(514-05-15) Gift Giving, Part 2
Summary: The continuation of Gift Giving by Arthur
Date: 514-05-15
Related: Gift Giving, Part 1.
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The day continues, the numerous knights of Salisbury making their way through the line to request a gift of Arthur. Even while some take a few moments, it goes fast just the same, only that there are numerous counties and realms that are his vassals and this ads up to nearly a day long event of gift giving. Good it only happens once for the young King.

After another ask for a just a little to much, Robert rubs his temple ever so slightly, commenting to Seren. "Next time we ask what they wish to request." Which he doesn't really mean, but some of the requests are curious to him to say the least. The next to come is Steeple Langford, he gets the name from Seren and announces, "Sir Perin de Steeple Langford."

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Seren looks up at Robert with a small amount of amusement. "Next time?" A smile curves her lips, a small gesture, "Hopefully that will be a really long time from now." However, Seren does write down the request all the same. When the next is called, she gives the Steeple Langford knight a friendly smile.

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As his turn comes, he approaches the high kind and lowers his head with full respect. Perin raises his head to the two. "Your Excellence," he says solemnly, "My Lord," specifics as he is a knight of the realm. "I would be humbled for a set of matching daggers, that I and my betrothed, though we may be separated come battle … will always be united where we stand." Simple as that. He lowers his head a little, a slight look to Guenevere, but he waits for Arthur to respond of course.

When Perin's name is called, Aeryn watches, curious as to what he would ask for. The beauty of the queen though, brings a slightly guarded look to her features as Perin greets them. For the moment, she is still trying to figure out something to ask for!

The request, another romantic request, is met with an encouraging smile. The scribe liked the ones that were more heartfelt and she writes down what was asked. Now to await the reaction from the King on the request.

Arthur looks down at the name and nods, it gains some of Guenevere's attention as well. Both can well read into it, two knights of course. "This is a wonderful gift to give, I shall be glad to give a set of daggers to your that you may always be united with your betrothed." A look to Sir Kay, "A set from Cameliard." As if they are better matching perhaps. Guenevere nods, considering the daggers, and offers in return as well. "And after the battle, may it help you truly unite again with your betrothed Sir Perin."

Perin nods and moves to accept the gift if it is in the current stores for this gift giving. Robert looks to Seren, less about the romantic gesture, but more for the name. Afterwhich of course, he'll announces, "Sir Aeryn de Winterbourne Stoke."

Leodwen arrives from the Castle Gardens.

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When her name is called, Aeryn looks to Perin, charmed by the request for sure. It is her turn now though and still undecided, she approaches her liege, Earl Robert, and her King and Queen. Taking a knee before the two, she bows her head respectful, "Your Majesty, Your Excellency, Your Grace." Just trying to greet all three respectfully and without a precedence of meeting a King and Queen before, she is a little hesitant in her greeting. "I offer my congratulations to you both on a marriage of love, I will be joining those ranks soon as well," she dares to chance a glance to Perin just then, and a warm smile curves her features before she gives her attention back to the King and Queen. "I know not what others have asked of you, but I would be honored if you would grant me two rings, for my betrothed and myself, so that when we do an exchange of our vows, and each time we are separated on the battlefield, we are reminded of the love you both share and united you both and the obstacles you have overcome to share it."

Perin moves with his thansk to meet with Sir Kay, and receive the daggers if they are available. Though he does turn to listen to Aeryn when she is before the king. A deep breath from him, happy, content, something in there when she asks for rings. The man couldn't be more happy in the moment as he waits quietly off to the side for the moment.

The young lumox of a knight from Newton makes his way into the great hall. He looks a bit nervous as he fidgets with his tunic, trying to make sure everything is order. His clothes are modest, but they are freshly cleaned and his beard is neatly groomed. Trying to be on his best for this event. He carries with him what looks like it might be a box of some sort? It is covered by a canvas sheet obsuring it's true nature. Looking around nervously Dalan looks to where the king and queen are, to see if there is a line to present yourself and ask a gift of the leige.

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Seren is beside Earl Robert who is standing by the royal couple. As more enter, she takes names to give to Earl Robert. As Aeryn de Winterbourne Stoke finishes, she tells Robert, "Sir Bryce de Baverstock." And the name is written as well as that of the Newton lord who is after him. It seems to be going relatively quickly.

Arthur and Guenevere listen to the request, after the last request for something related to a relationship, the queen is focused for the moment. There is a nod from Arthrur, "Two rings it shall be Sir Aeryn, that when you separate as necessary, you remember this love." Guenever takes slightly more interest, it is a matter of love indeed after all. And she watches the eyes go to the knight who just asked for matching daggers. "Ah, this is your betrothed?" She notices the subtle play. "My Lord, perhaps daggers and rings could form a set?" A new thought combining the gifts. Arthur nods, looks to Sir Kay who sent a page to filtch two daggers from the chests. "Have a smith make these items for this couple." Then he looks back to Sir Aeryn, "If you would champion love so boldly, we can only hope that these gifts do remind you of our love, but more importantly of your own love for each other." And he nods, letting Sir Kay deal with that. He harrumphs alittle, pats at Bellona the puppy that's still on the table his organizing the gifting accounts on.

Letting Aeryn accept with some grace of course, Robert nods to Seren a she tells him, then announces to the king and queen, "Sir Bryce de Baverstock."

"He is, Your Majesty," Aeryn is proud to say that Perin is, to acknowledge it. Then the gift is more than they could have hoped for, and she bows her head, "I am humbled, thank you, truly." She smiles, lifting her head, "I will always remember this day and the love that brought all of us here." Rising, she bows her head again before departing over to the side with Perin.

Seren is a romantic, whether she knew it before today or not. The words offered from the knights and the royal couple bring one of those dreamy, goofy smiles to her features so that when Robert announces the Newton, she is startled and begins writing, catching up on the requests.

Dalan draws a deep breath and steps forward he looks briefly to his Earl and then back to Arthur and his beautiful queen as he approaches the thrones. "My Liege, I am a humble Christian from Newton, and I just was given my sword and spurs by Earl Robert, this past winter. And there is nothing I need that Earl Robert and God have not provided me. I was hoping… that my gift, could be your permission to give a gift of my own that I have prepared to your new Queen?"

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His gift altered, in a good way, Perin waits near Sir Kay to square away that ledger, arrange for the items. Most likely during the tourney itself, plenty of smiths in town with the tourney going on after all. When she is near, there is no big display of affection, not like the joust. Though his hand comes to hers when near, holding a finger or two, a quiet thinks, a big display between them at least, so openly that is. "You are amazing." He says quietly, hopefully for her. Sir Kay might overhear?

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Arthur hears this request, uncertain but curious. A brow lifts. "That is not wholly my gift to give, but you have my permission to grant her a gift, is she is so willing Sir Dalan." A bit of a smile in that uncertainty. Guenvere listens to Arthur, and perhaps with the last two gifts relating to romance on some level, she favors a hint of a smile towards Dalan at least and nods. "If it please you, Sir Dalan, I would accept a gift from you. I believe those watching are too curious now to decline." Not that she would, just a hint of intrigue in there for Sir Dalan.

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The big knight's ears turn a bit red, but he clears his throat and does his best to maintain composure. He removes the cloth from what he is carring to reveal a small square cage. In which a hooded merlin hawk sits, almost expetantly, "Your Highness, I know you must have many lovely hawks in your mews, but I feel like a Queen can always use more, so she has one rested and ready to take with her at any time." He opens the cage and makes a few brief cooing noises and coaxes her onto his gloved hand and holds her out so the queen can get a better look at her, "She is a very spirited hunter, and… I've been working with her and training her since she was adult enough to start flying and I think she will be fly well and true for you. Bonding with a new bird is always hard though, so I wrote a poem that I say to her whenever I hood her or set her down for the night. I think the poem will help calm her the first few times you handle her." and that said Dalan clears his throat and begins to recite:

I circle in blue skies above
My quarry claimed, still mid flight
I return now to my lady's glove
I've earned my rest this night.

And the poem shared, Dalan holds his breath a moment awaiting reactions.

Laurwyn has slipped back into court this day, as the hour finds it a little more at ease for tiny lady's white to move around. So it is about the time that Dalan is giving his gift that Laurwyn peeks around a group of larger Knights in Woodford colors to watch the goings on with a tiny but bright smile.

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A few days behind many others, Rozenn took her time getting to Carlion. Well. It was more that certain members in her family held it up. Her mother had to be certain that the portents were right, on top of everything else (does Eirian have enough outfits? Is there enough food for everyone?). However, the Burcombe Knight is finally within Carlion and settled. Settled enough to make her way to the Castle proper. Not on duty, she's not in her armor. She is, however, dressed in her finest outfit of Burcombe colors, with sword at her hip. Her hair is worked in a braid that drapes over one shoulder, woven with a few spring flowers. Some female attendant or family member must have gotten to the taller (for a woman) Knight and ensured she was fit proper to take audience. It's towards the back that she begins; watching the others and awaiting her turn.

Apparently Seren is a sap.. she hears the knight and has to blink back tears at the thoughtfulness of the gift. Writing down what just happened, what had been given instead of asked, she attempts to compose herself.

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At Perin's side, Aeryn smiles, but his hand in hers was not enough. She had spoken to the king and the queen and they had spoken back to her.. and the love she felt for this man, the gifts that complemented each other they were being granted was not enough. Impulsively, she lifts a hand to his cheek and tiptoes so she can press her lips to his, unable to comtain the moment, she closes her eyes, lips soft upon his.

Arthur listens to this, curious of the gift of giving one in return. The hawk a curious gift. Then again the puppy as a gift from someone not a knight is just as curious, Sir Kay has taken to the young dog over there. Guenevere leans foreward to look over the speciment. "Sir Dalan, this is a thoughtful gift. And the care of the poem that she may well be trained to my call and voice shows insite into the knowledge of such a lovely creature. I thank you for this gift sir, she shall be cared for, hopefully ready for the field before summer here." But she makes no effort to take the bird. One will notice she recited the poem quietly as the knight spoke the words, commiting it to her thoughts. Arthur sits up, "If it would please you, Sir Dalan, the gift welcome, a hawk from our rookery that you may have another to train?" It is offered for the knight to take if he wishes.

Once accepted or not, Robert announces, the next, "Sir Bryce de Baverstock."

Guenevere does happen to notice what goes on near Sir Kay as he divies up gifts and squares away ledgers. A grin there, held for a moment, but focus to the knights coming forth to ask for gifts.

Already present in the Great Hall is Sir Bryce, Lord Knight of Baverstock, attired a a fine tunic of red and black with the yellow bear of Baverstock embroidered upon the fabric that covers his chest, and black breeches that are tucked into a pair of fine leather boots. Short dark locks frame his face of rather angular features, the physique of this knight rather short and lanky; but there is a surefootedness about his steps that points to a rather agile disposition. Carried by a servant that follows in his wake is a long item wrapped in a piece of cloth. Dark eyes flicker with a hint of nervousness as Bryce lets his gaze drift about the hall, but when he hears his name being called, he steps forward and addresses the High King and those that stand with him. But. A deep repectful bow of greeting is carried out first. "Your Majesty," this towards King Arthur as Bryce slowly straightens, confidence as well as reverence and respect evident in his expression. Dark eyes shift further - and the Baverstock appears to freeze for a moment as he beholds for the first moment the beauty and grace of Queen Guenevere. He clears his throat. "My Queen." Then he turns towards Earl Robert, uttering a far less awkward, "Your Grace." A pause there, as the Baverstock gathers his thoughts and begins: "I am the Lord Knight of Baverstock and as such offer you the best wishes for your marriage, on behalf of my family."

And so Bryce waves the servant forward, as he begins to address his request to the royal pair. "I am the son of Nyles de Baverstock, an honorable knight who gave his life in the siege of Londinium. This here…" A gesture towards the item wrapped in cloth, "is my late father's sword, the family sword he received from my grandfather who got it after my great-grandfather's death…. As you can see…" A glance towards the guards as Bryce reaches to unwrap the fabric revealing a sheathed sword he will draw… slowly… carefully.

A sword the blade of which ends where it was broken, mere inches from the hilt.

Bryce raises it for all to see. "A ruin of a family sword. My request of your Majesty would be… a new sword, for me to leave my heir and those that will come after him. A gift from the High King himself. A gift that would certainly inspire loyalty for generations to come."

A tiny breath is taken from that lady in white, enough of a reaction that the one of the older Knights of her house turns and arches an eyebrow. This causes a soft flush to color Laurwyn's cheeks but her eyes are watching the gifting of the Falcon and how it is reacted to.

His hand showing his own impulse in the moment, checked by the number of those in the courts, Perin is caught half a moment by the close of her eyes, but then of course, he gloses his eyes and accepts the kiss. Its soft, compassionate, warm. He takes it, and slowly pulls back just to look into her eyes, hand still to hers, quiet words in the moment for her that Sir Kay may not hear this time.

Gently, Sir Dalan sets the hawk back into her cage and closes it. He bows his head to the Guenevere to thank her and turns to offer the cage to nearby servant. "Thank you my Queen, may she fly high and serve you well." To Arthur then he looks and says, "My King it would be my Honor to accept such a generous gift." And that said he steps back and tries to meld back into the ground to make way for Sir Bryce to ask his gift of the King.

Sir Kay will square away with Dalan for the gift of the hawk. A page summoned even, who can work with Sir Dalan to acquire that hawk now if the knight wishes to receive and take to his pavilion or tent.

As the next comes, Arthur looks at Bryce, Guenevere pays attention, but some focus loft once affairs move aside from Romance of course. Though the officers of his court look up more as swords are concerned, a very knightly thing to worry about. "A sword is a worhty gift Sir Bryce de Baverstock. I have but one question for you, do you keep the sword in ruin to remember your history, or do you wish it forged anew to strengthen your lineage?" Neither a bad answer, but he clarifies, "Our smiths could use the hilt and amend the ruin with a blade a new, the shattered one left as a reminder of your history?" The gift given, Robert awaits quietly on the side, ready to announce Sir Rozenn.

Bryce considers the question briefly. But when he lifts his dark eyes to meet the High King's gaze, and a faint smile tugs at his lips. "Your Majesty. I wish to keep the ruins. As we shall always remember the past, as it has gotten us where we are now.", the Baverstock remarks. Then bows, as he moves to the side to make room for the next.

Sir Dalan bows to Sir Kay and thanks him for taking the Merlin from him. He then speaks briefly with the paige and makes arrangments for the hawk offered by the King to be moved to his tent. That business tended to he tires to melt back into the crowd as othe people greet the king. Floating and slowly gravitating to someone he knows, eventually finding himself next to his childhood friend Lady Laurwyn, "Did I do ok?" he asks her in a low voice, "I hope the queen liked it.."

"So it shall be, a new sword to forge new lines from the old." Arthur nods and looks to the next, a sword is easily fetched. A common request most likely, new and ready, high quality of course. Sir Robert announces, "Sir Rozenn de Burcombe …"

There's a touch of side-eye for Sirs Perin and Aeryn. Perhaps the former more than the latter. Tsk! In court, no less. Then again, some word of her own banns may have trickled in. The woman is perhaps not one to be as caught up in the romance as the rest. After all, an arranged marriage is often (at least at the start) bereft of such things. One hand to the pommel of her sword — a source of comfort — the other curls in at the fabric of overtunic as she's announced. The woman draws in a slow breath and steps up, facing the King.

"Your Majesty, you do Burcombe and myself an honor by hearing my request." There's a slight shift of pale eyes; a brief lidding before she presses onward. "Recently, while upon a Hunt, I was fortunate enough to pay witness to a unicorn. I would seek to request your blessing and any aid, be it advice or material, you can provide in pursuing this or a similar Quest."

There's a long pause, as Rozenn lets this sit. Her lips curve into something not quite a frown, but clear uncertainty. "If that is beyond your will, Your Majesty-" a glance to Guinevere, "My Queen. I would request instead a boon for my sister, the Lady Eirian. To perhaps be viewed as an emissary within Salisbury for your realm. Perhaps in the service of our Earl. She is an intelligent woman, with much to offer not just Burcombe, but the people of these lands as a whole."

Laurwyn glances up as Dalan comes to stop next to her and she can't help a warm welcoming smile. The Knights of her house nod to the large Knight but otherwise leave the pair alone. At Dalan's words, the lady's soft voice answer. "I believe she did and the poem was lovely, but for the little one and The Queen.." She tells him quickly, trying to draw no attention by her words, as the gift giving continues in front of them.

Bryce bows again when he hears King Arthur's verdict, the smile tugging now at his lips less faint, but showing off true glee at the gift he was so bold as to request. The new sword is accepted, and the Baverstock seems for once in wonderful spirits, as he moves to the back with the others, the new sheathed sword in hand, and the former family sword - the ruined remains of it - secured once again in the old scabbard, wrapped in cloth and carried along by his trusted servant.

Arthur nods to this request, "Sir Rozenn, come summer, I shall send my master huntsmen to aid you on this quest for the unicorn. Prepare white aid you need to assist in this hunt, he will but help to track and locate this beast as best he can. I shall pray for your success in such a hunt." If any take it as a sign for good or bad to hunt it, Arthur is not one of them. Perhaps he knows how delicious they are, or that some parts are valuable to the right buyer. Regardless it is but a beast to be hunted on some accounts.

Guenevere looks over to Sir Rozeen then as well. "Let your sister know that this would be appreciated. She can do service to the Earl and his court, and we shall keep attention there for this Lady Eirian, if such a time is needed for this service, she will surely be called upon." Not quite a yes, definitely not a no.

Names are written down, requests likewise and Seren looks to the newly arrived, the Burcombe. A smile is worn, though there is a curious look behind it as she lifts her eyes to look at Earl Robert at the request. Was she not already slated to be?

Ahem, the kiss ended and Aeryn gives a quick look around with an apologetic look in case anyone had been looking. Her emotions had overwhelmed her though and she takes Perin's hand gently at the whisper, "Would you like to go for a walk?"

These answers, be they twofold, appear to be more than satisfactory to Rozenn. The woman shifts to one knee, head dipping. "My thanks, Your Majesty-" a look up, gaze shifting to Guenevere. "And you, My Queen. You are gracious and kind. I shall spend the coming months preparing for this hunt." And a hunt for a unicorn need not mean it is slain. Even a direct, personal encounter is the stuff of tales and legend. Rising to her feet, the woman retracts; returning to the masses and leaving the stage for the next query.

Dalan notices Laurwyn's soft voice makes a quiet 'oh' sound and he nods and makes a shushing motion to indicate he'll do a better job being quiet. He hangs out near Laurwyn for the time being though, comfortable to be near someone he knows in the court. After a moment he leans over and whispers to her.

Those beautiful eyes widen at whatever Dalan says and a gentle blush touches her cheeks but Laurwynnods slowly to the next words and then keeps her voice lowered as she whispers back, eyes moving from the court to Dalan now.

Dalan continues to gravitate to the back of the hall as people continue to greet and ask their gifts of the king. Eventually far enough to the back, Dalan slips out to explore the Castle and County a bit.

Those of Salisbury continue to come before the king, each asking a gift and in turn be given their request by Arthur. Earl Robert stands nearby to announce his knights, in conjunction with Seren the scribe, who keeps the names straight. Whether Robert recognizes one or not, nothing is risked. She announces to him, and he the king. They watch as one finishes.

Arthur nods in agreement, giving to someone a saddle for their horse. The knight moves over to Sir Kay, the Seneschal, to make arrangements for the gift. Taking it back today if they have one to give ready, or discussing details to get the knight a saddle. Guenevere is mildly paying attention, her posture straight, but her eyes glancing elsewhere if one were to observe.

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Presents are great, but so is getting what will eventually be called a photo op with royalty. Bran de Bodenham enters and waits his turn patiently. While those in front of him are called forth to receive their gifts and the king's attention for a few seconds, he looks about the hall to note those present. It's a relatively short glance because once he sees the king's new bride, he stares. For a moment or two, at least, he's openly examining Guenevere. After that it's the occasional furtive glance. The large knight shuffles forward when it's time to move forward, patient and glancing and tring not to glance too much. Bran manages to keep control of himself most of the time, but she's new and he's curious. That's it. Curious.

As for Seren, she is beside Earl Robert who is beside the king and the queen. When new knights arrive, she takes their name so she can let Robert know who they are, and then they are announced to the King and Queen by Robert. So, her quill is poised above the parchment and she listens to another knight offer the spelling of their name.

Idris is waiting at the Bodenham table for his two siblings, apparently clad in normal courtly garb. Well, for one, he's not on duty, and second, he is sort of in the middle of festivities and a King is certainly surrounded by skilled guards who can kill you in a heartbeat if they think you threatening. He casts a glance to the court scribe, though, sipping from his goblet of wine.

Here as well with his elder brother is another of the Bodenham clan, though John tends to be more of the black sheep- or Griffin of the pack. A wry smile is given to the back of Bran's head, but its gone as soon as he spies Guinevere. His mouth hangs open a little as hands smooth down his clothes. Nice and suitable for court if not on the poor side of nice. "Jesu.." he murmurs to himself before he is straightening up a bit. Though that exclamation to God was likely louder than expected. Clearing his throat he tries peel his eyes away and focus on the king.

John tries but fails.

Robert rolls 1d20 and gets (16) for a total of: (16)

Arthur watches the other head for Sir Kay and turns to Robert. The Earl has the next knight ready, looking over the large knight that is next, and getting the name from Seren as needed of course, a slight lean over to her and a whisper. Then he turns to announce, "Sir Bran de Bodenham …" Allowing the knight to then move forward and make a gift request.

Guenevere turns, nearly looking at John, as if his mouth opening an murmur caused some stir amongst the great hall of Carlion. She instead looks off to a galley, where the gear of the household knights here has been tucked away for this feasting. Her eyes return to some non discript location out there.

His heart freezes in his chest as eyes look to come to him and John visibly steels himself as he stares on, before he relaxes as her eyes rest in the gallery. A swallow and eyes drop down as his hand moves over his head and through his hair. No audible sigh this time, before John reaches down to fiddle with a metal ring on his thumb. Likely some laud earned in his early knighthood career.

At the jaw drop and mutter, Bran looks over his shoulder to see the idiot that's drawing attention to himself. It's his brother. He stares briefly and looks forward once more. When it's Bran's turn to approach, he bows before the king. Or kneels, or whatever one does in the presence of the monarch. He's no dummy. "Your Majesty." he rumbles his greeting, keeping his gaze down until a suitably respectable amount of time has passed. "My father, Sir Elisedd de Bodenham, bore witness to your removal of the sword from the stone. It would be my honor to receive a sword from you in remembrance of such a holy and fortuitous day, to serve as an heirloom for my line." perhaps more flowery than he's accustomed to speaking, but he's on his best behavior.

Despite being the most impulsive of the Bodenham brothers, Idris stares at John's reaction and promptly slaps his forehead, closing his eyes and shaking his head quietly as he mutters a few words. He looks as Bran approaches the King, however. He nods to his eldest brother's request, approving of it. Then again, Idris did request for the finest suit of chainmail that could be procured for himself, after all.

Seren witnesses the trip with an amused curve of her lips, but as the speaker says his wish for a gift, she writes it down, smiling towards the man and the idea of the request. A glance up to Robert and she gives him the next name in order while the royals were busy addressing the Bodenham.

A nod to Sir Bran, Arthur smiles to the knight. "SIr Bran," as named by the Earl, "It would be a great honor for you to wield a sword of mine. That we stand united against enemies and you recall the day I became King. May it serve you well in this remembrance." A nod is given, he offers the way to is step brother, Sir Kay to keep the ledger and get the man a fresh sword ready for just this gift giving. As Arthur watches the man leave, Robert announces the next, the murmuring one even. "Sir John de Bodenham …" Offering the way for the next knight to approach the king and queen to make his request.

Idris checked his orate of 11, he rolled 7.

When his name is called John moves past Bran brushing the elder with little care as he comes further to the throne. Stopping where Bran did, the murmuring knight bows and drops to his knee. "Your Majesty and Most High King." clearing his throat, John presses on. "I know many a knight to ask for fine things, and as low as I my request is simple. I ask for a fine shield. My blade and lance are strong, But a good shield will aid me as I stand between you and your enemies- as I ever want to do. That I may protect what you hold dear and serve you right. The other I would ask is a small request. A cup that I may ever drink to your health and long reign, by Jesu. No matter if it is from a clear brook or from a Lord's cellar- I would have you and my love for you be first before blessing pass m' lips."

Arthur listens to the man make the request. "A shield and a cup," ponders the king a moment as he considers that. "Both vessels to preserve life in their own way. This is a suitable gift, Sir John. I shall hope that our faith carries you when cup and sheild cannot. Sir Kay can see to a well crafted shield, and perhaps a fine horn to drink from, that you may carry it wherever you go?"

The smile that blooms is genuine and non courtly as the knight rises. "Thank you Your Majesty. " A furtive glance is given the Queen as he turns to join his brothers. Good one John.

Bran moves off, but not too far. He clearly wants to observe John's request and thus tries to remain a looming presence in his younger brother's field of vision. It's likely an unsuccessful attempt. When the request is perfectly respectable, he turns and moves off toward Idris. With a curt nod, he takes a seat at the same table, his posture upright and rigid, his attention on the gathered horde of supplicants and loyal subjects.

Idris nods back to Bran, sipping from his wine as he watches the rest of the proceedings. "A fine choice, brothers," he tells them, setting the vessel on the table. "Perhaps I ought to tell you of the occasion where I got in trouble with an entire Pagan family sometime. It has cost me participation in a tourney, of course. Perhaps I can make up for it in the lists of this Wedding Tourney, rather than the one at Summer."

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