(514-04-30) The Challenge of Sir Moon
Summary: And he blocks an entourage of knights from making their destination!
Date: 4/30/514
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The group travels north along the road to Carlion, it has been a largely uneventful trip, with only a day or two left to make it to the city. The band and their retinue approach a bridge over the River Wye, however a man stands in the center of the bridge, armored like a knight, and wearing a shield with a moon crest painted upon it. "None shall pass without besting me in a joust!" He calls to the approaching group.

Rhaine is riding along looking quite bored. The little lady knight is seated atop her horse peering off into the distance in hopes that something interesting will present itself. Something does. The man on the bridge is regarded with a hint of curiousity. She smiles happily at his challenge and looks to the group. "I'll face him…unless someone objects?" She looks around ready to argue if someone does object.

At some point, the larger party might have caught up with Maerwynn upon the road, the commoner taking her time in making her way between Sarum and Carlion. She has a small handcart lashed to an old horse borrowed from a 'friend' that she's pulling with items within - a pack likely with clothing, and then various baskets that seem to hold herbs and tonics, even cloth rolled into balls. Bandages, perhaps? As they reach the bridge and the challenge is called out, she draws her horse to a stop, and looks to the others about. Wth the offer from Rhaine, she smiles, "I'm no knight.."

Cynrain slows his steed and looks to Rhaine, "You spoke up first. I say the right to try first goes to you." he nods as he turns his rouncy around and backs up.

Rowan had decided to travel with his cousin Rhaine for this journey, as they both were intending to be guests to the wedding and participants in the following tournament. Along the way their group had gotten larger as they met other travellers with the same destination, and they ultimately concluded that there was safety in numbers. There was little said between Rowan and the others - as he didn't feel he had much to say in the first place. It was a rather straight forward gathering!

Or it was straight forward. The corners of his mouth turn downward as he stops his rouncey to regard the man blocking their path. His brown eyes flicker to Rhaine as she voices her willingness to joust the man. "I have no objection," he replies. "But do be careful."

Catryn is riding with a small retinue, though the retinue is more with Cynrain than her own family, since the Burcombe's were traveling more together. "Does he mean none shall pass, as in we each and every one have to best him?" A redundant question possibly, but semantics are her thing sometimes. A nod is given to Rhaine, "My own talents aren't as good in the joust, but to cross, I would attempt to best him."

The knight's Squire leads Sir Moon's charger forward, and he moves to mount the beast. "Ride forward Knight, and challenge me. Be warned, however, should you lose you shall owe six months service, begining next Pentecost, at a castle to be named, or you may pay me one Librum in scutage, should you best me I will however, pay you the Librum of Scutage. Should you agree to these terms, you will be allowed to cross once." Along with the knight of the moon, a bard of no small fame watches, no doubt to record the deeds or cowardice.

Rhaine nods and her squire brings forth her own charger and she switches horses once everyone has agreed that she could face the knight first. Shield and lance in hand she rides forward to meet Sir Moon. Her blue eyes look out with calm determination from behind her helmet. "I will accept your challenge then Sir!" She says as she rides out to meet him, stopping the proper distance back for a joust. Her horse a dappled grey and white charger paws at the bridge, the mare seems just as eager to do this as her rider. Even in her armor Rhaine is a tiny thing likely much smaller than the avarage knight but she shows no worry or fear, only calm steady determination.

Cynrain tugs on the reigns of his rouncy, halting it beside Catryn. He grins as he casts his gaze on, "One Librum is no small fare. I'm not sure I've got that on my person. Guess I'll be working for six months if I lose." he turns his attention to Rhaine as she gears up for the joust. Once she rides forward, beats his fist against his chest and says, "Good luck, Sir Knight." he hadn't had the opportunity to meet her so that'll have to do.

Rowan grunts. He knew there was a catch. This didn't seem like someone just itching for a good joust. "Have you tried simply asking someone for help?" He inquires at Sir Moon. Alas, Rhaine accepts the challenge, and there was little debating it further. He guides his horse to a safe position for him to watch.

Maerwynn listens to Sir Moon's words, and she frowns then. She might own her own shop, but she doesnt have that sort of money to just hand over to some rogue knight! "I…" Well, she starts to look up and down the river, to see if she might know of another plce to cross for herself and her horse and cart!

"At a castle elsewhere? You owe your loyalty as I do mine, to Earl Robert. Who would dare question us and ask us for service when our liege supports us?" Catryn is offended for Earl Robert even with herself not even being challenged! "The Sir will win and then we can cross." The words are decisive, and she hopes they are true. "Good luck." Adding hers in with the rest.

Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (7) for a total of: (7)
Rhaine checked her lance of 15, she rolled 9.
Rhaine rolls 6d6 and gets (6 2 4 3 2 3) for a total of: (20)
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (6) for a total of: (6)

The Knight of the moon moves off to an area on the far side, specially set aside for the joust. He is handed up his shield, then a lance by his squire before saluting Rhaine, "May the better knight win." He states, bowing his head before spurring his horse into action!

Rhaine readies herself bowing her head in gesture of respect to the Moon knight. As he speaks she remains silent focused and utterly determined. A woman who has always felt she had something to prove now has a chance to show she isn't just a tiny lady…that she too is a knight worthy of being reknown. She spurs her own horse into action and brings her lance to bear. The lance crashes against Sir Moons shield as they charge past each other. Rhaine turns her horse about and readies for another charge, she hasn't managed to unseat him yet and she steels herself for another pass.

Rowan watches the first pass with little emotiveness; he was confident in Rhaine's skill and had little reason to worry. The knight manages to stay in his saddle, however, which meant he was tougher than Rowan initially suspected. A slight crease fall in between his eyebrows, the only hint that he may now be concerned.

Cynrain watches the joust. He notes how the other knight takes the hit but stays on his horse. Quietly to Catryn, he says, "He'll be no small challenge." excitement shows in his eyes, "I hope I get to face him soon. Win or lose, it will be a good learning experience."

"Win or lose, Sir Cynrain? The cost is sure too high for any of us. I would not give away loyalty to my liege for one half of a year! Could you imagine? We would have nothing to come back to!" Catryn counters. Still, she worries for the other knight and watches.

Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (9) for a total of: (9)
Rhaine checked her lance of 15, she rolled 16.
Madoc rolls 6d6 and gets (1 4 4 3 3 5) for a total of: (20)

Cynrain nods to Catryn and says, "It is apparent that we need to cross this bridge. It is also apparent that way to do so lies in a joust. In service to our Liege Lord, we agree to this arrangement. Losing and having to serve time is simply us honoring our Liege Lord in keeping to our words as Knights. But my win or lose mentality dwells within the knowledge that my skill today determines my fate tomorrow. Either way, I cannot wait to see what will happen next."

A salute is offered Rhaine by Sir Moon as he wheels around for the next pass, having been hit solidly by the woman previously. This time however, as Sir Moon charges down the way, his lance a little more accurate this time, however, scoring a solid strike on poor Rhaine!

Rhaine also salutes and rides forward to meet Sir Moon in another pass. She lowers her lance and tries to strike, but its in vain. His lance strikes against her shield with such force her small body is shoved forcefully off the horse and backwards a ways onto the ground. The ringing thud of metal hits the ground and Rhaine moans softly as she tries to stand. She cannot quite make it to her feet at first but after a moment of struggling she gets up with stubborn determination. She stares down the Moon Knight a breif moment and then bows her head trying to hide her disapointment at losing. "You win Sir. Well fought, it seems that I am in your service for the next six months after Pentecost." She is polite and respectful but its clear that she also feels a great shame for her loss.

"You fought bravely, and are honorable, Sir Knight." Sir Moon says, bowing his head to Rhaine, "As I have promised, you are free to continue on your way." He turns to move back to the bridge, "Will one of you face me next?" he calls.

Heads up! Catryn nods, "I will." There's no hesitation and her squire brings her horse up. She's not so talented, but she's damned well going to cross that bridge! She looks at Rhaine with concern though, "I will attempt it." She exchanges horses, it's no small task. A lance is delivered, provided, and her shield.

And just like that, come next turn, Rhaine was unhorsed and the Moon knight stood the victor. The Wylye lord backs back a curse which threatens to part from his lips. Rhaine is up before he can dismount to help her, so he looks to Cynrain and Catryn, the latter of whom speaks up before he can. Well. "Good luck, Sir."

"Thank you Sir." Rhaine offers to the knight. She lifts her head and goes to remount her riding horse. her squire having already gotten to the charger she rode. She moves stiffly but with dignity as she swings herself up into the saddle. The look of concern from Catryn is meet with a small grateful smile from Rhaine. "Best of luck." She cannot look at her cousin…everytime she tries she feels ashamed. So she stares ahead watching and waiting for the rest of them to face the Moon Knight.

Cynrain nods to Catryn after she volunteers. He says, "Good luck." Moving towards his squire, he begins to ready his war horse. He'll be jousting as well, when will be the question.

Critical Success!
Catryn checked her LANCE of 10, she rolled 10.
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (16) for a total of: (16)
Catryn rolls 12d6 and gets (2 5 5 5 1 1 5 1 6 2 3 5) for a total of: (41)

Sir Moon takes his spot on the far end of the makeshift list, a lance handed up to him and his head inclining towards Catryn, "May the best Knight win." He says, signalling he's ready, before launching off down the way at Catryn and her lance!

"Thank you," Catryn calls back to the others, but she tucks her lance against herself, prepared. "May the best knight win," she echoes. A scowl on her features, she tilts forward just slightly on her saddle, riding hard, spurring her horse on. Taking it as a personal attack, again, of her loyalty to her liege, she sets her lance determinedly. As she approaches, she aims… her lance finds the intended target, her hit hard, and she remains in the saddle as she reaches the end she turns her horse to check the damage to her opponent, if indeed there was any!

"You did well, Rhaine. He is a skilled opponent," Rowan assures his cousin as she regains her bearings and mounts her horse. He would say it even if he didn't notice she was refusing to meet his gaze! His eyes go back to the joust about to unfold, and his eyebrows raise in surprise when the Burcombe soundly unhorses the Moon knight. "Good… job." He doesn't bother to hide the fact that he was very impressed.

Luckily, Sir Moon had his shield up to deflect the worst of the lance thrashing that Catryn just delivered him, he is rather flattly on his back in the immediate aftermath of the exchange. His Squire moves to secure the horse, then help the knight up. "That was an impressive display of skill, Sir Knight, I am humbled, and as a man of my word, you will have your reward." He says, bowing his head to Catryn and accepting a pouch from his squire, which he presents to catryn.

Cynrain rides forward and says, "If it is all the same to all of you, my betrothed is waiting for me on the other side of the bridge. Would it be too inconvenient to permit me to go next?"

Rowan inclines his head towards Cynrain. "By all means, Sir."

Sir Moon moves to re-mount his steed once again, inclining his head towards Cynrain as he rides forward, "Come forward and face me then, Sir Knight." He says, moving to the end of the 'list', and having a lance handed up to him. "May the best knight win."

Cynrain rides forward and offers a nod to Sir Moon, "I am Sir Cynrain de Durnford, Second Son of Sir Owain de Durnford, I accept your challenge and may the best knight prevail." his squire runs up to him, handing him his lance. Afterwards, he spurs his war horse and begins to charge forward, tucking the lance under his arm, he narrows his eyes as he tries to focus on only what happens next.

Cynrain checked his lance of 15, he rolled 13.
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (20) for a total of: (20)
Cynrain rolls 6d6 and gets (1 6 5 3 6 3) for a total of: (24)
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (8) for a total of: (8)

Rowan remains a spectator, and the pass between Cynrain and Sir Moon seems to go in Cynrain's favor, but he knows better than to count the other knight out. Sir Moon remains saddled and it appears they will have to go one more time. He casts a passive glance aside to his cousin to gauge her reaction then continues to look on.

Sir moon launches down the list, however his horse takes off a bit prematurely, and he is never able to get his lance properly couched, the weapon breaking as it glances inefectually off of Cynrain's shield, and he is left wide open for the return strike.

Sir Cynrain brings his lance up and drives it into the other knight. After they pass, he looks over his shoulder and notes that he still hasn't fallen yet. "Impressive.." he says more to himself than anyone else. His lance is still in decent shape so he waits for Sir Moon to get another before charging forward once again. He breathes steadily, trying to maintain his focus. She was waiting for him on the other side of that bridge…


Cynrain checked his lance of 15, he rolled 10.
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (8) for a total of: (8)
Cynrain rolls 6d6 and gets (4 6 1 4 5 6) for a total of: (26)
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (12) for a total of: (12)

Across the bridge, Catryn watches Cynrain riding. One pass, two. The broken lance was encouraging, but while the Knight remains seated, she offers words of encouragement. Or something. Hey, she's a Burcombe. "Unhorse him!"

Sir Moon still remains in his saddle even after taking another hit. This prompts a thoughtful hum from him, but nothing else. Cynrain's mission remains the same.

An appreciative nod from Sir Moon is offered to Cynrain, laughing just a bit, "A great joust partner you are proving, Sir Knight!" He exclaims, moving to once again set himself on the far end, preparing to charge once again!

Cynrain checked his lance of 15, he rolled 17.
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (13) for a total of: (13)
Madoc rolls 6d6 and gets (5 1 1 4 5 2) for a total of: (18)
Cynrain checked his horsemanship of 15, he rolled 18.

Cynrain rides harder now, growing impatient and frustrated with being unable to unseat this knight. His overzealous charge causes him to miss his mark, however, and the impact of his opponent's lance strikes true and sends him off his horse. He lay there for a moment on his back, staring skyward… how did he lose? He sits up slowly and shakes his head, Catryn would think him a disgrace but …. He turns to the other knight and places his fist over his chest, "You have six months of service, as promised, Sir. It was an honor to joust you." he dips his head in respect.

"Indeed, Sir Knight, I shall value your aid!" Sir Moon exclaims, inclining his head to his latest foe, "You showed great courage and skill in our challenge." He turns his attention towards the remaining knight, Rowan!

There was a reason why Rowan was intending to go last - it was to observe his opponent. Cynrain's match with Sir Moon proved to be enlightening as it went on - it became abundantly clear to him that if he were to be victorious, he would either have to hit his opponent as hard as Sir Catryn, or prepare himself for a long and tiring joust. Cynrain, unfortunately, does not last in spite of his valiant effort. Rowan did take notice of the skill Cynrain displayed regardless of the ultimate outcome. "Stand proud, Sir. He's lucky to have you."

Now, it was his turn. He urges his horse forward, but he did not bring his squire with him! He gestures for Rhaine to give him a lance and she provides. "I am Sir Rowan de Wylye. I accept your challenge - may the best knight prevail."

With the bag in her hand, Catryn watches and there is a flinch when he is unhorsed. Likely, she should have been more specific on who to unhorse who. About to offer the prize of what she had won for Cynrain's benefit, he is pledging six months of his service to a knight who is not Earl Robert. Disappointment flashes in her eyes, hard and heavy, not at his joust, but what happened after. Closing her mouth, she remains silent.

Cynrain's squire moves towards him and takes the reigns of the war horse. Cynrain mounts the rouncy and heads across the bridge. Once he gets there, he looks to Catryn and nods once to her, "Sir Catryn.." he says quietly. He watches across the bridge at the joust about to unfold.

"Sir Rowan de Wylye." Sir Moon says, nodding his head, "Let us joust!" He exclaims, taking the lance from his Squire and preparing to ride against the last knight in the group of travelers to face him!

You check your lance at 15, you rolled 14.
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (5) for a total of: (5)
Rowan rolls 6d6 and gets (2 5 4 5 4 5) for a total of: (25)
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (7) for a total of: (7)

Hooves thunder against the ground as the two knights make their pass. Rowan makes a slight lean as he nears Sir Moon, which nets him a sound hit with his lance against the other knight's armor. Not hard enough, Rowan suspected, and sure enough he sees his opponent is still staunchly saddled upon his steed when he wheels his horse around for the next pass. His eyes narrow, focused hard, and he urges his horse forward once more…

You check your lance at 15, you rolled 17.
Madoc rolls 1d20 and gets (15) for a total of: (15)
Madoc rolls 6d6 and gets (4 4 6 3 5 6) for a total of: (28)

A Salute is given to the knight who managed to land a solid blow on Sir Moon as he comes about. "Good strike, Sir Rowan!" He calls, preparing his lance once more and charging down the field at the challenging knight!

The next pass does not go well, and he leans too much. His lance misses it's target, and worse yet, he takes the full force of Sir Moon's strength and momentum. He is tossed off his horse and laid flat, a dust cloud kicking up in his wake and his horse protesting loudly. The de Wylye lord slowly climbs back to his feet, coughing, but otherwise not significantly injured (I assume anyway!) "I am a man of my word," he announces, though the scowl he wears makes it clear he isn't pleased. He contemplates his choice for a second longer. "I will pledge my service to you for six months and not a day longer."

"Agreed, Sir Rowan, you do your name, and your family honor." Sir Moon says with a bow of his head, "Tales will be told of you knights, and your bravery and skill. I will bar your way no longer!"

Catryn remains on the other side, watching the exchange. "Earl Robert pays for your service, he provides for each of you and you so easily pledge it away to someone else?" She is not amused. So not amused. "I hope you enjoy your six months without me, Durnford." She is not pleased.

Cynrain stares at Catryn and says, "I agreed to a joust, no different than you. You succeeded and I did not. I must honor my end of the arrangement. To not do so would dishonor my Liege Lord. Question my honor again and you better have a sword in your hand." He rides onwards towards their destination.

He remounts his horse after it calms. Catryn's protestations go ignored, seemingly, but Rowan does cast his gaze back to Sir Moon. "Are you a knight of Earl Robert?" He inquires evenly. "I'm afraid I have heard little of you…"

"You could pay. Or allow me to in your stead, Durnford." Catryn counters with vitriol in her voice. When he rides off, she does not. Instead, she remains behind to hear of the answer from the knight, looking between him and the Wylye lord.

"I am not, Sir Rowan." Sir Moon says, inclining his head slightly, with that, the mystery knight start moves to retire from the field, off to his little pavilion by the roadside, it would seem.

Lord de Wylye cocks a brow at the answer he receives, but before he can inquire further the other knight moves away. He ponders pursuing, since that simply left him with more questions than answers, but decides against it and proceeds towards his destination. The spat between the betrothed is noted, but none of his business, and it doesn't appear he has any thoughts to share with Catryn.

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