(514-05-01) Basilisk's champions
Summary: The ladies that would be Basilisk's champions are escorted to a lonesome glade, and given their quest!
Date: 514-05-01
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The ride is probably a bit longer then advertised, a good hour away by horse, and down a couple of winding game trails until the group comes out into a an open clearing, soft grass, the moon high above illuminating everything, and Sir Basilisk brings his mount to a stop. "Here we are."

Seraphina had returned Cariste shy smile before she let Basilisk pull her on top of the horse. The ride is never easy on the back of a stead, so she simply wraps her arms loosely around the Knight in front of her and enjoys the moonlight as she can. Once or twice a hand would move to pet the neck of the horse in front of Basilisk's thigh, but it truly seems she is petting the fine steed over trying to pet the fine… Basilisk.

As much as Morwenna is tempted by that truly gorgeous beast, and likely even envious of her friend when she takes the place atop it (and not because she's near Sir Handsome Fey knight, thank you very much!), her suspicions remain and there is a comfort she takes in having her own steed beneath her, its strong and familiar form between her thighs. He is an anchor of sorts, and while clearly no match for the other mount, she pushes to ride swiftly in pursuit, enjoying the speed of the ride and the wind in her dark hair. For Cariste, who was given a place behind her, it might be a slightly harrowing experience, for she is a bold rider and the horse a spirited one, but they will all arrive in good health at this distant place. The last portion is slower, following the trails through the woods, until they come to the clearing, where she draws up as well. Of course, she looks across at Seraphina, making sure all is yet well with her.

Cariste grapples Morwenna as she is driven along, her hands gripping and sliding for something to hold onto. The healer presses herself almost sinously against the other woman and dips her face into her shoulder so she can not feel the wind or see where they are going. Hopefully Morwenna dose not have any issues with female hands where they aughtent be… mainly tightly wrapped round her bosom.

Sir Basilisk dismounts, seeming rather unperturbed that the women are staring at his horse more then him. He offers his hand up to Seraphina to help her down from the mount before he steps out into the center of the clearing. "Please, join me." He says, pointing to three spots about the clearing, to form the three women into roughly a triangle about him, should they go. "I can tell you now, ladies, that I suffer a terrible curse." He says, "In this very spot, I am forced to live my life as a statue, only allowed out once every year during Beltaine, while the gods are distracted with their revelry… I require the three of you to become my champions, each will have a task.. should you three be succesful, I shall finally be free of this curse.."

Seraphina's hair is wild as they come to the stop, the long dark curls having whipped around in the fast and hard ride. But her eyes meet Morwenna's as the other pair arrive and she gives a tiny nod of her chin, but soon a little almost wicked grin appears as she arches an eyebrow at the placement of Cariste wrapped around her friend. So it is with this grin that she takes Sir Basilisk's hand and slides down from the horse to join him in the center of clean, when a spot is pointed towards, she will step with carefully into place. At the words he speaks though, her brow wrinkles gently and she will ask, for one must ask. "And why good Sir Basilisk were you cursed so?" Deep, husky and curious is her voice.

Morwenna doesn't complain, at least, about being essentially felt up! In fact, at the end of the trip, she will glance back and murmur, "I am sorry if the ride was… rough, for you. I can get carried away astride a good steed. Here, I will help you down." Gracefully, she'll slip down from the saddle, and then offer up a hand to help the other woman, sensing that she may not be so skilled a rider, something easily taken for granted by the more practiced horsewoman. From there, unconsciously, she ends up leading the other woman over, at least until they are directed to their appointed corners. Listening as the story begins, a glance to Seraphina as she poses her question indicates she must surely wonder the same.

"The court of a king can be fickle, and without mercy. Such happened to me, when I failed a mission tasked me by King Oberon." Basilisk explains, "This is why I require these three tasks be completed, the details I cannot say, until you have been made my champion. Tis the way of such curses, and I as surely bound by it, as the sun is in it's pursuit of the moon."

Seraphina frowns softly to herself, her eyes moving from the male Knight to those of her companions in arms it seems. She let's her amber eyes meet Cariste first, judging the other woman's reaction before looking towards Morwenna. If friends could speak with looks alone, it's clear that she is questioning the other words thought on the matter. But finally she nods towards Basilisk, no words for now, but thoughtful.

Cariste has little reaction to the tale - other then asking a question "What are the tasks then to set you free, and if we do, what reward shall we reep?" she wonders "for if the King has banished you he has done so with good reason". she mmms a little as she watches Basilisk, her eyes shining brightly as she boldly questions him.

As the knight spins his tale, Morwenna listens carefully, her attention always keen upon this man. Whether she trusts the story fully, she does not raise objection to it, and glancing back at Seraphina, she does look… well, perhaps convinced is not the word, but there is a lack of obvious objection with the details of the tale. Plausible fae gibberish! "We have pledged aid, and your tasks… if it is in our power, we will do them." Or at least, she will, though Cariste wonders at some reward. "I must ask, I have heard… tell of Oberon's power. It will not draw his ire for we mortals to interfere? I see readily, that there are great powers at work here. I was not wrong about your horse." This might be for Seraphina's benefit as much as any, for it was she that first heard that particular tale.

"I can promise no boon, or gift, ladies, for this to work it must be done selflessly. I can only offer my gratitude, and should you wish to remain in my glade for the rest of beltaine and keep me company, I can offer that as well." Sir Basilisk says, his gaze resting upon Cariste, though shifting to Morwenna and Seraphina as he speaks, "If you wish to leave, you may do so freely and with no judgement. Should you stay, and become my champion I can assure you that you risk no wrath from the King if you are true to your quest, but there may be dangers. I can only say more about these three tasks to those who are my champion."

Cariste nods her head, as she looks to the other two, she shifts on her wobbly stone, and falls a bit stoned on the ground where she idly plays with the grass. Her fingers longingly comb through the grass as she draws her fingers from the earth to her body then back again. It was fun being a Pagan and she had indulged after all… "I am ready to serve…." yah she was ready to do way more then that to whatever warm body she could get her hands on. Morwenna gets a small wink … was the healer flirting?

"It is in a knight's credo to serve those in need," Morwenna will say for her own part. "And I recall nothing in it that said aid is restricted only to mortal kind, though rare it may be for them to need our aid, rather than us beseeching it." However, there is a sudden and sharp glance when Sir Basilisk offers that other 'alternative' for them to enjoy for the evening, not to him but to Seraphina, as if worried she might suddenly take him up on it! "I am ready to be your champion, if you will have me." Oh, and now, oh my, Cariste is oggling her. This hot fae nonsense seems contagious!

"We gave our word that we would become your Champions, in front of many this Beltaine, once such a word is given, it can not be taken back lightly. A possibility of danger is always around us, those of us who stand as Knight or Healer fight to keep those safe that can not do it alone. This task carries the same notes, you can't do this alone, so we stand by your side.." It's clear atleast Morwenna and her are in agreement. As for the flirting? Seraphina can only gives the softest of grins before it is washed for her face once more.

"Very well. Then disrobe, and stand about me." Sir Basilisk says, "This ceremony must be done in the oldest of traditions, and those who would receive this blessing, upon the night of Beltaine, must be clad in only the skin they were born in, bare like the sky above." He gestures, stepping over to his steed and producing a small kit, a bowl is produced, something put into it, and water poured in as he prepares some manner of concotion. That is set aside, and a goblet withdrawn next, filled from a skin. With those two items, he returns to the center of the clearing once again, looking to the three women he has chosen.

Seraphina does not blink, she is a true daughter of the earth, a follower of the old ways and of all things asked this eve, this seems the most normal. A hand moves to start to unlace the outer robe and slowly allows it to drop to the ground, having her outlined in the simple but still lovely undertunic of red. A wiggle and a slow slide of the fabric along her curves and she ends up tossing the fabric down among the first. Seraphina looks very different in armor and in a dress, but even more different with nothing at all. Her hips are wide, her stomach flat, her breasts full and her arms and legs hold defined muscles. It is probably the muscles and the tiny birthmark on her face that keeps her from being among the most beautiful of the time. But she is comfortable in her form, and those amber eyes look curiously at the others to see what they both might do. Or just to watch..

Cariste laughs as she listens and to the knights request she undresses. Already lost to the lust that fills her mortal body. She wastes no time, her clothing is taken off. Layers upon layers of ladies clothes… un buttoned, un laced… she had no servents to help her out and it was a slow, and sinous process. But… in the end.. after her fingers remove the last bit of fabric, she moves to stand before the Fae Knight naked. She glances at the beautiful Seraphina and she smiles then to her shyly.

Where one might actually expect some concern at this request from Morwenna, there is none! Chaste though she may be, she is still thoroughly pagan and has never been raised with any thought of the body as being shameful. One bathes nude, and animals live their lives in such a state, after all. So while there is suspicion for the man, there seems none for the task itself. Glancing briefly to the others, to see if there is any hesitation and maybe bolster them through combined action if there is, she immediately begins to disrobe as her friend does. Fortunately not in all her heavy winter furs and hides, there is just some short leather tunic worn over a slightly longer cloth one, and after undoing the belt that cinches them all, she lifts one of those layers and then the other, soon bare up from the waist, but not below, where in her knightly fashion she wears hose more like a man, and of course her shoes! No barefooted Beltain for the practical girl. Tall and slim, she's not overly much to oggle above (which Cariste has surely learned already), though the process of pushing down her more manly garb emphasizes somewhat the length of her legs and willowy figure on the whole.

Sir Basilisk approaches, Cariste, then Seraphina, and finally Morwenna. Each is handed the cup, "Drink." He commands, taking a dollop of whatever paste he has in his bowl, smearing the glop upon her face, and down the center of her torso, "A Flask of water must be retrieved, from the depths of Stevington Well." he says, taking the goblet back and moving on to Seraphina, repeating the offering, and the body painting. "The prize treasure must be taken, from within the lear of the beast of Coldmallow." He turns next to Morwenna, approaching her and giving her the goblet, and the ceremonial painting. "And a flower, retrieved from the highest point of all the land." he returns to the center, "These three things must be completed, and brought to this place upon the day of Beltaine, one year from today, if that is so, the curse shall be broken." With that all said and done, he smiles, "You now are the champions of Sir Basilisk, and you have my eternal gratitude for the undertaking you are to set upon, on my behalf. Please, I have wine, and music, if you would wish to remain with me the rest of the eve. If not, you are free to go.

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