(514-05-15) Gift Giving, Part 3
Summary: The last log of the scene where there are gift requests
Date: 514-05-15
Related: Wedding Festivities
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The great hall of Carlion castle is a large open space, of cold stone, and narrow, high windows allowing a little light to filter inside. The hall is well appointed, showing to the wealth of the lord who owns it, with fine tapestries, hunting trophies, and banners hanging from the walls, with high iron chandeliers offering the hall added illumination. The hall is capable of holding a large number of lords and knights, with tables and benches for feasting, removed for court. Wide, reinforced double doors lead out of the hall, and doors and corridors line the room leading deeper into the castle. Upon a raised platform at the far end of the room sits a large throne.

The Salisbury knights continue their procession, coming near Earl Robert, who stands with Lady Seren. Each knight is announced by Robert to Arthur. As a knight walls away having requested a sword for battle, Robert turns to Seren, "I think we're close, we can have a meal ourselves when this is done. Who is next?"
Arthur watches the knight head for his seneschal, Sir Kay. The officer squares the gifts away, giving what is feasible, Guenevere remains slightly aloof or indifferent. The king turns towards his vassal, Robert seeing who is next.

Signe slips in to watch, first peering around for family before settling somewhere out of the way.

Seren gives the name of the next in line, a smile given to Robert. "A meal and even something to drink sounds divine." Her words are spoken softly, not really meant for the king to hear of course. Or the queen for that matter. Looking expectantly at Arian, she gives a warm smile to the knight.

Landon Baverstock is waiting with the rest of the line. He looks pensive. Each step closer means a better look at the ruling couple but also to the moment that he has speak to them.

Badly cut hair as smoothed as possible, Sir Uwain is standing in line and watching everything but the proceedings. He seems to suspect that something has happened underneath a nearby table, but for once, he cannot simply go over and look. This bothers him. All the same, he stands there holding his hands and doing his best to focus on his task and to remember the right words.

The Laverstock knight has stood aside, waiting her turn. Arian has chosen a far more ladylike attire of a gown of pale green embroidered in darker green vines and newborn blossoms. Her hair has been woven back with a scarlet ribbon, drawing it off her neck and off her dimpled cheeks. She approaches when it is her turn, sweeping her skirts in a deep, curtseying bow before the King and his new Queen Only when invited does she straighten once more, lifting her glass-colored eyes to the pair. "Majesties," she says, offering a small smile. "I am honored to be before you today… as you know, my family has always served as knights to the realm of Salisbury… for generations. I am proud to continue my family's tradition, and to even wield my great grandfather's sword." She hesitates a moment, and bows her head gently. "But I would so like a sword of my own, to perhaps one day be wielded by my grandchild or great grandchild in the Laverstock tradition."

Burcombe Manor fields all sorts of memorable souls: Caerwyn the Black, the conscience of Salisbury. Catryn the Cruel, champion over the Moon Knight. Rozenn the She-Bear, the priestess Morag, and the one Christian in a sea of pagan loyalists. That leaves very little room for someone to stand out and in some respects, Eirian does not even try. She slips into the castle again after an excursion through the gardens and possibly riding down to the river, the coronet of primroses and bluebells replaced by other April wildflowers: a crown of thrift and saxifrage, rendered in soft rose and blinding white. Pellitory-of-the-wall, an herbal marked in brittle russet stems with soft leaves, twirls in the young woman's fingers as she takes her place among the assembled audience favouring King Arthur and Queen Guenevere, a spot given a little altitude among the mixed nobility and courtiers. Bright eyes awash in fascination, she turns a look across the assembled masses, pausing only for a few moments upon the Laverstock woman of similar bearing and comportment to most of her kin. Corners of her mouth lift, a silent note of cheer supporting Arian before the royal couple.

Robert announces, "Sir Arian de Laverstock." Then turns to quietly say to Seren, "A moment to just sit would be divine at this point." Same, not meant for the king.
Arthur listens to the announcement, and watches the lady knight approach and her request. "A fitting request, Sir Arian. If you wish to preserve your great grandfather's sword, a mount can be provided, and certainly a sword of your own to pass along. It is a pleasure to provide this to you, your families loyalty is a treasure." A his given to her, then to Sir Kay that he may provide as requested, a moment of parting words allowed, before he turns to Robert for the next knight.

Arian starts to smile, but only allows the smallest show of dimples before she bobs her head in gracious respect to the King. "Thank you, Your Majesty… my great grandfather's sword will find an honored place at Laverstock, and I hope that my own sword will earn itself glory in my hands for all of Lorgres." She offers another curtsy before she starts to step away, still holding that nervous breath in her chest until she has returned to the rest of the watchful audience.

Stepping forward when he is introduced, Sir Uwain bows as best he can and feels a bit like a fool lacking his motley. "Your majesties, I thank you for your hospitality and wish many blessings upon your marriage," he tells them, as such things should always begin in relatively good form, and speak to the current events. "The needs of the people are such that I would not look to you for myself, save if a Quest might be given, I would gladly undertake it for the good of all," he suggests and keeps his head bowed.

Sir Kay waits, a page fetches a glorious sword, such prepared for this event. A slight nod to Arian, "Well on it's way … that sword to earning glory." About as much as he's likely to say, stoic and all. Though he is scruffing the neck of some puppy that has fallen asleep on the table where he keeps accounts of the gifts.
Listening to the next knight, Arthur ponders this request. Perhaps not the first, but it requires a moment. Guenevere turns to pay attention, then looks to Arthur, the took speak briefly in hushed breath. Arthur nods, and both turn to regard him. The young king speaks, "Sir Uwain de Tisbury, I shall grant this gift as you request. There is rumor of a rose, on an isle near Cornwall, that blooms with the moon. Your quest is to seek this isle and if true, obtain this rose that we may see it. You have until the court is complete at Camelot." Verifying that the efforts to rebuild, restore, make better continues. He nods to the knight, Kay marks the account of this.
Once done, Robert announces, "Sir Landon de Baverstock …"

From the audience, Eirian observes Arian's bestowal of a gift and her retreat. She flashes a warm smile in that direction should the Laverstock knight notice, and if not, at least she can recounted by someone for showing approval for the outcome. Then the next of Salisbury's retinue steps forth and her fingers stop twirling that herb, leaving it stationary and the leaves brushing the underside of her firm chin. Lips touch together and maintain the same expression.

Iolo has found a spot off near the back, in his court finery, as it were, watching the people come forth, request their gifts, and looking at the various other lords and ladies about the court.

Bronwen slips in with the crowds of people here to see the King and Queen, or in many cases beg their favors and gifts. She is not worthy of that particular privilege, but still… it's the King and Queen! Nervous excitement is plain on the young woman's face as she skirts the outer part of the hall, really just trying to find a good place to stand and gawk!

Large bear like strides take the tall wide shouldered Baverstock forward as his name is announced for the King and Queen. He bows formally to them, sweeping back an arm to flutter the red lined black cloak over his shoulder as he stoops low (and for a big guy, he can stoop low!). Sir Landon Baverstock is dressed in a black tunic belted at the waist with an under tunic of red showing long flowing sleeves; a golden bear has been embroidered on the chest of the tunic, to declare his family heraldry. His countenance presents a great respect to their sovereign rulers; his eyes as they return forward glitter with excitement not only to see Gwen, but upon Arthur as well, deeply honoured to be within their presence and at the same time feeling the pressure of that!
So it takes him a moment to realize the silence is meant to be filled by his own voice. He clears his voice, obviously flustered compared to some of the other knights that have gone ahead of him. Maybe from the long wait he had lost his nerve? Either way, he puts a closed fist to his lips and makes another clearing throat cough. "Your royal Majesties, uh, it uh, it's a great honour to… uh…" another awkward moment because he has to figure out where he was going with that, "To congratulate you, of course, on your marriage." He gulps. Yep, he'll gulp. "I have given my request overdue thought, considerably so since I faced down a dozen Saxon raiders in Imber with my companions. Though I do not wax lyrical as some, I will say I should like our people to continue to serve and protect your realm as best as they can. For that, they need strength. And to gain strength, they need food. Hearty food; meat." Of course, meat! Those who know Landon might have a chuckle at that - but he has a point. "The success of hunting is not guaranteed and our herds cannot always be slaughtered. There is then another resource we sit on that I wish to give the people of Baverstock access to. The river and the fish within it."
He sounds more confident now, as he goes on, "To provide a man a fish as they say is to feed him for one day. To teach a man to fish, feeds him for a lifetime." He pauses, "And I wish our people to have a lifetime of bellies full to fuel their strength. Thus, the boon I request of is for a fleet of fishing boats to manage upon the rivers near our home and an master fisherman to come and provide lessons to our people to use these boats until they know how, if it so pleases you to do so, Your Majesties."

As the knights give her their names, Seren writes them down and then calls the name softly to Robert who announces them to the king and queen in the order received. Once the gift is requested, she writes that in also, a list for Earl Robert later.

A quest given, Sir Uwain bows swiftly and says, "Thank you, majesties," and moves back amongst the courtiers. He takes a moment then, and seems to be taking account of the distances and can be seen, back amongst the various people, as he tries to figure out how long it'll take him to get to Cornwall and back. It can't be an easy task, and he should probably leave almost immediately, but he waits a long moment with his eyes on his fingers as he susses out the distance. When he thinks he has the distance figured and the time it'll take him to get there and back, he quietly begins making his way from the court.

Landon checked his Lustful of 7, he rolled 16.
Signe checked her trusting of 10, she rolled 11.
Arian checked her trusting of 10, she rolled 8.
Bronwen checked her trusting of 10, she rolled 9.

Robert speaks quietly with Seren, but looks up at the request of a fleet if boats.
Guenevere pays attention when the man seems shy, but loses interest, he gaze distant over the crowds as the man carries on. Arthur shifts, twice, as the request is made, but keeps his focus on the knight. When the man is find Arthur considers, then looks to Kay on this one, he makes a few gestures. Satisfied, the king turns back after a silence nearly settles over the hall. "A score if fishing boats, and a fisherman to instruct in the ways if fishing. He shall come the month following the delivery of your vessels, stay as long again, and return to check progress." That seems agreeable to the king. Sir Kay writes it down.
Robert is satisfied the king had an answer, waits a moment then announces, "Sir Seth de Shrewton …"

Landon rolls 3d6 and gets (1 5 1) for a total of: (7)
Arian rolls 1d3 and gets (2) for a total of: (2)

Landon bows his head toward the King and Queen, "Thank you, Majesties." He seems relieved that his request was heard out and though the Queen looked bored at such a simpleton's request, his eyes hold to her for a moment longer. Alas, another's name was being call and he backs up a step, then turns while half stooped. But he's soon forgotten, for the line continues…

Critical Fail!
Seth checked his Lustful of 7, he rolled 20.
Bronwen rolls 1d3 and gets (1) for a total of: (1)
Seth rolls 2d6 and gets (4 6) for a total of: (10)

While hardly really stealthy, Bronwen continues to sort of… sneak her way up the side of the hall. She's not really in the main line of those here petitioning the King, so it's not actually like she's cutting anyone off, but she obviously just wants to get a little closer to the royal couple! And when she manages to get nearer, getting her first glance at Guenivere, the young lady breathes a quiet little sigh.

Iolo checked his lustful of 13, he rolled 16.

A shining radiance blossoms on Sir Seth's face as he approaches the King and Queen upon his announcement; a smile that never fades as he bows deeply before them - but it also doesn't touch his eyes. The Shrewton knight is bedazzled in a white tunic, which looks as if it hasn't a spot of dirt upon it, and in deep contrast to the blinding white, is the stark red cloak that hangs from his shoulders and is pinned by a copper broach. His platinum blond hair has been settled behind him in a braided tail, though wisps of it trace and outline his charming face.
"Your Majesties, how gracious of you to lend us your time to meet with all of us and allow us to celebrate this most wondrous occasion at your side. This day I shall cherish for my life eternal. I shall inspire to replicate the love you share for one another in every waking breath of each day the lord above gives me to walketh the earth. If I would be so lucky to live an echo of what I see before me, I would depart this life exuberant and happy." He gracefully postures as he looks between the two, that easy smile left on his lips, but there is no warmth in them as it touches upon the Queen.
"The token I wish to receive, is to invoke memory of this spectacular event in Earl Robert's courts and in every court thereafter that I attend. Such, I wish to carry a fragment of the grandeur you present. To do so, I would desire to wear an ensemble cut from the cloth that you wear on this very day, King Arthur, and one, for my bride, a woman whom I hope to find one day to lighten my heart, a dress of resplendent weave to mirror that of the lovely Queen's. Should your attire need to be preserved in your own memory of this most precious of days, then to have I would wish an ensemble made of the same cloth and by the same tailor's hand that made your own."

The slender figure which Eirian cuts, garbed in soft rose and a brighter shade of pink on white, helps her not to mingle with brown, black, and green so evident in these days. AS Uwain ventures out of the court, she heads with the man, slipping onwards.

Arthur listed to the knight and in a manner is not taken by the request, the knight certainly cares for his clothes. A slight turn to Guenevre, who turns to meet the gaze, giving a not to unspoken words there. The king's voice offers, "We would give clothes and dress cut of the cloth, something fitting that when you wed, it may be in these clothes cut for you. May you find a love similar, and may this gift remind you of this day. If these clothes," his own, "Are cut, a token will be given you as well, befitting the outfits you have requested." A nod to the man as well. Sir Kay makes the notes, knows just the man in question. Robert waits quietly to announced the next knight.

Sir Seth Shrewton sweeps down in a rather graceful bow, "Such I will look forward to. Thank you, Majesties." As he straightens, he puffs up and seems to measure himself against the Queen. Well at least, his thick oaken brow lifts at her, before he pivots on the spot and strides with great confidence out of the courts, throwing a charming smile toward the women in the crowd.

Morag enters, cradling an elongated object covered in cloth in her arms as gently and as reverently as if it were a babe. Smiling warmly and with visible pride at having Catryn at her side, she approaches and seeks out the queue to make her presentation to the royals.

Catryn almost looks askance at her sister before she realizes the words were probably correct. "You know, I never considered it that way. I suppose he is brave all the same." Hm, something to think about. Her arm is out for her sister and she escorts her in, offering her a smile. Having been here before, she points out the scribe, "Give her your name and she will call you when it's your turn."

The great hall of Carlion castle is a large open space, of cold stone, and narrow, high windows allowing a little light to filter inside. The hall is well appointed, showing to the wealth of the lord who owns it, with fine tapestries, hunting trophies, and banners hanging from the walls, with high iron chandeliers offering the hall added illumination. The hall is capable of holding a large number of lords and knights, with tables and benches for feasting, removed for court. Wide, reinforced double doors lead out of the hall, and doors and corridors line the room leading deeper into the castle. Upon a raised platform at the far end of the room sits a large throne.

Seated next to Earl Robert, Seren continues taking of notes of each name and each request. At the mention of clothes, she gives a wistful look towards the clothing of the queen. She does look so lovely.

The line continues, when the Burcombes arrive, and Seren informs the Earl, he turns to Morag. "Good Lady, this is meant for the knights … to receive a gift from our liege Lord …" Yet, he will hear her out, then proceed to announce her to the king, "Lady Morag de Burcombe …" Allowing her to present to the King and Queen.

Morag nods to Catryn in the affirmative, though it takes her a moment to gather her mettle. She does exhibit momentary surprise at being accorded the title of Lady, but she doesn't move to make a correction. She moves forward when called, acknowledging the royal pair and the Earl as proper before addressing them. The priestess is a little nervous, but Arthur's kindness is legendary. She hopes Guinevere's similar. "Your Excellencies, knowing that the purpose of this gathering is for your good knights to ask for their gifts, on behalf of the people of Burcombe and as priestess of my family's house, I wish to present you with a gift to bless your home and marriage, if you will permit me."

What? What is this? Bronwen is still off to the side, mostly just spying/eavesdropping on the proceedings and really enjoying as much eying of the royal couple and all the pomp surrounding then that she can. She just soaks up stuff like that. But even as she watches, suddenly, a particular woman with whom she might be vaguely familiar with approaches the pair. She looks around in a bit of amazement, and then even back toward Seren as she points out the impropriety of the whole thing. But if she can get away with it…

The couple listen, as does the Earl, as she speaks to them. The King nods, "Lady Morag, we would certainly accept your gift and its blessings." Though Christian himself, there is much in the way of tolerance, closer to simple acceptance in it's way. The queen speaks as well. "Truly, good Lady, we our honored you would bless us with your gift." A softness of her features as she looks to Morag. Both watch to see what may me shown, if more to see that is.

And so there is. Morag removes the draping to reveal an icon - a wooden carved figure resembling a woman with a rounded belly. "This is an icon of the mother goddess Danu." she says softly. "Carved by a devout craftsman who even as he fashioned her form, wished only great blessings for you both, Your Excellencies. She rules over bounty and plenty, and also the filling of the womb. May she smile upon you and fill your great house with many healthy children." She's prepared to hand the icon off to whomever Arthur or Guenevere indicate should take it on their behalf; she would not presume either will accept it directly.

Catryn had never been more proud than to see her sister standing before the king and queen, with them both addressing her. A smile is worn, genuine, real.. completely natural. Her guard down for the moment.

Catryn checked her trusting of 10, she rolled 6.

The two watch solemnly, at the revelation of Danu. Guenevere smiles at Morag, thankful for the gift. The king quiet a moment, returns. "The tenants of our God include compassion and love. We gladly accept her, as a gift, and hope to preserve the tenants of your faith where neither is marred. Sir Kay will see to her safety, Lady Morag." A nod from the pair again, offering the way to Lastr, . then turning to see who may be next.

Morag drops a curtsey and then moves along as instructed, turning the icon over to Sir Kay and then returning to Catwyn's side. She takes her elder sister's hand and squeezes it - possibly a bit hard, but all that nervous energy needs to go somewhere.

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SirKay: The boats will indeed, most likely, be coracles with fishing nets and the instruction will be on using the boats to troll the river in this fashion with the nets between two boats as fishermen work in tandem.

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