(514-05-14) Favors of Knights
Summary: Kamron and Arian exchange favors.
Date: May 14, 514
Related: Kamron/Arian Romance
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Hooves beat heavily on the grassy knolls as Arian's blue roan canters her way across the green landscape outside of Carlion. Her mane flows free, much like the brushed out locks of her rider. Arian has chosen riding breeches and a man's tunic today, making the ride far more comfortable and casual. The belt at her hip bears a place for her sword, though the weapon is stowed away in her saddle. She draws her mare up into a trot as they crest the hill and meander down toward where a small brook babbles, providing a soft melody of spring. She smiles broadly over her shoulder as her horse stops shy of the brook. "You know, Sir Kamron… people are going to get suspicious when we keep disappearing together to locations unknown…"

Kamron rides easily on Dancer's back, his axe likewise stashed on his saddle. Carlion should be safe enough, but that's not going to keep him from carrying it here, outside the walls. Descending the hill, he draws in his reins to slow the gelding to a halt, swinging a foot free of its stirrups and descending easily so that he can offer out his hands to Arian so she can descend as well. Not that she needs the help. "You don't think I go riding and drinking with other friends, Rhi?" Apparently, they're far enough from the public eye for him to use the pet name, "Male friends. Although you're right, I should take some of the other ladies out for picnics, shouldn't I?" Mischief bounces in his eyes at the last question, and he can't keep a grin from crooking his lips.

Arian smiles as he offers up his hands to her, and she slides easily into his arms — a quite needless gesture as she is beyond capable in getting out of her saddle, but then she would miss an opportunity to snuggle in close against her almost-lover. She catches her lower lip between her teeth, grinning around the captured tier. Then she narrows her eyes, trying to look formidable. "You can take them on picnics, but I would hate to lose my honor because I had to get into a tussel with another Lady." She squeezes his shoulders gently before she starts to step away.

Lowering her down to her feet, Kamron keeps his hands gathered at her back for a long moment, studying her as she bites at her lip so delightfully. "A tussle? Is that what they call bending someone over your knee?" Laughter bubbles out from his lips, and he too finally steps away, letting his hands slip down her arms, over her hands, and then he steps away to get Dancer's reins again and lead the horse down to the riverside, "But I have your permission to take them on picnics without you turning them down and paddling them?"

Arian pinks softly at his words, and she shakes her head. "Come on now… I would hardly turn a Lady over my knee… I'd give her a black eye." Then she steps back as he does, smiling shyly over her shoulder as she sees to hobbling Banshee so she can graze peacefully without the fear of being spooked to run. She offers a flash of dimples. "You may take Ladies on picnics but you'll have to continue your heartbreaking ways…" Which is to say she'll let him tease the Ladies, but Gods be damned if he thinks she's going to share.

The young man laughs easily, "You would, wouldn't you?" Kamron ties Dancer's lead to some shrubbery, then comes over to the side of the little stream, patting the ground alongside him and then starting to pull off his boots and stockings. "Of course, Rhi. I would never think to be too charming with them. I'm not looking to have fathers come pounding down the door of Dinton manor." It might still be Spring, but when he wiggles his toes, he tests the water before him, letting out a surprised little sound at the chill, then trying again, slowly easing his feet into the cold water.

"I would," Arian confirms. Her pale eyes watch him thoughtfully as he tugs off his boots and stockings. She is not yet inclined to follow him as he starts to wade into the waters. She instead draws out the bedroll tucked in her saddle and starts to shake it out across the grass. "Oh, yes… Gods forbid that you start making yourself wanting to the rest of the Ladies of Salisbury." She starts to laugh — rich and warm in this comfortable spring day.

Kamron shakes his head slowly, "I don't think that's liable to happen, my dear. I think most of them have gotten the message already… 'look but don't touch.'" And then he laughs easily, sitting down there at the edge of the stream, although he twists around as she shakes out the blanket, leaning back on one elbow and looking up at her with an easy smile. "Something you definitely have not learned." And his ears go a little pink, "Not that I mind at all."

"And how have they gotten that message?" Arian blinks. "You don't think that others are… starting to notice?" Her concern is quite obvious, and she worries a bit at her lower lip before she starts to settle on the blanket — at its edge, so she can be close. Her worry relaxes into laughter at his blushing words, and she smiles. "I don't think I could ever not look but not touch… I enjoy the touching too much." Her smile curves impishly. She finally starts removing her own boots and stockings as she settles in.

Kam laughs lightly, "No, I don't think many others are starting to notice us. I think that they're starting to notice that as much as I compliment and flatter all the lovely ladies, I never talk to fathers." Leaning back on both elbows now, he watches her bare her feet. He hesitates a moment, on the point of asking something, and then shakes it off, instead going for, "So… since I am participating in this tourney, I thought I might ask a lovely lady for a favor." Waiting just long enough for her thoughts begin to shift, he continues, "Would you honor me so, Rhi?"

Arian folds up her stockings and tucks them into her boots, and then sets the boots aside. She starts to wriggle her toes in the soft grass, stretching and pulling at the fine spring shoots. When he settles on his elbows, she cocks her head and smiles at him with a kind of knowing admiration. Then he poses the question, and she blinks. It is her turn to pink, and she crosses her arm along her knees. "A favor, you say?" She muses, almost playfully, and then she nods. "Of course, Kam…" She bites at her lip, thinking for a few moments. "What does a Lady often give as a favor? I have never been asked before…"

Blinking sharply, Kamron laughs, full and rich, only eventually controlling his humor, "Really? You've never been asked for a favor? What fools these men to the east of Salisbury are." He nods then, "Usually a sleeve, a necklace, or a ring. If they are feeling particularly attached, something that touches your skin regularly, like a glove or kerchief or something you tie back your hair with." He reaches up with one finger to brush it across her lips, "Am you particularly attached, Rhi?"

"No," Arian laughs, though it is almost self-deprecating. "I've said as much… I'm not really one of those courtly Ladies. And perhaps a Knight asking another Knight for a favor was seen as… strange to some." She then quiets as his finger draws across her lip, and she starts to smile in a soft, dimpling smile. "I am quite attached, yes…" She averts her eyes almost shyly. "Would a hair ribbon work? I use them often… if only because the shortness of my locks tends to bring scorn my way. Tying it and tucking it away is at least acceptable…"

Kamron brushes his fingers across her cheek next, nodding quickly, "Good. That you are attached, that is." Her shyness draws him sitting up more fully, "Really? Is it really true that all I have to do to see you as shy as teenage maiden is to compliment you or to bring up your looks?" Still, there's a question to answer there, and he nods, "That would do very nicely, Rhi. And in fact, this works out very nicely indeed." And his hand drops down to his belt, reaching into his pouch to draw something within out, "Because I have a replacement for you." And he lets a lightly-beaded ribbon of spring green drop from within his hand, hanging from his fingers.

Arian shakes her head, trying to look scornful as he teases her, but it is hardly a genuine expression as her smile continues to fight for dominance. "I will fetch you a ribbon then when we get back to—" And then he is drawing out that new green ribbon, and her eyes widen a touch. "Kam…" She accepts it gently in her palm, running her fingers over the finely woven linen and beading. "It is beautiful…" She lifts her pale eyes to his, hers dancing with content light. She then boldly captures his lips in a slow kiss, breaking away only to murmur. "Can I ask something of you now?"

Kamron gives up the ribbon lightly, "I can't afford much…" he opens his mouth to say something, and then she has fallen upon him, and his lips move over hers, his eyes sinking closed as his newly-freed right hand rises up to the back of her neck, caressing the short hair and soft skin there. His fingers tighten a little when she tries to break away, but then loosen again immediately, and he smiles against her lips at the murmur, "…you can ask the world of me, Rhi, and I will do everything in my power to grant it to you."

The play of his fingers at her hair draws wonderful goosebumps, and she shudders. Then his murmur sends a warm flush up her cheeks, and she smiles broadly at him. "The world?" She arches a brow slightly, but then refrains on making a far more dramatic request. "If I am to give you a favor, would you bestow one on me? Certainly if knights can ask them of one another, I can ask one from you…"

Letting his head drop back, Kamron laughs aloud at her request, a warm, rich sound. He quiets his amusement after a moment, leaning forward again to press his brow to hers and then draws back to dig into his belt-pouch again, "Yes, of course, Rhi." He digs out a small square of white cloth, a handkerchief, "Unfortunately, I don't have nice soft gloves, or ribbons for my hair, so this will have to do, I'm afraid." He offers it up, brushing his nose lightly against hers before he adds, "I'm honored."

His laughter is only momentarily off-putting, as if Arian is worried he will find such a request silly. But she was the silly one, thinking that Kamron would not find the romance and parallel. She relaxes as he presses his brow to hers. When the handkerchief is offered, Arian brightens. She takes the small square of cloth and toys the edges with her fingers. She smiles up at him in a wonderful, peaceful beam. "Now we will have to see what happens when our favors go against one another." And her eyes dance with amusement.

He was so in the moment, and then she had to go and say that. Kamron chokes a little, turning soft, easy laughter into a cough, and then back into laughter. "Against one another? So far as I know, we will be fighting beside one another, unless you will be fighting for Cumbria." And then his eyebrows lift, "Or are you planning to challenge me, Sir Arian? To see whose love token bears the strongest sway?"

"I don't know," Arian almost murmurs as she leans in closer toward his lips. "What must I do to stoke a hunger in you the way battle does?" She is of course speaking of his after battle snack. "Though challenging you is quite fun." She then draws him into a slow, simmering kiss that threatens to send both of them over that precarious edge they alwayas play with.

Kamron turns bright red at her words, stammering, "It wasn't… I don't… I was…" and then she saves him with that kiss, and all of the tension that had built up in his neck and shoulders drains out of him as he lifts into it, slowly turning his head to shift the angle at which their lips play over each other. His breath catches, then quickens, rushing through his nose as he leans hard up into the kiss, giving himself to her in an earnest and wordless declaration of his love. When he lets his head sink down away from hers again, his heart is thumping in his chest, "You stir my blood and my mind far more than anything ever has, Rhi." There's a moment's hesitation, and then he asks, "May I rest my head in your lap a while as we talk?" The blush is less for fear of her disapproval than for the fact that he even felt the need to ask.

Arian is delighted by his stammering, blushing words, but she is completely enthralled by the way he gives himself to the kiss. She turns to him more bodily, drawing him into the kiss with a hunger that has not been sated, and continues to build. When he falls away from her, her pale eyes open to burn with blue fire. His words warm her smile. "You do the same, Kam… it is only fair." His request is met with bright laugh, and she nods. "Please… but, I hope that will be the last time you feel you must ask first." She sits up a bit, drawing out her legs so her lap is open to him. When he settles in, her fingers go immediately to his hair, playing with the short locks.

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