(514-05-02) After Beltaine
Summary: Morwenna and Seraphina catch up with Catryn
Date: 05-02-514
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Hours after the strange knight called Sir Basilisk had the drunken and not-that-impressive King of Summer choose a trio of virtuous maidens (a task itself at a Beltaine celebration) and the group dissapeared off into the trees, likely after most have forgotten them, or assumed the knight was just some rogue looking to enjoy a trio of girls for the evening revels, the group returns, all three crammed together on Morwenna's own white stallion, the magnificent, sparkling-maned beast that the strange knight had first taken them off on nowhere to be seen. All three likely look a little disheveled, which may well add to the 'well, it's just Beltaine' first instinct impressive of them and their journey, with bits of twig and such caught in Morwenna's hair. Still, as she rides through the outskirts of Burcombe, her expression is not one of a lovestruck maid or even a regretful, used-and-discarded one, but rather, wholly determined! Of course, as she and her passengers, including Sir Seraphina, ride through the manor grounds, they're like as not to disturb some of the remaining revelers, most who are likely now sleeping in various positions, dignified and otherwise, amidst the grounds.

The Healer Cristi is pressed between Morwenna's back and Seraphina's front as the Knight takes up the rear and probably roughest of positions on the horse. Atleast they are not all huge like the males that are growing like weeds in the area. Once Morwenna stops, Seraphina stretches and slides off the back to the white horse to land with a tired bounce and help the sleeping Healer off and to some place to curl up. She will soon return to Morwenna's side and glance around with those amber eyes to see who they might have woken up.

Cat was here last night, she really was. Only, she was making merry far too early and by the time it was time for fire jumping, she'd hopped it easily before heading off into the woods where she had seen Cynrain go. Because hey, seeing Cynrain when she was so far into her cups was a great idea, right? Whatever happened, she's wearing Cynrain's tunic. Her feet are bare and she lifts a hand to her tousled hair that has a few leaves stuck in it along with a couple of little twigs. Where was Cynrain? What had she done? She doesn't even remember much of it. Laying back on the ground, she groans.

Eventually, when they've ridden in far enough that the chance of running over some sprawled body grows too high to risk, Morwenna draws up on the reins and soon her steed and the three women atop it are at rest. And blessfully so, surely, given that it IS a bit of a crammed situation up there. Hopefully for Morwenna, the girl in the middle hasn't been groping her again. She will hold there a moment and give everyone a chance to get down, with Morwenna offering a hand up to any who need. At least one or two people nearby have woken with groans or other pained noises as the animal tromps about and snorts and makes other horse-related sounds, and it is the nearest among them that the maiden knight addresses first, Catryn perhaps among them, though in her own messy state, she may not be recognized as who or what she is! "Are any of the Burcombes risen? I would speak with one of the knights here, first, of things which transpired the even prior, some ways from here." Her voice is loud and clear, surely a menace to those with ringing heads!

Seraphina checked her awareness of 11, she rolled 18.

Seraphina just stretches slowly once she has gotten off the horse, it's clear for the moment she has other things to worry about than speaking to wake the d..dazed. So with an arched eyebrow at Morwenna she goes back getting the feeling back in her thighs and ass by running her hands over the flesh that is only covered by the tunic-dress she had on before. Show? Maybe but she just groans alittle herself as she mutters to Morwenna, "Remind me to get your stallion a riding pad if your going to make me ride on the back all the time.." her voice is husky and deep, teasing but also clearly stressed at that growling raspy undertone is more pronounced.

Catryn's ebony hair is a sure sign but hearing the voice, green eyes open and squint towards the voice. "I'm a Burcombe knight." She thinks. Right now she was hungover! Is that what it felt like? She was dying, surely. Another groan as she sits up and peeks towards the voice. "Catryn Burcombe.. what did I do last night?" Immediately thinking the things that transpired involved herself. "I mean.. what transpired?"

Morwenna actually seems startled when the stumbling, groaning, zombie-like figure of Catryn announces herself in response to her call. Oh, a knight! Wait, that's a knight? Well, it is wearing a… well nevermind. She seems to take the woman at her word. "Ah, then, Sir… a word. If you are well? You, you do not look well. Mayhaps you should sit as we speak?" There is concern on Morwenna's face, and it remains as she looks back to Seraphina, apologetic for the rough ride. "I… somehow did not think that we would all end up having to return together, that the knight's horse would be bound just as he is." Bound? Well, it's a hint, anyway. "Sir Catryn, then," she will continue, turning back. "You may recall some… strange knight coming here for the festivites, last knight? A very, ah, handsome man, with a magnificent horse. He spoke with some of revelers, and eventually went up to sit with the lord of the manor and, erm, the 'sun king' at the head table?"

"The one with the tunic that didn't burn when he was in the fire?" Catryn sits down and draws her knees to herself. Oh good, she's wearing more than his tunic at least. For a moment, she rests her forehead on her knees before lifting it again, at least looking and sounding more coherent when she does. "Thirsty," she grimaces. "I made rather merry last night." There's a rueful twist to her lips. "I do remember the knight, had the magnificent horse." There's a look towards the horse then Morwenna. "Was he hurt here?" And where was Cynrain? Seraphina gets a look also. "Sir," she dips her head, recognizing her at least from when she had squired with her father.

Making no comment on Catryn's inglorious state, Morwenna stands by and even glances to see if there is something handy to offer the other woman by way of a drink, that need expressed. But soon the topic of the knight is again on her mind, especially as the other woman does seem to recall some details of his odd nature. "Yes, that is the one. I can say… that whatever may have seemed unnatural about him, it was no trick of the firelight nor Beltaine imbibing. I had little enough to drink," and none of the mushrooms, but she'll not stress the point, "and saw clearly his strangeness even as he carried us elsewhere. His horse too, was otherworldly, larger and swifter than the greatest charger. So no, he was not hurt. Instead, after he had the drunkard choose us," she really doesn't think much of their Lugh, it seems! "We rode off to some place in the woods, and there he revealed he was under some curse by the King of the Faeries himself, for failing in some service. I think him one of their lot as well, even if he did not come right out and say it."

You check your faerielore at 1, you rolled 16.

Seraphina tilts her head to the side, content to let Morweena speak, those amber eyes take in Cat's state but instead of arching an eyebrow she gives a half grin and slips off to the side on silent feet. She will return as Morwenna spins the tale and moves to kneel next to Cat and offer her a cup, the other in her hand is sipped from and then handed to Morwenna, "Sir Catryn is the first born of Burcombe, you saw her brother with the Lord last eve.." She then nods towards Morwenna, "If I remember you might know the other, but this is Sir Morwenna of Wilton.." That voice is even rougher than normal and is getting worse, so she stops speaking for now and settles between the two female Knights.

"It was no trick? Faeries?" It doesn't surprise her. Catryn knew so very little about it, but there was something different about the lands and her cousin Eirian, so she accepted it for the truth really easily, never questioning her take on it. "He is under a curse of the King of the Faeries?" That does get her attention and sort of sobers her right up. "What can we do?" Immediately volunteering herself if need be. Catching the grin from Sera, she gives a crooked one in return and a sort of 'what can you do' shrug. "Sir Morwenna," she nods, that cleared that up! "Just tell me what you need me to do."

Morwenna holds out a hand, as if to stop the other woman from overtaxing herself, given her state! "I feel it is no trick, or at least, that at the center of it there is truth. Faeriekind itself is known for trickery," and the way she speaks, she does seem to have some knowledge of that sort of thing, perhaps leaning more toward the interests of some of the Burcombe cousins, "So I do not take the knight's words themselves entirely at their face value. As for the curse, we can give him aid, but there is… time. The man is bound, so that he can walk free only on Beltaine eve, and thus did he visit us for aid last night. He has given us three, now annointed as his champions, in turn three tasks, three things to gather, which we must return to his glade one year hence." She gives the overall tale a moment to sink in, and then says, "The aid we need first will be in deciphering the meaning of the tasks, however, as they are mysterious themselves. I do think, as I know your family has always held close to the old ways and the lore of the otherworld, that we would benefit in speaking with some of them. Your cousin Eirian I know, though ah, I realize-" Oh, and then she stops herself. Secret! "but some of the others not as well." And then she glances back at Seraphina, unsure of her own connections with the family.

Seraphina let's Morwenna speaks before she pus in her own words, it seems to be to name off different people. "Catyn, Morag, Eirian, Braelynn, my brother Glaw and those they are close to would be able to start a searching point.." The Knight offers to the pair, her smile still in place, but she does give Morwenna a curious look and then chuckles a little wickedly. "Morwenna, I squired with house Burcombe, why do you think they call me the Ebony Knight?" It seems she is fine with Burcombe being the starting point.

"One..year? A year from now?" Catryn considers that. "Well what can we do to decipher." At the mention of her cousins name, she laughs, especially as she stops. "I know my cousin, there is no need to withhold from me, I know much about them." The meaning is clear though as Seraphina is looked at and she also looks towards the knight. "I could also bring in the assistance of Cynrain, should he be interested, or you interested in his help."

"A squire may go off to war with one knight and know little of their brothers and cousins," Morwenna answers Seraphina by way of explanation, "Just as I know Eirian better than some of her kin, by whatever chance. But if you know them all well, then that is for the better." She smiles, albeit in in a restrained way, and then nods at catryn. "Yes. We have a year, so it is best that we are thorough, rather than hasty. This morning, I think," and she makes a show of surveying the disaster area that is the party's aftermath, "is no time for it, beyond spreading the word. Let all clear their heads before putting them to task. Wilton is but a stone's throw from here, so I am ready at a short summons, and will visit as often as my duties allow, and Seraphina must be here often as well. We will welcome all aid we might find."

At the mention of Cynrain, Seraphina dips her chin to Catyn, it seems she has not meet the Knight in question. "This is true Morwenna, and not all Knights speak of their families to a squire.." Who knows what her position in the whole thing is though. "We should fine one with a better hand than mine to write this tale, having the words we remember now, might not be the ones we remember in a months time.."

"It is true, very true." Catryn offers about knowing family so little. Having a year makes a big difference. "Well you have my help and if I'm not all fat from having a child then you'll still have my help." That is given with a distasteful smirk. "I am putting off marriage as long as I can." She looks down at her attire. "I should go get dressed properly before father sees me. He would be irate. I would not wish to earn his scorn while not at my best."

Morwenna's cheeks pinken slightly at the sudden mention of potential motherhood, though she will add, in… humorously biological fashion, "Well… I would think any children, ah, resulting of anything that may have, erm, occured this eve will be at least… one might still be able to take up the final tasks, whatever they might be." She can do math! At least, as far as counting three seasons goes. "But yes, please, do not let me hold you in an uncomfortable state. Speak with your kin, and we will all speak more soon." To Seraphina she then offers, "Ah! I had not thought of that. A scribe… or mayhaps a bard? Someone ought make a record. Perhaps we can go to Sarum and seek someone out, more skilled folk are like to be gathered there."

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