(514-04-30) The Tale of Sir Moon
Summary: Iolo tells a tale of a magic knight named Sir Moon, who challenges people for their souls! He then performs a song while Tria dances.
Date: 514-04-30
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The tavern is rather busy today, nobles, ladies, and all manner of others are flooding into Carlion for the pending festivities of Arthur's wedding, and the tournament celebrating the events. Iolo is amongst them, sitting on the edge of a table, with a lute settled across his lap and a grin upon his face, "Has anyone heard the tale of the Moon Knight?" he asks, a conspiratorial little look coming upon his face as he looks across at those gathered around where he sits.

Selivant pushes his way into the tavern with his squire behind him. He looks as though he has just arrived in the city, as he pulls his cloak open. He gestures to one of the fe wopen seats remaining for his squire, before moving to follow the younger man to the table. At Iolo's question, he looks to the minstrel to see what this song is, as it is unfamiliar to hi. Once he has taken a seat, he waves for a barmaid to come over with some ale. "Let's hear it!"

The busy congregation of nobles down to peasants surely makes for a busy, convivial atmosphere. A stocky brunette Cymric maid uses her elbows rather fearlessly to open up a spot in the tavern where a few polite words don't do the job. Her purpose gives Eirian a little room to maneuver, necessary that she might have the opportunity to slip her way in without being proverbially crushed to pieces. Or at least squashed; there is a distinct danger in being squished.

Tria is sitting nearby Iolo, wearing a smile and a curious look. "The Moon Knight? Would you tell me?" She reaches for the corded belt at her waist, the slim rope there and fidgets with the fringes on the end. "Or better, would you sing about him?" If indeed it is a him. She looks towards the noble and offers a smile. "Good day, Sir." Then there's another! A nod and smile is offered her way also. "My lady."

"Well.." Iolo says, plucking a couple notes at his lute as he looks from Selivant, then to Tria and he flashes a grin, "Well.. they say that the Knight of the Moon is a spirit, trapped here in this world with a never ending task.. many have theories what that is.. but none really know.." he says, nodding lightly towards Eirian's arrival as well, "Have any of you met him, perhaps?" he asks curiously.

Selivant takes the ale for him and his squire as the barmaid delivers it and quickly takes a swig to satisfy his thirst from the journey. At the question, Selivant perks up and states, "Yes. It sounds like my mother and her never ending task of nagging us." He laughs a bit before drinking some more and quieting to let Iolo continue his tale. Selivant glances to Eirian as she arrives but fails to recognize her as a member of the Burcombe family.

Time to find her way in. The young woman reaches up to brush back a dark lock of her hair, the bluebells woven among her braids as bright and shimmering as any ribbon or favour. Escorted by Ffionn the maid, she turns this way and rotates that to avoid a collision with a wench carrying ales in wooden mugs, and then hurriedly presses inwards to a safe place to sit nearer to the musician and his audience. Warmth infuses her smile as Tria identifies a greeting in her direction, albeit she still looks over her shoulder to see whether another noblewoman is about. "Merry met and blessed be," she murmurs, her voice finely tuned as any instrument, and burgeoning with curiosity. No one is likely to mistake her as Christian; she wears a crescent moon on her brow.

"I haven't met, nor heard of him." Iolo has Tria's attention though and she rests an arm on the table and her chin on her hand as she watches him, fairly rapt in giving her attention to him. The nobles do get another glance, so used to serving them herself, she was interested in seeing them when she wasn't serving them. The warm smile is met with one of her own, "You as well," she greets.

"Well.. that's probably for the best." Iolo says with a nod to Tria, and he looks towards Selivant, "I hope he's not, for your sake. They say he is born with the blood of giants running through his veins, and his armor forged of the stuff of heavens. He lives upon the moon, and bares it's crest upon his chest.. those who come upon him must engage him in a duel, with their soul on the line!"

Selivant nods and says with a grin, "Still sounds like mom." He laughs a bit more then takes another drink of his ale. As he is drinking he gets bumped by another patron, causing him to splash some on his clothing. The knight looks down at his chest and sighs slightly. Talking to his squire, he states, "At least it is my traveling clothes. Remind me to find a washwoman tomorrow to clean these."

"A duel with a soul on the line? That sure beats what happened in Sarum the other day." However many days it had been since then. Tria looks at Selivant with a lopsided smile, "My mother is not as demanding as all of that, but demanding she is! Maybe a limb, but never a soul, she prays for mine too much!"

Selivant will have to agree with Tria on that point. His mother hasn't claimed his soul…yet. "Too true. What if you win the duel, though? Surely there must be some reward for besting such a fae knight."

"Perhaps twas no accident, but a spirit upset you're besmirching your mother, for if she were a knight from the moon, surely she'd command such minions." Iolo says with some jest to his voice, his head nodding slightly at Tria's words, "Indeed! They say the task that binds him here on this world is such that he requires a hundred souls be collected before he is released, though should you win, a prize of great treasure is yours to be had!"

"I would do about anything for a treasure. To live the life of a noble?" Tria muses the lifestyles of the 'rich' and shameless. "I wonder how many souls he has collected so far." A look given to Iolo, curious, before she nods to the nobleman. "Would you fight such a man, noble?"

A Baverstock lumbers into the tavern, wide shoulders and chest making it hard to squeeze by the packed entrance without jostling a few people aside. Landon is wearing attire that is more for work and chores than court, saving those digs for the actual day itself. No one wants to get a big old greasy stain from fried meat or spilled ale on their good set of clothes after all! So this means a base tunic with belt and an overcoat made out of wool on top trimmed in leather. He rubs his hand over his head as /looks/ over most people, having that few inches to spare over most gives him that leverage. His eyes look for a gaming table that's open, though he lingers at the entrance to get a good grip on what's going on in the crowded tavern.

Iolo cracks a grin at Aluksander, "Well, should our performance change your mind, a few pence go a long way, Sir Knight." He says, inclining his head towards the man before looking back to Tria, "I think I shall play something, my dear!" He says, "The good knight here seems quite interested, at least." He adds with a nod to Selivant, settling his Lute and starting to play a little diddy, an energetic song that, with luck, might inspire the wench to dance just as energetically!

Speaking of nobles, here comes another one! Strolling in to the tavern, his hair a wind-blown mess, Aluksander takes a few moments to pull the offending strands out of his face so that he can better look around. He looks a little tired, as it's a long ride from Sarum to Carlion and he's only just arrived. After assessing the lay of the land, Aluksander makes his way towards the bar where he pulls out his coin purse and settles onto a stool, summoning ale from the barkeep. Once that is accomplished, he turns and surveys the occupants quietly, taking in all of the new faces.

Selivant raises an eyebrow at the question. "It depends on the 'great treasure.' One has to be careful with the fae. The stories are full of their tricks and double meanings. Who knows what sort of thing the Knight of the Moon considers to be a 'great treasure.'" He shrugs then, "But ther eis always glory to be had and besting such a foe would certainly be glorious." Selivant then looks to the newly arrived knight making his way through the crowd. He gives a nod of greeting to the man he saw just a few nights ago.

"Careful what you ask for, Tria, you never know what you might get, or who might be listening!" Iolo says with a soft laugh, plucking a few more notes at his lute, "And they say the treasure is great enough to entice many a knight, though perhaps you are a more prudent knight then most?" he suggests, with a nod towards Selivant.

The new arrival gets a nod, Tria is so used to greeting them as they enter and leave in Sarum. And these were more familiar to her, these nobles. And Iolo, she lifts her eyes to him, suitably awed by the story he tells. "Even a new bow or leather armor is a great treasure." A smile curves her lips, the beginnings of the more practiced one she wears. "A fae? Would that you get the terms down on parchment, first. As you should with anything, lest you be tricked."

Upon realizing that there is storytelling afoot, Aluksander takes a more concerted interest in Iolo, crossing his leg at the ankle and settling back against the bar. However, he hasn't been listening long enough to know what they're talking about, so he remains quiet, listening. Selivant gets a polite nod, and Tria a smile and nod- what with her being much more familiar for having been at the tavern in Sarum on a more regular basis and therefor somewhat more familiar.

Selivant smirks at Iolo and nods, "Mayhaps I am. Still, it would be an interesing challenge." He takes another drink of his ale, before looking to Tria. "Even when written down, the words can still be tangled and used in a way you did not expect. The fae are clever, especially those longing for your soul." At leats that's what his cousin who knows a lot more about fae has told him.

"If you can't take a man on his word, what use does his mark offer?" Iolo asks, nodding his head towards Tria, "I hear that the archery contest may have a more worldly prize attached to it, perhaps you might enter that?" He gives a slight nod at Selivant's words, "But, my friends, that is all I know about Sir Moon, saddly."

"An archery contest?" That would be of more interest to Tria as the idea is suggested to her. "Would I be allowed to enter?" She has dropped the matter of the Sir Moon for the more real prospect of the chance of a prize. "Would you help me find who to talk with to join?" A more solemn nod is given to Selivant. "That is true, Sir Noble." Flitting her gaze to Aluksander, she smiles. "For the wedding you have traveled?"

Aluksander nods to Tria's question, taking another sip from his mug. "Ay, the wedding and the tournament," he responds. "The whole of Salisbury should be arriving within the next few days, I'd imagine. I sought to arrive early to procure lodgings for myself and my kind, that we need not dwell in tents the entire time. Only, I've found I'm already a tad late, as there are no more rooms to let. This should be some spectacle," he says, smiling.

Selivant nods to what Aluksander says, "Me as well. I was hoping to find a place for the Durnford family, but I was too late. Tents it shall be." Hi ale is finished off, befor ehe nods to Tria, "I suspect they would let you into the archery contest. That particular skill is not limited to knights. In fact, few knights are archers."

"I think, it's rather an event for those who aren't knights, Tria." Iolo says with a laugh, "And I'll do what I can to get you in, as always." He adds, "Sir Knights.. have you an interest in seeing this young lady dance for us?" he asks, cracking a grin, "She is quite talented, at a many number of things, but I find her dancing particularly enchanting… I'm sure I could be convinced to play an energetic tune for her to dance to.."

Selivant smirks and laughs at Iolo's question, "Do we want to see a beautiful woman dance? Do fish swim and birds fly?" He hold up his empty mug and waves for a barmaid to come refill it. His squire also finishes his ale and hold his mug up to be refilled. It seems neither of them will be leaving sober tonight.

Aluksander shakes his head a little and chuckles. "If she wants to dance, she is welcome. There will be all forms of revelry this week, I'm sure. But I've no particular interest in watching any one individual dance, thank you," he says from his position at the bar. Tria is seated, most likely at a table, somewhere near Iolo. Likewise Selivant, though not apparently at the same table as Tria. The tavern is probably fairly busy, what with the wedding and all.

"I would join the archery contest then," Tria says decisively. "And I will try my best and win. A treasure is a treasure after all, even if it's simply the pride in saying one participated." Tilting her head, the redhead gives a lopsided smile that borders on cheeky. "If you play," she responds to Iolo, "Then I will dance." Rising, she looks between them and lifts the hem of her skirt enough it wasn't a hindrance.

A Baverstock lumbers into the tavern, wide shoulders and chest making it hard to squeeze by the packed entrance without jostling a few people aside. Landon is wearing attire that is more for work and chores than court, saving those digs for the actual day itself. No one wants to get a big old greasy stain from fried meat or spilled ale on their good set of clothes after all! So this means a base tunic with belt and an overcoat made out of wool on top trimmed in leather. He rubs his hand over his head as /looks/ over most people, having that few inches to spare over most gives him that leverage. His eyes look for a gaming table that's open, though he lingers at the entrance to get a good grip on what's going on in the crowded tavern.

Iolo cracks a grin at Aluksander, "Well, should our performance change your mind, a few pence go a long way, Sir Knight." He says, inclining his head towards the man before looking back to Tria, "I think I shall play something, my dear!" He says, "The good knight here seems quite interested, at least." He adds with a nod to Selivant, settling his Lute and starting to play a little diddy, an energetic song that, with luck, might inspire the wench to dance just as energetically!

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Selivant chuckles at Aluksander's less enthusiastic reply. "There indeed may be celebration throughout the festivities, but we live in the here and now. Might as well enjoy it." As Iolo begin playing his lute, Selivant listens and decides to start clapping in rhythm, as he gets into the celebrating spirit. Landon earns a look from the Durnford heir as the man arrives, followed by a nod of greeting in respect to the fellow knight.

Sitting by the bar all by himself, a mug of ale in his hand, Aluksander just smiles and chuckles as Iolo begins playing and Selivant encourages the endeavor. "Oh, I do enjoy it. I just … enjoy it differently, I suppose," he says. He lifts his mug to Iolo, Tria and Selivant as he turns back towards the bar, settling in to rest and relax, though he does begin bobbing his head and tapping his toe to the music.

Landon spots Selivant's nod of greeting and takes that for an invitation more or less. He trods on over and looks between the fellow knights, "Evening-" he sports a casual greeting as he moves to pull up a stool to thump down into it. He's still scanning for a good card or dice game, while he flicks a gaze over toward Iolo.

On her feet, Tria gives Iolo an expectant look and like always, he doesn't disappoint. With a saucy smile, she does a twirl, her red hair fanning around her and settling down, framing her face as she sports an impish smile. There's a look to the newest arrival and she inserts a curtsy into her dance, incorporating it effectively before twirling out of the path he would take to find seating.

Yet another to step within the tavern upon arriving with a few other knights in the form of Deryn who pauses long enough to take a look about the tavern before finally spying the person she is looking for seated at the bar. Weaving her way through the tables, she heads towards Aluksander, though she pauses again to listen as the music starts.

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Selivant checked his lustful of 13, he rolled 20.

Selivant was getting into the celebrating when suddenly he pause sin his clapping. Maybe it's Landond sitting nex to him so closely or perhaps all the talk about mom earlier has her popping into his head at a bad time. Either way, he just doesn't seem all that enthused with Tria's dancing. No offense, Tria; it's him, not you. He nods to Landon as the othe rknight sits next to him, and he inquires, "Did you have an eventful journey here, Sir?"

Tria checked her dancing of 10, she rolled 4.

Landon eases back an elbow onto the tavern counter top, nodding at either a tavern maiden or the bar tender himself for a drink should he wrangle their attention in the crowds gathered. He's just getting settled so has not yet focused on any one dancing - or maybe he does see Tria but it's a quick little flick of the eye, canting his head toward Selivant however, for the man does greet him, "No, nothing out of the norm. And you Sir?" He adds after a moment, "Ah yeah, I'm Sir Landon de Baverstock-" remembering his manners. Then his eyes track to the dancer and the lute player.

Minding his own business at the bar, Aluksander doesn't notice Tria's dancing, Selivant's suddent bout of chastity, nor Deryn's approach. He has his eyes closed and is just bobbing his head along with Iolo's playing, smiling as he enjoys the tune.

Watching for a moment, Deryn makes a brief detour to place a few coins upon the table close to Iolo, separating them into two piles - obviously one for him, and one for the dancer. A nod given to both musician and dancer, and she continues to the bar, coming up behind Aluksander. Not realizing that he's got his eyes closed, she reaches out to brush fingers against the nape of his neck lightly before leaning in, "Fair travel here?"

Selivant shakes his head, "Uneventful for me as well, which means I will have to make up for it here." He takes a swig from his tankard and returns the introduction, "Sir Selivant, Heir to Durnford. A pleasure meeting you, Sir Landon."

Tria just loves to dance, more for herself and the love of the music. Whether anyone other than her enjoys it or not! The music was good and that was what was important to her, and so she dances, remaining near the lute player, her own ale on the table nearby where he is.

Iolo continues to pluck away at his instrument, an energetic, jaunty tune, his foot tapping out a beat as he plays along, and a grin upon his lips as Tria dances and twirls, for what entertainment the duo of performers provides the denizens of the inn, and the knights occupying it as well!

"Durnford?" Landon's reaction is a swift upper octave of intrigue, looking over the other man with a curved upper brow, "Really? So.. You're the Lady Nalia Durnford's brother or cousin?" The ale has arrived! He grabs the tankard and puts out a copper for it, nodding at the bartender as he considers Selivant again, "Did she arrive with you?" That question was likely to get some question happening, though the way he innocently asked it seems to point to no untoward intentions. His eyes regard the lute player and this time he notes Tria's dance to the beat. He wears an appreciative smile all the same for it.

Selivant checked his awareness of 8, he rolled 3.

The large bear of a man moves inside. The sound of music bringing a rhythmic nod of his head. Hadyn finds a place to sit and carefully does so. He informs a waitress, in a low deep voice, to bring some food when she can.

Selivant looks over to Landon as the man seems to take note of the manor. "Lady Nalia is my sister, yes." He looks over at the man with a sudden focus at the specific question about his sister's whereabouts. "We traveled separately. I came early to hopefully find a place to stay, but with how crowded it already is, tents it will be." He then prods a bit, "Why do you ask?"

Startling at the brush of fingers across his neck, Aluksander tenses up briefly, before the soft voice is immediately recognized and he smiles. "Aye, long, but fair," he says, shifting in his seat so that he can embrace Deryn for a moment, if she lets him. "How was yours? Unfortunately, there are no more rooms to be let, so it seems both our families shall have to camp. Any chance your cousin would be willing to camp close?"

Deryn chuckles as Aluksander tenses, having succeeded in unknowingly sneaking up on him! The embrace is welcomed, the lady knight to return the hug given before drawing back to listen, "I did figure that.." Al rooms being already taken. "I think we could persuade him to put our camps near one another, unless they such already laid out or something."

Landon glances sidelong at Selivant, when it is comfirmed that he was Nalia's brother. "Ah," he says before wetting his lips with some of the ale, gulping it down despite the harsher taste of tavern ale, "She's a good friend of mine." As if the brother should know this, "Uh, well, I need all the support I can get in the tournaments coming up, you know?" He clears his throat a bit, awkward suddenly, "She's never said anything about me?" Changing directions.

Iolo's song comes to an end, and he begins to pack up his instrument, offering a grin at Tria, "Lovely dancing as always, my dear, but I think it's time for me to take my leave of the tavern, for a bit at least."

Aluksander shakes his head a little. "I've come alone to see what is to be made for arrangements, so I have yet to claim a post for our camp. But, since we must, perhaps we could find posts together? I also have not yet explored much of the town- I've not been so far from Sarum save for when on an expedition with my master, which never would afford much chance for exploration," he says, settling in with his hands planted on the sides of Deryn's waist as they speak.

It was certainly a festive occasion, the wedding of their king? "You know I do so enjoy your playing, Iolo." A glance around is given, catching the smile from Landon, she returns it, dancing nearer to him before moving on along to the newest arrival. Hadyn gets a flirty smile, as she dances around her, skirt lifted enough to keep her feet from tripping over the hem. "Welcome to the tavern, good Sir." As the serving wench heads off to do his bidding, she continues her dance.

Deryn remains close to Aluksander, if only because the tavern is rather crowded. Her gaze often turns to musician and dancer, watching them for a moment before glancing back to Aluksander. Listening, she hmms, nodding then, "We could do that, certainly. I believe Acwel was thinking of where to settle when I left him. "

Selivant ahhhhs as things start to come together. "I see." He pauses for a moment, before saying awkwardly, "Well, not that I recall. Then again, I did not know that Cynrain was betrothed to Catryn de Burcombe, until she decided to challenge him to a duel on our land. So needless to say that my siblings are doing a poor job of keeping me up to date on who they have been talking to." He gives the other man a slap to the shoulder, "I will let her know you asked about her. Maybe that will spur her to remind me." He rises then along with his squire and stretches. "Well, it was a long journey here, and I have yet to get our tents up. If you will excuse me, good sirs, ladies." He nods to those present then makes his way for the door.

Hadyn's eyes widen as the vision of loveliness greets him. Just as soon as she arrives, so is she gone, dancing on. His drink and food are brought to him and he emits a low growl from his throat as his teeth tear into the meat. His eyes watch the entertainment while he continues to eat.

Aluksander nods a little. "My cousin comes with my mother and grandmother on the morrow. I camp alone this eve," he says. However, he can't help but notice Deryn's distractedness with the music and dancing, turning to look back over his shoulder. He smiles, then, turning back to his woman and looking at her. "Are you a fan of dancing, Deryn?" he asks, playfully.

"Perhaps I shall see you a bit later, Tria, otherwise, enjoy your night." He says, winking just a bit at the word 'night'. "It was a pleasure playing for you all, I do hope to have the pleasure of doing it again in the near future!"says Iolo.

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