(514-05-17) Alliances Need To Be Made
Summary: A possible alliance between Burcombe and Berwick Saint James is explored.
Date: 17 May 514
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The pavillions are a cacophany of color as each noble sets up their own little temporary village for themselves and their retinue and Berwick Saint James is easy enough to find by association of its color. Morag makes her way into the encampment, initially approaching one of the guardsmen to identify herself and explain she's here to see Sir Aeron and Lady Dywana. There's a basket in the crook of her arm as she waits patiently while the guardsman seeks the twins and informs the first one she finds of her presence.

The Pavillion area of the Berwicks isn't such a big spot that it's hard to find where Aeron is. He's in the tent itself, armor on a rack, his shield and pennon displayed out front, a pile of bedding for him, his squire and whoever else may be staying in the main tent. Aeron's squire would come and fetch Morag, leading her in to the tent, Aeron himself is sitting at a small camp chair, which he'll rise up from when Morag arrives to greet the woman.

"Well met, Sir Aeron." Morag's clothes are better than those of a peasant, but not as fashion forward as those of the noblewomen. "I had hoped to find you and your sister and see if you had some time to spare." She holds up the basket. "I have a bottle of wine and honey cakes to share, if you can be so persuaded. Is Lady Dywana about?"

"Hmn, I'm sure she's around somewhere." Aeron says, "Come on in though, make yourself at home, you're always welcome around here, Morag." he says with a smile, "Come, let's sit and enjoy your gifts while we wait for my sister to come by, I can send my squire to look for her if you'd like?"

"That would be lovely Sir Aeron, thank you." Morag steps further inside, moving to set her basket down on the nearest table. "I also bring greetings from House Burcombe. Which is part of why I paid a call. You're sure I'm not inconveniencing you?" She moves to take the seat she was invited toward, hands momentarily resting in her lap.

"Ahh, so you aren't here soley to enjoy our company?" Aeron asks, flashing a bright smile at the woman, "Well, what news do the Burcombes send? It's been since winter since last I enjoyed any of their company.."

Dywana steps into the tent as everyone tells her everything that happens in the household and more so about her brother. So on hearing they have a guest, the young woman has come to see just what Aeron is doing with her friend. Yep it has to be his fault. Dy is dressed in blue, sleeveless and comfortable but elegantly done as is her hair where it's piled on her head and falling in waves. Some ladymaid was have gotten to her. Aeron's fault? Yes we will blame him.

Morag reaches for the basket, tugging the cloth back and revealing the aforementioned wine and honey cakes. "Are there goblets?" she inquires before admitting, "My visit is with purpose, but that doesn't mean I can't take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy your company." She realizes how that sounded, her mouth quirking. "Both of you." she amends for clarification. "There has always been amiability between Burcombe and Berwick St. James, but my brother and sister would like to strengthen their friendships with the other pagan houses." And then Dywana's arriving, and Morag rises in curtsey, dropping a curtsey as an impish light comes to her eyes. "And also, I have news for you," she says to the lady, "But perhaps better told in company of gentler nature." No boys, she means.

"Well, perhaps we ought to get to the business of Burcombe then, so the two of you can slip off somewhere and engage in the art of gossip?" Aeron suggests. His Squire brings forth some goblets, setting them out for the group. "And I suppose there has not been any tension with us and Burcombe, though likely because we live a ways off from them.."

Dywana smirks softly at Morag's curtsy and simply walks over to the slightly taller woman and gives her a gentle hug. A press of her cheek against her friends and she steps back with a arched eyebrow but takes a hint. "Then you can join me in my tent, after we have…" She peeks into the basket and then beams brightly, "Oh, your honey cakes.. Yes after those.." It is then that she moves over to greet her twin and winkles her nose up at him. "There is not that great of a distance.." She reminds him as she moves to settle on one of the chairs and motions for Morag to join them.

"In such a rush to get rid of us, Sir Aeron?" asks Morag blithely, before returning Dywana's kiss and re-taking her seat. "Oh, in fairness the cook made them - Caerwyn wouldn't have but we had our best come along. But if your House is amenable to considering an alliance with Burcombe, the table could be prepared to see how each could stand to gain. I can't seal alliances, naturally - but I am authorized to gauge interest. If there is any."

"You brought a cook, did you?" Aeron asks, "I'm rather impressed, It must not have been cheap to arrange that here." He adds with a nod of his head, "But I'm not terribl against the idea, it depends what your family had in mind, of course, the distance is such we couldn't easily rush to your aid, or vice versa."

Dywana sits and listens to the conversation that was underway before she arrived and tilts her head to the side, "Alliances do not always need to be of arms only, there is many a time when members of both houses are at Court or on the battlefield. I'd feel better having a strong arm near when we were not together brother. I have watched some of the things that are coming. Alliances need to be made.." Her voice as always is low and lyrical, compelling in that she speaks less than most, or maybe it is just simply the quality of her voice.

Dywana checked her orate of 15, she rolled 16.

"There's a limit to what he can do, of course." Morag notes practically. "Well. At minimum, I hope both of you will be willing to travel and join us for Beltaine as we're hosting the celebrations this year." She looks between the two. "She's right." she says. "And when the King or the Earl calls their vassals to arms, then it's good to know your allies are at hand."

"Would you be ready to go off in Marriage to a Burcombe to seal an alliance, Dear Sister?" Aeron asks, head quirking towards Dy a bit, "Or did he have something else in mind?" he asks, looking to Morag, "And we may travel to Beltaine, it is so soon after arriving back from the tourney though. We shall see!"

There is a narrowing of her eyes at her twin and she asks in return. "Would you be ready to have one of the Burcombe join us as your wife?" Dywana shakes her her gently, "We have talked about this.." She reminds her twin but smiles to Morag, "I will try and talk him into traveling to join the rites.."

"Both my sister and one of my cousins have been betrothed, if only informally." Morag suggests, "Though one of my cousins may be an option." She looks between the pair. "There's also Caerwyn but honestly, Dywana," A bit of smile, "I don't think he's for you." Another faint impish cast t her smile. She does point out, "Alliances need not be cemented in marriage if it suits neither party." There's no mention of herself, naturally.

"It isn't much of an alliance if blood is not involved, though." Aeron says with a nod of his head, "But, I'm still amenable to the discussion, of course. We can talk some of the specifics later, if you'd like?" he says, glancing back towards Dywana, "It was just a question, dear sister, you aren't being sent off to Burcombe Manor, don't fret! Though, Sir Caerwyn wouldn't be an awful match for you, he has land afterall.."

"And a twin, I don't think you want me to deal with another twin male do you?" Dy says impishly but she smiles at him and stands to give him a hug of her shoulders. "There are ties to Burcombe that can have blood and not be a marriage. Remember both I and Morag are Priestess, blood ties between us can always be had.." She turns to Morag and smiles. "But I agree with Aeron, it's best we talk of all that can be had by the other and see what can be formed. There are always cousins in both lines that do not need so much attention as we do.." She includes Morag in that.

"Ties of honor and faith as well as blood," Morag agrees readily. "And there'll be plenty of time during the wedding and the tournament and all of the celebrating for our families to get to know each other better. You have both been very kind to me, and my family will appreciate that." She mms then to Dywana. "Speaking of the tourney…well. Later." There's that glint in her eye. Uh oh.

"How do you suppose that the two of you being priestesses would create blood ties?" Aeron asks, head canting a bit towards Dywana before looking back at Morag a bit more, "And of course, plenty of time left before we return home, though the time feels like it is soaring past!"

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