire up a bit.

A shake of his head, Perin is certain he put the pieces back where they belong. A half smirk at Aeryn, bordering mirth. "A silly name, I am wounded." Then the mirth comes out just a hint more, "We shall have to work more on getting to know each other I think." As if that could involve some quality time of some sort. Then a softer, "But I concur, not silly, a narrowed list of names of course." Then the other man puts it out there, put up with those actual names. Sitting up, he nods, he did make a good move. He has the clear advantage, all pieces on the board in positions to mostly be half effective at least still. She has left her self open, "Ah ha, I think I'm closer to winning that right …" He moves his piece towards the opening, missing by a long shot, he perceived another open clearly. "A name I like, Gerallt, or just something to start with." What, he totally assumed the first would be a boy even ….

You check your generous at 13, you rolled 1.

"I agree, though that is what the courting period is for." Aeryn assumes anyway. She looks up to Glaw and then to the table, wondering which was the good move because really she had no clue! "Of course we would have you," she smiles, even scooting a chair over a little to make room, which puts her closer to Perin. At the question, she looks to Perin expectantly, "Gerallt, I like it, but she would seem awfully silly with a man's name." An impishness in her eyes at her own counter. His move though brings laughter and she moves a piece to counter it.

Aeryn checked her gaming of 3, she rolled 12.

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As Perin picks a name, Glaw blinks, giving the other knight a look between curious and perhaps just a hint suspicious. That is a little too much coincidence to be believable for the pagan knight, perhaps. "…my father is named Gerralt.", he points out, then chuckles, peering at Aeryn. "…so I am afraid I am partial to that name already. Even for your daughter.", he lets the woman knight know. Like his input has any weight in this! But given the faint smile that curves his lips, it might be evident he is mostly teasing the pair and intentionally, playfully intruding on their marriage. Or what might be one, eventually. As finally he gets the attention of a bar maid, he orders a round for all three of them, naturally.

At a table not directly in the center, there sits Aeryn and Perin playing a board game, talf or the nearest variant. Perin was certain of something, that both seem to counter. The eyes turn to Aeryn of course, suspicious, his own grin lurking at the notice of her impish features. "Oh, this is intuition of some sort, our first shall be a girl?" Then he softens, "That shall be dangerous, I had not intended to spoil I first I fear." The grin remains, partially a chuckle up to Sir Glaw, who at least went with a bad name for a daughter. "I shall have to think further, but for a girl, I would be remiss to say anything but Aeryn is a good name."

With handmaiden following, Gwynaelle enters the tavern a little late, it would appear. Sometimes, family doesn't understand the meaning of 'need to go'. And when it's your father, you stick around! Letting her eyes adjust, she smooths a hand down her nice dress. Not quite court pretty, but certainly better than some! Finally spying Glaw once she's moved about enough to get a good look at other tables where patrons talk loudly, she gestures to Lysette who follows after her.

"Your father?" Aeryn looks at Glaw with a curious expression though at the thought of naming a daughter that, she laughs, "It's a good and strong name, though perhaps a little less feminine than I would prefer." It's still a compliment to it! Still, she responds to the smile with one of her own and looks back to Perin, "No intuition at all, just being contrary. I am sure it's going to be a son named Gerallt." Once more her lips quirk and she watches the board. "I think that would get confusing, terribly so. Perhaps something else. Either way we have much time to decide." She reaches forward to make a turn with one of the pieces. As another lady joins, she looks up and smiles, "My lady." Remembering her from offering the favor at the challenges, to Glaw.

Aeryn checked her gaming of 3, she rolled 6.

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Glaw chuckles at Aeryn. "Why, thank you. I never quite thought of my father as very feminine.", he admits, smirking, but dips his head at her a little in non-verbal thanks to the compliment. As Perin speaks of naming the daughter after the mother? Well, it is not fair. he has no tankard yet behind which to hide his urge to roll eyes. Ahem. So he turns to one side instead, only to blink up at Gwyn as Aeryn spots her as well. "Oh.". He says that a lot today, then laughs, almost scrambling to stand up. "Lady Gwynaelle. Hello.". Yep. Smooth. At least he manages to recover reasonably well, by offering her his seat, then a somewhat rueful grin at Lynette. "And Lady Lynette. Have either of you met Sir Aeryn and Sir Perin, yet?". Introductions. Such a pain.

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"Ah, you get my hopes up, no daughter to spoil," teases back Perin to Aeryn on the topic of a boy or a girl even. The grin remaining for her being contrary, he likes that hint of an imp in her. And implies that he enjoyed the play there with his smile just the same. "My Lady," he greats as she joins, seeing her but not familiar with her directly per say. Not like the manors see each other every day, in passing at best sometimes. "The spoils shall be for another until one arrives of course." Said more towards Aeryn as introductions are made. "Of Idmiston?" Said with a sour note. The face unfamiliar but the name rings a bell.
As the group gathers a lot of four picts come in. Proper enough to be noticed as knights of the realm in a manner, vassals to some vassal of the King, or Leodegrance, the Queen's father even. Wild hair, blue on their faces, their clothes on enough to look like they rolled out of bed, at least to the Cymric. Moving in the take a table nearby the four gathered around the talf board where Aeryn and Perin play. The laugh, a little louder than some, not quite sore thumb, but close.

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Gwynaelle smiles, dipping her head to those at the table with Glaw, "Sirs, good day to you both." With the introductions handled ever so nicely by the knight from Newentone, she dips her head, "I do not think I ever got the chance to offer congratulations upon your betrothal." Ever the courtly one, it would appear, although some sense of displeasure is made as well upon her face once Houses are spoken. With the offer of the seat, she thanks Glaw softly before taking it, a brush of her hand against his along the back of the chair before sitting.
As for Lysette, the handmaiden does smile towards the knight, then dips her head as well to the knights introduced. "A pleasure, Sirs." Of course, the arrival of the Picts does earn a longer look from the handmaiden as she moves to stand behind Gwynaelle's chair.

Aeryn looks at Glaw with a half smile. "I guess none of us viewed our father like that." With the delivery of the drink, she lifts it and nods a head to Glaw, "Thank you, Sir." Tipping it back for a drink. His reaction to the Lady brings a knowing look between them, a smile delivered between the pair. "A pleasure to see you again, my lady." Perin gains her attention at the mention of a daughter again and like Glaw, she rolls her eyes but in a playful manner. It's the blue faces entering that has her stiffening, hand tightening on her mug. Not outright hostility, but certainly suspicion.

The looks of displeasure register too late for Glaw, already having invited the Idmiston's to the table that was — strictly speaking — not even his. Oops. Alas, what is done is done, and he surrenders his chair to Gwyn, smiling at the (not so) secret touches exchanged, before he eyes Lynette standing behind her Lady, and he shakes his head. "That' won't do…". And he does turn, to try to get two more chairs, or at least a stool somewhere for the other lady. And himself. Okay, so he is not that gentlemanly. The four woad-stains? They are given a moment of curious glance, but among the other rabble that might be in the tavern, they do not particularly register with Glaw yet.

"A pleasure Lady Gwynaelle," musters Perin at the greeting, present company withstanding his manners of course. The play over a boy or a girl gets some attention, more so Aeryn's eyes of course. Grounding him to the game at least. He moves another piece that looks like a good move to him. "The festivities have been enjoyed so far?" As if getting over the introductions, or making pleasant talk on something that should be pleasant.
There is a table gathered around a talf board game of some sort, Aeryn, Perin, Glaw and Gwynaelle currently.
Nearby is a table of pict knights, vassals of a lord in attendance today. They order drinks and are laughing, the notice the table nearby, who is also looking at them. Especially the look from Glaw. The one who looks the most, a middle aged fellow, his hair matted such to nearly be dreads, looks from the board to the others. He can guess by weapons carried, a privilege of knights, what they might be at that table. A hard laugh comes from him, "What is this, the southern knights play stick games? We've heard they were courageous, this is no game of valor is it?" As if a taunt perhaps, like they know some other game for just that.

Perin checked his modest of 13, he rolled 7.

Aeryn checked her prudent of 16, she rolled 15.

Likewise, Gwynaelle will leave whatever unease that might exist with Perin's presence alone, taking a deep breath and releasing it on a smile as she takes the seat. "They have been wonderful… I went with my father when he presented himself before the Pendragon and had the chance to see both King and Queen." A sigh escapes her, that look to her face that surely many must have, "Truly.. a blessing to the kingdom." Nevermind the slight hint of a blush to come to her cheeks in talking about the royal couple. "What are you playing?" She dares to question then, looking upon the board upon the table. It's not till one of the Picts speak up that she takes notice, and then it's with an air of curiosity.
Lysette continues to watch the Picts, barely giving Glaw a word of thanks when he fetches a stool for her to sit upon. With hands folded into her lap, she half listens to the conversation at the table, but seems serious about keeping watch over her lady. Tension might show when one speaks up, obviously to someone of their table.

It's the laughter from the picts, the laughter and the carelessly tossed out words towards the knights. Aeryn manages to keep her cool though, there's no impulsive drawing of blades as she sips her drink and manages to outright ignore the taunts of the blue faced men. Instead, she offers Perin a warm smile and reaches for one of the pieces on the table and moves it. Good move or bad, she doesn't even seem to notice. She lives her eyes to Perin, Glaw then the lady, for their respective reactions.. doing all she can to ignore them. "I have been having a grand time here, Sir Perin. Yourself?"

"Tafl," offers Perin to the Lady Gwynaelle, "A tradition, certainly, not something to change so easily." Then he catches Aeryn's eye again, and leaves it there. Its the picts that bring him back up and around. "What, its a game of intelligence and strategy … it doesn't reflect how valorous we are." A shake of his head, Aeryn is keeping him focused, her words falling on his ears at least. "I would dare venture to say, it is grand, and more. A life changing experience, all for the better." The grin softens in that moment.
The picts chuckle a little, shaking their heads, the lead one keeps talking to the group. One with a beard pulls at some chorded braid of face hair that falls near the side of his neck. "Well see, where we come from, its mumbly peg, for any man wishing to show he's a man. A show of valor, the deftness of one's hand. Its okay, stick to you thinking game, leave the challenges to us of the North." A slight chuckle again, a look at the Glaw, then Aeryn, then Perin even, a slight challenge even there, he half turns back to his table. Ale picked up by one of them, a large mug for each. He reaches for his.

Critical Success!
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Gwynaelle listens to the Picts who talk to the knights at her table, the lady of Idmiston to lift her chin subtly as if she might be tempted to say something. But in the end, she holds her tongue, turning back to the table and ignoring the foreign knights. "How is it played?" She wonders, then smiles a little, "I am not a knight, but father has always said that being a good knight is not just about brawn and fighting, but about brains as well. Anyone can wield a sword and hack at something. But it takes a special person to know when the best time to fight is, and when to not fight.."
Lysette touches Gwyn's shoulder, likely attempting to hush her before she says too much.

You check your prudent at 10, you rolled 4.

"How is it played?" Aeryn hesitates, looking uncertainly towards Gwyn and the board itself. Still, she /thinks/ she has been playing it right at least. "Well the object is to move these pieces, to stop him from moving his where mine are." Well, something. "And I have to keep circling because his are nearing the coveted spots." Wait, what? "And you never move the white one where Perin has placed his." There. All decisive and everything. Still, the picts are ignored and she seems really good at it even if her eyes drift over there and her lips press together. She's never ever one to make rash decisions.

Aeryn checked her gaming of 3, she rolled 7.

You check your honest at 13, you rolled 3.

Chairs delivered, Glaw finally has time to turn to regard the game. Or what passes for one among the three, though Gwyn's words make him chuckle faintly, more so when Lysette tries to hush the Idmiston heir. Does he dare to mouth 'Good luck' to the handmaiden? Ahem. The explanation, however, makes Glaw blink. "Wait. I thought you had to move the white pieces when they are next to each other like this.", he wonders at Aeryn, then tilts his head. "You must be playing a different game than I was taught.". Yep, it seems like the jig is about to be up. Ahem.

"I thought that was based on the space catty-corner to the center," returns Perin about legality of a move, and clearly not too sure himself. Even. Moving a couple pieces he can certainly do. But strategy and more complex moves sort of elude him. But he nods, maybe Glaw is right. Looking to Gwynaelle, "One team starts in the center, the other take the edges. And yeah, like Sir Aeryn pointed out. Its about limited the other." Give or take of course. His voice in check mostly, taking the pointer by Glaw with ease, but slightly saying towards Gwynaelle that this is something everyone should know, matter of fact. "I can move it back," the white piece, not to offend anyone with his improper move.
The picts of course overhear a little, how to play. "Well we stand facing each other, each tosses a knife between their legs, the closest to a foot wins, hitting your foot is a definite win." Cause everyone was so curious of their game of course. The others nod, that sounds like a challenging game to them, and they've probably all played it too.

"Oh.. okay.." Gwynaelle says as the game is explained to her. Three times. Differently, to a degree. Confusing much? Naaaah! She merely nods her head a little, watching as they play one another, likely making note to ask Glaw later or something. With the touch to her shoulder, she does glance to Lysette, a smile offered the handmaiden innocently enough. As for the Picts' reply, she blinks, eyes widening a little, "Knife tossing?" Oh. My.

"Then your way is wrong and I would be more than happy to show you how to play the rules the way they were intended." Aeryn offers to Glaw with an amused smile, no she isn't at all serious and she doesn't really seem bothered by his counter. It's the picts they were all united in being angry at for the most part. The Perin gives completely different rules and she laughs. "No don't move it back you've already given me the advantage." Then again.. "Maybe. Maybe we're all wrong and the picts there have the right idea." An apologetic look given to the lady. When she looks at them she isn't laughing at all. "Show me how to play then," she tells the leader of them.

"Wrong?", Glaw wonders, lifting his chin a little, before the smile of Aeryn is noticed, and he is mollified a little again, then even chuckles. "Well, perhaps there are different rules from town to town.". Surely a pagan would know how that goes! As for Perin having giving her the advantage, he tilt his head, still trying to figure it out with the alternative rules. "Perhaps. Or he is luring you into a trap.". As for the rules of knife tossing? Glaw blinks at that, then at Gwynaelle, before he turns to glance at the picts. "Oh.", he comments, "I seen such things performed before, by entertainers at feasts…", he comments, oh-so-innocently. Surely he is not implying they are in the wrong profession? Ahem.

"Yes, clearly it was a trap, I shall have her yet," says Perin, at first just ready to be done with rules discussion. Too much talking, not enough playing. Then a grin, and a look to Perin, a thought implied before his thoughts correct themselves in that line, a blush tinging the tips of his cheeks at most. He looks up to the Picts with some of the others when they raise curiosity.
"Well, not sure it goes in here, we should go outside …" He'll start to stand the others will slowly raise as well. They do have daggers ready of course, "Something for the knife to stick into of course, wood is too hard." It will stick, but perhaps some part of the game of course.
Perin will look to the group, but start to stand, to see this thing through for now.

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Aeryn checked her gaming of 3, she rolled 13.

Gwynaelle looks between the game on the table, and the rising Picts as it seems that they are going to go outside to play this knife throwing game of theirs. Without thinking, she asks, "Can anyone play?" Did she mean to imply she wants to throw a knife around? Oh goodness. She does turn to Glaw, likely to see if he's going to follow those that seem to be heading outside now or staying inside the tavern.

So much for the game! Aeryn has lost interest in it, though possibly with the wording from Perin. "Someday, you shall," she tells him in a cheeky manner. Of course it's not prudent to talk about at the table, but she slipped, as she had in court. "Then we will go outside." So generous of her including everyone like that." When Perin starts to stand, she does as well, but a curious look is given to Gwynaelle then Glaw. "Would you join us?"

Oh, the slips and counter-slips of the pair? They make Glaw try to hide a smile. And give Gwynaelle a longer look. Only for her to meet his gaze, and then wonder if anyone plays the pictish game? And then Perin stands. And Aeryn. And Glaw almost gives an inward sigh. Like he could back down now even if he wanted to. At least it is not too cold outside. "Oh. Certainly.", he finally says, picking up his untouched tankard as he rises as well with one hand, then offering Gwyn the other arm, before he chuckles faintly. "Knife juggling. I always wanted to learn.". This is so obviously a lie that it is almost honest again, right?

Two lies do almost make a truth. Perin stands to move with the group, a grin given to Aeryn. The play of words gone, only his eyes to speak. He follows the lot outside.
The pict knights lead them around the corner from the Tavern. A nod to Gwynaelle along the way, "Sure any as wants to can play the game," a chuckle, just for knights. Sounds more savage to them, denying someone a game like this because of status. Then, just off a main street and out of the way, not some back way to rob anyone. "Simple as this," says their scraggly leader, moving to put his feet shoulder with a part, looking at their eyes to see he looks at them, "You toss the dagger at your foot, hit it if you like, but the aim is to try and get as close as you can … the closest is the winner." He hefts a dagger, pretending to throw.
Perin will move up, unless someone else beats him to wanting to square off with the pict in this northern style game.

Gwynaelle takes Glaw's arm, her fingers to caress lightly as she turns to walk out. Around the corner they go, her handmaiden to follow afterwards. Explanation given, she says, "You throw at your opponent's feet, correct? Not your own? Or do you throw at your own foot, and they do it to their foot and…?" Hey, want to get the rules straight here! She touches her smaller table knife upon her belt, then to Glaw, "I can use yours if need something bigger?" Awww… she just wants to fondle his dagger!

Aeryn catches the look from Perin and blushes at the speaking he does with them. The picts are a welcome distraction with their game. She is standing when Glaw also rises and she gives a smile. "Always, yeah me too." She nods to the answer of how to play, watching as Perin takes the spot to go first. There's a sidelong look to Gwyn and a smile, "We will see how it foes."

Glaw lets Perin take the first challenger, letting things be explained, and he tilts his head at Gwyn as she indeed seems to plan to join. A look is given to her handmaiden then, perhaps a silent 'you going to let her?!', but then Glaw knows fully well that the woman on his arm is difficult to dissuade once she has made up her mind. Ahem. Aeryn's encouragement are surely no help, and he sighs a bit. "The rules are rather simple, it seems.", he says then. "It all depends on how much you dare to hit your own foot." Or leg. Or knee. Or…
Waiting for Perin and the unknown pict to begin, Glaw soon chuckles in spite of himself. "Well then, let us see how it is done?", he calls out to them.

The group is outside, Perin is facing a pict knight. About three feet apart from one another, just around the corner from the Tavern. Perin pulls a dagger himself, the pict has one in hand. The pict shakes his head, looking towards Gwynaelle, "No, you throw it at your own foot. If it was to hit your opponent, that'd be easier." And a quicker bout even. The pict looks up and nods. Then throws his dagger, followed by Perin.

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<OOC> Perin says, "success, pict dagger at 10"

Gwynaelle stands at Glaw's side, watching as Perin and Pict challenge off on some game where they throw daggers at their own feet. Intrigued is the Idmiston lady, a slow nod offered to the Pict when he explains better the rules. "Ah, I see. Sorry, I misunderstood you the first time." Must be that accent or something. And so, she leans into Glaw as the first round goes, leaving her to hmm in thought.
As for the handmaiden at that look from Glaw, Lysette merely shoots him one back: You think /I/ can stop her now?!?

Perin's misses his mark, and nearly doesn't stick in the ground. The pict grins, his dagger between his legs, wobbling. "Looks like you loose Cymmie," a pause, the others grin. "Loser picks up the winners dagger." He doesn't add the more traditional rule of, 'with your teeth'. Good enough to just have the other reach between his legs as far as humility goes it seems. Perin moves over to pick it up, face averted at least. "Yeah, not much thought in this game." The pict looks about, "Any takers?" Or others interested in trying of course.

Nalia checked her reckless of 16, she rolled 14.

Nalia has had a very unusual few days and the woman is looking both spirited and confused all at once, so as she comes up on the small group outside the tavern her eyes flicker towards Glaw and Gwyn but is taken by the game that is being had. There is a little bite of her lower lip but then the lady dressed in flowing green comes up to her friends and glances at the Pict Knights across from them. "I'll try.." Yep, this is why Nalia needs her brothers around.

"I have no desire to be maimed before the tournament. I would like to make a good showing there." Aeryn offers to the group of the Cymric folks. Watching, Aeryn frowns at Perin's throwing, then the Pict. The word being called to Perin, the belittling word, gets a shake of her head. "I am next." She calls out. Then Nalia is suddenly there.. and she shrugs, "Or I can go after her."

Glaw sighs in Lynette's direction, before he watches the pict add mockery to injury, and Perin to pick up the dagger. Yep, the lot are surely just savages who washed the woad off their skin. Oh wait. They didn't. Ahem. As he inquires about the next participant, Glaw opens his mouth, as if to volunteer, but is cut short at Nadia's voice cutting in, and he blinks, looking over his shoulder at the Lady. And the other lady. And he has to laugh. "Have I just been the runt of this round of Knights?", he complaints, but apparently he is amused, gesturing for Aeryn and Nalia go first.

Luck would have it, of course, that there are four picts. Perin nods to his, shakes his head. When Aeryn picks up with the comment about the Cymric folks, directed at Perin, she'll notice as he walks away from the pict, he has a smile on his face. He reaches to grab her hand before she passes, "Show him what you're made of." The tourney champion that she is, pride in his voice. He the more reckless of the two should it come down to it. The first pict nods, between the two volunteers, "Right, I get this one." To Aeryn, as she was defensive of Perin, "Maybe more fortitude than the man." He indicates Perin.
A taller one steps forward, half a beard, his cheeks have a hard time growing hair and half bald spots, filled with blue drawings or tattoos of course. "I'll take here then." They have no problem letting a lady have a turn it seems.

Gwynaelle is just about to volunteer as well before Nalia and then Aeryn speak up. Hmmph. Thunder stolen! Still, she smiles, soon to state, "Then I will go.." Hah! Glaw will just have to go last, and win back any honor they loose, right? Turning to Nalia, she does offer a quick wave and wink, "Good luck.. just don't stab your foot!" It'd make it hard to dance later!

Nalia checked her dagger of 10, she rolled 15.

Perin rolls 1d20 and gets (16) for a total of: (16)
<OOC> Perin says, "both outside the legs, but Nalia's is closer to her foot at least"

It is then that Nalia takes a moment to notice the others there other than the few she knows well. There is a soft blush ridding on the tip of her cheeks as she dips her chin in greeting to the others. "I am in no hurry Sir Aeryn, Sir Glaw. Just seemed interesting, if a lady might try. I did come last to the grouping so I might have missed some rule.." Of course she did, but the lady simply keeps to the shadows that Glaw, then she simply gives Glaw and Gwyn a very innocent look, but for those that know her, something seems to be troubling her as she waits to see who goes next.. And then a tall half balding breaded Pict gets her attention and she tilts her head to the side before giving a little wicked grin and stepping up to see just how this has to be done.

With that little grin Nalia takes out a lovely dagger from inside her cloak and she weighs it gently in her hand. She didn't wait to see how things were done before she busted out her desire to play, so her aim is slightly off to the side of one elegant leg, it sticks and wobbles but it's not where it should be! The woman wrinkles her nose but is still smile as she glances towards the tall Pict and arches an eyebrow in challenge.

When her hand is taken, Aeryn smiles at Perin and leans over to brush her lips over his cheek in a brief but chaste kiss. After a moment, she releases his hand and looks towards the others, She approaches the one who would dare to disparage Perin's honor. "Perhaps you should keep your opinions in check, Pict." There is not so much heat to her words as there is a sense of offense, for the slight to her betrothed. With her own dagger, she steps to the man and without hesitation, she throws it down towards her foot, trying to get as close as possible without slicing into her own footwear or foot.

Aeryn checked her dagger of 5, she rolled 2.

Perin rolls 1d20 and gets (19) for a total of: (19)
<OOC> Perin says, "oh, way closer then her guy, and hers is between her legs, his probably didn't stick into the ground"

Glaw shakes his head a little once more as both of the ladies succeed in making the Picts loose. Ooh, surely that must sting, being bested by the Cymrii women. Of course, he then is usurped by said Cymrii women once more, as Gwyn declares she is next, and he gives her a long look. "Then go ahead, Lady Idmiston.", he says. Ut oh. Calling her by her manor name only. Surely she has overstepped the line or something. Just ignore the faint smirk on his lips. His attention then turn to the Picts however. "Go ahead, Men of Lonazep. Pick up your betters daggers.". Ayep, he is gonna rub that in.

Gwynaelle checked her dagger of 5, she rolled 17.

Perin grins at the kiss, if they weren't passing, he might turn to face her. Instead he's touched with that warmth and his smile will not leave. At least for the tall one, its not hard to get the dagger as it wasn't between her legs. He grins up as he grabs it, "Next time, you can get closer to your foot." Suggestive even of where he'd like to be.
As for the leader of the pict knights, he moves over and turns his head. He might normally joke with a lady about this, but may catch from the demeanor that she is a knight. "Perhaps, at least the women are showing the southern men how to play the game." And he has his dagger.
One moves up to Gwynaelle as she is ready with a dagger, and says, "After you." She will throw, then he follows suit …

Perin rolls 1d20 and gets (16) for a total of: (16)
<OOC> Perin says, "both outside, his closer to his foot"

Gwynaelle watches as first Nalia and then Aeryn go in turn, besting in their own ways, their Pict opponents. So what if Nalia gets the dagger outside of her legs, she still managed closer than the tall Pict she went against! So, she steps up, before Glaw can, and she gives him a grin even when he dares to call her by her manor name only. Pulling her small table dagger from her belt, she tosses it down quickly, though ends up outside her foot as well. Of course, as luck would have it… hers is just a tad further outside than the Picts. Still, she smiles, "Thought you'd be better at this game.." As in, actually get the dagger between his feet considering this is her first time ever to play!

It lands between her feet and no one could possibly be more surprised than Aeryn but she does her best not to show it and detract from the moment of her defending Perin. As Glaw calls out for the daggers, she tosses him a grin, pretty much liking him rubbing it in to the Picts, herself likely too prudent to taunt further. When her dagger is offered back, she accepts it, but there is something that flashes in her eyes. Pride. "Or perhaps we are showing you that even our ladies are better with a blade than you." A sort of 'good job' directed to Nalia there. Stepping back, she watches the next pairing. A nod of approval is given to Gwyn at her attempt. It was a good one.

Nalia gives the words from the Pict an arched eyebrow but that wicked grin is still on her features as she holds her hand out for the dagger, She opens her mouth to say something else but catches Glaw's calling of Gwyn after her house and thinks just a little better of it. She simply dips her chin but that grin stays on her lips as she moves back over to where Gwyn happens to be and can't help the softest of chuckles. Catching Aeryn's words, she winks at the Knight as well and then offers Gwyn a half hug at how well she did as well.

"Hear hear.", Glaw is nothing if not attuned to pride, and while it is usually tuned to himself, that flash of Pride in Aeryn has him rooting for her and the Cymrii ladies. That Gwynaelle misses her foot is a relief at least, though when she is bested despite the Pict being equally bad at hitting inside the leg, he sighs a little. "Good attempt.". Does he narrow his eyes a little at the pict though. He better not have too loose a lip when requesting his dagger from the 'loser'. Ahem. Pulling his knife from his belt, Glaw now finally gets a chance to embarrass himself. Err. I mean, show what a Cymrii Knight is made of. Yeah. That's better.

When she steps back, Perin moves to her side. Prudent himself the pride for her is there, he says more quietly, "See, you have a competitive spirit, I like this in you …. Sir .. Aeryn." Almost no sir, but the dignity of where they are, he keeps tittle in check at least. His smile should she look back, telling of his support in all she would do.
"Ah, a practice round, working on this knightly business, chivalry and such." Says the one Aeryn has bested, but there is a chuckle from his friends as well, knowing that is not really the case. He lost fairly, they all know it. He turns to Gwynaelle, "You going to show them how its done, or seen enough of good aim to know when you're bested?" The main knight squares feet to Glaw and aims to release his dagger between his feet.

Perin rolls 1d20 and gets (18) for a total of: (18)

Gwynaelle checked her proud of 13, she rolled 3.

You check your dagger at 5, you rolled 11.

You check your proud at 16, you rolled 18.

You check your modest at 4, you rolled 9.

Squaring with the main knight is he, and likely by now the pressure they both are under is making them both overshoot, though thankfully for Glaw his is closer. He grins at the other knight, though while the grin is anything but modest, there is no taunting this time, he merely nods his head to the man. "I was taught to never throw my last weapon…". Well, he still has his sword on him, but surely the dagger is usually the last resort for this knight, "…but it is — on occasion — hilarious.", he gives the Pict that much.

Gwynaelle quickly grabs the dagger, handing it back to the Pict, then turns to accept the hug from Nalia. Quick is she to grin, though at the words from the Pict, she lifts her chin, that spark in her eyes surely saying she's going to accept that challenge, "Then again we shall go, Sir. I think you can see that we're doing better than you over all.. " She falls quiet as Glaw steps forward, smiling as his comes closer yet to his foot, even outside of it, than his opponent. Someone might want to tell her to hush for she soon adds after Glaw's comment, "Three for us compared to two of you… and that being the first time any of us played?" Looking between the Picts, she draws her dagger again, "So, who shall it be?" Hah! Ready to go!

Gwynaelle checked her valorous of 10, she rolled 16.

Gwynaelle checked her cowardly of 10, she rolled 16.

Nalia checked her dagger of 10, she rolled 17.

The main pict knight readily takes to the challenge offered. A grin between them, its sort of a fun thing, and they're taking part in their own culture. They thought they'd show them up, but its a real contest. "You have me to deal with then, lassie," he steps up and cleanly gets his dagger between his legs …watching to see how Gwynaelle fares with her dagger.

Perin rolls 1d20 and gets (18) for a total of: (18)
<OOC> Perin says, "Nalia bets her guy, the same tall guy again …."

Nalia gives a wicked grin to Gwyn and backs her up as she steps up with the other lady and offers that challenging arched eyebrow towards the Picts, since it's the tall one again and can't help a little grin. "Back to loose again?" She has to challenge this time and flickers her dagger once more. Again no where near her feet, but maybe she would rather not stab her foot. But it does stick and wiggle just there to the side of her cloak, and her steel grey eyes look up in challenge to see what the Pict does. Maybe it's the teasing reckless there that she hopes to use as distraction?

Gwynaelle laughs as the man steps forward, that subtle lift of her chin given as she faces off the main guy. Without looking, she flings her tiny dagger down between her feet, and… that is likely not the best thing to do. Not to look at what you're aiming for. There is a sudden bloom of pain that earns a wide-eyed expression to cross the lady's face, tears instantly welling in her eyes as she stands there trembling. Do. Not. Look. Isn't it the rule that things hurt exponentially worse when you see them than before? But of course, she /has/ to look, and her gaze drops down to see her tiny knife stuck in her own foot. Almost to the hilt. That… is going to hurt. A lot. "Ooooh.." Shock, that's what's keeping her standing, quiet, and not screaming like the lady she is!

Glaw watches the two ladies square off again to give the two picts another schooling, likely waiting still on the dagger-delivery of the lead knight. As Nalia wins, he grins, even cheers slightly for her. And then there is that silence that falls. What was it about parents having to check on kids when they grow silent? Seems similar is true for Gwynaelle, and as Glaw turns to see how she is faring, it takes a moment to register. That knife that the other knight has yet to deliver is forgotten though, as it becomes clear it is not a trick of perspective how that knife looks in Gwyn's foot. Nope. Glaw just turns to rush over, to take her arm. Shock, yeah, that would be one way to put it. "Nalia!". Forget the titles and the nice, flowery speak, that one was more a battlefield command in tone and volume.

The one that plays against Nalia loses with some grace, he is looking at her more, and moves to get his dagger, "If you want me to lose more, lass, you just have to ask." As in, though the dagger is outside legs, he wouldn't mind losing more directly.
The other one, the one who started it all, nods when he sees what happened. His was a good throw, not far from the inside of his foot there, but her's is direct. "Well, that's one way to win," he says, a hint of a chuckle even. "Guess it couldn't end close to a tie." Not that it would of, Nalia's settled the score again anyways. They grin, those picts, but watch to make sure she's okay, she was a good sport.
With Aeryn, Perin looks over, torn between concern for Gwynaelle and his thoughts on Idmiston. But he is courteous all the same, "Lady Gwynaelle, and moves slightly, but Glaw is far more reactive and Perin stays where he is as the other takes command by voice.

Nalia turns her eyes from the Pict and what she is about to say to him and her eyes widen at what Glaw pulls her attention to, she gasps slightly but then moves with quick steps to kneel at Gwyn's side, her eyes on the foot in question. There is a little bite of her lower lip but she is nodding to herself. Gwyn's lady companion is put to work, "Lys I need pack you always carry and Glaw.."Yep titles are gone for now as she looks up at him, "Please hold her still.." With a soft prayer to whichever god is listening Nalia looks up at Gwyn, "Gwyn, we need to pull it out, just stay strong…"

Catching the wink, Aeryn offers Nalia a smile in return, though her attention turns to Perin when he smiles at her. Falling back a little, she quietly watches as the others go back and forth with the Picts, making a sport of it. When Nalia bests one again, Aeryn frowns at the crude words of the Pict, but she is successfully distracted when Gwyn wins. The hard way. "My lady!" She exclaims, but she is not a healer, simply leaving it for Glaw as he rushes in and calls Nalia.

Gwynaelle takes another deep shaky breath, offering the Pict a trembling smile. Pale is she, and she remains still, not wanting to move. "Does.. that.. mean I won?" She asks, as if that is all she cares about. Of course, by the time Glaw and Nalia move closer, she's nodding to them both, keeping still, but when it's said she needs to remove it, she goes paler still. "Me?" She squeaks out then! Hopefully someone will do it… not the Pict!

Glaw leaves it to the healer then to deal with the injury. Well, first aid he can do, but surely that will need a bit more care than a bit of cloth pressed to the wound. As Nalia bids him to hold her still, he nods, soon to lift a hand to try to turn Gwyn's face to look at him. "Yes. You won.". Yes, let's try this distraction business that Nalia is so good at, first. "And no, not you.". This is hopefully enough for Nalia to finally pull that accursed knife from the foot, right?

Nalia glances up at Gwyn and shakes her head gently with a half smile, "No, not you, just letting you know it's going to move.." Her voice is calm and gentle as she looks a little more closer at how the dagger went in and how close to the bones it might be. She wrinkles her brow and waits for the bag she needs before she gently touches Gwyn's foot with one hand to keep it still and then pulls up and out as quickly as possible. She drops the dagger to the side quickly and still keeping pressure moves, glances up to Glaw and Gwyn, "Don't look Gwyn.." She then has to slip the shoe off before she can get something wrapped around the foot. This way they can get her off the street as soon as possible. "Glaw we need to get her somewhere were I can finish this…"

Nalia checked her dex of 16, she rolled 1.

Nalia checked her firstaid of 10, she rolled 11.

Nalia checked her profession of 10, she rolled 8.

Gwynaelle checked her valorous of 10, she rolled 19.

Gwynaelle checked her cowardly of 10, she rolled 12.

Stand still? That she can do. Look at Glaw, yep, that too. Gwynaelle's staring into Glaw's eyes as he speaks to her, nodding slowly, "Good.. won.." Not a knight is this one, because the tears will fall, and she lets out a little squeak of sound when the knife is first touched, no matter how quick Nalia is… it HURTS! Hurts enough that once the knife is out, she involuntarily kicks with no real aim. "Ooowwwww!" Okay, she's not really screaming or bawling like a baby. Yet. Give her time. She's not looking, not going to look, nope. Her slipper is easily removed, and foot wrapped quick, leg trembling as she holds it off the ground. Blood will likely start to soak through the bandage quick enough. Hey, lucky she was, the blade did go between bones and all over all!

Aeryn just hovers over beside the trio, "Perhaps we should get her out of the streets and to some lodging of sorts. Is everyone staying at the tents?" Her squire arrives just then and summons her with a message. A frown of disapproval is given. "If you need assistance, make use of my squire, I have to go settle something with my family." A frown follows. "Forgive me. Please send word on how she is."

Distraction, yank, kick, tears. Yep, Glaw has an expression that must border on distraught there for a moment. It is not pain he can spare her, nothing he can do but hold her face in his hands for now, watching the tears fall, and wiping at them lightly with a thumb. To Aeryn's word he nods his head. "Thank you, for both concern and offer.", he speaks, probably partly for Gwyn as well, guessing she is preoccupied. Ahem. "I will send word.". The squire then is nodded to. "Make a hole for us?", he asks the young one, before he soon dips a little to try to scoop the Lady into his arms, to carry her to wherever Nalia and squire would consider best. A look is then given to the picts, and he offers then a nod as well. "I guess we have to cut this short.", he lets them know he holds no ill will towards them and then adds, "Keep the knife until we next see each other.". Well, he can return it then, he has no hands free right now!

This was why Nalia told Glaw to hold Gwyn still! As the foot comes up, the heel hits Nalia in the cheek, hard enough that soon a bruise will start to glow, but for now it's just covered with blood that also ends up over Nalia's shoulder and she has to move quickly to get pressure on the foot once more. While she does and it doesn't add to the damage it does cause the healer to move from kneel to dropped on her ass as she mutters something or another, but gets the first wraps in place, followed by the next to make Gwyn ready for travel. Those steel eyes look up at Glaw now and she can't help a little frown, from just above a swelling and bloody cheek. "You will need to carry her.." Like you should have held her before! Damn Men! A glance is given to Aeryn and she nods quickly even trying to smile. "Thank you Sir Aeryn.."

There's nothing but buzzing beyond Gwynaelle, her attention upon Glaw for the most part. Well, beyond the kick that comes - she knows she likely hit Nalia, and will be ever so apologetic later. Whimpering just a little under her breath, she nods to Glaw, only to find herself scooped up into his arms then. Arms circle Glaw's neck, her head leaned against his shoulder as she takes shallow breaths in attempt to control the pain that throbs in her foot.
Lysette will speak up then, saying quietly, "Take her to her family's tents,if you are good to carry her towards them?" Across the tourney field, to the tent city that lies beyond down to the river. Idmiston has a set of pavilion tents for family and knights who came to the wedding and tourney.

Glaw did hold her! She did not fall over, she did not move her leg until after the knife got yanked out! If she meant he should have held her leg, she should have said so! Ahem. Glaw gives Nalia a look when she glares up to him, the bloody cheek given a bit of a arched brow, but he just nods his head at her. "Just lead the way.". As for Lysette? He nods as well. "Good. Yes. I can carry her there.". Or die trying, likely. Yep, poor abused Nalia, and he can't even offer her a hand to bring her back up to her feet. He'll make it up to her later, somehow.

Nalia moves to pull herself up from the ground, gathering the few things used and making sure not to leave any of Gwyn's blood anywhere on the ground. She shivers gently about something but moves to follow the group towards the tent city. Along the way she calls out things she will need and mutters to herself a lot. Oh she will remind them /both/ later. But for now she is simply worried for Gwyn.

The knight carries the injured lady to her tent, where Nalia administers her healing knowledge.

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