(514-05-16) A Carlion Hunt
Summary: Erylys and a group of commoners head out for a hunt led by the noble woman.
Date: 05-16-514
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With so many people in and around Carlion, it's little suprise that some hunting needs doing. The Tavern keeper has offered up use of some hunting dogs, and Tria and Iolo have been preparing to go out on a hunt for a little game for the tavern's evening meal. The offer to join on the hunt has gone out to others about, and they are currently meeting up outside of the gate, alongside the road.

Having heard of the hunt being sponsorded by the tavern keeper, Eyrlys arrives with bow and spear in hand, and a few dogs of herown at her feet. Upon finding the two that seem to be in charge, she smiles, "I'd like to help, if you'd have me?" Obviously a noble woman, but willing to hunt like them is she.

Tria is there with Iolo and she looks towards the more covered areas of the trees in the distance before looking back to him. Her own bow and arrows are at hand,t he quiver over her back so the arrows are within each reach if she only reaches an arm over her shoulder and takes one. As another joins, she offers a smiles, "Good day to you, I'm sure we'd welcome all the help we could get."

An uneven crunching of road dust announces the arrival of Berit, boots scuffing through the grit as he limps out of the city gate. Dressed in his usual brown sleeveless tunic, the weather-beaten man lifts a bark-rough hand to Tria and Iolo as he ambles over to join them.
"Tria, Iolo." He rumbles amiably enough, wintry eyes drifting aside to consider Erylys. After just a moment of study he gives her a shallow bow and adds easily, "M'Lady." He carries no bow of his own, but there is a knife sheathed at his belt, and a large chopping axe hanging from a sling on his back.

"I'd have you, of course. And it looks like the rest are in agreement!" Iolo says with a nod of his head to Eyrlys, he has a light crossbow he's carrying, no spear or sword or anything, though. "Shall we get off then, Tria, see what we can find?" he asks.

Erylys smiles at the agreement, "Erylys de Berwick St. James, but please, just call me Ery?" The request is made, the young noble lady at ease amongst them. a sot whistle and she calls her dogs to her side as it seems they're off. "What are we hoping to hunt, or we're just going after anything?" So questions the huntsman.

When Berit walks up, Tria lifts a hand in a wave, "Berit, so glad to see you." The introduction from the lady is met with a curios look. "My lady." She doesn't call her by the nickname since she's noble. As Iolo addresses her, she smiles, "I am ready when you all are!"

"Berit of Sarum." The scarred peasant replies gruffly while straightening from his bow. Despite his limp the man falls easily into step with the others. He seems relaxed himself, though it is difficult to tell beneath the rather savage cast of his features. "Came along to help with beasts of the two-legged variety. Never know if they might be scampering about out here. Also been told I'm a fair replacement for a pack mule."

"And I'm Iolo, a pleasure." Iolo says, giving a little nod of his head, "Well, maybe we should try up to the north a bit, see what we can find?" he suggests, "Though, I'll defer to our great hunter, here." He gestures lightly. And no doubt, off they go!

"A pack mule?" Tria counters to Berit with a bemused look. She hooks a thumb through the strap of her quiver, walking along side Iolo. "That would be decidedly convenient if we were to bag some game." Great hunter? Tria laughs, gently nudging his arm as they head off. .

You check your hunting at 15, you rolled 1.
Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 12.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (3) for a total of: (3)

Erylys smiles, then moves forwards, a quiet whistle given to the dogs she brought with her. The three are different - a grehound, bloodhound, and an aluant. They immediately set off, the bloodhound in the lead, nose to the ground, sniffing for any scent of prey.

"Shame none of you brought horses." Berit grumbles, though he doesn't seem overly bothered that he might be carrying their catch home on his back. Having no dogs of his own, the shaggy-haired man trudges along behind Tria and Iolo, thumbs hooked through his rope belt.

"I'm sure we can split it up amongst us if we need." Iolo says with a grin, reaching out and ruffling Tria's hair a bit, "She's an old hand at packing meat out. That she's killed of course." He says with a bright smile. letting Erylys take the lead quite happily, it would seem.

"We can split it up among us." Tria agrees then casts Iolo a suspicious glance even as he ruffles her hair. A sort of uh-huh look is given him at the later addition. "I like hunting and I'm fairly good at taking care of what I score."

Berit checked his chaste of 13, he rolled 11.

It doesn't take the dogs long before they jump on a scent. Baying, they head off into the woods, and it takes but a moment for Eyrlys to state, "Boar.." This seconded by the print found about where the dogs picked up the scent. Turning to the others, she smiles, "Ready for a good time?" Boars are not easy to take down, often taking dogs and people with them into death.

Berit checked his valorous of 16, he rolled 8.
Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 13.
Iolo rolls 1d10 and gets (6) for a total of: (6)

"A boar, hmmn? Well, we'd best be careful then!" Iolo exclaims, "But it will be quite the story when we get it back to Carlion, won't it?" he says, trudging along beside Tria as they follow after Erylys and her hounds.

Boar.. Tria hesitates in her step and looks back to Berit. There is an obvious wariness about the redhead and she looks towards the dogs and the print found. "Good time?" She frowns. "Deadly, but they make a good meal. Or twenty."

Though he has been more than happy to quietly follow along behind Iolo and Tria up to this point, Erylys' mention of a boar draws Berit out of his silence. Removing his wintry gaze from the back of Iolo's head, the muscular peasant seems to consider.
"Very dangerous." He rumbles in agreement, "Usually fought by a party of drunken' knights with boar spears." His scarred brow creases in a considering frown, "May be that we can manage it. I'm ready for a fight."

The dogs take off in hot pursuit fo the game, leaving the hunters to catch up to them. The baying of the bloodhound increases in tone, the others sounding off in turn. "They're gaining on it." Must have crossed paths with it rather quickly. Nodding to Tria, the young huntsman says, "That they are, but as you said.. plenty to eat. " Slinging her bow over a shoulder, she hefts her spear in hand, carrying it prepared.

Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 12.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (16) for a total of: (16)
You check your valorous at 10, you rolled 16.

Iolo continues to trudge on along, glancing over at Berit and nodding his head, "A shame we don't have a party of drunken knights then, isn't it?" he says with a hmmn, "Well, best be cautious, at the very least, so we don't have to haul one of us out, along with the boar!"

"William just died a few weeks ago from hunting a boar. These things are scary!" Scared? Yes, Tria is, and she's loathe to go ahead.. still she does, because it beat being alone if a boar found her! She hefts her bow and nocks an arrow, you know, for surprises.

Faster do the dogs run, their baying becoming more and more excited as the seconds tick by. Erylys does look to the others, "If you'd rather chase something else, let me know and I'll call them off the scent so we can try again." She leaves the option open, but for only so long, for surely there will come a point when the dogs won't be called off the scent, no matter how well they're trained. If they're willing to continue, she will move towards the front of the band, considering she's the one with a spear in hand.

You check your cowardly at 10, you rolled 3.
Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 3.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (15) for a total of: (15)

"Only reason I'm following you is so you don't get your fool self killed." Berit growls back to Erylys, his scarred face set and hard as he lopes along at her side. It takes him a moment to realize who he just snapped at, and he flicks a hard sidelong look at her before adding gruffly, "M'lady." The muscular man's axe waves back and forth as he walks, muscles flexing and relaxing along his bare arms. "Tria's got the right of it. This is a damn bad idea. But I'm no coward."

"I'm sure we'll be just fine, Tria!" Iolo exclaims, "We've got strapping Berit here, and our Lady Huntress who could put an arrow in it, no doubt, before it sees we're there!" He says, "And think of it as avenging poor William, by killing all the boars you face!"

Tria is. Oh yes she is! But is it more cowardly to run and face finding it alone or more cowardly to stay! The latter, likely, and she moves to the veeeeeery back, behind the dogs, behind Ery, behind Iolo, behind Berit. Her bow is up and she looks scared, she'd watched someone die from a boar recently! Iolo's words do have a bit of a calming effect on her, so she does indeed remain.

Excitement is heard in the dog's baying, closer they come to the boar. Surely they can hear it, almost see it just ahead of them. Erylys checks on the others as each chime in, and should they all agree to continue forwards, she nods once to all, "As you wish. They're getting closer. Won't be long now till we get it cornered." Here's praying to all the gods that the hunt is only deadly to the boar!

Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 2.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (13) for a total of: (13)

A rumbling grumble of a noise escapes Berit's chest as he takes his axe in both hands and raises it to shoulder height. Hunched slightly forward, his shaggy greying hair falling about his shoulders, the muscular man appears more savage than every. His wintry eyes gleam, but he makes no further protests as he strides along just behind lady Erylys.

Erylys rolls 1d6 and gets (3) for a total of: (3)
Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 12.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (1) for a total of: (1)
Berit checked his axe of 15, he rolled 6.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (8) for a total of: (8)
You check your bow at 15, you rolled 2.
Tria rolls 3d6 and gets (4 5 6) for a total of: (15)
Iolo checked his crossbow of , he rolled 9.
Iolo checked his bow of 5, he rolled 14.

The dogs manage to corner it, and while it's distracted, Erylys attempts to rush it with her spear. At the last moment, the thing twists and turns, avoiding one of the dogs, and does the same for her spear. Following through with steps to one direction, she moves out of Berit's way, shifting, trying to keep the boar between them, and keep herself out of the other hunter's way. Wtih a whistle, the dogs are called back, one moment in only here and there in an attempt of keeping the boar distracted for the hunters.

Iolo has his crossbow, and he shoulders it and fires it off with a twang, which goes well afar of the target he'd fired at, unfortunately, the boar having caught a bit of a forwarning of the hunters and starting to peel off with a squeaaaaaaaal as the various attacks and such rain down at it!

Tria has a bow and she has her arrow nocked already.. from the back of the pack, she aims and looses an arrow towards it. Now the beast is hurt. Hurt and mad, so very mad! Tough boar, and she's also one arrow down! Reaching for another one, she tries to get it nocked so she can fire it off.

Berit's breaths come in harsh little pants as the squeals of boar and dogs grows louder and louder in his ears. Then he is hurtling out of the brush behind Erylys. Cutting hard off to her right he raises his axe high and lets out a hoarse shout of fear and exhilaration, grey eyes wild. However, before he can bring his axe down, the boar tosses its head and swerves toward him, forcing the man to throw himself backwards or else be gored on its sharp tusks. Falling flat on his back, he drives the haft of his axe into the ground and begins to scramble back to his feet as a crossbow bolt whizzes past overhead and buries itself deep in a tree.
"Damned blasted hellfire.." He growls, heaving himself back to his feet and looking wildly around to see if his companions plan to give chase.

Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 19.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (18) for a total of: (18)

It's craziness for a moment, spear and axe and arrows and bolts. But the scent of blood is on the air, and the dogs are going wild. With a quick glance at her companions, Eyrlys sees that all are fine, and with a single long whistle, the dogs are given the command to go after the boar again. She's all up for continuing the chase, "It's been hurt.. we need to try and catch up to it." Never good to leave a hurt animal out there, right?

Iolo reloads the light crossbow quickly, "I should practice with this more, I think!" He says with a laugh, "Lead on, m'lady and let's get this boar.. hopefully before it decides to turn on us rather then run!"

"We need to put it out of its misery." Tria looks towards where it had gone running, frowning as she prepares to follow the hunter. She checks to make sure that Berit was fine and when she sees him doing fine, she carries on behind Iolo and the older man.

Berit lunges forward with the dogs, running flat out in a bid to try and keep pace with the beasts. it might not be the wisest course of action, but the savage man's blood is up, and his grey eyes are wild with the thrill of combat. Shaggy hair whipping out behind him, he pumps his arms and accelerates. he is very fast for a man with a bum leg.

Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 6.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (11) for a total of: (11)
Erylys rolls 1d6 and gets (3) for a total of: (3)
Berit checked his axe of 15, he rolled 17.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (16) for a total of: (16)
Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 15.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (5) for a total of: (5)
Iolo checked his bow of 5, he rolled 18.
You check your bow at 15, you rolled 7.
Tria rolls 3d6 and gets (5 4 6) for a total of: (15)

Just as his faster four-legged companions begin to pull out of sight into the brush, Berit and the dogs emerge into a clear with the bleeding board directly ahead. Briefly it turns, and the peasant man puts on a burst of speed. Closing the distance, he brings his axe arcing down in a vicious overhead chop, but the boar leaps aside with surprising agility. The muscular man's axe buries itself in the ground with a loud 'thud', and his allies begin to emerge from the brush behind him.

How the dogs are wanting it, but they've been trained to only attack when given the command. So, they're chasing it down with Berit running close behind. Following him, is Eyrlys and the others. As the clearing is reached about the time Berit's axe sinks into the ground, the others take their shots and she moves to keep the beast from running off, jabbing her spear at it and succeeding in only making it turn and run the other direction.

The crossbow twangs once again, and it's rather clear Iolo is not a good shot.. luckily, perhaps, he hasn't put one in the back of anyone else, and it's questionable he's even hit anything but dirt… certainly not the boar!

With her arrow in place, Tria watches the other man try and rush it with the axe. When he misses, she visibly flinches and draws back on her bow, hoping to at least distract it from attacking the man or the noble lady as she spears it. Once more, her arrow finds its target, but it's still not enough for the beast. She runs to catch up with the others, making sure Iolo is there, even as she is pulling another arrow out to prepare to shoot it.

Erylys checked her hunting of 15, she rolled 4.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (19) for a total of: (19)
Erylys rolls 1d6 and gets (1) for a total of: (1)
Berit checked his axe of 15, he rolled 12.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (16) for a total of: (16)
Berit rolls 5d6 and gets (4 2 1 5 1) for a total of: (13)
Erylys checked her spear of 10, she rolled 7.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (5) for a total of: (5)
Erylys rolls 4d6 and gets (4 2 3 6) for a total of: (15)
Critical Success!
You check your bow at 15, you rolled 15.
Tria rolls 6d6 and gets (1 2 2 4 1 6) for a total of: (16)
Critical Success!
Iolo checked his bow of 5, he rolled 5.
Iolo rolls 2d6 and gets (5 1) for a total of: (6)
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (2) for a total of: (2)
<OOC> Iolo says, "For what it's worth, that is. +10"
Critical Success!
Berit checked his axe of 15, he rolled 20.
Iolo rolls 1d20 and gets (4) for a total of: (4)

Jerking his axe from the ground with a spray of wet earth, Berit hefts it overhead and follows the fleeing boar as it swerve past him once more and crashes through a thicket of brambles. it is a much shorter chase this time, the peasant and dogs coming upon the beast as it labors down a shallow incline. Letting out a hoarse bellow that echo's through the trees, the savage man barrels down upon the boar and swings his axe from left to right, the wedge-shaped blade hacking through the animal's flank and leaving a bloody gash.

This time Erylys is not far behind Berit, and skidding down the short incline as his axe whistles in the wind, leaving behind the bloody gash upon it's flank. The mark is soon mirrored as her spear finds a spot upon the opposite front shoulder, the spear digging in deep before dropping away as the boar flings itself about trying to get away. Jumping forwards to grab the end of her spear, she backs up hurriedly, getting out of the way.

Finally they have the boar cornered, Iolo finally decides he can hit the darn beast as well, firing off and scoring a shot, driving the bolt right into the thing's head.. along with hte axe and spear of course, "I hit it! Lookit that!"

FWOOSH! Tria releases an arrow and it finds the mark, sinking into the boar, hurting it.. only it still doesn't manage to put it down and she hurriedly reaches for another. Night was closing in on them, they were running out of daylight. Hearing Iolo, she laughs good naturedly, "You scored a hit!" Just doing a little play on words from before.

Berit dogs the beast as both an arrow and bolt come whistling out of the woods to thud into it's head. The man lets out a low snarl as it turns on him, beady black eyes full of fury.
There's no time to say anything before the massive animal comes barreling toward the savage peasant. Turning his axe sideways he braces both booted feet and slams the haft into the monster's slavering jaws. With both arms extended, the tusks come short of piercing his dirty brown tunic, and he seems intently aware of that as he strains, muscle against muscle, to keep the brutish thing from running him through. For a long moment they are locked like that, beast and man, both panting hard as they strive to toss the other to the ground.
Then the boar is hurled aside. It's heavy body thumps twitching to the earth , leaving Berit standing over it covered in sweat. His axe slips from his fingers and buries itself blade-first in the ground with a soft 'thunk'.

Erylys is ready to jump back into the fray, her spear once more hefted to be hurled at the boar so it doesn't pin anyone else. Yelling, she starts forwards as it charges Berit, though she doesn't use the spear once she realizes that the man has managed to stop itwith the axe. Panting, she standsthere, dropping the end of her spear into the ground, soon to laugh, "That.. was a hunt." There's a certain wildness to the young lady, a pleasure found in a good hunt uponher face. "I say you get the first choice of meat for the keeper to cook for you.." Now comes the fun of dressing the thing out and preparing to haul it back if there's enough time.

"What a good hunt!" Iolo says with a big grin, offering to help with the butchering as needed, "Let's get this beast back to the tavern, maybe they can roast up the choice cut for us to eat! Perhaps I could sing a song about it while we're at it!"

Berit checked his energetic of 13, he rolled 7.

"I could go for some boar for dinner." Tria calls out, slipping her arrow back into her quiver and walking over to help. She nods to Berit and Ery and Iolo. "Well done everyone that was better than I could have hoped for. Thank you all for the hunt."

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